Freeman Issues A Noble Endorsement

June 20th, 2013

Bucs tight end Danny Noble first opened Joe’s eyes when he played with the first team last preseason and caught two balls against the Dolphins. It was a ‘where-did-this-guy-come-from’ moment.

Noble, then an undrafted rookie out of Toledo, was not considered high on the depth chart, and he went on to make the final roster out of training camp before getting hurt midway through last season. (Here’s a 2012 interview Joe did with Noble, known as “Shwag” among his teammates.)

But now it seems Noble is opening eyes again under the media radar at One Buc Palace.

Speaking today on the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620, Josh Freeman spewed all kinds of love for Noble and believes he could be an impact tight end.

“We got a kid Danny Noble, who’s a young up and comer. He’s a guy who last year played with a little bit of injury. I think if he gets through camp obviously injury-free, gets through preseason, the kid has some special sort of talent,” Freeman said. “Not the fastest, but upper echelon speedwise, doesn’t have the best hands, but upper echelon as far as hands go. Like the kid makes some great catches. Once you get the ball in his hands, though … the kid’s got a little something to him.

“You know, he’s a guy that, you know, if we get through camp and if things go as you kind of see them going, then I feel like that guy definitely gets some quality time out there. And not just quality time but quality plays. He knows how to get open. He knows how to make plays.”

The Bucs’ tight end competition, of course, is wide open. Who knows, maybe Noble is the best pass catcher of the bunch? And it has to carry a little weight if Freeman is so high on Noble.

12 Responses to “Freeman Issues A Noble Endorsement”

  1. BigSombrero Says:

    Seems the further along things get, the brighter our TE situation is. I felt that we were better off than what some gave us credit for.

  2. knucknbuc Says:

    Good cuz stocker at 250 was like a 4.8 at 275 he’s got to be a 5.0 he should just get up to 300 and become a lineman. I was never a huge fan of his and still am not. Noble was getting some pt early in the year last year thats when I first noticed him but then he got hurt the washington game I believe. If he wouldn’t of got hurt last year he would of gradually taken the top spot I believe. Clark sucked last year too because he was no threat at all. I fully expect noble to make the team if uninjured and get more and more pt as the year goes on.

  3. Curmudgeon Says:

    All the panic over TE coming from some was perhaps not necessary. Maybe they knew they had some potential on the roster. If you’ve got young players with upside, you’re a fool not to develop them by resorting to an aging fill-in.

    If Crabtree is what they hope and Noble breaks out, they’ve got a pretty decent TE situation.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    The only reason Freeman agreed to go on air was trouble pimp his camp.
    What’s he supposed to say? he knows he needs a couple of bright spots to talk about, because his success in 2012 wasn’t one of them.
    BTW, the Bucs will make do with the TE’s on the current roster. Hope Noble does well.

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I like Stocker. As for the weight gain, he could be under orders so he can become a solid blocker.

    But the guy has good hands too. Under utilized at present.

  6. Sneedy16 Says:

    He has the size 6-5 and 248 I just hope he can block well enough, so teams don’t know if we are passing or running like with Dallas Clark. Clark came in you knew it was a pass play. Noble route running was horrible coming out, but he had the speed and showed improvement last year. I’m hoping for the best good luck Danny, we need help up the middle.

  7. Jrock Says:

    Noble is probably pretty good at scooping up passes from the turf, no wonder Freeman loves the guy

  8. Stanglassman Says:

    Stocker current weight is about 265 not 275.

  9. Pete 422 Says:

    Sneedy makes a great point. Can he block? That’s the key with this offense. If he can, it would be another great way to keep the defense off balance.

  10. HFXBUC Says:

    Danny Noble ‘the kid; is 24…. Freeman is 25.

  11. Mr Lucky Says:

    I noticed where Josh Freeman said, “once you get the ball in his hands”

    The playoff question is this: “Are you up to the task Mr. Freeman?”

  12. Tiny tim Says:

    I agree Joe. I saw this guy flash last year during preseason and I wondered what happened to him during the regular season. Yes, the TE competition is wide open and I hope one of these guys pan out because JFree will need a reliable option to eat up the middle of the field.