Brooks Says Lynch Deserves Mt. Rushmore Honor

June 7th, 2013

Is John Lynch among the Buccaneers’ All-Time greatest four figures?

Derrick Brooks thinks so, so he said to NBC Sports Network for their Buccaneers Mt. Rushmore feature last night.

Brooks also goes on to talk about how he created a position for the “tweeners” and explains why he refused to work out at positions other than linebacker coming out of college. Brooks also takes shots at Shaun King, and gives King love for his poise as a rookie. (The full segment is below.)

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7 Responses to “Brooks Says Lynch Deserves Mt. Rushmore Honor”

  1. mpmalloy Says:

    Lol @ Shaun “Smoothie” King w/ the fat kankles

    Good Stuff.

    D Brooks = HOF 1st Ballot

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    I agree Lynch disserves a spot, as does Alstott, Dungy and Gruden. There’s just not enough space for them all.

  3. snook Says:

    Selmon, Brooks, Sapp, Barber. Top 4. There is no debate.

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think the fact that Barber stayed in Tampa was the deciding factor.

    I see people on PFT saying Wilder should have been on there. I disagree. Alstott was the best offensive player that deserved it. Wilder never even touched his numbers. In fact, I think Alstott almost doubled Wilders numbers.

    The first three were locks from the start. The 4th spot was the one in the air…I voted for Dungy, but I would have been satisfied with Alstott, Barber, or Lynch…even Nickerson there.

  5. MontanaQR Says:

    Good point, but I believe you are wrong on Wilder’s numbers, he had a ton of rushing and receiving yards.

  6. bucsguy Says:

    I know most of my fellow bucs fans hate this but as physically gifted as Alstott was he crippled the bucs offense for years, when you have a guy that is that talented but really doesn’t have a true position then you have to just fit him in, and trying to do that screwed the flow and rhythm of the offense constantly he couldn’t get enough touches from fullback and want a willing blocker and he wasn’t quick enough to play tailback also not good in pass protection so when they put him in at Fullback you knew he wasn’t gonna really lead it up on there and block for Dunn and when he was at tail you knew he was getting the ball it made them so predictable and stale it was horrible. So is he one of the 4 greatest ever not even close, also he fumbled 1 time every 44 carries highest

  7. bucsguy Says:

    Ever for a guy with his number of carries