A Leader Of The Defense Is Named

June 28th, 2013

Eric Wright fingers and weighs in on the leader of the 2013 Bucs defense. Thankfully, it’s not him.

These days it seems Eric Wright has swapped spa days and Adderrall popping for fatherhood and being a good teammate.

Good choices.

Wright took to his blog this week to talk about his latest feelings on life and the Bucs. Among his musings, Wright said All-Pro safety Dashon Goldson has emerged as the leader of the New Schiano Order defense.

Even though he’s new to the system, Dashon has a lot of playing experience and he’s really our leader on the back end, and of the defense in general. Communication is definitely something that’s needed on the back end, and he’s always out there talking and making sure everybody is on the same page. He’s going to fit great in his role as not only a good player for us, but as a leader.

He’s a friend that I work out with and spend a lot of time with, so I know his outlook on the game and his approach as far as how hard he works. To work side-by-side with somebody like that is definitely something I was looking forward to, and I was happy to finally be able to get that opportunity out there on the field with him.

For me, having a guy out there that I know personally, the communication level is extremely high. I know how to talk to him, and he knows how to talk to me. The chemistry and cohesiveness is there from the jump just because of our relationship. It was a great experience. I know he’s seen a lot in his career, I’ve seen a lot in my career, so we’re able to talk things out and feed off each other just from our general knowledge of the game.

Joe’s talked about the visible leadership moves of Goldson, such as working long after OTA practices with young members of the secondary and Darrelle Revis.

Wright’s take that Goldson is leader of the entire defense is something new. Wright may be biased, but maybe not.

Regardless, Joe would be pleased to see Goldson emerge in this role. At least he knows what it’s supposed to like, getting to the Super Bowl under a no-nonsense head coach.

21 Responses to “A Leader Of The Defense Is Named”

  1. Dave Says:

    A leader at each level: MCCoy, David, Goldson… Like they had in their hprime with Sapp, Brooks and Lynch

    Not a comparison, they aren’t there at that level, but a good start

  2. rhenry Says:

    I think Wright has learned a very expensive lesson.

  3. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Maybe we’ll benefit big time if Wright has an All-Pro year.


    Enthusiastically sceptical

  4. Piratic Says:

    @Joe: I didn’t click the link, and I haven’t visited his blog, but this statement is EXTREMELY well written. Is this quote indicative of his blog as a whole, or is this an anomaly?

  5. Drew Says:

    Although it was not stated in the article… Revis is the Supreme Leader of the Defense and consistently coaches the young secondary on how to build an Island of their own (through hard work and paying attention to detail).

  6. BucsRokk26 Says:

    It seems Revis is willing to be a very close number 2 to Goldson, but both are and will be leaders in their own right which will help th role players get better. Between GMC, L.David, Revis and Goldson we have a hell of a core on the D now… Bring on the season, I can’t take it anymore!!!

  7. Jim Says:

    Sounds to me like Goldson will be responsible for watching Wright’s back.

  8. kirk Says:

    Take a look at Eric’s blog. It looks to be put together rather well.

    People do change, why not give the guy an opportunity to show change. If he fails, then he gets what he gets.

    What does it say about those that live in glass houses?

  9. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Does anybody else find it off putting that he tries SO HARD to make the point that Goldson and him are great friends with GREAT communication? He says it like four or five times in this short excerpt.

    “He’s a friend that I work out with and spend a lot of time with, so I know his outlook on the game and his approach as far as how hard he works. . .

    . . . For me, having a guy out there that I know personally, the communication level is extremely high. I know how to talk to him, and he knows how to talk to me. The chemistry and cohesiveness is there from the jump just because of our relationship.”

    To me, it seems as if the fact that he knows Dashon so well is what really made this a good acquisition in his mind. That the fact they worked out together means they will make this excellent combo on the field. I can’t accurately describe it but it just seems weird to me. What makes it even more weird is that I have never really heard Dashon talk about their relationship at all, let alone as passionately as Wright details it.

    Anybody else?

  10. loung Says:

    team ball is the buccaneers club … that be good this year for sure ….

  11. loung Says:

    i see and heard a lot hate out there ////// who care … they can!t pick they nose ….

  12. BucsRokk26 Says:

    I agree Kirk. As a number 1 CB he is questionable, but now he has two guys that are true leaders and mentors to take the pressure off him and guide him to be better. I think he can be a really good number two. He’s a ball hawk and will have plenty of chases to prove his worth this year, especially if Revis is as lock down as he is expected to be. In nickle situations you move him inside and put Banks on the outside and he’ll have opportunities to make even more plays. I’m eager to see if he has what if takes and is what he says he is.

  13. Macabee Says:

    Watch the post-game interviews and the guest spots on NFL Network and ESPN. The media is going to anoint Gerald McCoy the leader of the defense and Davin Joseph the leader of the offense. Watch!

  14. Piratic Says:

    @loung: Your lack of skills with the English language are an embarrassment. Are you an ignorant child, or an ignorant adult? I’m genuinely curious to know.

  15. Illuminati Says:


    Wright’s a pretty thoughtful, articulate dude with a firm grasp of the game and personnel dynamics.

    Regardless of what happens with the remainder of his on-field career, if he can keep his act together I should think he would have a future in football (beyond playing) as a coach or front-office guy, or as a broadcaster.

  16. Piratic Says:

    @Illuminati: Your assessment seems to be spot-on. I’ve now read his entire post, and it does indeed come across as articulate and thoughtful. I have a new bookmark to put into the “foosball” folder! Well done #21! Go Bucs!!!

  17. Bobby Says:

    So now you have to be an English major to post on here??? Let me test some English out…BITE ME!! I’m sorry..is that an embarrassment???

    Now to the subject matter. I don’t think Goldson is the leader of the defense in general. Maybe of the D-backs but it seems to me if you have David calling the alignments and most recognize McCoy as the defensive vocal leader then Goldson is delegated to the DB’s. That’s OK though. Hopefully he keeps Wright out of trouble and elevates his game.

  18. MadMax Says:

    Im glad Wright restructured. He really wants to be here…and that gets my hopes up for his performance. I just hope he stays healthy. If our D stays healthy this year, we’ll have one of the best D’s again, probably top 5. Pick up Clowney next year and its over for everyone but us!

  19. Piratic Says:

    @Bobby: An English major? No, not by a long-shot. This place would be a ghost town. Being able to put together consecutive sentences that don’t require a translator is all that’s really necessary for these purposes. Sadly, many fall far short of the mark.

    And…yes, you’re an embarrassment.

    BTW, the word you were looking for in the second sentence of your second paragraph was “relegated”, not “delegated”.

    Move along, kid.

  20. scubog Says:

    I just love it when posters do their best Old Lady Ammons (7th grade English teacher) impersonation. I can just see her scowling at me with those glasses hanging on that chain of beads, lifting them in place and scolding poor young ornery Scubog for forgetting a comma.

  21. Mcbuc Says:

    Goodson said he and wright go way back when he first came to the bucs.