3 Million+ Reasons To Make A Move

June 17th, 2013

Update: Joe is extending this offer to a third and final company.

Savvy business owners know Joe charges peanuts (relatively speaking) for local advertising on these here pages.

Why does Joe do that?

Well, the first reason is that Joe likes his advertisers to know in their minds and souls that they’re getting incredible advertising value. The second reason is that Joe wants his advertisers to smile every time they cut Joe a check — which means the checks keep coming.

Yes, Joe is a capitalist. And Joe is now hereby offering his fellow local capitalists a special offer.

Joe has one more prime advertising spot for sale here at a very reduced flat rate for football season, starting in late July. During those six months, more than 3 million actual visits will be made to JoeBucsFan.com! (Yes, Joe can prove it.)

Think about what 3 million+ sets of eyeballs seeing your company’s advertisement might do for business. Think about what might happen if several hundred more people start clicking through to visit your website.

As part of this special discount offer, Joe’s put a bounty of only $1,999 on these ads. They must be paid in full up front, and the rate includes all graphic design, plus a bunch of other perks.

Nowhere else on the Internet can you get this kind of impact advertising for about $335 per month.

Email Joe today with any questions, joe@joebucsfan.com.

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