“This Guy’s Been Working Like A Madman”

May 24th, 2013

Greg Schiano is all fired up about Mason Foster

Nearly channeling the “yungry” moniker of his predecessor, Greg Schiano said he’s jacked up about the young blood on the front lines of his defense.

Steve Duemig, of WDAE-AM 620, asked Schiano about the Bucs’ front-7 last night. And it’s clear the head coach is brimming with love and confidence.

“I am really excited about our front-7. I think they’re going to play well. We’re young. We’re aggressive,” Schiano said. “These kids we drafted are also going to be able to provide depth for us. But, you know, when you have a guy like Gerald McCoy, who I think is as good as there is in this league, he sets the tone and he sets the tempo.

“And Adrian Clayborn, I mean you should see him. He’s changed his upper body. You know instead of letting the knee injury become a negative, he made it a positive and really worked hard. Really looks great. And Da’Quan Bowers, same thing. So these guys I really believe are ready. And a guy that doesn’t get any credit is Daniel Te’o-Nesheim. All he did was make plays all last year. You know, no one knows his name, but I’ll tell you what, he makes plays and he does what we ask of him.

“And then the linebacker corps I’m excited about. Everbody knows Lavonte David played lights out. And I think Mason Foster, from the day the season was over this guy’s been working line a madman, and we’re going to be excited to see what he does. It’s going to be fun.”

Joe loves hearing the coach all fired up (you can listen below).

And Joe also hopes Schiano is right when he says he believes Bowers and Clayborn are ready to excel. The Bucs have an awful lot riding on their backs

14 Responses to ““This Guy’s Been Working Like A Madman””

  1. Biff Barker Says:

    Still no mention of that 7th man at SLB. Hoozit?

  2. Oldguy Says:

    The coach is excited about the front seven on defense. How about the front eleven? Has any team in recent years revamped their D in the off-season any more than this one? I doubt it. I count only four D starters that finished the season last year; McCoy, David, Foster and Barron. The seven projected new ones all seem better than the ones replaced. If the coaches can get them operating smoothly together, it could be a great defense. BTW – only one new starter on offense, Stocker.

  3. tampabaybucfan Says:

    He isn’t in the front seven, but don’t forget about Myron.

  4. Oldguy Says:

    My bad on the offense comment. Injuries had subs at the guard at the end of the season. I should have just stuck with the D changes. Pretty exiting D is possible – even likely. Can’t wait!

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    Crabtree will start on O.
    On defense, many guys have played in the system already and those FA’s stepping in are vets.
    Revis, Goldson, Landri, possibly Castillas. New England has revamped on this scale before too.

  6. Braheem Says:

    “The Man” speaks on the salient issue about THIS TEAM….
    DEFENSE. However, curious how he can be so yoked watching them in shorts. Despite all the complaints about the NFL “going soft” it isn’t Flag Football Yet!

    C’mon Greg, ya gotta give us more than murky enthusiasm regarding players from a 31st ranked effort. TELL US WHAT HAS CHANGED!

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:


    What has changed is the back 4 & he doen’t want to talk about that. Our back 4 will make our front 7 look like a bunch of Probowlers!

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    its nice to see that we really have good depth in the front 7.

    its also good to see that a guy drafted in the 4th round like Gholston is going to have to prove himself first before he takes the field. normally in the past that 4th round pick would be considered a starter for us.

  9. Bobby Says:

    @Braheem….actually he was asked about players with a #1 ranked effort in stopping the run. Combine that with our new DB’s and I believe we’ll have a monster D.

  10. tmaxcon Says:

    people can say what they want about schiano but he is coming across more genuine and I truly believe his enthusiasm is legit.

    I hate to get jacked up in underwear season but damn I like our Team.

  11. Braheem Says:


    Wright & Barron remain the same! Goldson is an upgrade and the dude suckin down $16Million per is still a question mark. Oh we got a rookie.

    OK looks better on Paper, but DARN NEAR ANYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN AN IMPROVEMENT. However, I like the optimism that you believe the Bucs can overnight become a Defensive Force.


  12. Drewski12 Says:

    Get another 100+ tackle season, good luck!

  13. Walter Says:

    If our D can be in the top 16 in the league, our offense is good enough to carry a little extra weight and push us into the playoffs. If they’re top 10, I could see a deep playoff run. Freeman would have to up his game at least a little bit though, cut the INT’s to 12 or less, complete at least 60% of his passes. With a second year in our complex system, I’m sure he’ll be comfortable enough to reach those numbers.

  14. patocazador Says:

    Every year I hear how great the Bucs are going to be but almost every year they’re a huge disappointment. Injuries and attitude are the keys in my book and Freeman needs to get rid of that “deer in the headlights” mode. If he doesn’t have confidence this year, the Bucs will die early.