The Secret Pact

May 9th, 2013

Of all the great stories circulating about Ronde Barber today, his retirement day, Joe really likes this one.

The good Dexter Jackson, the Bucs’ Super Bowl MVP, talked about how he Barber, John Lynch and Brian Kelly made a pact in 2002 to be better than the legendary secondary of the 1994 San Francisco 49ers, so Jackson explained on WDAE-AM 620 this morning. Per Jackson, that entire Niners secondary make the Pro Bowl and Barber was determined to get his unit there.

Jackson also dove into how Barber was a real hands-on leader. “He actually went out and showed guys how to do it. He didn’t tell you how to do it. He showed you how to do it,” Jackson said. (You can catch the entire interview below.)

2 Responses to “The Secret Pact”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    “WE HAD A PACT!!”

  2. andres Says:

    Loved how he ripped Deion! Go DJ!