The Jeff Demps Mystery

May 26th, 2013

Clearly, a football coach wakes up from the drool stains on his pillow after dreaming of a lightning-fast return guy galloping down the sidelines for an easy six points.

That, in part, is why the Bucs asked for the rights to track star Jeff Demps when the Bucs unloaded LeGarrette Blount to Bill Belicheat. So what may happen with Demps? Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times took a look.

Jeff Demps was the lone player not in attendance at last week’s first offseason practice, not a surprise given his current focus on track and field. The Olympic silver medalist and former Gator, traded to the Bucs last month from the Patriots, still is concentrating full time on sprinting during the offseason and isn’t expected around One Buc Place until the preseason — at the earliest. The Bucs seem content to put off any decisions about Demps’ future for at least a little while.

Let Joe just say he believes Demps signing with the Bucs is, well, dubious. Here’s why:

On the day of the trade, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik stated that Demps “is interested” — Dominik’s exact words — in playing football. Demps’ goal is, however, to win a gold medal at the next Olympics.

Joe just doesn’t know if Bucs coach Greg Schiano is really on board waiting for a guy who is playing football as a hobby right now. That simply doesn’t seem to jive with Schiano.

Hey, it’s nice to think of having an Olympic medalist return kicks, but be honest, how many times has this worked out since Bullet Bob Hayes played for the Cowboys and 49ers in the mid-1970s? Track speed isn’t football speed.

21 Responses to “The Jeff Demps Mystery”

  1. 1976Buc Says:

    If winning a gold medal is his goal then he surely will not risk injury playing football.

  2. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I understand that Myron is holding Demps’ roster spot.

  3. CoachG Says:

    True, track speed doesn’t always translate to field speed but Demps has proven he has field speed

  4. Dave Says:

    I think Demps would be very good if he focused on football. He is much tougher and stronger than people think. He was actually more physical a runner than Rainey at FL.
    BUT… I have heard him speak over the last 2 years and it is clear, he prefers track and is not going to give anything close to 100% towards football at any point in the foreseeable future.

    Let him go and sign someone else.

  5. DCBUCSFAN Says:


    Remember Renaldo Nehemiah and Willie Gault?

  6. mcBuc Says:

    To me this is nuts. Even if he wins gokd he can make way more in the nfl in the ling run. I kniw money is not eveything, so let this cat get a ceriak bix endirsnent and then coach track at his loval high school. Some ither dude can make the coin in his place.

  7. mcBuc Says:

    Damn iphone typos.

  8. AtrainWd40 Says:

    Its not about money folks… He has dreamed his entire life about representing his country by winning a gold metal. Good luck Jeff bring home the gold and know this Buc fan supports u 100%

  9. Architek Says:

    I hope he does join the team because he bring tons of explosion and speed. I agree I can’t knock him for his aspirations but when he comes to play football bring it and no harm no foul.

  10. Snook Says:

    The Bucs know he won’t play. It was just a throw-in on the Blount trade for a 6th rounder.


  11. Pete 422 Says:

    So what if he doesn’t shows up until pre-season. Just have him return kicks & hope he breaks a few long ones.

  12. blind melon Says:

    Demps should go for the track thing. Worst case is he’s on the PS. Elite world-class speed with some football skills is worth one of those spots.

    Low risk, minimal cost.

    Non story.

  13. Mike J Says:

    Snook,you got it.

  14. Andrew 1 Says:

    I expect this scenario to play out the same way it happened when we traded for the rights to Jake Plummer’s contract all those years ago, with said payer still not interested in playing football anymore who ends up being a no show. if he does show up then its a bonus, but it cant be expected.

  15. JonBuc Says:

    Wasn’t the Blount trade for a 7th rounder…that was used to trade up into the 6th for the James pick? Not that it matters..

  16. Joe Says:

    Remember Renaldo Nehemiah and Willie Gault?

    Yes, and forget them as well they were forgettable.

    Really, you are going to use Nehemiah as your argument for Demps? smh 🙁 The precursor to Reidel Anthony. Seriously, Jacquez Green was a far better receiver than Nehemiah.

    You are grasping at straws.

  17. Raphael Says:

    Demps will play IMO. He should be done in time for 2 preseason games …

    Btw wasn’t willie gault Okay ? Avg 17 yards per catch . He was fast tho ..

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I can see Demps back there receiving a kick. Seeing tacklers rushing toward him and realizing how many injuries occur during kick returns. And then being fearful of taking hits. A Dexter Jackson in the making unless he commits full time to football.

  19. Bb Says:

    This guy can play ball , just wait for him.. Then screen pass after screen pass , probley average 20 yards a play(if josh can throw a screen)

  20. Illuminati Says:

    The word is jibe, not jive.

  21. Kevin Says:

    Demps is in white.