“That Freaking No. 93 Is Heck To Deal With”

May 11th, 2013

gerald mccoy 0814It’s hard to believe legions of Bucs fans believed Gerald McCoy was a third-rate football player only one year ago.

Well, that was a garbage take, as the NFL and locals found out. And in a piece penned by Tampa Tribune beat scribe Woody Cummings, Bucs icon Ronde Barber actually fingers McCoy as the defense’s next leader and brings insider word from John Lynch on how opposing coaches break into a sweat when they think of McCoy.

A lot of people don’t give Gerald credit for the year he had last year, but the people that played against him (did),” Barber said. “And when you talk to a guy like John Lynch, who did a lot of games (as a Fox TV analyst), he’ll tell you.

“He’s talking to the other coaches all the time and asking them, ‘What is it with this (Bucs) team that you know you have to stop to beat them?’ And, without fail, they all said, ‘That freaking No. 93 is heck to deal with.’ So, yeah, he’s the guy.’

That sure was enlightening. For those who don’t realize, when John Lynch, or any other analyst, calls a game, he gets to meet with the game’s head coaches about 48 hours prior to kickoff to dive into game plans and pick their brains. So it’s pretty cool that Lynch is getting this feedback.

26 Responses to ““That Freaking No. 93 Is Heck To Deal With””

  1. knucknbuc Says:

    Gerald finally getting his due. Im telling you the only thing that can stop this dude is injuries that’s it. Hes a monster and a superstar talent. He has more talent then anyone on this Defense including Revis. I might even go as far to say he has the most talent on our whole team. Mccoy just destoys ppl out there everygame. Literally. I think he would of had 10 plus sacks last year if our pass D wasn’t so god awful. Hey Joe who was that one poster who used to post here and bash Gmac all time. I think his name was DumDum 2.2 or something? o well.

  2. Raphael Says:

    Lol..who was that imbecile that used to Bash Gmc all the time ….2.2 or something..what a moron.. GMc stays healthy and he is a force to deal with.


  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I hope Thomas 2.2 and the other delirious haters are enjoying their super sized portion of humble pie right about now.

    McCoy you da man! Pro Bowler and most-feared Buccaneer. Hell to the yes!

  4. Andrew 1 Says:

    its never been about ability with Gerald McCoy, its his injury prone nature that’s his only concern. you can have all the talent in the world but if you cant stay on the field then what good is it. I just hope his days of getting severely injured are behind him.

  5. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    No, Thomas would just get on here and say that “they say…” Suh is a much better player. From what I gathered the guy talked as if he had his own special sources that somehow no one else knew. It was hilarious. He still believes GMC got a pro bowl over Suh purely because of his “personality”. If you could imagine such a thing. I’m sorry but a DT on a losing (7-9) team does not get recognition for his “personality” in the pro bowl voting. Or the top 100 list for that matter. Tim Tebow has an excellent “personality” but has never been gifted a pro bowl appearance.

    When the guy is healthy he is one of the best. In my opinion with Suh and McCoy, there is no clearly better talent. I will say this though…McCoy came out as a junior and Suh as a senior. Suh had another year for his body to be physically prepared/matured for the NFL.

    Man, I can’t wait for this season to get started!

  6. BIG SIR Says:

    Ian Beckles and Shaun King hate this. But we are to take what they say over a HOFer and potential HOFer. Riiiiiight.

  7. Walter Says:

    Soooooooo glad we drafted this guy!! It seems like he just demolishes everyone that tries to block him 1-on-1, which doesn’t happen anymore, every team double and sometimes triple team him, yet he still finds a way to collapse the pocket. A true beast of a DT

  8. Mike Says:

    I always knew McCoy would be a BEAST! Not sure what “fans” you are talking about that doubted him. Doesn’t sound like any fan to me, any loyal one anyways.

  9. bucfanjeff Says:

    McCoy is better than Suh, I said it then and still stand behind it now.

    He does have to remain healthy and he is a force.

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    McCoy can be a monster, but he can not do it all by himself. Too bad Price did not work out, just one more really good lineman, and watch out.
    Hopefully, these new guys will attract some blockers from McCoy, and if so, look out NFL!

  11. berserker Says:

    Can’t wait for the season to start

  12. Rob Says:

    For all the complaining Bucs fans do, McCoy is by far the best thing the Bucs have had at DT since Sapp left.

  13. Bobby Says:

    Ahhh yes…it feels good to be vindicated from all those arguments with Thomas 2.2 last year. I said then that all McCoy had to do to make the pro bowl was stay healthy and voila! He is a beast and I look forward to him getting a lot more sacks this year now that the pass defense will give the DT’s and DE’s a little more time to get there.

  14. BamBamBuc Says:

    The “injury prone” moniker is a joke anyway. Both tricep tears were freak things. It’s rare a guy tears his tricep in the first place. If it had been the same one the second time, ok, maybe there’s something wrong with that tricep, or it didn’t heal correctly. But being the other arm, it was a freak thing. He isn’t an injury risk any more than any other player on any team in the NFL. As for 2.2 and his rants about Suh, again, Suh wasn’t available to draft when we picked. It was a stupid argument then, it’s stupid now. Suh was off the board, whether he’s better than GMC or GMC is better than Suh, Suh wasn’t available to draft. Besides, the more Suh stomps players, the more I like GMC, no matter who’s better.

  15. GABA Says:

    Glad McCoy is panning out

  16. Deminion Says:

    I’ve always said GMC was a stud glad most of the fan on here stuck with him

  17. Meh Says:

    His only problems were injuries. Period. Those suggesting otherwise were full of it, and it was obvious. McCoy has been a force every time he has been healthy. Period.

  18. scubog Says:

    Funny how there were a few fans calling McCoy a “bust” before his rookie season barely began.

  19. MTM Says:

    Put down the kool aid its still the offseason. GMC has improved but he is not instilling fear in nobody right now. Sapp instilled fear in opposing offenses you could see it in their eyes when they lined up.

  20. biff barker Says:

    So Lynch is saying opposing coaches have called him a beast yet nobody is scared of him? Sapp is an asswipe of a human being, McCoy doesn’t act that way outside the chalk.
    On the field, people are afraid of him dismembering their QB.

  21. 76buc76 Says:

    Let’s not get carried away here. GMC had some great game’s this year (Dallas) but he also was a no show in quite a few games as well (Giant’s). Suh still get’s the edge because he’s more consistant. But a total duch bag of a human being

  22. Rrsrq Says:

    I hope for the best for any Bucanneer Man, cause they are in my team, I think McCoy can be a perrenial pro bowler, but so can Suh, I don’t think Lion fans are saying the wish they had McCoy instead. Not that he is not as talented, but you support who’s on your team, unless they are a buster and they have shown no commitment to their craft, lets go Bucs

  23. JonBuc Says:

    I was down on the artist formerly known as Glass Gerald….but I’m really happy for him now. He was in the last rookie class to get paid “stupid” $ so when he went down 2 years in a row it was easy to be dubious of him. Dion Jordan was picked in the 3 spot this year…I’ll be curious how much less he’ll get than McCoy did in 2010. Anywho, McCoy is poised for another big contract if he plays well this year. Pretty charmed life for The GMC.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Always got to be a few morons that have to come in and hate. I’m sure you know better than the coaches and players that are actually in the league. When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you crack up laughing?

  25. JonBuc Says:

    Um….mostly positive thoughts and comments for GMC as far as I can tell. No true Buc fan wants him to fail…but the first two injury prone years were frustrating. I crack up laughing when The “Big”Hawaiian acts tough n stuff with 90% of his post to answer his question. Seems to know his football, however…I ‘ll give him that.

  26. McBuc Says:

    MTM, you must have really good eyes to see the fear in the eyes of linemen on a football field wearing helmets…I am sure they have to game plan for McCoy, but Sapp was a once in a lifetime player. He also has been gone for a long time, so now GMC is up, and I am sure Lynch did not make this stuff up.