Still Fishing For A Returner, Bucs Reel In Brown

May 30th, 2013

Roscoe Parrish, Sammie Stroughter, Michael Smith, Preston Parker, Jordan Shipley, Arrelious Benn and LeQuan Lewis all were in the mix trying to become a beloved punt and/or kick returner for the Bucs last season.

(Did Joe miss anyone?)

The return game for the Bucs was subpar, and the names above got the boot, except for Smith, whose roster spot is on thin ice. The Bucs didn’t seek a new returner in the draft, and the search continues.

Last night, a new name got a shot, undrafted rookie Temple running back and Big East special teams player of the year Matt Brown.

He stands at 5-5.

The guy has had plenty of success as a returner. But for Joe, this signing mostly illustrates how little confidence the organization has in Smith, the unofficial captain of the inactive list.

14 Responses to “Still Fishing For A Returner, Bucs Reel In Brown”

  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    This was the Main Reason why IMO we should’ve drafted RB/KR Kerwynn Williams. Don’t get me wrong Mike James wears a Buc uniform now. So no matter what I feel, I have to wish for the best. But If you give this kid Kerwynn Williams 6 inches of daylight, this kid is gone ( A brilliant KR).

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Kerwynn Williams

  3. Mike J Says:

    Trindon Holiday pt.2??

  4. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Someone should ask Schiano directly about Michael Smith and where his status stands to this point. He been to much of a mystery. ….and by the way, Heather on MCoJ is frickin HOT!!!!!

  5. Macabee Says:

    Tough little guy! 5-5, 170, 4.48

    Big East ST player of the year

    Compare Darren Sproles @ 5-6, 190, 4.47

    Defenitely worth a look!

  6. Mike J Says:

    Sigh….whining from an old curmudgeon….we always had a zillion words for ”attractive”, why add another one?? In my day, ”hot” meant something completely different,as in ”She ain’t cute, but she’s hot!” & no replacement for the word as thus used to the best of my knowledge.English language suffers another loss.

  7. jason jones Says:

    what happen to eric page thats his deal

  8. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Mike J you’re an insensitive old fuddy dud. Anyone who complains about the way the word HOT is used, especially in the context of describing a sexually attractive woman, is light years beyond the help of Viagara. Or maybe you prefer the word “stud” instead. Contrary to what you think, I still think she incredibly “HOT” in my book.

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I love what I see in that video. Dude can change directions on a dime, runs tough. Even saw him flip his own teammate to get him out of the way, lol.

    My only concerns would be ball security because of the way he holds the ball, but that can easily be addressed.

    I almost like his potential more than Smith’s.

  10. robert Says:

    guy is 5′ 5

    he can just hide till the hole opens!

  11. Mike J Says:

    TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace, so exactly what word in lieu of ”hot” would you use in my quote to express the ame concept?? I am genunely interested.

  12. Mike J Says:

    *same sorry

  13. MR.T Says:

    liked that YouTube video no him, his attitude is great, sounds like a buccaneer man. We’re shaping up to have one of the more interesting training camps to watch in quite awhile.

  14. teacherman777 Says:

    Awesome youtube video.

    Thx @Macabee

    I love this lil dudes mentality!

    So deep! So pure! So American.

    Yea mon! One Love!