Rookie Minicamp Notes

May 4th, 2013

Today’s practice was somewhat nondescript for people just watching the drills. There was little if any scrimmaging, short of pass-rushing drills (where William Gholston announced his arrival in a physical way).

It is very difficult to judge players when most drills amount to footwork, and engaging tackling dummies and blocking pads.

Roughly about halfway through practice, Joe heard the famliar cry, “Toes on the line!” when the players were involved in running. Overall, Schiano has been eager but not hyper, not much hollering. That could be a good sign.

Yesterday, Schiano was briskly jogging from practice field to practice field and occasionally offered input. Today, Schiano seemed a bit more relaxed, walking between practice fields and doing more observing than barking any orders.

The one highlight that jumped out at Joe was defensive end Steven Means. Means ran at a blocker who held a dummy. Means absolutely blew past the blocker, using a quick and smooth swim move so well-executed that Joe isn’t sure the blocker touched Means with the dummy. (This was a different drill from the one that saw William Gholston sack a coach.)

One order from assistants Joe often heard was the phrase, “follow through,” meaning keep playing. In offensive drills, this means if a running back got past the defense, he was to keep sprinting to score, say, an 80-yard touchdown.

On a couple of plays, Joe noticed wide receivers/running backs pulling up before they got to the goal line and jogging back to join their teammates.

Joe is sure this will be pointed out by Schiano after he looks at tape of the practice. Such moves are not what makes a Buccaneer Man.

6 Responses to “Rookie Minicamp Notes”

  1. Pete 422 Says:

    I can’t wait for training camp.

  2. MR.T Says:

    Means said he hates to get touched, if this is an example of what he can do to avoid that he’ll be fun to watch.

  3. tampabaybucfan Says:

    MC Hammer/Means “Can’t Touch This”

  4. You go Joe Says:

    Was James one of those rb not running it all the way?

  5. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @ joe

    Ya follow through can mean alot of different things not necessarily running an 80 yard score on a play designed to read a defense or run plays.does the defense have to run the rb down and tackle him too? Why is that such an issue on day two? If a guy doesnt score or lay out a teammate than hes not a buccanneer man and schiano will chew him out? im all about effort and putting in 100% but that seems like more of an opinion of yours than an observation.if it was such a big deal, than schiano should have faith in his staff to handle any hussle issues.the President of a company doesn’t need to adress petty issues to his employees, that’s a manager/supervisors job. Idk just seemed unnecessary unless every single rookie we have was slacking…

  6. mpmalloy Says:

    I really feel great about the Bucs now.
    I feel great about entrusting them to Schiano.

    He may be settling into a more Belichek type demeanor:
    He made his feelings known last year. Nothing has changed.
    He doesn’t have to shout very much. The players know
    what the expectations are.