Once Upon A Josh

May 25th, 2013

On Thursday night, NFL Network unveiled Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin on their coveted Top-100 Players in the league list, as chosen by the vote of NFL players. It’s the third season of the league honor. Jackson scored the highest ranking for a Buccaneer ever at No. 52. Martin checked in at No. 57.

Joe doesn’t want to take away from their honors, but the Top-100 list always reminds Joe of Josh Freeman being ranked 86th by his peers following the 2010 season, only his first full season as a starter.

Damn, that was “good Josh.” And here’s the link to the video of Freeman’s segment, much of it narrated by John Abraham.

It feels like ancient history, but it wasn’t that long ago that Freeman was a ferocious, fearless, intimidating and consistent presence.

37 Responses to “Once Upon A Josh”

  1. Deminion Says:

    Feels like forever ago if he could always play like that… For the record ima free supporter

  2. Pewter_Power Says:

    He was that guy for a good portion of last year, unfortunately he fell apart at the end. smh

  3. Mean D Says:

    He sure doesn’t have it any more.

  4. 76buc76 Says:

    Ya he had one of the best season’s a 21 yo QB. Has ever had in NFL history. With an horrible offence to boot. But he can’t beat elite team’s. Does anybody have any confidence in Freeman VS Brady,Rothisberger,Manning’s,Kapernick,Rodger’s,Romo the list goes on and on. The bottem 15 team’s are the team’s Freeman can beat. He has shown the ability to step up in clutch situation’s late in a game. But he felt the most pressure in his career last year. In the thick of a wildcard chase. Freeman responded with one stinker after another. This year the he’ll face the most pressure going into a season. I think his machinic’s are killing him. Most QB’s have great footwork. They get chased out of the pocket and still deliver the ball with proper weight distrubution. To make an accurate throw. Freeman is so clumsy looking on the run. His plant leg instead of standing tall with a little knee bend (like Brady). Changes with every throw. Like a toy catipolt, line it up at a target. Deadly accurate every time. Then put a couple book’s under the back end and fire. The famous Freeman one hopper. Then slide the book’s under the front…fire. The boulder will sail over the target.

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    Of course, the 4-12 Matthew Stafford was voted in this year because “someone has to throw to Calvin Johnson”… sometimes I wonder what these guys are really thinking when they vote.

  6. john Says:

    he changed his style soooo much since that season. he is not a pure pocket passer but thats how he is trying to play now. he is a one read guy and if that read isnt there he needs to roll out or run he hasnt done that the last two years. he thinks he is tom brady and he is not.

  7. MTM Says:

    Freeman was at his best when the opportunity to run was there and he took it. The style worn out opposing defenses even with the lackluster offense he had at the time. Then somebody decided to try and make Freeman into a pure pocket passer. The emergence of the pistol/spread offense in the NFL would be a better fit for Freeman.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I agree with MTM.

    How many does this give the Bucs in the top 100 now?

  9. Bobby Says:

    Freeman vs Brady, Rogers, etc.???????? That’s not the matchup. It’s Freeman vs the defense. What you should be asking is does anyone have any confidence that Freeman can put up more points vs New England’s D than Brady vs our defense and my answer would be yes. I think we have a better defense than New England. I don’t think any team is going to come in and roll this defense so my answer is yes, I think we will be in every single game this year and if we can avg the points that we averaged last year then we will win the majority of them. This should be a playoff year.

  10. Illuminati Says:

    He need to regrow that righteous fro. He’s like Samson – he gets his power from his hair.

  11. Bobby Says:

    Looking at that photo Freeman is friggin’ huge! Look at the size of his hand on Brees’ back. Dude’s built like a linebacker.

  12. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    and He ran the ball……..

  13. Ben Says:

    I agree, Bobby. This has to be the year, too.

  14. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Correct me if Im wrong, but wasn’t that the 1st and only offseason: in which Josh was tutored by Drew Brees? Arranged by Greg “Benn’d around” Oslen.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    He never should have cut his Josh-fro. Josh made some big throws last year to VJax, Dallas & Mike, but he missed a bunch too. It’s all about consistency like Everybody says. I think this is The Team and The Year that Josh will pull it altogether. Things just seem to be falling into place like they havent since Chuckles first came to town. I sure as hell ain’t betting against Freeman. He has way to much talent and proven ability. Now it’s about poise and I think these all pro vets on the team will lift Josh and take him to the top. Lookout for Crabtree as well, this kid is going to be good.
    I’m stoked!

    God Bless our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Seamen, those who serve us now and those that made the ultimate sacrifice for us. We honor your memory and Salute you.

    Semper Fi & Go Bucs!!!

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    Who knows..

    Maybe he’ll still get ranked 😉

  17. Bobby Says:

    Let’s put this in perspective…

    Freeman threw for more yards than Flacco last year with less attempts.
    Flacco completed 5% more of his passes than Freeman. That’s 1 in every 20.
    Freeman had 5 more TD’s than Flacco. Yes, he threw 7 more picks than Flacco but all seven were in 2 games.
    Both had QB ratings in the 80’s.
    Baltimore averaged 24.9 pts a game and the Bucs 24.3.
    However, Baltimore had the 12th ranked scoring defense and we were ranked 23rd. Now, do you think defense might have a little to do with winning games and it’s really not all on Freeman?? Baltimore should be the perfect example on why Freeman can take us to the Super Bowl. Flacco played lights out at the end of the year. Freeman played lights out in the middle. We just need Josh to be a little more consistent and we are right where we want to be.

  18. Andrew 1 Says:

    I agree with the people that are saying he is not proficient as a pure pocket passer. he was better when he was 40 lbs heavier and able to scramble if need be, back in 2010. but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can not vastly improve as a pocket passer. I believe he can and will improve enough to be a pretty good QB in this league, its just that kind of transformation takes time that I dont know if the fans and/or coaching staff are willing to give. hopefully, this season, he shows enough improvement for all of us to have confidence in him leading us to the promise land.

  19. tdog23767 Says:

    Not to threadjack, but Ronde would have been #55 if he hadn’t retired. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bobby, that’s a good comparison.

  21. bucsguy Says:

    Did somebody throw kapernick in the elite category, might be soon for that. Jfree is good he plays inconsistent at times but overall he is a stud look at his career numbers after 4 seasons compared to eli and when he took over we might have had the least talent in the nfl frees only problem is he tries to hard sometimes which causes him to aim instead throw and try to squeeze in to places it still kills me that after having garcia, greise, simms, king, dilfer, etc etc that people hate on a 24 yr old kid that has had 3 ocs in 4yrs 2 headcoaches a revolving oline and untill last year a giant cry baby demanding the rock on every play plus a completely rebuilt roster and he still holds all the significant records in bucs history. Ask yourself had he had av team around him before lay year

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    What some of you people fail to understand is that all the “Hate” on your man crush isnt hate. Well, not all of it. Some do just stupidly hate and I wont mention any names but for the most part the more intelligent fans don’t hate we simply are angry that Freeman isnt playing up to his full potential. We know he can do much better which is why we criticize him so much. If Free was playing at the top of his game we would of won last year despite the bad defense. All those close games could of been won just as easily by a good consistent Freeman as it could of been with a good defensive showing.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No one is cheering harder for Freeman than me. Without a doubt, he is THE key to us making the playoffs. He plays well, we get in. I agree that he has all the talent, and he at times looks like an elite QB. He put up some pretty good numbers last year, minus a few games.

    All that being said, I can’t say that I am 100% confident that he is the future. I don’t see how anyone can. Aside from being wildly inconsistent, he often just doesn’t pass the eye ball test. Even games he plays well in, he has stretches of the game where you just shake your head. He can make some of the most amazing throws, then he’ll turn around and miss throws that a high school QB should make. He has more “miscommunications” than any QB I’ve ever seen, no matter who the OC is. I just hope he gets it all turned around and plays with more consistency, because we are as talented as we’ve been in a really long time. I don’t want Glennon to ever see the field, except in the preseason and when we are up by 4 TD’s. Unfortunately, I’m just not completely sold that will be the case.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    I try very hard not to hate or be angry. It takes way too much energy to carry that burden. Doesn’t always work, but man I try. The faster you get over it, the better you will feel. Don’t worry, be happy.

  25. Bobby Says:

    If Freeman just plays as good as he did last year we will be in the playoffs. If he gets better we will win some games in the playoffs. If he plays like he did in the middle of last year we will be in the Super Bowl.

  26. TylerRuuu Says:

    @76buc76Free has beaten brees, rodgers, ryan, newton, could have beaten both mannings if the D helped. Should have beaten romo and rg3. That’s just off the top of my head. He is inconsistent but so was the O line. And all QBs are bad with a bad line for the most part. Even Brady. Not to mention part if the problem was the opposing D figured out our O. Free is a good with potential to be elite Don’t argue stats prove he can be elite. This wasn’t all meant to call out 76 buc it was for everyone who relentlessly hates and down plays Freeman’s play. He’s the best we’ve ever had and the best we can use this year. Regardless of how well MG does in pre-season.

  27. TylerRuuu Says:

    @76buc76Free has beaten brees, rodgers, ryan, newton, could have beaten both mannings if the D helped. Should have beaten romo and rg3. That’s just off the top of my head. He is inconsistent but so was the O line. And all QBs are bad with a bad line for the most part. Even Brady. Not to mention part if the problem was the opposing D figured out our O. Free is a good with potential to be elite Don’t argue stats prove he can be elite. This wasn’t all meant to call out 76 buc it was for everyone who relentlessly hates and down plays Freeman’s play. He’s the best we’ve ever had and the best we can use this year. Regardless of how well MG does in pre-season.

  28. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    D mart atn57, what number is Patriots third string RB Blount? 🙂

  29. Eric Says:

    It’s a team sport of course. Folks put more emphasis on free cause he was anointed a franchise QB to build the team around. That’s what the last four years have been all about.

    If he can’t make that happen its like we’re starting over. Growing pains and all.

    IMO many are way overrating the team around him, which is mediocre at best as compared to our competition.

    Failing to realize that, fans put the heat on Free.

  30. Bobby Says:

    @Eric….how in the #@!%% can you say that a team that has 5% of the players in the top 100 and as many pro bowlers as most any team in the NFL is ‘mediocre at best’???? Are you really that stupid or do you just like to appear so?

  31. Eric Says:


    Based on their record since 08 I’d say mediocre is a very generous assessment.

    Perhaps u missed the seven, ten, and five game losing streaks, no playoffs, and various NFL records for futility?

    Chiefs had five pro bowlers last year, I’m sure they were all in top 100. They any good?

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    Eric your point is well taken but I believe Dom’s drafting has ben solid the last few years and that this class should net a couple starters and Dline depth further Improving the team, especially adding Revis. Your stats back your statement but my beliefs back up mine and some others here. Doug Martin ran all over teams last year with a battered O line. No reason to think he can’t put up AP numbers this time with CN & DJ back.

  33. Bucfan Says:

    There is a reason why Martin and Jackson were voted in the top 100 and freeman wasn’t.

    This isn’t freeman hate. It’s constructive criticism and honesty. I call it how I see it. I want freeman to succeed bc he is the key to our playoff run this year. However I’m not getting y hopes up one bit bc there are a lot of things he hasn’t improved on since coming out of college.

    Also don’t blame it bc he’s not running. He didn’t do it in 2011 either. He’s trying to become a passer something that all qbs need to do.

  34. James Buc 22 Says:

    Freeman was on track to be in this years rankings, but, the problem was is he fell flat near the season.

  35. Bobby Says:

    As usual Eric, you have your head up your butt and are basing your assessment on last year and ignoring the addition of Goldson, Revis, Banks and Nicks and Joseph coming back. Mediocre is hardly what I would call the Bucs. We might be the most talented team in the NFL.

  36. JB69 Says:

    Freeman is way better when he’s not afraid to run the ball. Unfortunately, he has said repeadetly that he doesn’t like to run the ball. If the man don’t want to, than he want do it. I just hope he keeps his head on football and away from Hollywood this year. He can’t have both worlds. Grow your fro back and get your swag back. We want you to be a Super Bowl Quarterback.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So let’s see, we have the best guard in the NFL on the left side, and a top 5 guard on the other. We have a pro bowl LT. We have a Pro Bowl RB, who is entering his second year. We have a pro bowl WR, and one who is one of the most dynamic receivers in the game. We also have not only the best CB in the league, but probably the best overall defensive player in the game (and there are plenty of experts that back that up, and he has trophies to back that up as well). We have a pro bowl DT entering the prime of his career. We have a pro bowl safety that has been a premier player on one of the best defenses of the last few years. Our other safety is a sure fire all-pro. But you are right, we have mediocre talent. I’m with you that Freeman probably gets too much credit and too much blame, but when you make absolutely stupid comments like that, you kill any good point you could possibly have. You are literally never positive. You b!tch and moan about us not bringing in free agents, yet when we bring in PREMIER free agents, you still aren’t happy. I don’t get it.