No Now Starters = Draft Grade Of “C”

May 6th, 2013
shaun king PFT

Former Bucs QB Shaun King weighs in on how the Bucs’ 2013 draft should be graded today.

One way to grab Shaun King’s attention is to start heavily praising the Buccaneers’ 2013 draft class.

King’s not feeling it right now. One of three QBs to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, King told WDAE-AM 620 host J.P. Peterson how and why he gives the Bucs average marks and why he’s eyeing the Panthers for future grades of this Bucs draft class.

“I hear people say this draft was a “B.” I’m like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,” King said. “I give them a “C” because they didn’t really draft a starter. Akeem Spence is probably going to get a chance to compete with [Derek] Landi. but he’s not the starter. [Johnthan] Banks is going to get a chance to compete with Eric Wright, but he’s probably going to start off as the nickel.

“Really, to me, this draft grade comes down to what kind of an impact [defensive tackle] Star Lotulelei has in Carolina versus Darrelle Revis in Tampa. Because what people are overlooking is at No. 13 they would have had their choice between star, Sheldon Richardson and Sharrif Floyd. All three of those tackles were there. So you just think about having one of those guys under contract for the next five years next to Gerald McCoy.”

King went on to express his concern about Revis’ health as it relates to his position. “Show me the defensive player that’s bounced back from the ACL,” King said, referencing offensive players known for successful recovery. King says it’s a different animal on offense, where “you know where you’re going and you know where you’re cutting.”

That’s an intriguing point by King, and it puts another Buccaneer being heavily counted on into the spotlight: Adrian Clayborn. (You can catch the entire interview below.)

91 Responses to “No Now Starters = Draft Grade Of “C””

  1. soflabucfan Says:

    Not just based on this repoort, but overall, King must have some unresolved issues with Mark Dominik. Dude dumps on the guy and his moves every chance he can. It’s at the point where King has completly undermined his own credibility as an analyst.

  2. Youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    SK is a douche. No one cares what that fat ass thinks. Not sure why Joe feels the need to keep including that a-hole on his site.

  3. Keith Says:

    You guys act like King is an idiot. I don’t get it. The guy was obviously good enough and smart enough for Gruden to let him hang around for years.

    It’s sound logic. The Bucs gave up an assload for Revis when you factoring what they could have purchased with his salary. And Banks might be on the bench for a lot of snaps if Wright is playing well and Barber comes back.

    Once upon a time there weren’t rookies starting on defense around these parts. That worked out pretty damn well.

  4. BigSombrero Says:

    I dont think King is an idiot, but as soflabucfan said, the guy has a problem with the organization. Im not exaggerating when I say he doesn’t say anything good about them.

    So I have tuned him out long ago. When his bias is gone, I may give him a shot.

  5. Grassi Says:

    Joe, are you poking fun at King each time you mention he’s 1 of 3 quarterbacks who took Tampa to the NFC Championship? I ask because it seems you are giving him credit he doesn’t deserve. He was always a bad quarterback, mediocre on his absolute best day. Further, he was terrible in he playoffs. Tampa won in spite of him, not because of him- similar to what Trent Dilfer provided the Ravens in 2000. Without Tampa’s hall of fame defense they don’t make the postseason. Without Shaun King, nearly any other backup could have managed those games with the same efficiency.

    Shaun King certainly wasn’t the worst Quarterback in the league. The way you frame it, though, gives the impression that he was special in any way other than being a qb in Tampa.

  6. BucFan987 Says:

    Please stop posting Shaun King here. His articles are sensationalist and offensive. I love your site and your analysis – this is my only stop for Buccaneer’s news.

    My distaste for having to ignore King’s rants, which are highly opinionated and generally very negative, is to the point that I will look for another news source if necessary.

    I know I’m not alone here, Joes. My distaste even made me submit my first comment to the site after reading here since Chucky.

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Shawn King “One of the two Buc Quartebacks to lose an NFC Championship when the defense allowed 11 or fewer points” (other QB Doug Williams lost to LA 9-0 in 1979)
    I believe that Shawn King overcompensates for being a Buc by being mostly negative on all things Bucs.
    I believe that Banks could start and so could Spence…and Revis will definately start. What the hell is he talking about?
    Also, whether players drafted start or not depends on how good the team is before the draft. The Panthers needed more starters than the Bucs.

  8. DougMartin22 Says:

    Eric Berry is a defensive player who came back from an ACL. Didn’t he had a Pro Bowl season last year? F U 2 SK.

  9. Andrewbucsfan Says:

    King is extremely narrow minded. We didnt need a DT that one day we would have to pay big money to cause the big money in our defense goes to DBS and the 3 technique. We didnt even wanna pay Roy miller a lousy 3 million a year, we would rather pay a rookie contract at the tilt nt for the next 4 years and tell them to take up double teams. And at this point we were drafting for depth. Gholston can come in and we aren’t going to ask him to do much, be a big DE, stop the run and let the blitz take care of 3rd down. Then we go and get an insurance do it all back, we get a backup qb to push josh and someone they hope to develop as a blitz specialist. We get a cb so we dont have to pay eric wright next year as well. The only place we could have drafted a starter is RT and TE. I’m sick of kings fat mouth

  10. mike Says:

    this is a 1st… i actually agree with what he is saying. The possibility of having a great d lineman at 3 million or so a year plus an extra 13 million dollars is very appealing. For the trade to work… Revis will have to play at a pro bowl level for the 1st 3 years and be a great teammate. I hope he is healthy . We will see.

  11. tone850 Says:

    Keith, King was on the roster because he was still under contract from when we drafted him in 99. If Gruden really believed in him then he would of never brought in Brad Johnson or had Rob Johnson as 2nd stringer.

    King had the benefit of one of the greatest defenses in NFL history in his one campaign as a starter for the Bucs.

    If anything, I thought when we drafted Shaun King in the 2nd round we got a C for that pick.

  12. Nick P. Says:

    When it comes down to it, we watch sports because it’s fun and (for the most part) enjoyable. With that said, Shaun King is the blackhole unto which fun and enjoyble things go to die. Take him to the beach, he’d complain about sand in his shoes. Give him a million dollars, he’d complain about the taxes.

    If you see Mr. King on the street, give him a hug. He surely needs one.

  13. NJBucsFan Says:

    One way to grab Shaun King’s attention is to put a plate of food in front of him….

  14. buccanay Says:

    As much as I dislike King and the way you introduce him, if you say, “he brings up an interesting point”, and you’ve seriously not thought of the difference between an offensive vs defensive player coming back from serious knee injury, you truly dont understand the magnitude of the risk the Bucs are taking with Revis. OF COURSE, there’s a HUGE difference in what Adrian Peterson is doing and what Revis will be doing in their respective games. There is no precedent for the best CB in football to return to anything close to what he was before injury. Not saying it cant be done, but can anyone think of anything close to what Revis is trying to do? And NO, offensive players dont count. CB’s ENTIRE game is built on their ability to REACT to what a WR does. There’s no other position in football where the knee and its health and strength in more important than CB, IMO.

  15. Dylan Says:

    Eric berry came back from torn ACL. Suggs came back from torn achilles.. SK is just stupid. And a assload for revis? A first round draft pick? Wasent it over the past 20 years 3 players got mentioned in the same breathe as revis who got drafted 13th overall? Revis besides a QB, will bring the bucs a true house hold name. Notice the bucs are actually on TV now! On nfl network and Espn. And guess what SK!!! You know what it tells me when you don’t name all these starters in the draft we just had?!?! It shows depth of the football team, and as Greg and mark say competition. We are in a pass heavy league and he is gonna btch about Jonathan banks not starting??? Last I checked it’s a good thing to be drafting depth not holes on your roster. And Eric wright won’t be back next year, so banks will get a full season to be mentored by revis and who knows he can turn out to be the next revis.

  16. Dan Says:

    Eat another Big Mac Mr.King

  17. Gus Says:

    Andrewbuc nailed ever point I was going to make. We are drafting for depth not starters. We took care of our most glaring starting positions corner and free safety. I would have like to get a TE and a RT but we can live with the guys we have now

  18. BucsFan007 Says:

    Seems to me that a running back is also re-actionary (Adrian Peterson) when he’s running the ball, sure he knows what gap the play is designed for but he has to juke & cut, stop & start, instantaneously too ….. so I dunno ’bout that Shaun King rationale

  19. Joe Says:

    For those new to the Shaun King hate, here’s where Joe stands on this nonsense.

    King was a top college QB and played several years in the NFL. King also is a lifelong Bucs fan and a credible analyst of the team with fantastic inside connections. King has spoken openly on the radio of his relationship with the Glazer family and with past head coach Raheem Morris.

    King also has worked for ESPN and other networks, and currently is a top NFL analyst for NBC Sports Networks, and he does game calls for FOX on college football.

    Therefore, Joe considers King an interesting and credible source. Therefore, Joe will continue to deliver King’s comments here when Joe finds them interesting. Joe doesn’t care if readers are offended by King’s comments. If Joe worried about who he was offending, then Joe would be a real pussy.

  20. BigSombrero Says:

    Yes its commonplace to come back from ACL injuries in the NFL now a days. King has a problem with the organization and if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to find a way past that.

    I don’t have a problem with him as a player but as an analyst, he doesn’t speak unless he can find something negative to point out. The worst part is all that weight he’s put on came directly from all the crow he eats. He’s never right. The stuff he says is just not correct.

    Spence is the favorite to win the NT job. With Banks’ height, he has a solid chance to win the number 2 spot at CB. And of course we have Revis.

    How can you say we got no starters? The basis of his argument is false. Its like he didn’t even think it through.

  21. Mark Says:

    King is a “Bet the Opposite” guy. Find out who he likes to win a game and bet the opposite. If he graded the Buccs draft at an A+ I would be terrified.

  22. TBuc_40 Says:

    I don’t see this draft being anything less than a B, even in Revis isn’t to form (we can dump his contract whenever we want), besides a great draft is considered having 1/3 of your picks being solid starters (3-4 year guys). With that logic, if we have 2 starters it’s a B (Banks & Spence already meet the criteria)

    Banks – Solid player and will start in Nickel packages right away and considering how often teams play nickel, seem solid to me (grade B+)

    Glennon – Solid backup to possible starter (no one complained when Patriots drafted Ryan Mallet in 3rd Rd (Grade B-)

    Spence – Big body and very strong (37 reps is a lot). He will come in and eat up blocks right away. (Grade B+ for 4th rd)

    Gholston – Very underrated player that can be a difference maker on 3rd down this season (Gholston, McCoy, Clayborn, Bowers seems to be a good front to me). (Grade A)

    Means – Too early to tell, but has the work ethic and heart (Grade C)

    James -Solid pick for 6th rd and could be backup for Martin (Grade B)

  23. Cameron Says:

    Whenever I see Shaun King and just skip over the article.

    Please stop posting articles about him and what crazy things he has to say. I know you want to post about all things Bucs, but he just goes to extremes just to get ratings and attention. Seriously if he covered the ’72 Dolphins he would be saying crap about them, he’d complain about drafting Tom Brady even.

    If he was stuck out in the snow, freezing to death and someone lit a fire to save his life; he’d complain that he now smells like smoke. If he had some actual good input, I’d welcome it.

  24. Wienaman Says:

    So I attempted to post this once, and hopefully it will come back later, but a short list:

    Nick Barnett
    Roman Harper
    ROD WOODSON…to be honest, this is a very similar situation to Revis, got hurt at beginning of season and made it back for Super Bowl that year, then went on to have 8 more Pro Bowl/HoF caliber years…

  25. Bobby Says:

    Here is my take…stress on a knee is stress. I don’t care if you’re a RB sticking your foot in the ground and cutting back or a DB doing the same thing . Yes, one is reacting and one is planning the move but it stresses the knee pretty much equally. Revis has years of experience reacting to WR’s. It’s not like he doesn’t have a clue which way they are going to go. The reason he was such a good DB is that he was able to anticipate those moves so well. Anybody but Revis I would be concerned about but I believe he’ll be fine. He is like the Adrian Peterson of DB’s. You can’t tell me if you’re the GM of the Bucs you don’t take a chance on that guy. Cadillac’s injury was way worse than Revis’s and the knee doctors did wonders with him and his two bad knees. I’m sure the Bucs did their homework and listened to the doctors before pulling the trigger.

    I really don’t expect Revis to play much at the beginning of the season.
    I think they’ll treat him like Bowers and let him gradually get back into the mix.

  26. Big Rob Says:

    Joe the only thing I find offensive is how you continue to introduce him. Its really starting to get stale. It’s not funny and it adds nothing to the article. It’s time to move on. This is my number 1 site for Bucs news, but when I read that line I stop reading for a while and go elsewhere.

  27. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Shaun King must have a REALLY good agent.

  28. Wienaman Says:

    Chad Greenway had an ACL tear in 2006, got chosen to Pro Bowl in 2011 (and he was not a shabby starter in the meantime for the Vikings either)

  29. Blind Melon Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can take King seriously. Without fail, he takes this opposing/negative perspective EVERY time and there are still people who fall off the turnip truck who get their panties in a wad.

    It’s white noise, it’s a ratings maker. I’m bored.

  30. MARK Says:

    IMHO, Draft grades before the season starts are worthless. At the end of the season we will know whether the Revis decision was a good one or a bad one. I’m praying its a good one.

  31. Justin Says:

    If we stayed put and drafted a DT at #13 instead of trading for Revis, Shaun King would be crushing the Bucs for not getting a CB. So done with his opinions.

  32. Jon Says:

    I really believe king has something against his former team. He criticizes every move they make and never has anything possitive to say about the bucs.should really stop interviewing him. They will start if they are camp isnt here yet

  33. Vern4499 Says:


    I don’t mind reading what King says and you post on here. Love the site. That being said do you have what Kimg said and graded last years Bucs draft in your archives? Think it would be interesting to see. 2012 class seems pretty promising and I never read anything from King that is positive about the organization. Thanks

  34. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    King is not taking into account Revis at #13. That is why the Bucs got a B.

    Now, on a similar BUT different subject, King talks about Revis’ knee and recovery… and where DBs are reactionary, coupled with the QBs in the NFC south, I actually agree with King on this one. Revis might be a few steps slower and not as reactive this season to protect his knee… or he blows it again. Which is why I am glad we drafted Banks and kept Wright.

  35. Oldguy Says:

    Vern – Good suggestion. Evaluate.

  36. Tim Says:

    I dont see why anyone is surprised that SK hates on the Bucs, the next time I see SK say anything positive about us will be the first.

    Also draft grades now are pointless, you can not fairly judge a draft until three years after the fact. Utlimatly this will be a decent draft in my opinion.

    Revis is currently a star and will step in and make us better, you can not say that about any rookie.

    Banks will be a starter as the other corner or as the nickel, this season. Then should develop into a long term starter.

    The rest of the guys in the draft are unknown NFL commodities if just one develops into a starter or probowler this will be an A draft.

  37. Meh Says:

    Right on, Joe. That post of yours is exactly why I keep reading this site. King has a credible point of view whether you agree with him or not (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t).

  38. positivebuc Says:

    I agree with everyone here. King is a waste of a post for joebucsfan. It’s always negative and usually doesn’t have much substance behind it. There’s a reason he didn’t get any better. He doesn’t have self control and a neck…

    Actually, it’s not always negative, and there are many that would consider a grade of “C” neither positive or negative. –Joe

  39. Fatmosh Says:

    STOP IT WITH SHAUN KING. Read most of the comments above Joe. I know all you care about it page views, right? Is annoying a majority of your readers really your goal?

    (P.S. Revis vs. one of those 32 DTS? Uh, yeah, I’ll take that.)

    *@Fatmosh, actually, Joe cares about entertaining his readers and providing all relevant and interesting Bucs stuff, per Joe’s discretion. Perhaps .001 percent of Joe’s readers ever comment, so Joe has no data to support the fact that Shaun King is annoying a majority of people. -Joe

  40. Biff Barker Says:

    Joe, I don’t let people run my business for me either, so your decision to continue and post up King’s comments is admirable.
    But the blowback is hardly surprising. Much like Dilfer, King has a predictable, jaundiced slant in his commentary on the Bucs that many here are weary of.
    Case in point, Lynch has been pretty critical of us during his broadcasts and pis by no means a homer, but fans don’t take this as bashing for two reasons. First, he loves his team even after being sent packing, second, he actually accomplished something.
    Same can be said for Warren too.

  41. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I don’t think King’s grade is off all that much. I thought there were a lot of BPA before every pick after the second round. I think Glennon was a mild reach early in the third round, but I think the trade up 12 spots to get Akeem Spence was an unnecessary reach, along with a traded 6th round pick to boot.

    After the Spence pick I felt we began drafting according to need instead of BPA. We skipped over a lot of proven talent, to select players who weren’t even invited to the NFL combine. I’m not saying these players will not pan out or even the ones skipped over would have panned out but Dominik has taken a leap of faith in a few under the radar unknowns.

  42. BigSombrero Says:

    While I agree that King obviously has a problem with te Bucs, whether its ownership, coaches, or gm. His articles up here dont annoy me in anyway. His analysis should definitely be taken with a grain of salt but I didn’t have to read what he said or listen to the video.

    No problem with his stuff being posted but at the same time, you’re only fooling yourself if you think he isn’t biased.

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    King is a pessimist. He has every right to be. Once in a while he is going to be right as not everything the Bucs do will work. No need to hate on the guy. It’s like ying and yang. Can’t have one without the other. Besides, if we all had the same opinion there wouldnt be much to talk about.

  44. Nano Says:

    Joe, King credible??? When you’re bias as he is you loose credibility. Joe I follw this webste due to your unbias and very credible reporting.
    Mr. Big Mac King should learn from you.

  45. Oahubuc Says:

    I don’t mind reading his take. And I still wear his jersey on occasion- because he was a local boy and Bucs fan the same age as me- and because no one out here knows enough to give me guff about it. I think instant draft grades are ridiculous anyway, and the fact that we are now at the point of drafting for depth and future starters puts the organization as a whole in solid B territory IMO. Keep it coming, Joe. I don’t feel a need to agree with or get warm fuzzies from everything I read

  46. Fatmosh Says:

    @Joe: If you’re confident your readers like reading King’s take, why not put up a poll?

    My guess is you’re afraid of the results.

    @Fatmosh – Actually, it wouldn’t matter to Joe at all. Just like any other post, those who don’t like a headline or a picture or a source move on to read something else. –Joe

  47. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Guys… Joe has a great gig here because the site posts 5-7 articles daily, 365 days a year.

    There is no competition that holds up for Bucs news.

    That and JBF has media access to One Buc… and Joe has real Buccaneer and bay area contacts.

  48. Warrenfb12 Says:

    King is scum.

  49. BucFan987 Says:

    Your site, your prerogative. My time, my prerogative. Keep on being a hardcore Buc fan Joe – I’ll take my eyes elsewhere. It may not make sense to you but I find peddling the things he says annoying enough to make me do so. I don’t mind negative analysis as long as I feel it has any base and does not degenerate into emotional wording and appeals.

    I respect you and like what you do which is the only reason why I posted something in the first place.

  50. Joe Says:

    @BucFan987 — You do realize King gave the Bucs a grade of “C” for now, based on how Revis and other scenarios play out. That’s hardly negative for anyone coming at King’s words objectively.

    Otherwise, Joe respects your choices.

  51. Bucs34 Says:

    The only way we can move away from these SK stories is to not reply to them! Look at the attention this story is getting. I do not blame Joe for posting this crap because people are buying it! So stop commenting me included on SK he is not worth our precious time.

    How can anyone give a grade after 1 week removed from the draft? SK I wish you were a Jets fan, you would be the best analyst ever for them! Leave the Bucs alone. GO BUCS…

  52. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Actually, I normally don’t agree or like the King posts but this one is different. It is almost as if Joe cherry picked the single most controversial sentence(s) in the entire 16 minute interview to post. If you actually listen to the interview King is pretty glowing about the rest of the team and especially Freeman. (Not calling him elite but essentially the best non-elite QB that teams would love to have.)

    I think you guys should really listen to the entire interview before posting an opinion. I don’t agree with everything he says but he makes some good points. Kind of shame Joe seemed to cherry pick the things that would upset readers the most. He made some good points on Freeman and Glennon.

  53. Adam Says:

    Rod Woodson

  54. Joe Says:

    @WestCoastBucsFan – First, your assumption of King’s “C” grade for now until Revis and other defensive tackles play some games isn’t negative in the least. So how you can call it controversial is really silly. A “C” grade is controversy. Really?

    Second, Joe provides the audio for readers to enjoy and assess, which you did. King offers positives and negatives on the Bucs, as he always does. Joe can’t be responsible for those who offer opinions on the assumption that King is always negative.

  55. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s clear to anybody with common sense that these King threads are here to bait more than anything.

    Just ignore them if you don’t like them. That simple.

    Lastly, we all know would be nothing without us the readers, that being said if Joe actually felt these threads were causing people to leave or not come (aside from your routine overly sensitive fan) he wouldn’t post them.


  56. RustyRhino Says:

    @soflabucsfan maybe it was Mark Dominik who was the Turk when mr. King had to turn in his playbook and leave the building. That could still be a sore spot for him.

    I like our draft, we got 2 CB in first 2 rounds avd filled most of our depth needs

  57. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    A “C” grade is controversy when common opinion among respected analysts is that the Bucs got a B. (At least initially.)

    “King went on to express his concern about Revis’ health . . . Show me the defensive player that’s bounced back”

    I’m sorry Joe but there was 16 minutes of interview. Can you think of any other subjects in that interview that would have sparked more of a “response” from the vocal crowd? One guy essentially leaving your site for good? Most are not going to listen to the audio for various reasons and will simply form opinions based on your summary of the interview. If you had posted the part about Freeman then your comment section is probably half the size and has more people agreeing with King. (But also probably much less traffic.)

    It is your site Joe, you can certainly do as please. And make no mistake, I love this site. I am just pointing out some observations.

  58. BucFan987 Says:


    You’re absolutely right. He’s not overly negative this time at all. I saw Shaun King at the top of the post and hit my limit for him, ignoring the content.

    After reading the article and saying what I did I realized I could never just stop using the site after so many years and enjoyment here. I think its just frustration with HAVING to ignore him because of the things I’ve read from him.

    The two reasons this angered me in the first place:

    A) This is my first and last stop for Bucs News and over the years I’ve grown emotionally bonded to it.

    B) I always have fond memories of Shaun King beating the Redskins in the playoffs – or the lateral run-for-your-life first down conversion play w/ Dunn during the Monday Night game vs the Rams. Many other articles he’s had put up here are extremely negative towards the Bucs. I don’t think many people handle the dichotomy well.

    I know you’ll run your site well and you’ve earned the right to do so by how well you’ve done it to this point. I also know that you would never remove content unless it effects your page views.

    Your site kicks ass. I don’t read Pewter Report, the Times, or any other outlet because I’d waste my time when I can get better coverage for less time on my part by coming here. Thanks for taking the time to respond to a long time reader who actively pushes your site as the only place to go for Buc news.

  59. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    And then said reader comes back to disapprove my point. haha.

    I do agree with BucFan987 in that most of King’s opinon’s (at least those posted on this site) are very negative.

  60. BucFan987 Says:

    I was going to leave but came back – what Joe had to say made me decide to do so even though it makes me look like I had a temper tantrum. I can man up and admit what I said was a mistake.

    I read the article and I was the one that over-reacted this time. I’m the one being a douche if I let King dissuade me from using MY favorite site for Buc news.

  61. JMOON87 Says:

    Ask the other 30+ GMs who they would rather have Revis or Louiteli sure most would rather have Revis ..

  62. Snook Says:

    What dumb logic by Fat Shaun. An offensive player always knows where he is going and where he is cutting?

    So an offensive lineman always knows what a D-lineman is gonna do and what way he’s gonna go? So a RB always knows what steps and cuts he’ll be making before he makes them?

    What a tard.

    And how is Banks not a starter? Even if he’s the nickel CB, he’s still on the field for a lot of snaps. And with this logic, not too many teams got higher than a C grade. There’s a lot of teams who are lucky to get their 1st rounder as a starter and anyone additional is a bonus. Look at the Bucs last year – 3 starters from the draft – and that is unheard of!!!

  63. Capt. Tim Says:

    Shaun King is always critical. Sometimes very much so. And it can be annoying.

    Buuuut, this team has finished in last place 4 out of the last 5 years. As optimistic as we may want to be, those are the facts.

    With that kind if record- it may be a good thing that some people are being very critical. If everyone was happy and smiley- no one would feel the need for improvement.

    Lets see if his attitude changes, when the team starts winning

  64. Capt. Tim Says:

    Banks will start ahead of Wright.

  65. Eric Says:

    Remember Wally Chambers. Sometimes the knee repairs, sometimes the guy is never the same.

    I admire the risk though, its in line with my win now philosophy, which has shifted to win freaking sometime PLEASE!

    King also spouted off about Gruden, and others, so he isnt just anti-Dominik. Still upset about them releasing Rah I think, as unbelievable as that is!

  66. Andrew 1 Says:

    Shaun King who… next article.

  67. mpmalloy Says:

    Shawn King:
    He mad.

  68. stevek Says:

    Words are words, and Shaun King has plenty.

    We need to start winning, and he will have to shut his face.

    Simple as that, no need to get all emotionally up in arms because Shaun King has a foul tempered opinion.

    Good point- Capt. Tim, we have finished in last place 4 out of the last 5 years.

    Maybe it is time to win again?

  69. Fritz50 Says:

    As someone else said, your site, your choice. I’m not so upset about King’s negativity, which I don’t feel he is, so much as just plain safe, all the time. Don’t get me wrong, he has plenty of negative to say, but , for me, it almost always seems a case of piling on, with the rest of the talking heads. And I can’t EVER recall an instance of him just saying they made a good move, for whatever reason. I’ll be one of those skipping his comments (yeah, yeah, like I didn’t today) , but leave the site…NEVER !!!

  70. Formerly "Brown Bag" Says:

    I’m curious. Since Peter King gets a witty nickname that includes “popcorn munching” and coffee slurping, when does Shaun King get a nickname that refers to his inability to pass up an all-you-can eat buffet?

  71. Trox Says:

    I do recall Rod Woodson tearing his ACL in the first game of the season against the Lions, and playing in the Super Bowl against Dallas in January. No need to get the facts straight when trying to prove a point that Revis could possibly not come back as good. BTW, Rod tore his ACL in 1995, so I’m confident surgical procedures and rehab have improved greatly since then.

  72. Max Says:

    Look at how many comments Shaun King generates… also Joe I like how you always say he “weighs in”

  73. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Being 100% honest, if everything I read from the articles and other posters was positive, I probably wouldn’t visit the site. If I want all positive, I’ll just go on every day. As big of idiots as I think some people are, they do actually make the site interesting (and I’ve been proven to be an idiot once or twice too).

    Shawn King is someone who obviously has an issue with the Bucs. Maybe he’s justified, maybe he’s not. I don’t really care. However, it is absolutely ridiculous to say that he’s not overly negative about the Bucs. Until we start actually playing football in January, there’s nothing I can really say. I personally feel that anyone who finds fault with any and everything the team does is not very credible. Every move the team makes is not a mistake, just like every move they make is not a great one. I think we’ve made some great moves in the offseason, but odds are they won’t all end up being great. That’s just the way it goes. I will say, his statement about no defensive players recovering from torn ACL’s is completely false, and he should be called out on it. You can’t state something as fact when there are plenty of examples to the contrary. Again, that just completely destroys his credibility with me, and shows that he’s either a liar, an idiot, or is simply talking out of his arse.

  74. PRBucFan Says:


  75. Joe Says:

    Brown Bag:

    I’m curious. Since Peter King gets a witty nickname that includes “popcorn munching” and coffee slurping, when does Shaun King get a nickname that refers to his inability to pass up an all-you-can eat buffet?

    When Shaun King writes about his buffet-eating.

  76. Bucs34 Says:

    This interview is the exact reason I DO NOT not listen to WDAE-AM 620!

  77. Eric d Says:

    Who cares what fat boy thinks please give him another hamburger

  78. BigMacAttack Says:

    King sucks and I’m sick of his constant Buc bashing.

    I want to see his birth certificate because I think he was born in Kenya!

  79. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Sometimes Shawn king bloviates to much that’s why he’s all swelled up! … 🙂

  80. BamBamBuc Says:

    Man, I don’t much care for King’s opinions, but people here are a bit harsh… I think King was actually pretty generous with the “C”. I’d give the draft a “D” until Revis plays week 1, Spence wins the starting NT spot, Banks either beats out Wright or Barber for the RCB or at very least nickel CB spot, Glennon shows he can hold a clipboard and has at least some ability to play in the 4th qtr when we have the game locked up, Gholston shows he’s willing to work hard, and James proves he’s better than Blount (yes, has to be better than Blount and his 4.6 ypc, because we only got a 7th for Blount and spend a 6th on James, so I expect better). Beyond that, forget Star, Richardson and Floyd…. if Damontre Moore or John Jenkins do better than Spence or Gholston, the grade should be a D. If Franklin is better than James, the grade should be a D. If a single undrafted rookie is better than Means, the grade should be a D. We wasted opportunities in this draft, or our scouting department are a bunch of freakin’ geniuses. We won’t know til we get to the games on Sundays, but right now (as King says) I give them a D, with hope that the scouting department is pure genius.

  81. Joe Says:


    Shaun King could discuss how Mark Dominik is the next Bill Walsh, Greg Schiano is the next Vince Lombardi and the Bucs roster is filthy with All Pros. But once fans see “Shaun King,” it’s automatically a rancid story without reading one sentence.

  82. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I believe Shaun King was being kind in this instance. He’s right about the Bucs not drafting starters…although I believe Banks might…might be one.

    I’m a pretty big homer but this draft was not a good one at first sight. I’m hoping a couple of the guys surprise me though.

    Frankly, the entire draft class seemed of lower quality than usual with few exceptions.

  83. BamBamBuc Says:

    That’s ok, Joe. When some people see I’ve posted a comment they think the same thing. Rancid post. That’s ok though, because I am one fan that will NEVER hope Free plays bad enough for the backup draft choice to start, NEVER hope Star or Armstead or any other player drafted by our hated division foes actually play better than the guys we drafted. I may complain about our draft, because that’s the way I see it, but when Sunday’s roll around, I’m 100% Bucs Fan and hope they all play well enough, win enough and give us all the excitement we had way back when at SB XXXVII

  84. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    BamBamBuc Says: May 6th, 2013 at 10:52 pm
    “I’d give the draft a “D”…”

    Exactly the grade I gave them and I got bashed for it. I did research on each person the Bucs drafted. The grade is a fair one. I have high hopes for Banks, who was the first guy I wanted. The others? Well, we’ll have to see if they can overcome their college results. Just as some players don’t translate to the nfl, occasionally there are players that do better in the pros than they did in college.

    I’m really hoping that will happen with at least two picks this year. But untill it does…it’s a D.

    (And I don’t count Revis as part of the draft)

  85. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    For what it is worth, even with this bad grade…I believe the Bucs have had a solid off season. Goldson, Revis, Banks and a ton of depth…something we needed. OLD & DT are my main concern right now though. And injuries on the lines.

    I actually think the Bucs are going to be hugely successful starting this year or next. Patriots successful…without the cheating…

  86. BigMacAttack Says:

    You can only speculate at this point in time about any team’s Draft grades. Any player could have off field issues or let the money go to their heads. At least let the players get on the field before you grade their NFL performance.

    The one proven commodity in this draft by way of trade is Darrelle Revis. Some say his abilities are worth a team’s entire Draft. If players in the NFL were graded and discarded by ACL injuries, half the players would be gone. Revis is a risk and so are all 256 picks.

    Grading a team’s draft high or low within the first week is both naive and preconceived at best. C, D, A pullease, you have to be kidding. Lets start the discussion in August and continue into the Season and the next for some.

    The bottom line to me is that all 32 NFL GM’s can evaluate players better than anyone else on the planet, barring a few former execs.

    King and Draft grades are a joke right now.

  87. BigMacAttack Says:

    If Revis is not part of this Draft, then how was he acquired? He may not have been in the Draft class, but he is here because of it. If he gets back to 95% of what he was, Dom stole him.

  88. Joe Says:


    because I am one fan that will NEVER hope Free plays bad enough for the backup draft choice to start,

    Yup! While Joe has questions about Freeman, if the Bucs are going to make the playoffs in 2013, Freeman not only has to be the starter, but to play well. If Freeman is benched, that means the season is in the tank. Again.

  89. MTM Says:

    King makes valid points. Who will start that was drafted this year? Dominick is building through free agency and that will catch up to them. Until the Bucs make the playoffs King will be critical get over it.

  90. HolyMoly Says:

    You know , if shaun queen is so knowledgeable about the Draft , why he isn’t mentioned along with Mel Wiper and Todd Mc Sway ? 3 idiots who don’t have a clue . Queen just bumps his gums because he loves to hear the BS that comes out of his own mouth .

  91. PRBucFan Says:

    We’ve BUILT through the draft, now it’s time to fill out the roster and that’s what the Bucs have been doing through free agency and trades.

    Quit complaining, some of you will never be happy.

    Funny thing those complaining bout the Bucs being too active outside the draft were probably the same ones criticizing the Bucs for only being active during the draft before.