New Numbers For Defensive Backs

May 4th, 2013

OK, Joe knows the biggest question among fans since the Bucs acquired star cornerback Darrelle Revis was, “what number is he going to wear?”

Well, it seems Revis and Mark Barron, the owner of No. 24 — Revis’ number with the Jets — hatched a deal and the Bucs made it official Saturday (despite Bucs general manager Mark Dominik leaking the news Thursday).

Revis will wear No. 24.

Barron will wear No. 23.

Even Barron took to Twitter Friday night to make the annoucement.

@M_B_24: Number change was not forced organization left tht up to me and @Revis24. So I chose to let him get the number

Now this is huge for Barron. NFL protocol is that if a player wants a number already possessed by a teammate, he must cut a check to the guy who already is wearing said number.

And it seems that Barron, rather than holding Revis hostage, just gave it away. Joe is impressed. Talk about a true teammate.

Which brings Joe to No. 23. That was the number of fan favorite Myron Lewis. No word on whether Barron had to cough up cash to get that number from Lewis or not.

Lewis, by the way, is now wearing No. 31, which previously belonged to E.J. Biggers.

Got all of that?

20 Responses to “New Numbers For Defensive Backs”

  1. jvato24 Says:

    Im willing to bet Revis provided some new wheels or something to Barron for being a good team mate. Kinda like us folk, we buy friends a beer, they buy team mates a car.

  2. BucsFan007 Says:

    I dunno about “Free” ….. he said ‘he chose to let him “get” the number. He didn’t have to allow him to “get’ it free or otherwise. If he gave him the good ole boy discount, that woulda’ been cool too.

  3. T in Orlando Says:

    IF Lewis wanted and got anything for 23 (doubtful, as I don’t think it would be in his best interest to simultaneously upset a) one of the biggest stars in the league AND b) one of the up and coming stars on the team), I’m sure Revis would’ve picked up tab for Barron, considering Barron didn’t get anything from Revis for 24.

  4. Jacko101 Says:

    Lol @Jvato it’s crazy how that works like cars to beers. I’m just thinking I hope Revis is on the field this year after obtaining his old number. What Jersey are you guys going to get????

  5. J 2.0 Says:

    So the secondary has done a complete 180 and is completely made over from last year. The only constant is that when #31 is on the field you will only see the back of his jersey chasing a WR to the end zone.

  6. stevek Says:

    The picture in this article is symbolic of 2013 playoffs.

    Schiano, Dom, and Revis will be leading the way, or so I hope. 🙂

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:

    How ’bout buying Barron a driver instead of a car. It never ceases to amaze me the millionaires who get caught driving drunk.
    I’m glad Revis got his 24….now he has no excuses.

  8. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    “Straight cash homie” or a Rolex Presidential……but it sounds like Barron just gave it up….so Revis should reward him anyway

  9. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    Hey now I got 2 jerseys in one! Just need some tape to cover up Barron n write Revis. Or 2 pieces of paper n write 3’s to cover up the 4’s… Fml. #firstworldproblems

  10. Buc_The_World Says:

    Lets hope Myron Lewis has to give his #31 jersey to someone else after he is cut from the team.

  11. J 2.0 Says:

    I’m so glad I got a new Barron jersey last year.

  12. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    @BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry & @J 2.0
    Have Barron sign the Jersey’s & they may be a collector’s item someday (if u send it to One Buc Place with a fully paid return form & box/envelope…the player usually signs it for you)

  13. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    @mikeintampa2 i thought i read on here bout people doing that. I just might have to do that. Thank u sir.

  14. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    well i just saw that on the Bucs wesite their offering free shipping on orders for Revis jerseys starting friday and goin through til next friday (double check the dates), that upsets me cuz i bought my Throwback Revis jersey on Thursday so becuz i jumped the gun i paid for shipping! aaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!! oh well cant wait to get it! now what to do with my Barron #24 jersey???? BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oahubuc Says:

    Give Lewis a big fat zero.

  16. GenocideD Says:

    Great, now I have to get an updated Myron Lewis Jersey! LOL j/k
    I wonder if my Barron #24 jersey value just went up now? Wishful thinking…

  17. mpmalloy Says:

    Whether he charged or not that’s awesome that Barron did that.
    Team player.
    Like Leonides…..for TAAMMMPA!
    Bucs new secondary is the Special Forces.
    Elite troops and all.

    Go Bucs!

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    You know Revis paid him, in some form or another.

    Regardless, cool news.

  19. LadyZ Says:

    I wonder if Barron said to himself, “remember what happened when some one said, ‘give me my chair’, now I hear say,’give me my number’, I don’t want any more knots beat on my head!” Only good thing, Revis is not as big as Price. LOL

  20. PRBucFan Says:

    They would have had no reason to talk for “days” if Barron just gave it to him lol.