“Just Getting Your Hands Up”

May 19th, 2013

Legendary NBA analyst Hubie Brown loves to say, “You can’t teach height.”

And that philosophy is part of what has the Bucs all jacked up about the potential of fourth-round pick William Gholston.

The big defensive end is listed at 6-7, 285 pounds, and Bucs rockstar general manager Mark Dominik thinks his college success rushing inside could translate well to the pro game, even if it doesn’t equal sacks. Dominik explained on a recent NFL.com podcast.

“Coach Schiano is a great head coach for a guy like Gholston,” Dominik said. “I think the versatility of him, too, is what’s going to make him become a better player and have a chance to be dressed and start playing more and more early in his career. I feel like he can certainly play left end. He can give you some snaps at right end, but he also did a good job at moving inside. And I think a big guy like that, that can be inside, can disrupt the passing game whether you’re sacking your quarterback or just getting your hands up and making the quarterback moving his launching point, even a half and inch to an inch ends up being a foot down the field. And so I think Gholston has a chance to do really do a lot of different things. And that’s what makes him attractive, and that’s why we’re excited we drafted him.”

Sure, Gholston’s got potential, but in a league that worships pass rushers, there’s not a huge likelihood of a great one slipping to the fourth-round out of a big program like Michigan State.

Gholston seems like a project a project-type investment that is more likely to pay dividends in 2014 and beyond.

20 Responses to ““Just Getting Your Hands Up””

  1. Cassidy Says:

    The league also worships left tackles and we lucked out there. We can only hope that either he is awesome or we don’t need him….

  2. clafollett Says:

    I agree with the article. I think Schiano is more suited to dealing with the college kids than most any other coach in the NFL. Lets not forget Schiano had a good reputation of getting his college players grade levels up along with the general elevated play on the field while at Rutgers. That shows sign of a leader and teacher. I think Schiano can get the best out of Golston. We all know Schiano wont flinch to bench him if he isnt playing up to par.

  3. Nate Says:

    If our rookies can step up like last years rookie we have a shot this year!

  4. tampabaybucfan Says:

    What we have had is “Get your hands up, you’re under arrest” (Talib).
    Hopefully we have a secondary that will also be able to get their hands up to bat down or intercept more passes.
    We lost in the “bat-down” category big-time. I never understood how Freeman at his hight could have so many passes batted down….probably because of telegraphing his throws along with not rolling out. If we keep getting taller QBs maybe we can avoid this….how ’bout 6’11” next?

  5. k1ngAdroc Says:

    just need a good 15 – 20 snaps outta him in a fill in roll along the dline. this guy should thrive in as a backup and some good coaching. Good depth

  6. Capt. Tim Says:

    Clafollet- who has Shiano benched? His “great will college kids” skills seemed to fail with Price and Benn. Didn’t seem to change Winslow, Talib, or Wright much either. That kept wright on snorting drugs, and being selfish, just like always.

    By the time they get to the NFL, they are grown men. If their real Father hasn’t taught them manhood, accountability, and work ethic by now- no Chubby lil Italian guy is gonna play surrogate father to 26 and 27 year old men.

    Keep dreaming.

    Gholston has talent off the charts. Speed, size, and power
    So did Talib.
    So far, with NFL eyes always in the stands- he has been a lazy player. He has been pushed around by players with half his skills, because he was putting up no effort. Didn’t care. He’d slack off in games they were winning, and just as much in games they were losing. Just like just cousin- first round pick slacker, no longer in NFL, Vernon.

    Only hope is that money motivates him. But he’s about to haveore of that than he’s ever seen.

    We’ll see. I hope be gets it together- I’ll cheer like a manic for him, and wear his jersey with pride!

    But until they stop lying about drafting” buccaneer men” and really start drafting smart, high character guys- we ain’t ever gonna catch up to the Packers or Pats- who really do draft smart enough guys, that an occasional dumbass( moss, etc) can’t impact the team with stupidity

  7. BucsfaninChina Says:

    “Coach Schiano is a great head coach for a guy like Gholston.”
    AKA taking pllays off aint gonna fly

  8. RustyRhino Says:

    What 26-27 year old rookies? Did we draft any BYU players? Correct me if I am wrong CaptainTim but most if not all of our rookie draft choices are no older than 24 at the most. I agree that they need to have the teachings and lessons that a Father should provide by the time they arrive as freshman in college, but looking at the reality of our countries lack of two parent families makes this a difficult challenge indeed.
    You say we should ” stop lying about drafting” buccaneer men” and really start drafting smart, high character guys.” Did I miss something I read we drafted a player who got his bachelors and his masters degree in 4 years all while playing QB. I see we drafted a few more team captains, to add to those we already drafted in drafts past. So are these young men alter boys CaptinTim, probably not that would be a former Gators, Broncos, Jets QB. How well did that work out?
    You mention how coach Schiano and His “great will college kids” skills seemed to fail with Price and Benn. Didn’t seem to change Winslow, Talib, or Wright much either.” As I recall Price and Benn had injuries before coach Schiano arrived as head coach of the buccaneers, when he did take over those responsibilities. I recall Talib having some very serious legal hurdles to clear before he could even play. With Winslow not concerned with being with the team during the first offseason workouts, he had a DJ gig in vegas. Both winslow and talib where traded, as was Price. One even went to one of the teams you mentioned as drafting/bringing in “smart enough guys”. Now we still have Wright on our team. He and Talib got in trouble for taking medication that helps to sharpen your mental skills. Wright said it was a mistake and he is sorry. It cost him plenty of $. I hope he is a smart enough guy to not make that mistake again, but as a father I know some of life’s best lessons come from making a mistake.
    Sorry to ramble on. Not calling you out CaptainTim just adding my thoughts to your post.
    I am excited to finally have a DE over 6’4 on our team and I am also pulling for Goulston.
    Go Bucs! Bring on the Jets.

  9. Capt. Tim Says:

    You know what drugs Wright and Talib got suspended for??
    Wow. No one else does!!!
    Every agent claims Addaril. A) most people don’t know what it is B) the NFL never releases what drug, do no one will despite them
    C) it spins a heck of a lot better than” cocaine”, which neither the player, agent or NFL want made public.

    Kind of amazing! No one in NFL has been suspended for Cocaine, meth, heroine, crack, etc. in over a decade- according to All NFL/agent /player press releases!

    What a bunch of Choirboys!! Odd how many end up in prison immediately following their career- over those drugs that apparently on one in pro football has ever heard of

    Mark Twain said” people who don’t follow the media, are uninformed fools. Those that do follow the media, are misinformed fools!”

    It was made clear by Shiano, and by Price,Benn, and Winslow.
    They weren’t released due to injury.
    They released because they didn’t want to follow Shiano’s disciplinary program!
    Good riddance, I say.

    But but isn’t going to” change” any of these guys. They make more money than he does! Best he can do,is be a good coach to the ones that are willing to try.
    And that’s my point. If you draft bad characters, chances are you get bad players.
    And both of our Defensive lineman came with bad baggage of loafing and taking plays off.

  10. Mjmoody Says:

    I like what clafollett has to say. I think the biggest word is Teacher. I’m not predicting anything, but I think it is always worth watching TC and PreSeason with the idea of developing players. I also think it’s rare in the NFL to have a coaching staff that actually teaches and develops. I hope the Bucs are on that short list of teams.

  11. McBuc Says:

    Capt Tim…Maybe you should start watching chess instead of football.

  12. RustyRhino Says:

    No I don’t know what drugs, just going with what wright said about his mistake.

    As for A.) I live with 3 teens and their mother who all are ADHD so yeah I do have a good idea about what it does.
    Never expected them to be choirboys, I know I never was at 22-24. And it is sadly way to easy in our great country to go to prison, and that is another subject. Choirboy or not.

    Thanks for the Twain quote, Samuel never was far off in his remarks.

    Not real sure what type of money a 4-7 rd pick makes but I sure hope it is less than the head coaches salary.

    We do need players willing to try, we appear to be bringing in mostly team players willing to do whatever is asked of them.

    As far as bad character players being drafted I don’t see us drafting many bad character players. Again I can only speak for myself and for me character is something you earn from your actions and reactions to life’s and your environments daily challenges. I also know your earned character can evolve within the right situations, from your actions and reactions to those damn daily challenges.

    The loafing and taking plays off. Do not and will not ever work with the
    “TOES ON THE LINE” mentality and physicality our head coach wants from “Buccaneer Men”

  13. atlbuc40 Says:

    RustyRhino, Great post!!! thank you! Capt Tim- current drug testing is no longer dipp’n a stick in your pee and testing + for amphetamines. A complete chemical break down of 1 aspirin , 1 Adderall or 20 Rittlen, let alone “illegal amphetamines” can indicate exactly what was taken . So please stop with the misinformation and hate… you have posted a lot of quality information for this to filter through..

  14. Fritz50 Says:

    “A complete chemical break down of 1 aspirin , 1 Adderall or 20 Rittlen, let alone “illegal amphetamines” can indicate exactly what was taken . So please stop with the misinformation and hate…”

    Ya know, I could swear he simply said that WE have no idea what they tested positive for, since the NFL, players, agents & so on have no reason to release the results. The league, in particular , has a multitude of reasons why they’ll prolly NEVER release it. I don’t think anyone is saying they don’t know EXACTLY which drug was positive. We , as fans, as much as we’d like to have all the juicy details, will never know them… get used to it.

  15. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    I think he’s going to be a bit of a project and not someone Schiano will fully trust right away in key situations. He should see a lot of pre-season snaps.

  16. Capt. Tim Says:

    Atbucs- I didn’t say the guy who tested the players didn’t know. He know exactly. And he legally can tell only the player. No one else.

    The NFL legally cannot release what drug the player posted positive for. Only that they have been suspended/ banned for violating the NFL drug policy.

    It is the same for my employees. If they fail a drug test- I am not informed any specifics. Only that that failed the per employment( or random) drug test, and may not be employed.

    The player knows. He also knows that the NFL legally cannot contradict what he and his agent say in the media. Thus, they all claim Adderall in the media.

    I explained all that in my post once already.

    I send alot of people for drug test. I’ve had 10-15 fail in one week. I am not legally allowed to know any other details, or tell fellow employees that he was dismissed due to a failed drug test. I can only inform An agent of unemployment, when it is an issue for drawing unemployment.

    The NFL isn’t allowed legally to tell details. They wouldn’t if they could!! Do you think they want to announce 10-20 players a year are suspended for coke or Meth??? Nooooo way!

    They are perfectly happy with Eric Wrights agent telling everyone it was Adderall. Lot better than trying to explain to Tampa if it was heroine!! Lol

  17. teacherman777 Says:


    Thank you for the logical, intelligent post. Your words rang true and objective.

    @Capt Tim

    Why so much hate? Who are you to say these nasty things?

    Did you see the interview with Spence? He is a tough dude. With a great father. An immigrant from Jamaica at the age of 6. A true hard worker.

    Gholston left as a junior. He seems like a very bright young man. With a solid head on his shoulders. His coach at MSU is just like Schiano. He taught his team that it is more important to grow as men, than as players.

    Why did you call Coach Schiano a “chubby lil Italian?” Whats wrong with you?

    Coach Schiano has taken hundreds of young men under his wing, many without fathers/mentors, and helped them become real men. With college degrees. What have you done?

    Why are so you toxic @Capt. Tim?

    We clearly drafted two d-lineman with prototypical size, strength, and speed. Both of our picks in the fourth round are HUGE and STRONG with high ceilings.

    I am so happy we drafted them. They are developmental players with high upsides.

    And they both seem like fine young men.

    I wish them the best and every other young man on our roster, and in the world.


    One Love

    “Stop the Hate”

  18. scubog Says:

    10-15 failed drug tests per week? Gee Captain, perhaps you should tweak your hiring process or at least where you are doing your recruiting. So, no one really knows what Wright consumed, injected or sniffed; but you take it upon yourself to infer it was anything but the rumored Adderal and criticize anyone who chooses to accept it. When is the last time you peed in a cup?

  19. Mike J Says:

    Did I miss something?? How did this post become a discussion of drugs etc.??

  20. Capt. Tim Says:

    There was no hate. Only facts. Don’t you read any scouting reports, watch college football, or even watch the draft???

    If not- how can you post here, being totally uninformed.

    There is a reason both if our ” superstar” DL dropped to the mid rounds. It wasn’t injuries. Or athletism. Our skill. Or coaching.

    It was effort. They both played games , where everyone could see that they weren’t trying.

    Spence was often pushed around by smaller, weaker players. This despite usually being the strongest player on the field. It has never translated into game strength. This isn’t just my opinion- it was the observation of everyone who watched him

    Gholston was blatantly taking games off. All the skill and talent in the world. But absolutely showed no effort or motivation in most of his games.

    Since when is the truth hateful? I said several times that I want these guys to become pro bowlers- but most lazy players stay lazy. See Vernon Golston, Williams cousin. First round pick- never gave any effort at all- outta the league

    Picking these two is why most people gave our draft a failing grade. They are both high risk characters, due to effort issues.

    The truth isn’t hateful. And being a fan doesn’t require being blind or ignorant.

    Just like the drug test. You wanna believe the guy, who just got suspended for 4 games for failing a drug test?? He just lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Think he risked that for a vitamin supplement?
    Yeah, right.
    He knows he can say anything- legally, no one can dispute what he says- so he can tell any lie he wants!!