Josh Freeman No. 10

May 21st, 2013

josh freeman

Yes, Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman continues to make news, even in the nondescript periods of OTAs.

Yesterday, began a daily series of top quarterbacks under 25 and, as Gregg Rosenthal writes, Freeman is No. 10 in what Joe feels is a pretty thorough, and fair examination (the link has several Freeman videos).

Too often the Buccaneers dialed up the right play, got the coverage they were hoping for and the play wasn’t made. Routine throws were missed. Red zone tosses often didn’t give the receiver a chance. Freeman’s accuracy came and went, and I didn’t see Freeman anticipate or go to his second read enough.

Occasionally, Freeman didn’t see the open man, but it’s been more common to see him just a beat late on a throw like on the play below. Often, the timing was just off. Freeman sometimes would think a receiver was going to sit down on a route, but a miscommunication happened.

Freeman’s first-round talent has shown up in his four NFL seasons. He owns every tool you look for in a quarterback; he just hasn’t shown the ability to do it consistently. He’s shown enough that there’s hope Freeman can be a top-10 NFL quarterback for a team that regularly contends for the playoffs and Super Bowl. He has that type of skill set.

Now, maybe the last time for a few days, Joe will touch upon Schiano’s recent comments to about Mike Glennon potentially starting.

Schiano said something Monday, in his animated if not entertaining press conference after the first practice of OTAs, that maybe he is too much of a straight shooter with national reporters and, with a twinkle in his eyes, said, “Josh knows how I feel… and so does Mike Glennon. … It’s May. We have to write about something. There needs to be news.”

Bravo, coach. Bravo!

42 Responses to “Josh Freeman No. 10”

  1. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    That’s what kills me about Josh. He has the tools. Every one of them. But he sure ain’t afraid to one hop, over throw or just flat out miss a wide open man. This is the last time I will mention it, but that’s why he reminds me of Trent. The big difference to me was Trent replaced a QB that I loved watching play, Craig Erickson. (sp?) and Josh didn’t.

  2. Tye Says:

    I may be overlooking something something but to my knowledge their are only 11 under 25…

    Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Age: 22
    Robert Griffin III, Washington Age: 22
    Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Age: 24
    Matthew Stafford, Detroit Age: 24
    Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Age: 24
    Sam Bradford, St. Louis Age: 24
    Christian Ponder, Minnesota Age: 24
    Cam Newton, Carolina Age: 23
    Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans Age: 24
    Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Age: 24

    Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Age: 22

    If this is so then the only person JF beat out was Blaine Gabbert…. I would agree with that… So JF does deserve to be in the top 10 of something positive even if it is due to lack of options! lol

  3. Raphael Says:

    Lol… the Freeman propaganda has reached epidemic proportions …

    As a fan he is our best bet to deep in the playoffs and I bet it happens this year……book it !

  4. Joc Says:

    Freemans athletic abilities are 1st round pick. His mind is a 7th round pick.

  5. RustyRhino Says:

    Wow look at the eyes in this photo, and where the ball is going. I wonder if this was a completion or off target.

  6. Capt. Tim Says:

    Still fanning the Glennon zombies, Joe!
    Lol! It’s pretty funny at first. But after a while, it’s like getting the dog to run head first into the wall- chasing a red light dot.

    It’s just so easy- it starts to be cruel!

    And some of the Glennon zombies have just about caved their heads in!!

  7. Braheem Says:

    Christian Ponder above Cam Newton nullifies this ENTIRE LIST!

  8. Architek Says:

    LOL Josh is only better than Gabbert, that’s almost accurate looking at the list.

  9. tampabaybucfan Says:

    !0 out of 11….not much to show for 3 years…but I agree that he has the capability. Its show time this year and there are no excuses.
    I am hopeful, however that our defense is now strong enough to carry us to the playoffs.

  10. Couch Fan Says:


    I agree though I would put Freeman above Bradford and Locker.

  11. Raphael Says:

    Lol. Free is better than all of them except for Luck .. Fact ! /thread

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    Apparently your in a small majority that thinks so.

  13. Deminion Says:

    Joe= the leader of the anti freeman campaign

  14. tonytwocents Says:

    If there’s one thing that Freeman can do, its remain calm in the last few minutes of a game and pull out a win.

    I know he hasnt done that lately as much as when he came on the scene, but I see him tapping into his inner survival instincts, and bringin it all together this year.

    And comparing the kid to Dilfer? Even Dilfer would say “thats wrong man. not cool”. Anyways, he has his line back, his running back, another year with the same system, and the owners and Dom went out and gave him defense support and bought an Island. He’ll be alright.

  15. Illuminati Says:


    Actually, Rosenthal’s series is “Top 10 QBs 25 or Under”, which is why Freeman is on the list at 25, and also why Tannehill and Kaepernick should be on the list. I can’t see Rosenthal ranking Freeman below Locker or Ponder, so he must have Tannehill and Kaepernick ahead of Freeman.

  16. tonytwocents Says:

    so. many. lists. top 100 on NFL Net. this under 25 list. I think there was an NFL net list on uniforms. not to mention all the mock draft lists. Jesus Christ Mohammed!

    there should be a list on “Best Offseason List”. can wait for the season so that the only lists we’ll be watching are best plays of the week. at least the draft is over and Mel Kiper crawled back into his hole with his stack of f*cking lists.

  17. stevek Says:

    @ Raphael,

    I agree 100% with you, if we are going on a playoff run it will be with “Good” Josh tearing it up.

    Cap’n Tim,

    Where are the Glennon Zombies lol? Rule one: cardio. I like the QB competition, we have 2 options now. I hope this frees Freeman up to run and sling it in 2010 mode. 6 interceptions in 2010 is phenomenal, I long for that guy to be taking the snaps this year.

    Freeman is a very toolsy player, I just really hope it call comes together for the guy this year.

    Freeman will either be “Carson Palmer” like when he is good, and is like “Jason Campbell” on a bad day when he is not on.

    I believe playoffs are a reality, Freeman just needs to gain consistency.

  18. TimBukTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Sometimes when I watch Freeman I get the feeling the game is too fast for him. He has all the tools athletically and mentally to be an NFL QB but the “elite QB’s” have something the average QB’s lack and that is rapid eye progression. That is what sets the elite above the rest. alla ….Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning etc…Being able to examine and decypher defenses before they get to the line of scrimmage and trusting their progressions.

    That’s why they spread the ball around to so many different receivers all the time. They are quick to look, decide and move-on in nano seconds to their 2nd progression and even 3rd options. All of this is done in a matter of 2 – 3 seconds. Not many QB are blessed with this ability and I think that is probably Josh’s biggest flaw. He will always be basically a one read maybe second read type QB. A system QB.

  19. Capt. Tim Says:

    Freeman is the starter. Glennon was drafted to be a backup. With some work- I think he may be a good one.
    Hopefully, the offense can continue to improve on its record setting production they had last year.
    Still concerned that we didn’t address a slot Reciever or TE- to open up the middle of the field!
    But really excited to see Joseph and Nicks back on the field together!!

    Happy to see our coach come out at end some of the nonsense going on around here. Josh is his starter. Glennon is a backup. He and josh have a good relationship.
    Think he got a lil enthusiastic at the other interview- good to see him set things right!
    That should clear things up for the zombie squad on here

    (Sigh) but it won’t. They still haven’t found a cure for stupidity

    Freeman is the only Qb this team has ever had that can win games, when the defense and running game suck.

    Every idiot that bitches about him- should be forced to watch a compilation tape of Byron Leftwich, Jack Thompson, Chris Simms, Shaun King, Bruce Gradkowski, josh Johnson, and the dozens of other sad sacks that have tried to play QB.

    Which Former Buc QB was better than Freeman?

    If this team is going to win- it will be with Freeman.

    Despite what the zombies wanna believe! I remember past zombie squads screaming for Mike Rae! Lol.

    Once he started a few games-most of them dove off the jumper platform on the Skyway bridge!
    It was the honorable and right thing for them to do!

  20. tonytwocents Says:

    @Capt Tim

    well we did have Jeff Garcia and he wasnt that bad….but I’m sure he was older than our coach tho.

    but you forgot the mother of all f*cks…………Dilfer.

  21. Bobby Says:

    One thing that will help Freeman immensely, and Glennon for that matter, is that he will practice against a very good secondary this year. Practicing against our secondary last year Josh must have felt like he could throw the ball anywhere and the receiver would catch it. What a shock when he ran up against an actual secondary that defended the pass. This year he will have to find tight windows and go through his progressions quickly or practices will be frustrating. Got to make him better.

  22. Bobby Says:

    Alright Capt Tim! Finally an admission that Glennon could be a good back up QB. That is exactly why they drafted him. He has a similar skill set to Freeman and that is what you want in a backup. If your plays call for a strong armed pocket passer you don’t want an averaged arm scrambler for a backup. I hope freeman doesn’t get hurt but if he does I feel confident that Glennon can get the ball to our receivers. That is a good insurance policy.

  23. Raphael Says:

    @ Bobby ..Good point on the secondary ..

  24. tonytwocents Says:

    on a side note, just read how Dominik was already scheming a trade for Revis as soon as he tore his ACL in week 3. Rockstar’s on his game. Forget poker, this guys a freakin chess master.

  25. Braheem Says:

    If I were the Vikings, I’d make a Trade Offer for Freeman ASAP! They can offer Ponder 1-for-1. Lets See how Schiano and Dom react to that?

    Oh yeah….toss in a Freeman Training Camp Holdout! I bet Leslie Fraiser and Adrian Peterson would love a 25yr old 6’6″ 240lb QB w/3.5 yrs Exp as an NFL Starter and has thrown for over 25 TDs twice to pair with Greg Jennings and Their Tennessee Rookie + That TE

    DO IT MINNESOTA and Make a Fool outta that College Hire from Rutgers!

  26. biff barker Says:

    The Freeman faithful here have their fingernails dug deeply into the greasy rope.
    The Bucs had to take a chance on bringing someone in that has starting potential.

  27. stevek Says:


    Ponder for Freeman, not so fast. Only if we can trade for Adrian Peterson for Myron Lewis too.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    tonytwocents Says:
    “on a side note, just read how Dominik was already scheming a trade for Revis as soon as he tore his ACL in week 3. Rockstar’s on his game. Forget poker, this guys a freakin chess master.”

    The interview was linked to here on the website I think. The first thing that went thru my mind when I saw it was how much of a genius Dominick is. His bashers are clueless.

    He may have had a few growing pains here and there, but the man has very good instincts.

  29. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    biff barker Says:
    “The Freeman faithful here have their fingernails dug deeply into the greasy rope. The Bucs had to take a chance on bringing someone in that has starting potential.”

    All rookie QBs have starting potential, even if they are intended to only be backups. Most quarterbacks in this league can have 1-2 good games spot duty, and then need to be benched again. That is why they are backups.

    One advantage backups have is the element of the unknown. Defenses need a few games of tape to get to know his weaknesses. So they try to bull rush him from the gate. If he can withstand that, he has a chance to win a couple games.

    That’s what Glennon is. A backup with potential to start a couple games in case of injury.

  30. stevek Says:


    Dominick has had his growing pains, and is really bossing out now as a GM.

    Schiano is just what we need, and he will bring the winning attitude to Tampa.

    We have had this offseason, and still have 20m in cap space. Let’s extend Mike Williams thru the year, if he is tearing it up. Also, let’s sign another roster expendable from another team, perhaps a return specialist/Strong side LB/ or TE is an uprgrade becomes available?

  31. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Of that list… I bumped Free up to 8th. But what about the other 22 teams in the league? That would make Free 25-30th in the league.

    Surely not wothy of a 75 million dollar contract extension.

    Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Age: 22
    Robert Griffin III, Washington Age: 22
    Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Age: 24
    Matthew Stafford, Detroit Age: 24
    Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Age: 24
    Sam Bradford, St. Louis Age: 24
    Cam Newton, Carolina Age: 23
    Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Age: 24
    Christian Ponder, Minnesota Age: 24
    Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans Age: 24

  32. thomas Says:

    I hope Buc’s don’t resign him, and he can go on and find somewhere the fans care about him and you guy’s can have your love for your next QB that you can hate on.

  33. DC Says:

    Based on stats alone, Freeman is better than:

    He is not better than:

    If they have any 1 of the first 5 listed above him, that list is a JOKE

  34. Capt. Tim Says:

    Bobby- lol. I always thought Glennon would be a good backup. He just needs some work.

    It was the guys saying Glennon would be the starter- This Year!!- that I couldn’t believe!!

  35. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Cam and Bradford
    …have much more upside.

  36. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    All in all… Free isn’t worth a big contract. If he accepts bottom 25 QB money, then he can stay.

  37. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    As much as I dislike Freeman, I would put him above Ponder, Bradford and Locker. Bradford especially plays like a game manager most of the time and sucks badly the other times. Freeman has had games of utter brilliance even with substandard receiving corps several times. For some reason media just has always liked guys like Ponder and Bradford more, I don’t understand why. Just because their head coaches aren’t sounding off about their QB, it does not make them better than Freeman.

  38. Bucamania Says:

    I bet Glennon is #9.

  39. tonytwocents Says:

    some of you JBF dudes just make me scratch my head. this whole “QB controversy” is utterly rediculous. you guys havent watched this Glennon kid in a single NFL game.

    I think some of you guys just get off to stirring things up. you do it just to do it, not cause you actually believe the monkey sh*t youre talkin about.

    Freeman will prevail. as for you f*gs, youre either: jackin off to this offseason drama, youre trollin, or you just got home from middle school, or hell, Glennon might have created a ton of profiles on JBF and is f*ckin with everyone…….or youre from Plant City.

    But, gotdam….these f*ckin guys.

  40. Bobby Says:

    @tonytwocents….nice to see a classy post on here for a change… should try middle school though, it would do wonders for you vocabulary.

  41. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    ttc… this was a yesterday article… why are you coming back ad crying about comments from a yesterday article?

  42. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Oh yeah… ttc, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl and has been to many more playoffs than Josh Freeman.

    Freeman HAS DONE NOTHING. Get it?

    He has not earned a contract extension or he already would have one.

    Schiano and Domminic aren’t scared to lose Freeman.