“It Was Some Bad Football”

May 3rd, 2013

Throughout the weekend, Joe will bring snippets of the many, many, many stories Bucs great Warren Sapp shared Thursday with the Bucs pen and mic club about his career.

On what it was like his first few weeks in Tampa Bay:

“Barren. Real bad time. You have to understand, I am leaving Miami where I just lost five games in four years and I get to a place that has had 11 consecutive double-digit-loss seasons and it was a lie that sent me there. Trust me, there was not a good taste in my mouth. My brother is in the back like, ‘Yeah, we are going to Tampa!” And I’m like, ‘You mother… ‘

“I walk in there with Sam Wyche and his three ring circus and we go five-dash-two and then promptly go two-dash-seven. It was some bad football being played here.

“We slowly went about the process with Tony Dungy building something special. It didn’t matter we had a little wood shed. It was our wood shed.”

5 Responses to ““It Was Some Bad Football””

  1. OB Says:

    Joe, If you could get Hardy Nickerson to relate what it was like to have John Lynch, Warren Sapp, Darrell Brooks, Tony Dungy and gang come there and the change that happened would be great reading, John Lynch could do the same.

  2. BucDan Says:

    LOOK AT THAT ATTENDANCE! Man, I would kill to have a home crowd like that today! Bucs are looking great on paper, let’s hope they can put it out on the field and be fluid and competitive. Leh Go Bucs!

  3. jb Says:

    AAAHHH!!!!! The good old days, when you could just feel the attitude of the team changing!

    I’ll never forget that 1997 home opener against the Big Bad 49ers with Steve Young & Jerry Rice. The minute Sapp & Co. took the field you KNEW things were gonna be different. We totally suffocated the Niners with our defense, knocking BOTH Young & Rice outta the game. Out of all the BUC games I’ve watched over the last 37 years (which is every single one) THAT was the one game where we all knew it was a New Day in Tampa Bay!
    I was hoping we were gonna get there last season…….but we’re still waiting.

  4. Rrsrq Says:

    I’m with you, I was at that game, I remember after the game the crowd was so hyped

  5. teacherman777 Says:

    JB- Great comment

    I was just a kid in 1996, aged 13, we became huge fans in Dungy’s first season. 6-10 but good football.

    I was spoiled being raised on Dungys teams. Everything went downhill with Gruden. We lost our “spirit.”

    I feel that our “spirit” is back.

    I just pray that our fans will be positive, supportive, and passionate. Thats all I want. Philadelphia and New York are two fan bases that are sooooo negative and critical that the energy of the fans totally messes up the team.

    Its Quantum Physics man. Look it up.

    Go Bucs!