Channeling Josh Freeman

May 17th, 2013

Respected NFL writer Doug Farrar, of Yahoo! Sports, made an appearance recently on WHBO-AM with Charlie Bernstein and talked all things Bucs.

Farrar, naturally, was asked about Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. In so many words, he referred to Freeman as the Tony Romo of the Bucs.

Charlie Bernstein: What is your take on Josh Freeman?

Doug Farrar: [Pauses] [Deep sighs] You know, I think he is talented. I don’t’ think he has gotten the most out of his talent. He is kind of in that Tony Romo category where he is going to be really good at certain points and be eye-poppingly horrible at others. When it comes to the upper echelon of quarterbacks, that is just not how it is done. I guess frustration is one word for Greg Schiano, who is controlling, which all college coaches are.

And Freeman is a guy Mark Dominik drafted and I think part of it is Schiano wants his guy. He wants his own guy in there. A guy he can groom.

I think this year he will get the most out of Freeman [because it is his contract year and] he will either be the guy or he will walk.

Russell Wilson happens once in a decade so let’s slow down.

Joe found this to be interesting. The main hangup on Romo is that he cannot win big games, despite his talent. Isn’t that what Bucs fans are waiting for Freeman to do, win big games?

If the Bucs are going to make the playoffs this year, a dicey proposition given how top-heavy the NFC is, Freeman cannot be Romo. Freeman needs to be above the fray in big games this season.

42 Responses to “Channeling Josh Freeman”

  1. Meh Says:

    Right now I’d be happy just getting to the big games.

  2. Vern4499 Says:

    I love when he says “Russell Wilson happens once in a decade so let’s slow down.”

  3. St Augustine Says:

    When they changed the O Cord for Flacco he started balling…lets hope the same for Freeman.

  4. the_buc_realist Says:

    I listened to the Glennon Interview on NFLRadio yesterday. I know that players will not do interviews without approval or being set up by the Bucs. It was very telling if you ask me.

  5. Robert Says:

    Comparing jfro to romo is a huge compliment

  6. Cassidy Says:

    Getting shut out by the worst secondary in the league (Saints) last year was not an example of just losing the big game. The inconsistency is more complex than that.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    Freeman played big MANY times last year, including several games where the defense couldn’t hold leads.

    As has been said for a while now, this is a big year for Freeman. 2nd year in the same system with coaches who, you know, can coach.

  8. Mavsmoney Says:

    BELIEVE IN #5!

  9. the_buc_realist Says:

    the sad thing is, the bucs have not played in any big games the last 4 years. All we know is that is when jfro plays a good team he folds like a lawn chair.

  10. Couch Fan Says:

    ^^Sad but true. Here’s to hoping he can get it turned around. I just dont think he can. Prove me wrong Free!

  11. Gus Says:

    When I look at Freeman and most other qbs I look at one main statistic: points allowed. That tells what kind of defense they had around them and what their responsibility they have. Since Freeman has come into the league points allowed rankings: 2009-27th 2010-9th(surprise surprise and with no offensive weapons) 2011-30th 2012-23rd. Does Freeman habve issues, yes! Can he be better and more consistent? Yes! Flacco in the same time frame: 2009- 3rd 2010-3rd 2011-3rd 2012-12th. He has had a top 15 defense EVERY YEAR. The bucs need to put that around Freeman and I think they have this season.

    Freeman may not have had many big games but the man plays well when the game is on the line. His record in that situation says it all. Romo is not the right comparison to me because we haven’t seen freeman in a “big game” and he has played well in “big moments”. I compare Freeman more to Flacco. Low completion percentage Flacco(59%) and the big play. Imagine if the bucs had Flacco with the defense we put around Freeman. He wouldn’t have a ring I promise it.

  12. lightningbuc Says:

    At least the Cowboys didn’t trade up into the first round to draft Romo. Hell, they didn’t even draft Romo period – he came as an undrafted free agent. If that were the case with Freeman, I wouldn’t mind his sporadic play as much.

  13. Tampa2 Says:

    I think we should even “slow down” on the Romo comparisons. Maybe because he is the Cowboys Quarterback he gets beat up so much, and even though he can be inconsistent (relative to Effing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning) he is also insanely good. His career literally DWARFS Freeman’s. Multiple time Pro Bowler, and I can’t tell you how many games I’ve seen him just GO OFF for 22-27 for 348 with 4td’s or something insane. The whole winning the big game thing falls just as much on the team. As far as I’m concerned, if Freeman even gets in Romo’s neighborhood we should be freaking thankful. If you think he’s there now then please…Meth is bad for you mmmkay

  14. Couch Fan Says:


    Tony Romo is the perfect comparison to Freeman. Not a super bowl winner. I know its nice and all but its just not accurate until Free actually wins something besides the stats championship. Romo and Free both look great on paper but both also have major problems winning meaningful games. Sure Free can lead a comeback against a bad team. Great for him. But that wont put us in the playoffs.

  15. Tampa2 Says:

    One of the posts above makes a good point. For crying out loud, Romo is consistently a 65% and above passer. He’s had years close to 70. The guy throws lasers. Freeman throws lasers alright – at the receiver’s feet, over their heads, hell you don’t know where its going half the time. This whole comparison needs to stop. Comparing him to Flacco is far more accurate. Although after one of the best post seasons EVER, maybe those comparisons should stop too.

  16. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I still think Freeman is our guy. He’s young and has been mind-numbingly inconsistent, but lets see how he does in the 2nd year of the system and with a defense that (hopefully) surrender huge plays every time they take the field. Our defense was to blame for the majority of our losses last year.

  17. Dan Says:

    Romo is only so accurate because he arrogant, and has receivers who rescue him. He is also one of the highest in interceptions.

    He refuses to throw the ball away. Living in Dallas i get to critique him weekly. He is only so accurate because he forces it SOOO much.

  18. rhenry Says:

    I hope Free has a tremendous year. However, he was drafted by a raheem, which is not saying very much.

  19. the_buc_realist Says:

    Of Course JFRO is the Guy. But that is why the Bucs have finished 4th, 3rd, 4th and 4th in the division.

  20. Miracle Says:

    I believe that the Tomy Romo is a great comparison for Josh Freeman. I also believe Flacco and Eli Manning are too.

    At the very least, we have Tony Romo. Someone who can put up stats and wow you sometimes but also one that’ll frustrate you and make you punch a cat.

    On the other hand, he has shown ability to win some big games. His first game he won against GB. The whole 2010 season and many games last year were won or close to won because of his arm.

    The question for this year is can he be Flacco and Manning or do we have Tony Romo Jr?

    We’ve established the floor. Now lets see the ceiling.


    I do want to speak about his position drafting.

    We did trade up 2-4 spaces up to get him but lets not get carried away like we traded to the #1 overall pick to pick him over Tom Brady. He was the 3rd QB taken in that draft and arguably the best qb in that class. We weren’t the Jets trading up into the top 5 to pick up Sanchez.

    So keep it in perspective. Whether or not Freeman is the long term solution. The position in the draft where he was picked was good for a QB in the teens. Someone with starter capabilities and potential to be very good or elite.

    That is what Freeman is.

  21. mpmalloy Says:

    At least Romo doesn’t dress-up like Michael Jackson.

  22. Tampa2 Says:

    Dan says: “He is only so accurate because he forces it too much.” That has GOT to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    No one can watch a Cowboys game and then watch a Bucs game and say with a straight freaking face that Freeman commands an offense better than Romo. People also keep talking about how Freeman has the stats. Really? Have you taken the time to look at Romo’s numbers?

    If Freeman was as good as Romo he would have been extended by now. Bucs officials are obviously lukewarm at BEST on this dude. If he hits he open market, he won’t command anywhere near as much as Romo. To compare the 2 just on big games is so incredibly short sighted and simplistic. WATCH the 2 play. They are nothing alike playing the quarterback position. Their styles, the way they throw, accuracy,command of the offense is nothing alike.

  23. Patrick Says:

    Freeman is not even close to being as good as Romo……is this a joke?

  24. BigSombrero Says:

    @Gus- If the main thing you look at when evaluating a QB is his teams defensive points allowed, you’re doing it wrong. Sounds like you’re less interested in diagnosing his issues and more interested in finding any excuse you can for him.

    Saints were 31st in points allowed yet Brees was 8th in QBR. Washington was 22nd in points allowed and RG3 was 3 in QBR. Dallas was 23rd in points allowed yet Romo was 10th in QBR. Your method doesn’t hold water amongst good QB’s at least.

  25. Dreambig Says:

    I Like Josh Freeman. I think he has worked hard and deserves to have a good year. Having said that, there is a particular play from last year that haunts me still. Bucs have the ball around the 50, 3rd down, V. Jackson sprints down the left sideline, double covered. M. Williams is running down the middle of the field – all by himself, no one within 15 yards …. Guaranteed touchdown. Freeman locks on and throws to Jackson into double coverage and the ball is batted down. I dearly hope he learns to see the field this year!

  26. Bucamania Says:

    I recently showed my kid youtube highlights of Freeman from 2010. He couldn’t believe that was Josh. He said ‘why doesn’t he play like that anymore?’ Good question. I hope Josh puts it all together this year. As everyone knows, he has all the physical ability in the world, plenty of smarts, and seemingly a drive to succeed.

  27. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    This wasn’t easy so I hope it is appreciated:

    Age of current starting quarterbacks in the NFL:

    Bills: E. J. Manuel – 23
    Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill – 24
    Patriots: Tom Brady – 35
    Jets: Geno Smith – 22
    Ravens: Joe Flacco – 28
    Bengals: Andy Dalton – 25
    Browns: Brandon Weeden – 29
    Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger – 31
    Texans: Matt Schaub – 31
    Colts: Andrew Luck – 23
    Jaguars: Blaine Gabbert – 23 (Didn’t know he was so young)
    Titans: Jake Locker – 24
    Broncos: Peyton Manning – 37
    Chiefs: Alex Smith – 29
    Raiders: Matt Flynn – 27
    Chargers: Philip Rivers – 31
    Cowboys: Tony Romo – 33
    Giants: Eli Manning – 32
    Eagles: Michael Vick – 32

  28. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Redskins: Robert Griffin III – 23
    Lions: Matthew Stafford – 25
    Packers: Aaron Rodgers – 29
    Vikings: Christian Ponder – 25
    Falcons: Matt Ryan – 28
    Panthers: Cam Newton – 24
    Saints: Drew Brees – 34
    Cardinals: Carson Palmer – 33
    49ers: Colin Kaepernick – 25
    Seahawks: Russell Wilson – 24
    Rams: Sam Bradford – 25

    Josh Freeman: 25

    There are only 10 starting quarterbacks younger than Freeman right now.

  29. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    The absolute ONLY THING that was stopping my ENTIRE post was stating that the Bears quarterback Ja y Cutler is 30. Same exact format as above and perfectly in line but it singled out that group of words. wth man.

  30. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    LOL, the word “Ja” and “y” was stopping it. Joe, please, why? How?

  31. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Inconsistency and interceptions wise Romo and Freeman may be comparable. But Romo is far better QB than Freeman, purely because of accuracy leading to better ypa.

  32. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Well, I just put together a list of all starting NFL quarterbacks along with their ages and it showed that it was posted. Then I hit refresh and its gone. This is incredibly annoying.

    ANYWAY, the point was that there are only ten starting quarterbacks younger than Freeman. He is still VERY young and only three years older than the youngest starting quarterback in the league. (Geno Smith – 22, he will be 23 in October). This doesn’t excuse his up and down play but it certainly may be a reason why. Maybe consistency comes with age for good quarterbacks? (I am speculating here.)

    This doesn’t prove anything. Just giving a little more information to compare Freeman to other quarterbacks in the league.

  33. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    And now I can see my previous posts, I have no idea what is going on.

  34. BigSombrero Says:

    I agree. Free is young and has a ton of potential. Hopefully his consistency issues are solved this season, but I have been hoping for the same thing for the past few years. We’ll see.

    As I have said before, Bucs fans can look at this season as a win-win at the QB position really. Either Free pulls it together and figures out how to play consistently which should land us in the post season or, Free comes out and plays as erratically as he has and we boot a subpar QB to the curb. Either way, Free’s inconsistency will be a thing of the past in 2014.

  35. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I love how a rookie QB has a good year, and all of a sudden he is considered elite (Wilson, Luck, etc).

    Those guys may have done okay, but they have to prove they can be consistent as well. Seems to me Mark Sanchez got the same hype early on. Now Jets fans cannot get rid of him fast enough.

  36. Dreambig Says:

    Good post Westcoast! Only problem is there are only 16 QBs older than Josh. As of this year, he is plenty old enough. Time for potential to equal results. Last year he stunk for at least half of the game almost every game. If he starts that crap again, all our hopes will be on Glennon, god forbid!

  37. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    That is still half the league’s starting quarterbacks.

    I agree, he is old enough now and has a good enough team around him that it is reasonable to expect a career year from him. As long as he isn’t the reason we lose games, I think he will be okay. Enough, to keep his job and probably actually compete with Glennon next offseason for the starting gig.

  38. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Freeman, like Romo is just good enough to break your heart. Just when you think he’s hitting on all cylinders, you get a throw into the dirt at the receivers feet on a 3rd and 7 that kills the drive. Then, he’ll have a brilliant drive winning the game in over time like the Stinking Panthers game.

    His inconsistency is quite maddening.

  39. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Freeman is a lot like Romo at this point in his career. I still think he has a chance to go either way though. Freeman is only 25. Romo is 31 or 33. (Cant remember.) Romo is obviously never going to reach that elite consistency level. Freeman still has the possibility.

  40. tonytwocents Says:

    As a Bucs fan, we probably have THE worst fan base in the NFL. so fickle, so negative and pessimistic. no loyalty and unable to think logically about the real cause of certain problems.

    Freeman had a shtty TE/DJ who fckd with his head when he was in development mode. Last year he played behind a 3rd string line, and we all know our secondary might as well have been wearing the opponents jerseys.

    And Blount?? a fckin beast! but when we stopped giving him snaps, and his numbers dropped, we polished our pitchforks…most of that was because we took away his carries, and hes a player who got better as the game went on and he got more carries.

    you guys were ready to throw McCoy to the curb by his second season. now youre all on his jock.

    anyways, Freemans probably jogging up and down bayshore to a Rocky montage right now. with nothing on his mind but raping DBs. and you negative downers?? you guys embarrass me like youre embarrassed of your manhood. douchebags

  41. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    That’s all fine and stuff but what I want to know is how you REALLY feel.

    Joking aside. The problem here seems to be that it is impossible to be realistic and say positive things in the eyes of some people here. If you say anything positive then you are just a blind optimist and your opinion doesn’t carry weight because you actually root for your team.

    I sometimes feel down about the support from “fans” on this site. Reading some comments you get the feeling that people HOPE bad things happen. If you would like a nice pick-me-up, I would suggest BucsNation. Everybody there is incredibly upbeat. They still have the people who mindlessly spew hatred but they are few and far between. I am not suggesting leaving JBF. I would never advocate such things. I would just go to BucsNation *also*.

    Trust me, if the Bucs are hoisting a Lombardi trophy at the end of this season; there will STILL be people complaining.

  42. RustyRhino Says:

    Come on Freeman! Bring on the jets.