Brian Price Has No Team

May 10th, 2013

The sad saga of former Bucs defensive tackle Brian Price’s career continues.

Price, who never got fully healthy after his bizarre pelvis/hamstring issues as a Bucs rookie in 2010, was signed by Dallas right after the 2012 season, after getting cut by the Bears and training at FOX Sports analyst Jay Glazer’s fancy MMA gym.

Price, however, was waived yesterday by Dallas; the team cited a shoulder injury as the reason.

Joe supposes Price will find another team willing to see if he can recover his mad talent. Still young, Price turned 24 in April.

35 Responses to “Brian Price Has No Team”

  1. 4everBucsFan Says:

    When he swung at Mark Barron, marked the beginning of the end for Brian. His temper got him booted. Makes me wonder if his attitude got him run off from the Bears and Cowboys.

  2. Stranger Says:

    Shame. Despite his tremendous talent, it seems like his body just isn’t built for football.


    Its not uncommon for people to lash out while in grief. I still doubt that had anything to do with him being cut.

  3. NJBucsFan Says:

    I hope he the best for him. I know he’s had a rough few years.

  4. stevek Says:

    Too bad for Price, poor guy. Hope he can bounce back into something fulfilling for himself. He has been thru hell the past few years.

    He and Reejus Benn, both selected in the TOP 40 picks of their draft, have been utter dissapointments.

    Price is going through physical and emotional distress, understandable.

    Reeejus tore his knee, and seems to work hard, but his heart is in fashion- terrible draft choice.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    At least the alleged “rock star” didn’t waste a 2nd round pick on this guy!

  6. Joc Says:

    Just imagine if we would
    Have read his medical reports before we drafted him

  7. stevek Says:

    Brian Price and Reejus Benn: could’ve been Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.

  8. Biff Barker Says:

    Always wondered the same thing about Price and the medical file. Bucs talked about how much time they out into researching Bowers and the knee. So why not do the same for Brian Price?

  9. MARK Says:

    I agree with you SteveK.

  10. Big Rob Says:


    Bowers knee problems were well known and highly scrutinized. There were no injury concerns about Price coming out of college. This was just a freak of nature issue that appeared with no warning.

    All the haters condemning Dominik for this are showing their ignorance.

  11. Big Rob Says:

    Hind sight is ALWAYS 20/20

  12. FlBoy84 Says:

    Not surprising that the West Coast scout who oversaw Price was fired.

  13. stevek Says:

    Big Rob,

    Not condemning the after math of the pick, but rather the selection in it’s entirety.

    Price was taken after already using the #3 selection on GMC. Why another DT? Why not Gronk, he may be hurt, but his 17 TD season is better than Price has to show.

    And onto Reejus Benn, he was a “project” player, and we could’ve selected Jimmy Graham.

    I am not upset about the “bad luck” of the picks themselves, I am annoyed by the selections.

    Dominick maintained that the 2010 draft was “the deepest in history”, yet GMC was one of the only true contributors to that class, and it took him 3 years to do it.

    Our drafting was much better last year, as were the FA addtions. This past draft was great, in my book, and so was the addition of Revis and Goldson.

    Dom is on the right path, and if you say, “Dom can’t be held accountable for CRAP draft selections”, then you can’t give Dom any credit for the past 2 drafts.

    T- Trust in Dom

    B- Believe in Dom

    A- Accountable is Dom for his picks.

  14. FlBoy84 Says:


    Let it go dude. EVERY team has picks that didn’t pan out and players taken after them become Pro Bowlers. Kinda like that one girl from high school…. it’s over man, move on.

  15. stevek Says:


    It is over, and can’t be changed.

    There is no ill will, both Price and Reejus have moved on.

    The 2012 draft, offseason, and this past offseason have been promising.

    It is “let go”, but worth noting that the Rock Star made those selctions.

    If anything, I am pleased to see the trend/moves our team/GM has made over the past two years.

    My least favorite Dom move ever: signing Haynesworth because we sucked at gaining credible depth. So glad that large waste of space is out of here.

    In other news, another former Buc is on the RedSkins: Jeremey Trueblood is fighting for a roster spot at RT, best of luck to: Rah, Bruce Allen, EJ Biggers, and now Trueblood.

  16. stevek Says:


    Just thought I’d mention our gaping hole at TE is a reult of “need” drafting in prior years.

    Not to mention, we used two 4th round picks to get Stocker, let’s hope that wasn’t another “need” pick.

    The tides have changed, and there is a new time in Tampa. The Bucs contenders once again.

  17. Lakeland fan Says:

    Mike Williams was also part of that class.

  18. Big Rob Says:


    There is no “gaping whole” at TE. We have the TEs the offense we run calls for. We don’t need an all-star.

  19. stevek Says:

    Big Rob,

    Gaping hole*, thanks for correcting me.

    Maybe not “gaping”, but if the proper player evaluation was put into place (the kind we are seeing in the Schiano era), then I am confident of:

    A) Not taking Price that early

    B) Not taking Reejus right after Price

    C) Not mortgaging a future 4th round pick + a current 4th round pick to draft Stocker

    You are right, it can all work out, and an “All-Star” isn’t needed. But, I beleive if the same Brain Truse was drafting back then, we would surely have made better selections. It is all water under the bridge, and I am most excited about the direction this team is in, especially under the New Schiano Order.

  20. lurker Says:

    stevek said:
    “Brian Price and Reejus Benn: could’ve been Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.”
    …and if your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle

    how’s it water under the bridge when all you are doing is bishing and moaning about it?

  21. stevek Says:

    lurker Says:
    May 10th, 2013 at 12:13 pm
    stevek said:
    “Brian Price and Reejus Benn: could’ve been Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.”
    …and if your aunt had balls, she’d be your uncle

    how’s it water under the bridge when all you are doing is bishing and moaning about it?

    Where is the “moaning and bishing” at, Lurker? What are you talking about? That sounds like a factual sentence.

    Please feel free to drop some more senseless knowledge on us all, and to be honest, I am thrilled that my point of view doesn’t align with yours. However, I am pleased to be in the company of other diehard Buc Fans.

    To me, it sounds like you are “bishing and moaning” about a realization of the FACTS. 🙂

  22. stevek Says:

    The Reejus Benn pick, 39th overall, was a GIFT pick from the Bears.

    We were able to trade the late Gaines Adams for a 2nd round pick to Chicago. What a great trade, but we failed to capitalize with a meangful selection of that pick.

    It is a moot point, really, as the #6 pick should have been Adrian Peterson, or Patrick Willis. We made another “need” draft selection with that one.

    The Luke Stocker pick cost us a future 4th round pick (2012), and that pick was traded for MLB DeMeco Ryans.

  23. stevek Says:

    I must say, our 2012 second round pick might be the best pick we have had in the last decade.

    LaVonte David is a BOSS.

  24. Stranger Says:


    Actually. the consensus was that Price was a late first/early second round prospect and he definitely had the talent for it. Scouts were certain Price was a possible choice for the Patriots in the bottom of the first round. The question is whether there were or weren’t rumors/reports flagging Price’s history. If there was, then the pick shouldn’t have happened or, at the very least, the medical staff should have kept a close eye on him. Again, teams like the Patriots did pass on him, so it is possible.

  25. Big Rob Says:

    @ stevek

    What team do you work for? Or in what capacity do you work for the NFL? With arroga… I mean… confidence like yours you must be a celebrated front office person in the NFL somewhere. Armchair general managers are the worst.

  26. stevek Says:

    Big Rob,

    What about you? I am an avid fan, competitor and die hard Buccaneer enthusiast.

    “The worst” is today’s society of everyone getting a trophy in sports.

    What is wrong with being realistic about how prior Buc Drafts have panned out?

    While I am not employed in any capacity from the NFL, I enjoy researching sports, stats, and etc.

    Who are you to call me arroga…cofident? All I did was mention the TEs we passed on, who we passed on them for, and the fact that Luke Stocker cost two 4th round picks.

    In regards for my response to Lurker, they have said some things on prior threads that called for a more harsh comment.

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    This guy has all the talent in the world to succeed and i’m praying for him.

    He’s been to hell and back.

    One day I hope you succeed, he was not here for long but he became a favorite of mine. Pure Beast

  28. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Come on man, Brian Price had ZERO injury history in college. What happened to him was nothing short of a freak accident that could never have been predicted. Just like when the Ravens selected Sergio Kindle in the second round (I think it was him). A few weeks after the draft he fell down some stairs. I still don’t think that guy is right or panned out. (Not entirely sure about that though.) Either way, you don’t start blaming people for a freak accident. Sometimes things happen. It doesn’t mean it was a bad decision. A lot of mock drafts had Brian Price going in the first round. He was excellent value where he was drafted that year AT THE TIME.

    Also, if anybody knew how Gronk and Graham were going to turn out then they would have been first round picks. They were just an example of teams getting really lucky in the later rounds. Even still, we had Kellen Winslow on the team. TE was NOT considered a priority at the time.

  29. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Just checked. It was indeed Kindle who was taken just a few spots after Brian Price in the same draft class in the second round in 2010. The only difference was Kindle actually had some injury history. Kindle was projected as first round pick that year as well. He currently has no job, just like Price. It wasn’t the Ravens or Buccaneers fault that these players suffered freak injuries that ended their careers. It just happens. It doesn’t mean it was a bad decision.

  30. Pete 422 Says:

    God bless Brian Price. I’d keep him on the radar, follow is recovery & if it looks like his career can salvaged, sign him. IF he can get & stay healthy, I’d love to have him.

  31. drbinshore Says:

    The knock on Brian Price prior to being drafted was that his “frame was maxed out”………

    A very similar build to Booger McFarland……6 feet(ish), 300 lbs(ish)

    He probably was genetically less flexable in the hamstring/pelvis area than other players.

  32. lurker Says:


    the bishing and moaning is using coulda/shoulda/wouldas. as stated before, hindsight is 20/20. every team misses on picks. you act like you know the buccaneers’ thinking.

  33. stevek Says:


    I have no idea what the Bucs are thinking, but since last off season I can applaud all of the moves made.

    Dom is figuring it out, salary cap is being utilized, and we have a great new coach.

    I am just calling out our past failures, not out of spite, but in hope of creating a better: awareness, understanding, and transparency what really happens.

    Joe rights one helluva site, and I enjoy all of the posters on here.

    Didn’t you say some bashing stuff about religion back on Easter? HA! I hope we sign Tebow just to make your day! 🙂

  34. Joe Says:


    I have no idea what the Bucs are thinking, but since last off season I can applaud all of the moves made.


  35. lurker Says:

    tebow is blackballed…

    you can list the moves you dislike, but to say we coulda had this person or that person is not accurate in the least. as stated previously, we didn’t need a tightened nor do they feel we need one now.

    also, you applauded the trades of talib and blount? I don’t mind those trades.