Wave Goodbye To Tavon Austin

April 3rd, 2013

Joe noticed during the last two weeks that Bucs fans, seemingly out of nowhere, began pounding the drum to draft West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin.

Then Joe found out the genesis of this nonsense: it was another Todd McShay throw-feces-against-the-wall-without-any-research mock draft.

Austin was never going to happen, and now that the Bucs signed two receivers to compete with Tiquan Underwood for a slot position, Kevin Ogletree and, yesterday, ex-Giants Pro Bowl receiver Steve Smith, that pretty much cements that this silly notion of the Bucs drafting Austin at No. 13 is dead.

Joe just doesn’t understand how thinking Bucs fans could ever come to the misguided conclusion that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik would draft Austin at No. 13. To do so would mean someone would have to sit.

So you’re Bucs coach Greg Schiano, who do you sit, Vincent Jackson, who the Bucs have a massive investment in, or new daddy Mike Williams, who has evolved into one of the best No. 2 receivers in the NFC? You’d have to sit one because no one with a sober mind would keep a No. 13 pick on the bench.

Go to a three-receiver set? Fat chance. The Bucs use a slot receiver as a part-time player. To scrap this offense means not only would Schiano likely have to jettison offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, but he’d have to limit the touches of one of the best young players in the NFL, the Muscle Hamster, Doug Martin, who by the way Team Glazer also has many, many Benjamins invested in.

Slicing Martin’s workload and scrapping a run-first offense simply makes zero sense.

Oh, and if the Bucs were to go to a three-receiver, pass-happy set, that means quarterback Josh Freeman would have to learn his fourth new offense in five years. Talk about needing a shrink!

The NFL is not a video game or fantasy football. Only Matt Millen drafted guys high in the first round at a position that was already stocked. How’d that turn out for him?

No, Austin is not coming to the Bucs. Never was. But, if so inclined, you may draft him for your fantasy team come August.

77 Responses to “Wave Goodbye To Tavon Austin”

  1. Meh Says:

    He’s also a PR/KR so he could fill multiple roles. And there was Austin talk for the Bucs long before that mock, and the reason is obvious. He is absolutely electric and would make any team better. Our slot receiver wasn’t very good (and was even cut and brought back) and our return game was hideously bad. He would solve 2 positions, albeit 2 non-starting (but very important) positions.

    IMO we’re going to seriously regret backing ourselves into a corner(back) for the draft. A lot of great guys (including Austin) are going to be there. Austin wouldn’t be my first choice, but he’d be a great pick.

  2. Jacko101 Says:

    Who says smith will be healthy or even on the team come game time? Anything is possible especially with the bucs.

  3. Terraj Says:

    Joe, 8 out of 10 fans are idiots who only see the skill position players on the field. I’m not surprised people have been demanding this guy despite the fact that the Bucs have much bigger needs. Hopefully your article will shut them up.

  4. stevek Says:


    I expect 2013 playoffs for the Bucs.

    It would be a “throw feces at the wall” draft if this team is not 2013 playoff bound.

    Tavon Austin will be “the smurf”, just wait.

    Fan’s are banging the drum of drafthing the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE with the 13th pick, and it would be IRRESPONSIBLE and STUPID to pigeon hole ourselves into a selection.

    Let the chips fall where they fall, and the tone in this article reminds me of you baning your “Joe Drum” for Mo Claibourne last year. Glad we didn’t pick anything other than BPA.

    Terraj- I don’t care who we draft, but I do expect 2013 playoffs.

  5. stevek Says:


    Can you please put up a poll:

    What do fans EXPECT for the 2013 Bucs:

    A) losing season, again

    B) .500 or better, no playoffs

    C) playoffs

  6. OptimisTroll Says:

    Stevek, way too early for something like that. We don’t even know what the roster is.

    Plus, it would be boring, since they are definitely making the playoffs.

  7. stevek Says:

    I am banking on this team being in the playoffs in 2013. I expect it!

    If for some reason we do not make the playoffs is 2013, then we can all point back to this offseason to not bolster the CB group via free agency. Plain and simple.

  8. Terraj Says:

    lol its a bucs website with a bunch of bucs fans. Everyone is going to say playoffs.

  9. stevek Says:

    If Star is available at #13, I hope we take a long look. The same goes for Tavon Austin.

    So Joe, do the Green Bay Packers, or New England Patriots have enough receiving targets?

    If we draft Austion, run 3 wide, Stocker or Lorig can come of the field as they are only needed for Jumbo/Run packages.

  10. jose Says:

    Austin reminds me of Dexter Jackson !! Remember him??? I bet Cucky and Bruce are still banging their heads against the wall about that one. Picking Austin would be idiotic to say the least , they need to go defence with the first pick and IMO it won’t be a cb.

  11. stevek Says:


    Yeah, and we deserve to see playoff football (fans). I expect it at this point.

    It is a forgone conclusion, that with the confidence that our Front office has in our current group of CBs (enough to just let EJ Biggers and Ronde walk without adding one veteran CB in FA, all while sitting on 27 million in cap space) they are guarenteeing playoffs.

  12. stevek Says:


    You could not be more wrong. Tavon Austin is a legit playmaker. Go ahead, Jose and other “fans”, talk yourselves out of taking a playmaker, or even BPA.

    We “need” a CB so bad that we couldn’t even address it in Free Agency. Not buying that, and not buying a CB at #13 not named Milliner or Revis trade.

  13. Kurius Boy Says:

    Next subject! Now let’s invest all of our early picks into the defense. Our offense will be fine if the play calling is better this year

  14. stevek Says:

    Kurius Boy,

    Does a “fine” offense get the Bucs to the playoffs in 2013? We can draft 7 punters, as long as we make the playoffs…

  15. Mavsmoney Says:

    If you think that we are drafting tavon Austin at #13, you are an idiot. They will either draft a dt, trade for Revis, or trade back and draft a cb. Mark my words. They painted themselves into a corner by not going after cb in free agency

  16. Seth B Says:

    @ Jose,

    Your crazy my man, the knock on Dexter Jackson was that he was a Softcake, scared to take a hit. Being that Tavon Austin played Running Back against Oklahoma and has shown the toughness to run mesh routes across the middle in Dana Holgersons system puts that worry to rest.

    I don’t see the Bucs drafting him, but I’d bet they wish they could.

    Schiano got torched by Austin everytime they played in the Big East. You know how much Schiano loves special teams. Austin is a Returner, Receiver, Running Back. He’s tough, he Loves football, and wants to be great… He is a Schiano Guy.

    I know I’m wrong! But I’m saying its all a Smoke Screen, we draft Austin with the 13th…

  17. Macabee Says:

    I would love this pick, but I’ve already admitted that I doubt that he is the pick at 13 because of the tenuous nature of our pass defense. But I stand by my opinion that there is no single pick that could have as much impact on the overall performance of the team as Tavon Austin.

    I won’t go into the rationale of how this pick and his mere presence on the field changes defenses and benefits Jackson, Williams, and Martin. This should be obvious to anyone with even a layman’s knowledge of the game of football!

  18. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @SteveK: Austin is hardly the BPA @13. He isn’t even the best WR in this draft.

  19. flmike Says:

    After a long talk with two writers this morning, consensus is:

    1. Forget about Revis, we’ll fix our CB issues with better DL play and (see #3),
    2. Keep Wright for $3 mil a season and (see #3)
    2. Draft DT at 13
    3. Draft CBs the next 3 rounds

  20. Sneedy16 Says:

    I see the Bucs drafting the BPA on defense. Most likely a DT or CB. They will trade next year’s pick for Revis. The offense is set to a point where it can get better players, but if it get it’s healthy players back it will be improved. Austin is a great slot and return guy, but in a run first offense he will be mainly stuck on special teams.

    I would of prefer them trade down and go after Tyler from Notre Dame and get Trufant late in the first.

  21. flmike Says:

    boy that got all messed up in editing…

    1. Forget about Revis, we’ll fix our CB issues with better DL play and (see #3),
    2. Keep Wright for $3 mil a season and (see #4)
    3. Draft DT at #13
    4. Draft CBs the next 3 rounds

  22. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    If we get Revis, we probably will not even have a number 13 pick this year, so all this may be a moot point.
    But, it is fun to speculate:)

  23. ben Says:

    So we cause we signed a couple wrs that could be out of the league at any point we wouldnt draft him? From what i remember ny ran multiple 3wr sets and maybe we do not because we dont have the talent deep enough to do so. Underwood is the top guy going in he didnt even make the opening day roster last year,just because they brought him back doesnt mean they are satisfied,signing a couple scrubs could be smoke to do it IMO

  24. Macabee Says:


    I have no reason to doubt your word, but anybody that’s got school kids have readers, writers, and rithmetickers at the breakfast table. This doesn’t sound like sensitive or off-the-record material. Could you name the 2 writers that you spoke with?

  25. Biff Barker Says:

    Joe, Saying that Freeman having to learn a 4th offense would be a setback is implying that he understood the previous ones well enough to be consistent.

    My belief is that Sully will need to keep this scheme stone cold simple as long as Freeman is taking the snaps.

    Thr dynamic playmaker dream pic is more appealing when you can’t or won’t put the game on your QB’ s shoulders.

  26. Celly Says:

    Unless we move to a base offense that features 3WR/TE/RB vs what we currently run now (which i believe is 2WR/TE/2RB) drafting Austin would be a wasted pick. All that would happen is that he would be drafted, then not played (because of the base we DON’T run) and you all would be complaing about how he’s not on the field enough.

    And personally, i would MUCH rather a versatile TE vs just a slot reciever (that wouldn’t be on the field all the time) that can also return kicks. I’d much rather take a flier on Mathieu with our 2nd 4th round pick and let Rhonde teach him how “undersized” corner’s are supposed to play and still be ok in the return game.

    “But, if so inclined, you may draft him for your fantasy team come August.”…
    …as well as add him to your UNcapped Madden franchise.


    Go Bucs!!!

  27. Celly Says:

    Biff Barker Says:
    April 3rd, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Joe, Saying that Freeman having to learn a 4th offense would be a setback is implying that he understood the previous ones well enough to be consistent.

    My belief is that Sully will need to keep this scheme stone cold simple as long as Freeman is taking the snaps.

    Thr dynamic playmaker dream pic is more appealing when you can’t or won’t put the game on your QB’ s shoulders.

    Your logic is SO flawed, i don’t even know where to start:

    If you feel you “can’t or won’t” put the game on your QB’s shoulders, why would you want to get another “playmaker” who IS reliant on the QB getting the ball in his hands? Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a defense that can help the QB out when he’s having a bad game? No matter how great your WR is, it means NOTHING if the QB can’t get it to him. (see: Fitzgerald, Larry)

  28. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m expecting Trufant or Richardson.
    Dom likes to surprise so I wouldn’t be shocked if we moved UP from 13 if there is a guy they REALLY like..Shariff Floyd?

  29. tbbucs1638 Says:

    I love Xavier Rhodes! More than milliner and trufant. Taking and receiver with our first pick would be ridiculous! If we end up trading next years first or second round pick for Revis I hope we get Rhodes.

  30. Andrew 2 Says:

    Tyler Eifert would be another suitable offensive selection. I think people are overlooking him too much. Hes great and his size, skill and athleticism would really help our offense.

    Walters mock yesterday showed how our holes can be filled with Austin as the pick though.

    1. Tavon Austin WR
    2. Johnthan Banks CB
    3. Gavin Escobar TE
    4. Jordan Poyer CB
    4. Montori Hughes NT
    5. Stepfan Taylor RB

    any of you say that wouldnt be a great draft for us you dont know what your talking about. Think outside the box.

  31. Bucfan Says:

    Thank you joe. Austin is more of a luxury. We don’t have that luxury. Honesty I think he goes to buffalo.

  32. Andrew 2 Says:

    wow flmike, that is the most retarded simplistic approach to the NFL ive ever heard

    most idiotic thing ive heard all offseason

  33. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    @bucfanjeff – I like Shariff Floyd too, a lot!

  34. Andrew 2 Says:

    Richardson, Short, Floyd they are all 3 technique DTs, what do you people not get about that?

  35. flmike Says:

    No I cannot, suffice to say I work for a major broadcast network’s sports website, if I named names in this forum, the writers would never talk to me again. The conversation started by me asking “When will the Bucs get Revis, before or after the draft?” Which led to the consensus that we’ll pass on him and draft a DT at #13 which will go far in helping solve our pass defense issues, especially when it comes to our coverage issues, we will keep Wright for a reduced contract (somewhere in the $3 mil range) and then in their eyes the Bucs should (not will, but should) start drafting corners, we all agreed Trufant should/would be the number 1 target.

  36. flmike Says:

    @Andrew 2
    Thanks, I take that as a compliment coming form someone who has mastered the technique.

  37. 4everBucsFan Says:

    You people really make me laugh. A week ago you hardly even heard the name Tavon Austin mentioned. After pro day every talking head out there has been talking up this guy and now almost everyone of you want to select him with the first pick. You all act like little football gurus but all you do is follow trends and regurgitate everything that is said as if it’s gospel. You people really don’t have a clue. Who will it be next week?

    You are probably the same people who said NO to Wes Welker.

  38. mvermulm Says:

    The problem with Austin as a slot receiver is that we would be forced to use 1RB sets, and he is far too small to be an adequate blocker on the outside in those situations. I like his ability as a slot receiver in a spread offense with a QB who is an accurate passer on slants and short routes, but that is not what we currently have in Tampa. Therefore, I do not see Austin coming to the Bucs, which is fine with me since I’d much rather see the defense or RT (If Lane Johnson falls) addressed first.

  39. Andrew 2 Says:

    @flmike am i the one making up imaginary conversations with beat writers, who cares what they think half of them are idiots. Your trying to make yourself seem important and noboyd with a logical mind will tell you drafting 3 corners in a row regardless of whos available at CB and other positions is a good idea, its not.

    Your basically saying an NFL GM, should pick what position he will draft with what pick before the draft and then take the BPA at the position while OTC.

    Straight retarded.

    Also highly doubt they go DT early after signing Landri. They most likely see Gibson/Landri as comprable to Miller/Gibson. TE is still a huge need for us, and this is a very deep WR draft, theres 1st round talent at WR in the 2nd and high 2nd round talent available in the 3rd.

    You cant arbitrarily pick what you will draft as you have mentioned, idiot.

  40. Brain Says:

    If we go with a skill guy in the 1st round it’ll be Tyler Eifert, not Austin. Eifert is an every-down player who will produce out of any alignment as a receiver, and he’s an upgrade over Dallas Clark as a blocker. We have to protect our investment in both Freeman AND Doug Martin, and Eifert gives us that and more. The next-best TE in FA or the draft is a huge downgrade to Eifert.

    CB or DL is obviously the other path we can take with our first pick.

  41. 4everBucsFan Says:

    After all our brilliant thinking, the Bucs will probably draft an OT with their first pick. I.E. Lane johnson

  42. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    Year after year I watch these stud playmakers go to another team and make plays while the Bucs sit back scratching their heads trying to figure out how to score more. Joe that is not true that we dont use the slot receiver, we did a lot of 3 TE sets. And with Vincent and Williams on the outside with Tavon in the slot this offense would be one word, EXPLOSIVE. for the first time in Bucs history too. Would you rather have Tavon Austin or Luke Stocker to rely on to catch the ball in short yardage situations. Tavon is simply the best player in this draft possibly so we need to take a long look at him. Oh and by the way for you guys that think he will be injured a lot, he has yet to miss one game. ONE. Take this guy DOM please dont reach for a corner.

  43. 4everBucsFan Says:

    ^^^^^hey, aren’t you the same guy that said NO to Wes Welker? That Freeman couldn’t get the ball to him because he’s too small. What is Tavon a giant? Move On

  44. Tiny tim Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how the signing of two players that have one leg on the football field and one leg in a UPS truck would hinder the bucs from drafting Austin or any other receiver they may have targeted if available in the draft.

    Joe and some of you act as if we just signed Welker and Harvin. News flash, the bucs merely signed Kevin Olgeltree, who I’ve read Dallas is not sad to see go and has not done anything of note outside of his week 1 performance last year and the “other” Steve Smith. A steve smith who has had maybe 30 catches since 2009. No, drafting a WR is very much in play and it would not be a bad pick at all.

  45. flmike Says:

    @Andrew 2
    Say we take X.Rhodes at #13 (if he makes it past Miami), then in rd 2, we find ourselves with Trufant sitting there at #45, you’re telling me, you wouldn’t take Trufant because you just drafted Rhodes?

  46. SirustheVirus Says:

    Stedman Bailey!!

  47. SteveBucsFan Says:

    With Schiano’s love of West Virginia players I could definetly see them taking Austin at 13. He would make a great addition to the offense. But we do need help on d line and CB.

  48. flmike Says:

    When someone attacks someone because of their opinions, it’s usually a sign that the attacker has no valid argument to make. I didn’t call anyone an idiot or attack their opinons, please be courteous and do the same.

  49. Macabee Says:


    I believe you. I was really pulling you leg more than anything, the way we kid with Apple when he mentions his sources. I never intended to make a big deal out of it or cast any doubt on your veracity.

    I read your comments and believe you to be sincere and never meant anything otherwise!

  50. flmike Says:

    @Macabee, that wasn’t aimed at you…

  51. SirustheVirus Says:

    Just because they signed 2 players to play slot doesn’t mean we won’t take a Tavon Austin. The Bucs are being smart in Free agency by signing depth to positions, so we don’t have to reach and take BPA. Last year we went threw Parker,Brisco,Benn, Shipley and Underwood at the #3 WR position. Mike Smith, Stroughter, Benn Shipley, and Parrish as PR/KR. I mean Tavon Austin doesn’t sound that unlikely. He will fill needs at 2 position returning and slot. Smith can’t really stay Healthy and had 1 good year and hasn’t done anything. He’s the D.J Ware of WR. He adds depth and he’s familiar with Sullivans system. Ogletree was Benns replacement and both of them are no were near as explosive or have the playmaking abilities as Austin.

  52. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @ SirustheVirus

    Seriously, are you Tavon’s brother or mate or something. What is it about Austin that you know personally, makes you think he’s worth the #13 pick? How did you come by this pertinent info that so inclines you to sway One Buc Palace’s decision. Could it be you’re so ready to put your credibility on the line because you have complete anonymity, and can walk away without anyone knowing who you really are. Is Tavon better than Patterson? Every mock draft out there has Cordarrelle Patterson ranked ahead of Austin. Are you saying We should select Austin over Patterson who will still be available by the 13th pick. C’mon, get real. Think things out.

  53. netto Says:

    Muscle Hamster does not exist. Carry on.

  54. mvermulm Says:

    Everyone clamoring for another player to make our offense better must not remember that we were 9th in ypg and 13th in pts/gm (only two pts behind the Falcons, and four behind the Saints). We were the highest in the league for about 5-6 games during the season as well. All of this was done in the first year of a system, with new players, and multiple injuries to the OL. Keep the other team’s offense in check a bit, and we win quite a few more games. No to Austin please.

  55. SirustheVirus Says:


    Who would you take?

    Who say we take him at #13 we can trade down. Just saying he would have a big impact on the offense. Richardson is the only player I’d take over Austin IMO. CB’s overrated in the 1 rd of this years draft, most likely aren’t draft a DE in the 1st rd. Don’t like any TE that high, so who else would you take? We went threw what 5 returners and 6 #3 recievers and we still haven’t found anyone to excel at either of the position and 1 player could do both all I’m saying.

  56. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    @SirustheVirus: Tyler Eifert >> Tavon Austin. Austin has some major weaknesses that will make him an ineffective WR outside of the slot.

  57. Dreambig Says:

    I am with Joe on this one, Reciever is one of the teams primary strengths. We need to upgrade the D to be a serious playoff contender. First round should be a DT or CB.

  58. Tiny tim Says:

    @Johnny…When has Welker played outside of the slot? That would be never and he has only led the league in receptions over the past few seasons collectively. You don’t draft a player to do something he is not built to do. Ausitn is a potential dynamic slot and return guy. You have to studs to play the outside so your point is irrelevant.

  59. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @ SirustheVirus

    If Miami doesn’t select him, Xavier Rhodes. If Miami takes him, then Lane Johnson or a DT

  60. PRBucFan Says:

    Agreed, idiotic unless he can suit up on defense lol.

    Not to mention it would cost Dom his job.

  61. Andrew 2 Says:

    flmike Says:
    April 3rd, 2013 at 10:32 am
    @Andrew 2
    Say we take X.Rhodes at #13 (if he makes it past Miami), then in rd 2, we find ourselves with Trufant sitting there at #45, you’re telling me, you wouldn’t take Trufant because you just drafted Rhodes?

    thats not the scenario I mentioned at all. Trufant would be a BPA at a position of need.

    You said take 3 corners in a row after round 1….that means 2,3, and our first 4th regardless of whos available….

    according to you if there are better plays at other positions of need available in round 3 or 4 we should just take the best corner available, even if its a huge reach

    makes no sense what you said and it will never happen…you dont decide what position you will draft where before the draft starts, you have to react to the draft, it is an ever changing thing.

  62. Seth B Says:

    If we could trade back, that would be a best case scenario. We could get more help. Who would be our best trade partner?

    The Rams, Vikings, 49ers, Dolphins, and Bengals are teams with draft picks and needs that could be addressed at 13. I would guess Minnesota would be the best bet trying to replace Harvin. Maybe the 49ers if Vaccaro is still sitting there.

    Lot up in the air. I doubt we stay at 13.

  63. SirustheVirus Says:


    DT Maybe!! CB’s you can get in the 2nd 3rd or 4th rd. Banks, Hayden, Amerson, Simon, Mathieu,Slay or Taylor. DT Bennie Logan wouldn’t be bad in the 2nd round or Kwame Geathers in the 4th. With Jackson and Williams though Austin would be covered by #3 Cb’s and I’m sorry I’m not liking this 3 TE sets because we don’t have a good enough slot reciever.

    Jonny 3.3

    With Jackson and Williams all he needs to do is play the slot. Eifert is good, but there’s TE value in the 2nd and 3rd round also. I like Escobar.

    IMO there is good value DT/TE/CB in the mid rounds were players like Tavon(talking about slot/returners) take a bigger drop then the other positions.

  64. Celly Says:

    @Tiny tim:

    besides the fact that i SPECIFICALLY remember a whole season where Wes lined up on the outside (due to the lack of receiving targets that were in NE at that time…might have been in 2010, but i’m not 100% sure) and the fact that he lines up outside frequently during games, that still doesn’t get us past the fact that, as has been documented numerous times by our own wideouts, to play WR in this system, you MUST be able to line up anywhere on the field. every receiver must know how to play every receiving alignment as there is not real “slot” reciever…just a 3rd receiver.

    But all that is besides the point. there is NO WAY you can tell me that a “slot” receiver is better and more versatile scheme-wise than an elite TE. When you have one guy on the field that can block, catch, run good routes all while lining up either on the line or in the slot position, you can do SO MUCH MORE schematically than you can do with just a primary slot receiver.

    If you can’t see that, then i truly believe that Madden has ruined the rational thinking football fan’s mind.

  65. CC Says:

    Can Austin play corner? Lol.

  66. Braheem Says:

    Marky D signs a few Bums at WR and “Joe” thinks that fixes the slot. Please, yeah the Defense is atrocious, but remember Blount was an Eye popping RB and BOOM, Bucs saw the value of “Muscle Hamster” and used a 1st rnd Pick! The Dark Ages of the 2 Receiver Pro Set is DEAD. If TAVON AUSTIN is sitting there at #13 and Tampa passes on a Talent like that, it is not just SHORT SIGHTED…….IT IS GM MALPRACTICE!!!!! Seems our host is jaded ignoring the LYING SEASON the NFL is in at the Moment with teams trying to throw other teams of their Draft scent – There is no INVESTMEMT by Bucs in Smith or Ogletree, its a Red Herring especially given the Panthers Draft behind BUCS. No friggin way they allow AUSTIN slip to CAM Newton and the DT “Star” may have been cleared by his paid-off Doctor, but I smell A Gains Adams avoidamce there just as with The Team Visit by THE BONG BADGER after the Tenard Jackson debackle.

  67. Pinnacl3 Says:

    Whoever wrote this article just may have been drinking far too late in the night or waayy to early in the morning. There is no self respecting BUCS fan that would admit to thinking that either Williams or Jackson would have to sit if a WR was picked at any number in any round of the draft. And the signings of Ogletree and Smith are hardly blockbuster. Any of the tree receivers at slot(Underwood,Ogletree,Smith) could end up not on the squad next year. I’m not calling for the drafting of Austin, but to think there’s no chance of him coming to Tampa is damn near insane.
    Does anyone remember how many 3-and-outs this team had last season? A lot. A whole damn lot. This team can definitely use a 3rd receiver capable of big plays and not just the deep ball. The argument can be made whether that additional receiver should be a TE or not. Sure. But to think the BUCS couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t draft a WR with game breaking ability because of a “slew” of FA signings is beyond irrational. Borderline dumb.

  68. CC Says:

    Gotta draft the BPA. Bucs needs are many.

  69. PRBucFan Says:


    Unless Austin can play CB, DT, LB, or TE, ya’ll are just dreaming. Plain and simple

  70. stevek Says:

    BPA allows the Bucs to have the best possible talent.

    Pigeon holing a “need” only makes up weaker.

  71. KJ Says:

    Psssssh totally. That would be just crazy to go to a 3 receiver set! I mean, after all, we were 7-9 last year! Certainly can’t make any changes to that juggernaut. Give Josh Freeman, our franchise QB, more weapons to play with? Hahaha that would be just insane!

    Why wouldn’t we draft Austin at #13? He’s the most dynamic play-maker in the draft on offense. Imagine an offense with him, VJax, Williams, and the Muscle Hamster… I mean seriously, good luck stopping that, opposing defensive coordinators.

    You wouldn’t have to sit ANYBODY on the bench except for the likes of Luke Stocker, Eric Lorig, or freaking Tiquan Underwood – OH NO!

    Sure we have other needs, but I would be thrilled if the Bucs picked Austin thirteenth overall. In today’s NFLs, cornerbacks are essentially useless. The game is so tailored to passing offense it’s scary – so why not go get your QB another weapon to play with? Just out-gun teams – it’s what the Patriots do every year, and I would say they’ve been pretty damn successful at it.

  72. PRBucFan Says:

    “In today’s NFLs, cornerbacks are essentially useless.”

    Utterly stupid comment, especially after seeing how not having any CB’s whatsoever effected our team.

    BPA means nothing, we want to draft SMART, thinking about what’s best for this team as a whole and its future. BPA means jack squat unless it’s a once every blue moon type player and sorry this WR is NOT one of them.

  73. stevek Says:

    PRBucs Fan,

    Did you not see my above post? 🙂

    BPA is best player available, and that is exactly what to doctor ordered, and some more COWBELL.

  74. Tiny tim Says:

    @ Celly……….you must not watch football. Welker is the slot receiver and was brady security on 90% of the plays run by NE. Did Welker have one or two plays a game where he lined up on the outside? Sure, but he played the slot. Just like VJax lined up in the slot for Tampa 3 times a game, but he played on the outside 90% of the time. My point still is intact. If they draft Austin, it would be for his strengths as a slot and punt returner and not to put him on the outside when you already have VJax and Williams. Go back and study.

  75. Braheem Says:

    TAVON AUSTIN – Today’s NFL
    Who plays the middle of the field on offense? ((Nobody)) Not Underwood, who probably would’t even make another NFL Team, Not Dallas Clark, who hasn’t resigned, not Luke Stalker who should take a pay cut. The NFL Stats Clearly indicate that 31% of Receiving yards are produced by the slot Receiver. That means Vincent Jackson could ccassionally pay the slot for matchup purpoes leaving a quick shifty WR on the outside for screens etc.

    Slots do not need to be physical specemins THEY CANNOT BE BLASTED with out a 15 yrd penalty. Each team is allocated 7 draft picks….and if your team was able to extort extra picks from another team you get more opportunties to improve your team. Draft Talent now comes CHEAP with the Rookie wage cap so it makes sense to snatch the best talent available Early inthe draft –
    The Bucs can get CBs, DTs, TEs, WHATEVER later. THE NFL IS VIRTUAL FLAG FOOTBALL NOW. Who would you pick up out on the playground TAVON AUSIN or some 2nd rnd DB who you select way too early because of NEED?

  76. PRBucFan Says:

    False, draft what will best help your team as a whole NOT who simply might be fun to have whom you do not need.

  77. KJ Says:


    It’s not a stupid comment, cornerbacks are essentially useless in today’s NFL. The Darrelle Revis’s of the world are exceptions because they’re so good at what they do, but other than that, it’s almost impossible to play CB in today’s NFL. I would argue that the Bucs’ defense suffered more because we couldn’t put any pressure on the QB, which allowed receivers to get deep and eventually just run free against inexperienced players.

    Can you name the cornerbacks from the Ravens this season? No. And they won the Superbowl! Can you name the cornerbacks from the Giants last season? No. And they won the Superbowl! Both teams had stellar front 7s that put pressure on QBs to make rushed decisions and not be able to get through their reads. This is why I think all of this CB talk is cart-before-the-horse. I don’t care who you have back there, if NFL QBs are able to just sit in the pocket, do their taxes, cook dinner, play Sudoku, and go through their progressions, your defense will get picked apart. Period.