Tim Tebow Not Part Of Darrelle Revis Talks

April 10th, 2013

For Gators fans who were hoping that somehow, if the Bucs traded for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, backup quarterback Tim Tebow would make his way to Tampa Bay, the only way Tebow will find himself at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway is either on another team’s roster or if he buys a ticket.

That’s the word from New York Daily News Jets beat writer Manish Mehta, who Twittered that Tebow has not been in any of the (alleged?) trade talks between Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and Jets honcho John Idzik.

@MMehtaNYDN: It was an interesting thought, but I’m told Jets + Buccaneers have not discussed Tim Tebow as part of a potential Darrelle Revis trade.

Joe could have told people this. The absolute only way Team Glazer would want Tebow is to sell a few thousand tickets to Gators types who still view Tebow as a misunderstood John Elway (as Joe has pointed out many times before, in today’s NFL economic structure, attendance revenue from a couple thousands seats is irrelevant).

Besides, didn’t Bucs coach Greg Schiano say he wanted competition at quarterback?

54 Responses to “Tim Tebow Not Part Of Darrelle Revis Talks”

  1. BIG SIR Says:

    Thank you Joe. As much as Freeman struggles, he is by no means, competition for Josh.

    Queue the Gator honks. Just remember, Mark Sanchez was viewed as a better option than Tebow. Enough said.

  2. DjoshFreeman Says:

    @big sir

    Truth well said.mayb if Tebow became our personal fullback and pass blocker than ya I see him like an alstott.but not a qb

  3. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Thank God !!!

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    Not a gator fan.

    Tebow took a lousy team to the AFC championship game two years ago.

    Freeman watched that game sitting on his couch.

    Tebow has a better starting record.

    He throws the football just like Sonny Jurgenson.

    Hall of fame Sonny Jurgenson. Tebow has won on every level. Our guy has never win on any level.

    Think what you want. The game is more about heart than form. I’d like to see him get another chance to start.

    Payton Manning got a greatly improved Bronco team. And didn’t go inch futher than Tim

    I think God likes him!

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m a Gators fan and I knew Tebow as not going to be a good NFL QB back then…and I’m proven right. He may very well be out of the NFL in short order.

  6. Cannuckbuc Says:

    Hold on ! Alstott that’s a huge jersey to fill !

  7. RCH Says:

    Why would anyone mention him in a trade when he is more than likely cut after the draft.

  8. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing Tebow into camp. What does Joe or anyone else have to worry about? It’s not like he would be on the 53 man roster at the end, right?

  9. Mark Says:

    I’m surprised that theTebow male groupies not out in front of 1 Buc Palace picketing demanding the Bucs pick up Tebow.

    If the Buc end up with Tebow, it would be a disgusting sight of 10 to 15 thousand male groupies every Sunday. Worlds largest orgy.

  10. Terraj Says:

    Ive always said tebow will never be a nfl qb (still believe that) but inside the 5 yard line on a direct snap he’s money. Were suppose to be a run heavy offense with this dominant offensive line right? He’d fit in perfectly as a fullback/tight end. Plus he’d bring in a ton of people to the stadium and get us attention from the media. I dont think its a bad thing to have him. Whats the worst that could happen?

  11. DanTheMan Says:

    Tebow has as many playoff victories in the NFL as Josh does winning seasons in college or the pros.

  12. zam Says:

    People sometimes like to think of trades as the stars aligning and the universe ending in balance. Jets have two guys to get rid of, Bucs need some QB depth, a perfect match! But in reality the Bucs have little to gain by trading for Tebow, and it’s not like the Bucs help out the Jets by taking Tebow where they could use it to get Revis for less.

  13. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    GM’s are so desperate to win that they rehash QB’s (Kolb), and coaches over and over again, even after they do poorly where they have been previously. They sign guys who have literally have killed people. Ricky Williams smoked himself out of the league and came back.

    And every single one of those front office guys do not want Tebow as a QB. Even after the playoff win which everyone in the entire world saw. No one wants him. Even his hometown team does not want him. Unless you think you know better than every single GM and team president who has a job in the NFL (I suspect a few of you do). Not more than one GM, but ALL OF THEM.

    It’s not a conspiracy. It’s not because of his lack of measurables. The reason that they don’t want to touch is that he struggles with offenses, struggles with reads, and is incredibly inaccurate.

    I would take him all day as an H-back. Guy is strong as an ox.

  14. Jimmy Says:

    “If the Buc end up with Tebow, it would be a disgusting sight of 10 to 15 thousand male groupies every Sunday. Worlds largest orgy.”

    And every one of those dudes will be wearing Gators visors, No. 15 custom-made Bucs jerseys and jorts.

    You ain’t a Gators dude unless you wear a visor, a No. 15 jersey and jorts.

  15. Youpeoplearesodumb Says:

    Oh HELL no! Timmy’s next shot will have to be in the CFL or Arena league. That side show just isn’t worth it for an NFL team.

  16. Jktampa Says:

    I would love to see Tebow in a Bucs uniform (as a backup). No point in trading for him though. Just wait for the jets to cut him and pick him up and let the drama begin. Seriously, would you rather have Tebow or Orlovsky come in if Freeman gets hurt?

  17. BIG SIR Says:

    An armless Orlovsky is better than Tebow.

    Capt. Dan, just because you say you aren’t a Tebow fan doesn’t make it true when you spew the Tebow-love garbage that you posted. Giving all the credit to Tebow + ignoring the fact that the broncos def was awesome = Tebow man crush.

  18. Free's a Boob Says:

    I totally agree with Cap. Tim Don’t understand the cheap shots Joe. I just hope we dump The Moron

  19. Sunny Says:

    Only an idiot team like the jets would trade for him

  20. stevek Says:

    300 yards passing in the playoffs to beat the Steelers, and taking leaderhship of your team, after a 1-4 star, and going on to make the playoffs.

    Tim Tebow has done more, with less, at this point than has Josh Freeman.

    Who cares what “it” looks like, does “it” win?

  21. stevek Says:

    I laugh in the face of anyone that hates on Tim Tebow. I hate the Gators, as a Buckeye fan, but Tebow does nothing but win.

    His play isn’t pretty, but it wins and makes everyone better.

    I hope we get him, he will show Josh Freeman how to be a “winner”.

    Everyone wants to smash on Tebow, “Oh , he can’t throw.”, or “just another holy freak”. Give the man a break, and judge him solely on wins and losses. He has a playoff win, does Freeman?

    Tebow can assuredly take Myron Lewis’ spot on the roster.

    Adding Tebow would be the ultimate test for Freeman. Is Josh Freeman mentally tough, and can he thrive thru adversity, or will he “butt fumble” another season in Tampa?

  22. stevek Says:

    Everyone here that hates on Tebow is LIMITED in their understanding of “winning”.

    “You don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Tebow wins, wins, and wins some more.

    So everyone hear think Josh Freeman’s “cannon” is more impressive than Tebow’s “arm”, sure, but who completes more passes, who makes their team better, and for the sake of playoffs: who wins more games?

    Tebow’s physical abilities (or lack there of) are present in Freeman’s mental process of the game.

    Tebow can play with a crap arm, and win.

    Josh has a cannon, and cant complete 60%.

  23. Free's a Boob Says:

    Golly Joe. Looks like you’re not finding as many Tebow haters as you hoped for. I’d rather have a winner than the Moron

  24. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Laughing at the Tebow as a QB lovers. So, every single team is wrong? Not one, not 5, not 10 teams, all 32 teams are wrong?

    Perhaps the OC’s for their teams want a guy who can execute the gameplan each week, and not just sandlot it on every play?

    This is a guy who can sell his own ticket and jerseys, wins playoff games, and they STILL don’t want him. That guy?

    Let me get this straight, they are ALL wrong, and you guys are right?

    Gotta love message boards.

  25. LadyZ Says:

    Big Sir & Mark – Are you the same person? Your posts sure sound like it. I hope you arn’t one of the bigoted people who hate Tebo just because of him being a Christian and proud of it. Which by the way so are many other football players who openly pray on the football field and no one ever complains about them. It’s a open secret in Denver that Elway got rid of Tebo because he couldn’t have anyone more popular than him in Denver. Mark my words, Freeman may get another contract but he will always be a mediocre quarterback because he is 1-afraid to run the ball(he said as much as when he said on his radio show last season that he didn’t like to run the ball) 2- he can not throw the quick out, short passes or timing throws 3 – he thinks its never his fault. He always blames his mistakes on others. 4- Football is not his life. His heart not in it (look back on this site and check Ronde and others remarks) 5- Lets the spotlight blind him and take his focus and commitment away(MJ photo shoot and Bucs win streak stops and goes to the bottom of the Toilet::we only won the last game because Atlanta laid back and let us win* which by the way cost us at least several spots in this years draft) 6 This is his fifth year- I know he’s only 25(boo hoo) but its time for him to put on his big boy pull ups and become a Buccaner Man!

    Would I like to see some competition for the quarterback position ? You have that right. If Josh gets it together and becomes a quality quarterback , you will not hear anyone sing his praise any louder than me.

  26. Sneedy16 Says:

    Here are the facts for Tim’s only winning season as a pro 1’729 passsing yards, 46% passing acc. 12td and 6int. Passer rating of 72.9, 660 rushing.

    Freeman only winning season as a pro 3451 passing yards, 62.8% passing acc, 25td and 6int. Passer rating of 95.9, 364 rushing.

    Stevek your accuracy comment is irrelevant. I watch the Bronco’s play that year, and all Tebow was just a hype man. 1st have he only completed 23-25% of his passes. He is a 4th quarter QB. They ran the triple option with him Denver.

    The defense was averaging 10-13 points each win, and losses were just straight blow outs. I like Tebow but he can barely complete 50% of his passes and the deep ball that was a joke, Vincent jackson can’t catch those.

    If you want a hype man that can get the crowd hype then hire him as a mascot, but in this division with “Great” QB he will not last. Not saying that Josh is great, but I do not see Tim going TD for TD with Brees or Ryan.

  27. colb Says:

    Here’s my prediction… the trade won’t involve Tebow, but it will involve Blount. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.

  28. JBsk Says:

    Sneedy; Did you take in consideration the number of games played on your little comparison of Freeman and Tebow? Did you or do you think Playoff Games mean anything ?

  29. Tampa2 Says:

    I hear idiotic comments allllll the time that “all Tebow does is win.” And according to Stevek he just “wins and wins and wins and wins.” His career record is 7-5 including playoffs. So lets chill the F out on the whole “all he does is win” thing because his body of work is all of 12 career games. With the worst passer rating in the history of the f’ing world. Some of your romantic views of his intangibles that; are somehow magical, and he just WILLS his team to victory —-> hilariously corny and lame.

  30. bucobruce Says:

    On espn at the bottom were it scrolls information and its was a topic on first take,that shiano is not sold on Freeman.I know we all heard this before but is this something that was said today or yesterday by Shiano.

  31. Jimmy Says:

    “I laugh in the face of anyone that hates on Tim Tebow. I hate the Gators, as a Buckeye fan, ”

    THAT explains everything!

  32. Sneedy16 Says:

    Yes I sure did. His accuracy was even worst. Playing a banged up steelers, he still was under 30% accuracy in the 1st half. the Steelers game he 47.6% accurate Tim had all day in the pocket. I give him the 80 yard td pass in overtime. Patriots blow out completing 34% of his passes.

  33. Sneedy16 Says:

    Some of these conversions is like saying Shaun King was better than Tony Romo because he won in college and went to the NFC championship game.

  34. Sunny Says:

    Only reason the tebow was able to win a playoff game because the defense was really good that was sneedy said his accurates suck and I can’t believe we are even talking about thisi

  35. jarrett Says:

    stevek anyone that thinks tebow is good is limited in knowledge.

  36. passthebuc Says:

    he makes a good option runner. As far as his qb skills, good enough to run an option. Get a new right tackle and with the rest of the line back he would make a great 3rd and 1 or 3rd &2 qb. I know you cannot waste a spot on that type player, but its food for thought.

  37. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Could Tebow actually beat out Orlovsky? Is that what everyone is afraid of?

  38. Walter Says:

    stevek is an idiot.

  39. Free's A Boob Says:

    Maybe he could teach The Moron basic reading

  40. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    That’s true, he couldn’t teach beyond the basic level.

  41. stevek Says:

    TAmpa 2,

    Wake up brother, he wins playoff games. You don’t think Tebow would be a better option on our roster than Myron Lewis or Dan Orlovskey? Seriously? Tebow is versatile.


    Do you take into consideration how damn good he made the Broncos by simply sustaining drives, or chewing up clock? Get serious my friend, the Bronco D got 10 ranks better just because Tebow sustained drives.

    Freeman puts up gawdy numbers in bunches, and then vanishes for games on end. Tebow is not flashy, but he wins. He is a competitor.

    You don’t see Tebow sitting out games because of trips to the gun range in season. You don’t see Tebow celebrate FIFA Soccer game moves after scoring TDs.

    Ask Willis McGahee how he liked Tebow behind center.

    Tebow may not be a starter, but he would be my backup. He is always ready when called on, and despite being angelic, he still comes across as an authentic person.

    Freeman can’t look the camera straight on in an interview, make a 3rd down call without radio help, or consistently provide leadership and production after having a 4-2 and 6-4 start. Freeman needs to show what he is made of.

    Why not take Tebow, sell more friggin tickets than you can imagine and let Freeman prove he is better than Tebow, on the field of course.

  42. jarrett Says:

    stevek- not a single gm in the nfl wants him, he is probably available for a 7th rounder or bag of footballs. There are teams thru out the league with no qbs. This should speak volumes to you. Sanchez got to two afc championships with a good running game and d. Personally i cant see why chip kelley isnt a little interested in taking a chance. We run a system that involves driving the ball downfield. This is probably tebows weakest part of his game. Can we stop this crap.

  43. Sneedy16 Says:

    steve do your research buddy. Now your are just making things up just to sound right. He didn’t sustain any drives until the 4th quarter. the defense kept them in the game your are just trying to pull crappy out of your tail pipe. Tebow goes all Gramatica when he scores.

    What games have your been watching. He was with the Jets and I don’t see them winning. He wasn’t even the backup by the end of the season. He was 3rd string!!

  44. nicknosbucs Says:

    stevek all the way! i like the fact your still debating. but ii find it interesting i read through all 45+ comments. all of the tebow “haters” have horrible things to say about tebow but that nothing great to say about freeman. which proves as much as a disbeliever you are in tebow youre not confident in our qb as well. i think tebow will be a great aquisition. jist based on the facts that when shiano first got the job two things he said he wanted to do “run the ball and occasionally air it out” tebows great assets….. ground and pound and deep ball. he would make a great back up to push freeman. if free cant live up to the hype, then he shouldnt be a starting qb either.

  45. MTM Says:

    Tebow coupled with Doug Martin in a read option offense would be very interesting with the right play calling. It give the offense another dimension.

  46. BrianW Says:

    Tebow certainly is a mystery. He doesn’t win every game, but he’s a winner, a good locker room guy. He’s young. Yes his NFL resume is short, 12 games (7-5 if above poster is correct). That just means he needs more experience. After all, a lot of BUMS have been given a lot more rope to hang themselves than Tebow has.

    That being said….. he is a backup talent at best, arm wise. He is really fun to watch, but also very hard to watch his dry spells. Brady Quinn and Blaine Gabbert are similar, but prettier form, stronger arms. They both have jobs and are turnover machines!

    You can’t say no GM’s want him so he doesn’t belong in the NFL. First of all, what GM trades for an overpaid backup that is about to get cut? Second, half of the NFL is scared of the circus, as well as protecting their own crappy QB pet projects (ex. Gabbert). Afterall, the last GM to trade for him got fired!

    He deserves a backup job on merit, period. He can be a spark at least. Ironically, the deck may be stacked against him though. The arena league may actually be a perfect training ground for him. It emphasizes accuracy and quick read and release… his major weaknesses. So he’ll probably suck there too! LOL. But I’ll be rooting for him anyway, he’s just fun to watch, unique football player.

  47. Mark Says:

    No its disgusting how men that have kids his age would melt in there underwear just the sight of Tebow. We don’t need him in Tampa, or nowhere near Florida.

  48. Christopher Says:

    Oh “Joe”? Being 4 points in QB rating behind Freeman isn’t competition? In Tebow’s 2nd year, he took the 2nd worst team to the 2nd round of the playoffs…where did Freeman lead his team the 2nd year?

    Fact is, Tim Tebow has started the same amount of games as Andrew Luck, even though Luck had something Tebow didn’t—1st team training camp reps—& Tebow has a QB rating one point behind Luck. But Luck is a god, & Tebow is a scrub. I see.

    Funny how having the best QB rating in the league in the 4th quarter when your conservative coach (who didn’t draft you) stops running his semi-BS offense he thinks is best for you—& beating the #1 pass defense with 300 yards & a 125 rating in your 15th start—& having a better QB rating than Elway or Peyton Manning thru 16 starts = buy a ticket if you wanna get in our stadium. Kid’s never had a losing record, while the Jets & Jags ignore him, & prop up QBs with worse ratings…

  49. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Here’s Willis McGahee view on the two since you wanted to point it out:

    “Basically, he can really take us to another level,” he said (via PFT). ”We were young and I think those guys got the jitters out of them last year, even though we did go to the playoffs and represented the AFC West. It was a certain something that we were missing. We were missing that general to take charge in tough situations and I think (Manning) brings that to the table. And once those guys see him out there I think they’re going to rise to the occasion and just have a breakout year.”

    And Clady’s: At the end of the day, Peyton Manning is just better than Tim Tebow.”

    And Von Miller’s: “I love Tim Tebow on and off the field — he is a great teammate. But we can learn a lot more from Peyton Manning because he’s been to Super Bowls, he’s a four-time MVP.”

  50. Sneedy16 Says:


    Good try at competition, that was funny. 4 points?? Try 95.9 for Freeman to 72.9 for Tebow for second year. Try 10-6 Freeman record to 8-8 Tebow and sneaking into the playoffs. That division is nothing like the NFC South were 10-6 record can only get you 2nd or 3rd. Broncos played a banged up Steelers that hobbled into the playoff. Ben bad ankle, Troy bad knee, Ryan Clark sickle cell can’t play a Mile High. 2nd round 10-45 beat down, they didn’t even belong there.

    They ran that offense because they let him lose in the last 3 games all loses FACTS: NE 23-41 lost (11-22, 194yd 0td, 0int), BUF 14-40 lost (13-29, 185 1td, 3int), KC lost (6-22, 60 yd, 0td 1int)

    Not saying it do not like Tebow. He is a nice guy, but

  51. Chiefbucsfan Says:

    @Jimmy And you aren’t a ‘Noles dude unless you wear a dress!

  52. 20b50u54c59s93 Says:

    Not a Tebow or Gators fan. I’m a BUCCANEERS fan. And the Bucs have nothing to lose signing Tebow. Schiano wants BUCCANEER MEN. He wants guys who have a passion for football. He wants men that are coachable. He wants guys with something to prove. Tim Tebow is all of those things. I’m not saying he’d leapfrog Freeman on the depth chart, but he is a team leader. He had a voice in a locker room filled with Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil. In my opinion, he IS competion for Freeman. Josh is gonna get a whole season to prove himself. Why not give Tim a couple preseason games a chance to prove himself?

  53. Christopher Says:

    Sneedy, I meant career rating…Freeman is 4 points ahead of Tebow…& one would think Tebow, finally with all the 1st team reps that Freeman enjoys, would get even better. Clearly Freeman had the better rating than Tebow in their 2nd years…but Tebow has still only started 16 games thru 3 years…& Tebow has the better winning %.
    & Tebow was spotted 4 losses (thanks Kyle Orton!) before he even got in there in 2011.

  54. Christopher Says:

    Tebow is Schiano’s cup of tea…loves football, good runner, good deep passer. For the Glazers, his mere presence fills the stadium, no matter what “Joe” thinks about it (Tebow is a 2-time National Champion/Heisman/top-3 Gator legend who’s a vociferous Christian near the buckle of the Bible Belt)…he might not be good enough to truly challenge Freeman, but he IS good enough to push him. & if Freeman can’t handle “the Tebow Circus” behind him (though surely that’s died down a little after a year on the bench), well then, I want no part of Freeman’s fragile psyche. The only person who might be against it is Dominik, because “The Circus” may blow up his final year on the job…but IMO, Tebow gets the team to the playoffs if Josh pulls another 4-game boner…it’s just what the guy does.

    That said, he’s probably going to Chicago, because their new head coach is a big Tebow fan, Cutler always gets hurt (& might have maxed out how far he can take a team), the line is awful, & Josh McNown in the backup).

    *sigh*…viva Dan Orlovsky. That’s the thing…Tebow has a better rating than a few STARTERS…& he’s definitely statistically better than most available backups. So funny that the guy loses a road playoff game to a Super Bowl team & the best coach not named Harbaugh in his 16th start…& will be unemployed after it…

    But yes, comparing Tebow to Peyton Manning is a joke, because one is a top 5 all-time QB & a 1st ballot HOFer, & one has started only 16 games.

    That said, going back to the SEC (Tennessee won the Natty Championship the year Peyton left), Tebow is just more of a “winner” than Mr. Manning (sure I’m gonna get guff on that)…a QB handles to ball more than any position in sports other than pitcher, & consequently, both positions are ascribed wins & losses. Peyton, for all his gifts & all his hard work, has only won one Super Bowl, which ultimately means YES, he is a “Winner”…but as last season proved again…he just lacks a certain something when it’s time for the big time.