“The Glazers Should Remove Mark Dominik”

April 11th, 2013

In his harshest and most in-depth indictment of rockstar general manager Mark Dominik to date, NBC Sports NFL insider Shaun King gave Dominik a grade of “absolute F” for the 2013 offseason and says the Bucs should remove Dominik from player personnel duties.

One of only three Bucs QBs to lead the team to the NFC Championship games, King proclaimed today that he’s seen enough.

“I think the Glazers should remove Mark Dominik as general manager of the Bucs,” King said on WDAE-AM 620 this morning. “They should do with Mark Dominik what the Atlanta Falcons did with Rich McKay. If they like Dominik that much, if they want to still have him as part of the organization, bump Mark Dominik up to president of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and go out and hire a general manager who can evaluate players.”

Part of King’s logic includes a case that Dominik completely overpaid for Dashon Goldson in a year when the draft features “the best group of safeties to ever come into the National Football League.”

King also points to top 2013 free-agent cornerbacks Sean Smith ($11 million guaranteed from Chiefs) and Keenan Lewis ($10.5 million guaranteed from Saints) and says they could have been had by the Bucs for less money promised to Dashon Goldson ($22 million). He’s of the belief that the Bucs could have filled major needs in the secondary for less than what they paid Goldson and then drafted a stud safety in the second round. King explained that Mark Barron would be the third best safety in the 2013 draft.

King also says the Falcons re-signing Pro Bowl safety William Moore, who’s younger than Goldson, to $14 million guaranteed is further evidence Dominik isn’t performing.

“Why did we overpay in a market where everyone was getting underpaid?” King wants to know.

King dove into many other Bucs topics (he hates the idea of a Darrelle Revis trade). You can catch the entire audio below.

173 Responses to ““The Glazers Should Remove Mark Dominik””

  1. jason jones Says:

    king is an “F” student who went to Gibbs. Goldson was the only probowler in free agency and we signed him to a cap friendly deal

  2. RCH Says:

    Let the Rock Star bashing begin

  3. TBSwarm Says:

    I think Shaun King should stop going to Chinese food buffets

  4. Kevin Says:

    I hope once Mr.King is proven dead wrong, you will end your love affair with him Joe. Love your site, just can’t deal with Mr. King.

  5. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I really don’t think King has all the information about these players that Dom has and is just making inflamatory statements to get people to listen to him.

  6. robert Says:

    shawn who?

    I remeber some clown who laughed a lot and dropped the ball everytime he dropped back to pass because he had girl hands….

  7. Sunny Says:

    Still to early let me offseason finsh . . . Sad king is acting more like a fan

  8. Biff Barker Says:

    Heard the interview. Some pretty good insight from the doughboy.
    King does have flawed logic in one sense though…. he presumes every draft pick plays up to his billing.
    Wrong. Proven players can cost more.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Only thing I disagree with him on is being President of the organization. Dom is best suited as a towel boy.

  10. jason jones Says:

    Gibbs Thrash

  11. 4everBucsFan Says:

    The only reason Dominik may have over-paid Goldson was because as soon as the free agency bell rang the Bucs pursued him and had him signed before he could get more offers. Had Dominik waited, Goldson may have signed somewhere else and we may not have gotten him. Had Dominik waited a few days before, he would have gotten a better perspective for where the market would have been, but he didn’t have that luxury. Sean King is a bloviating blow-hard.

  12. Jose s Says:

    he’s right, Mark dominik has been under a rock this offseason. I hope he has a good plan in mind at this point in time because if nothing gets done with all of the holes we have in defense, then he will be a man with no job for 2013. i dont know what happen this year??? last year we had a darn good off season. also we need some competition for Freeman because he is not going to be succesful this year if theres noone behind waiting to take his job.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    King is a more disappointing former Buc than WR Dexter Jackson.

  14. TBuc_40 Says:

    Uncle Fester should stop talking…His only comments are about the disappointments of everyone except the guy in the mirror.

  15. tmaxcon Says:

    Sean “Buffet” King is a disgrace to the bay area. he should be on the cooking channel not sports shows. JOKE!!!

    I really think King should seek out some therapy he obviously is holding onto some issues with bucs and mainly dominik

  16. Fatmosh Says:

    Every time you repeat what this moron says you give him more exposure to keep saying these outlandish things. You’re feeding the fire.

    Wake me up when someone respectable says these things. The local Bucs basher? Snooze.

  17. Adam L Says:

    He’s absolutely right in every single point that he made and none of the points above do anything to counter any point he made.

  18. Dylan Says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHAH. Mark barron would be the 3rd best saftey??? Is that a complete joke? I want some of what he is smoking if has to be medical. I’m not even gonna waste my time arguing that but holy shi*t that guy is stupid. Kenny vacation and Matt Elam? Better then barron!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha man this guy should stop his daytime job and become a clown. Dude got jokes. Hahahahahah Elam and Kenny over barron wtf.

  19. RCS Says:

    Why is he even allowed to speak on the bucs? He sucked. The defense carried the team he did nothing special at all.

  20. Dylan Says:

    Kenny vaccaro** and it** sorry laughing to hard at his idiotic statement.

  21. NJBucsFan Says:

    I give Shaun King an F….for fat.

  22. SoonerinTampa Says:

    “One of only three Bucs QBs to lead the team to the NFC Championship games” — This is offensive and compeletly false…The Defense lead the team.

  23. RastaMon Says:

    STFU #10 what a freak’n crybaby….

  24. Dylan Says:

    He’s right about every point?! @adam LOL ok since barron wasent arguably one of the most freakish complete safety’s to enter the draft in years. Kenny is similar in size but can’t cover like barron remotely close. You can argue they hit the same that’s about it. And Elam??? 5″10 hobbit saftey who is no where near Barron’s size. (I like Elam, but better then barron…) Elam will be a free saftey because of his hobbit size. That’s like comparing tavon Austin to calvin Johnson.

  25. Leon Says:

    Shaun King is a tool and complete idiot. For him to compare William Moore to Golston just cements how stupid he truly is. Golston is top 3 safety performing at a extremely high level, Moore is not even close to his league, and Barron is a lot better and more talented than Kenny Vaccaro and OVERRATED Eric Reid. How that tool is allowed to open is mouth is beyond me, someone needs to shut him the f up. Dom has done a great job adding pro bowl talent especially if he lands Revis. So tired of Shaun King who was good and has no right judge anything.

  26. Dylan Says:

    5″9*** Matt Elam

  27. KWBUCFAN Says:

    Its his opinion, all be it wrong. Barron 3rd best safety this year? Really? Over paid for an All-Pro Safety? Moore is a good safety but not even close to Goldston level. Barron played really well towards the end. King just doesnt like what the Bucs do period. We could trade for Tom Brady and he would say its the worst move ever. Love the web site i just hate seeing Kings pic on here for whats to follow. GO BUCS!!!

  28. Vern4499 Says:

    Weather I agree or disagree with this gut it just always seems to me that he hates the organization. I know he said he wants them to compete and be good but nothing he says supports that. Other analyst that praise the Bucs for things then Kimg completes hates it. This organization gave him a chance that they probably shouldn’t have and he just tries to tear it apart. Amazes me.

  29. SirustheVirus Says:

    I wish NBC would “Remove Shaun King”

  30. Leon Says:

    Not good

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    One thing about Brother King is he pulls no punches. If nothing else, the man speaks his mind. I don’t know that I agree on anything he ever says, and seriously doubt he’ll be getting any invitations to 1 Buc anytime soon.

    Shaun displays a complete lack of “Home-training”. It’s okay to feel one way about someone, but publicly insulting and humiliating them is another. Shaun makes himself look very small with these comments. The guy has major issues and I’m sure he just made his mother very proud.

    Shaun, dude, grow up.

  32. BIG SIR Says:

    Goldson was my #1 free agent target and I am stoked we got him. I also think King has some misguided feelings toward the Bucs. However, I listened to the interview and couldn’t reasonably argue with anything he said. Definitely opened my eyes when he threw the numbers out there.

  33. Big Rob Says:

    That dude has had a hardon for bashing the Bucs for the longest time. I’m growing wary of it.

  34. BucfaninMi Says:

    Shawn King = Rush Lintball blow hard no nothing’s trying to get attention!!

  35. HouseOfBacon Says:

    The day I give a crap about Shaun King’s opinion is the day I put all my faith in Mel Kiper’s mock draft and Skip Bayless’s nonstop rambling.

  36. BigMacAttack Says:

    I am seriously embarrassed for Shaun, NBC and his family. He has taken “No Class” to whole new level. I could go on for days about this and guys like him usually end up in prison on rape, sodomy and pedophile charges.

  37. KWBUCFAN Says:

    Barron is a better safety then Moore right now. And Moore is good. Of course he doesnt want us to get Revis cause we would be scary. Man cant wait till draft Day GO BUCS!!

  38. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Shawn King “one of two Buc QBs that failed to take the Bucs to the Superbowl after the Buc defense gave up 11 points or less. (Other, Doug Williams vs LA Rams 9-0.
    Shawn King wasn’t a very good QB then and he is even a worse “Monday Morning QB” now.
    What an idiot. He is not worht quoting.

  39. bucobruce Says:

    That just did it,what an idiot, Barron would still be the best safety by far ,man are you stupid for an ex-player.Barron would go in the top 10 this year no oter safety would you jacka$$.

  40. Meh Says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Dominik. I think he’s roughly average at his job. However, the Goldson signing was great. He’s a pro bowler, period. Now, I would have like Smith or Lewis in addition to Goldson, but that’s another story.

    The problem is not the Goldson signing, that’s a huge plus. The problem, however, is our cornerback situation. I’ll withhold judgement until the offseason is over, but I am not liking the CB strategy at all.

  41. Kalind Says:

    Sometimes I worry about Shaun King. Honestly. His mind seems to be headed the way of the previously cited turnonthejets. As in, he’s lost his mind. Shaun King is possibly the dumbest/worst analyst. There’s no need to qualify the previous statement. Most fans are better analysts. With less information.

    Am I the only person who wants king to slither away somewhere and talk about Baseball or politics or something? Anything but football. Please.

  42. DC Says:

    Best safety class to ever come out? Barron would be the 3rd best this year?

    …..I just wasted three minutes reading this stupid blob’s trash. Never again

  43. raphael Says:

    Mark Dominik is a rock star

    Shaun King is a pillsbury dough boy,dang has he been eating everything in site ?

  44. Kalind Says:

    I’m glad most of us (those posted above) have turned on this fool. He always reads bitter and cranky. There’s absolutely zero value to his words. Well done bucs fans!!!!!!

  45. BucsFan1 Says:

    Kenny Vaccaro is the best safety in this draft class and I don’t know one person with a functioning brain that would take him over Mark Barron if given the opportunity. King appears to go out of his way to complain about the Bucs organization on a regular basis.

  46. BucKing 3 Says:

    Agree with Kevin. So sick of these King postings. The guy has become a joke.

  47. KWBUCFAN Says:

    I think we take a DL in the 1st and J. Banks in the 2nd. Banks is perfect for us. So is L. Ryan. I think we draft more DL this year then CB

  48. Fatmosh Says:

    Joe, why didnt you report every stupid thing that came out of Sileo’s mouth when he was here? How is this different?

  49. Rob Says:

    Any criticism from Shaun King is the best endorsement Dominik could have hoped for.

  50. Joe Says:

    Joe, why didnt you report every stupid thing that came out of Sileo’s mouth when he was here? How is this different?


    1) Sileo is a deranged, well-documented pathological liar and may be a racist and is certainly a sexist.

    2) King played the game at near it’s highest level (NFC Championship).

    3) King is paid handsomely for his insight by two of the world’s largest media companies, NBC Universal/Comcast and FOX.

    If you have a personal distaste for King, then don’t read/listen to him. If Joe replaced King’s name with, say, Anthony Becht, would you think different of the information?

    Joe doesn’t always agree with King, nor does Joe always agree with others who talk about the Bucs. Joe does find his takes compelling, hence why Joe features them, just like Joe features compelling information from many other media types.

  51. Greig Says:

    jason jones Says:
    April 11th, 2013 at 11:56 am
    king is an “F” student who went to Gibbs. Goldson was the only probowler in free agency and we signed him to a cap friendly deal

    To think you dared call King an “F” student, Goldson was far from the only probowler in free agency.
    There was this little known guy by the name of Wes Welker out there in FA along with OT Jermon Bushrod, a future HoF safety in Ed Reed & LaRon Landry.

  52. Sneedy16 Says:

    I will not bash Shaun on his opinion, but some of his comments are more fans based than analytical. As much as I get irritated by the Bucs not signing a CB during free agency we signed a 2 time all-pro safety. That wouldn’t have came cheap to anyone. If Cowboys or the Redskins had cap space they would have paid that much.

    Keenan Lewis said he wanted to go back home to New Orleans so the Bucs would have to pay way more for him than what New Orleans is paying him.

    William Moore signed back with his team that he kept saying he didn’t want to leave so I am pretty sure they got the hometown discount. Let Moore had hit free agency and watch how much his contract would have increased.

    As a sports analysts King needs to do his research before he goes on a rant.

  53. lightningbuc Says:

    For all the Dom lovers, go to buccaneers.com – they’ll blow smoke up your butt all day long about Dominik. You don’t have to worry about hearing the likes of Shawn King talking negatively about your beloved, alleged “rock star”.

  54. tonytwocents Says:

    Joe, I gotta say that youre wrong when you keep referring to this man as a guy that led us to the NFC Championships. Dungy and the D led us there, while this man boy couldnt even score once in that whole game.

    Other than that, I didnt read the rest of that article. And Definitely didnt watch the vid. Besides, if the man obviously keeps making the wrong decision at the drive-thru, why in the hell would I consider anything else that comes from this failure’s mouth. Next article please!

  55. Joe Says:


    Joe, I gotta say that youre wrong when you keep referring to this man as a guy that led us to the NFC Championship

    So Joe was hallucinating when he saw King quarterbacking the Bucs in the postseason of the 1999 season?

  56. Kalind Says:

    I appreciate your scouring of the Internet et al for bucs news. And kings comments certainly illicit comments on here. But it can hardly be called insight. Compelling maybe, but most of what spews from his mouth is such nonsense as to make it as relevant as the opinions of a 5 year old.

    King’s schtick is to criticize the bucs and stir up anger/frustration. I get it. But it’s only to do that. It is not real analysis. If it was, he wouldn’t be wrong so often. He finds a soft spot and squeezes.

    Again, if that’s not the case, how is he wrong like…90% of the time? Coincidence?

  57. tonytwocents Says:


    didnt see your post. but Im glad to see someone else realizes that.

  58. Keith Says:

    @Kallind – Shaun makes detailed points. Did you hear the audio. He’s not just slinging mud against the wall, even if you disagree.

  59. tonytwocents Says:

    Joe says:

    “So Joe was hallucinating when he saw King quarterbacking the Bucs in the postseason of the 1999 season?”

    I remember that game. And there was absolutely no quarterbacking going on. Grammatica was more of a qb cause at least he was able to put 6 points on the board.

  60. Joe Says:


    This is offensive and compeletly false

    Completely accurate. If you are claiming this is false, who then played quarterback for the Bucs in the 1999 NFL title game?

  61. Piratic Says:

    Vern4499 Says:
    April 11th, 2013 at 12:33 pm
    “Weather (sic) I agree or disagree with this gut…”

    Vern, I know it’s simply a typo, but DAMN, that is TOO FUNNY!!!

    Shaun “The Gut” King! I like it!

  62. jjtixs Says:

    2 bad shaun king, couldnt evaluate his own play! he sucked w/ the bucs! a 1 game wonder!!!!!!!!!! get rid of him!

  63. Adam L Says:

    @dylan … If Barron isn’t Ronne Lott, the pick was a reach and his number could have duplicated anywhere with a decent draft pick or FA signing.

    “Freakishly complete?” That’s the basis of your argument? That’s it?

  64. tonytwocents Says:

    yeah, Joe knows what he’s doing. put up a Shaun King article, let us rip on Fatty McBurgerKing for 4-5 hours, so Joe can play a round of 18 before writing his next article. brilliant

  65. Joe Says:

    yeah, Joe knows what he’s doing. put up a Shaun King article, let us rip on Fatty McBurgerKing for 4-5 hours, so Joe can play a round of 18 before writing his next article. brilliant

    Joe is insulted by this. He is NOT a golfer!!! How dare you!? The nerve! 🙂

    (Writing an article right now.)

  66. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    The problem with King’s opinions (all of them), is that he has never demonstrated the ability to evaluate players (or anything football related). When has King said “X” player will turn out great or turn out bad and been consistently right? His opinion on player or front office evaluation is only being considered because he played the game which, in reality, should have no bearing.

    The reason, “King is paid handsomely for his insight by two of the world’s largest media companies, NBC Universal/Comcast and FOX.” is because his views are so controversial, not because of his ability to evaluate talent.

    Look at every person that gets the most replies in this comment section. It is ALWAYS the people who say something that, obviously, only a small minority at best agrees with. That is what drives views. That is why there is 50+ comments on this article in a matter of hours/minutes.

    Nobody is here to praise King’s amazing insight, it’s to show that Bucs nation firmly DISAGREES with King. There are people with MUCH more respected opinions that disagree with King.

    Whether you like Dominik or not, please, do NOT base your opinion on what King says. He has NEVER been a part of the talent evaluation process and really does not know what he is talking about. It doesn’t matter how wrong he is, the reason he will keep his job (or get promoted) is because he is an attention grabber and NOTHING MORE.

  67. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I’m not a massive fan of McKay due to the salary cap snafu, but, he has a winning record as a GM (112-96) with a winning playoff record of 6-5. I was living in Atlanta when he moved upstairs. It was the right move due to Falcons struggles.

    Regardless of what you think of Dominik, good or bad, ultimately, it’s your overall record that matters. Dominik is 24-40. That just will not do. This is the year. Or else.

  68. Joe Says:


    LOL Gramática.

  69. Drew Says:

    It’s clear in mind King may be wolfing down Triple-D Burgers laced with crack cocaine.

  70. Cassidy Says:

    Clearly King is looking for exposure with his approach, but y’all can’t discredit all criticism of Dom. His choices for big contracts include Clayton, Black, DJ Ware, Trueblood, Wright, and don’t forget about the +$100,000,000 attempt to get Haynesworth. We haven’t been to the playoffs during his 4 year tenure. Also, we never have depth at any position other than o-line.

  71. Mr. Patrick Says:

    That’s not Shaun King, It’s George Foreman!

  72. AmbushBuc Says:

    One of the few times I’ve ever agreed with King. Goldson is a good player, but teams generally do not pay safties big money because they are some of the least important players on defense. You build defense through DLs, then CBs, then LBs, and only then S.

    “Rock Star” has led us to zero playoff appearances, 3 out of 4 losing seasons, and a 24-40 overall record. That’s a record of failure.

  73. Dave Says:

    Starting to not like King at all.

    It seems he constantly just says things to be a little controversial.
    Plus he is always very negatve.

    His opinion I guess…. even though most experts agee Mark D has done a great job the last 3 years with the draft and with signings. This is based on the assumed value of the selection at the time

  74. Bucnjim Says:


    I have to disagree! The best Defenses in the league have always had an all pro safety. (Ravens, Steelers, 49er’s etc…)

  75. Mark Says:

    Anybody who wants Freeman gone should feel the same about Dom. Very hit and miss. For every Mike Williams and Gerald McCoy there’s a Brian Price and Rejus Benn. The man drafted Kyle Moore, Myron Lewis, and a punter who didn’t even make the team that year.

  76. Bobby Says:

    There is some truth to what King is saying, Dominick blows as a talent evaluator, he’s a decedent of the Allen/Gruden regime which many fans bashed for their lack of developing through the draft. Dominick over pays big names to get talent on the field, that’s not doing anything special and if anything has proven to be a track record for cap hell and mediocre results (Cowboys, Redskins, Raiders, etc). When we got Gruden, McKay was pushed aside by the Glaziers to get that deal done, the same is true with Raheem and Schiano. Dominick is simply there to negotiate contracts because that type of work is beneath the Glazier boys. He’s a puppet that plays pretend much like Raheem was. Give Schiano another year or two of improvement and he’ll have Dominick replaced just like McKay was.

  77. Andrew 1 Says:

    “The Glazers Should Remove Mark Dominik”

    yeah and NBC sports talk should remove Shaun King as an analyst. neither is going to happen.

  78. bucfever40 Says:

    Look, King is likely broke, he didn’t get any good contracts after his time in Tampa, so he’s likely scrambling to find his niche~, it certainly wasn’t being a good QB, and I don’t blame a man for doing what he has to do to support his family but now rather trying to stir crap up to create a buzz and attention, the more people talk about him or what he says, then he remains relevant. He knew this assertion would rile people up, and it has…..mission accomplished Shaun Yawn King!

  79. Greig Says:

    @ Joe
    There is a huge difference between being the QB on a team and being a QB that leads the team.
    King in no way at all led the Bucs, he was just along for the ride while the D carried & led the team.

  80. RCH Says:

    Joe no disrespect I love your work but give credit where credit is do on how we got to that championship game. It was Dungy and our DEFENSE we could’ve had a monkey playing QB that year and still made the NFC Championship game.

  81. Capt. Tim Says:

    Yes, Shaun king is Fat

    He is also spot on. Dim may actually make a good team President, but he sucks at GM. He was an idiot not to draft Claibourne last year. He waaaay overpaid for Goldson. Barron would be the 4th or 5th safety this year- kid sucks in coverage.

    We should have replaced him 2 years ago.

    Right on! Shaun King, Right on!

  82. squadoosh Says:

    My favorite part of the interview is when King states that he is not critical…just honest. Hilarious…if you criticize every single move an organization makes it makes you critical! He even criticized signing Carl Nicks. I believe the Bucs and Dominick deserve criticism but they have had some positives as well….just no enough.

  83. Bucnjim Says:

    Dilfer was 7-4 before getting injured that year. If Dilfer played in that ’99 championship game I’m confident the results would have been Bucs in the Super Bowl. All you have to do is reference Ravens+D+Dilfer=Super Bowl.

  84. Fred Says:

    Joe, the bucs D was a superbowl caliber D that didn’t make the the final game because the QB at the time could lead us to a touchdown against a team that gave up 20+ points a game. Warick Dunn provided more offense in that game than king did.

    As to him being featured by big networks… They are littered with trash talking heads that say stubid things they don’t necessarily believe just to get attention. King falls into that group. Without real insight, he can only be inflammatory to keep his job, which shouldn’t qualify for respected journalism.

  85. Fred Says:

    Couldn’t lead us to a touchdown. Damn iPhone!

  86. Sneedy16 Says:

    I think Capt. Tim is Shaun King. lol

  87. Hunt456 Says:

    Shaun King is a complete and utter moron. There’s a reason he doesn’t work in the NFL.

  88. Matthew Says:

    Why sports networks or the media or the coaching profession in general value all “former players” opinions as credible is beyond me. Just because you sailed on a Aircraft Carrier & worked in the pump room doesn’t mean I’d trust you to build one. Does Shaun King have some secret success as player development scout, or as an asst or full GM at ANY LEVEL OF FOOTBALL that I some how missed?

  89. Sneedy16 Says:

    Claibourne has been beaten in pass coverage more times than biggers last year, so you want Biggers 2.0. Overpaid, but he still is the 3rd highest paid safety in the league. Barron 4th or 5th? Have you seen this draft? Kenny is close, but no where as athletic. Barron played with rookie free agent CB’s, Ed Reed couldn’t of help them.

  90. BucSnob Says:

    I just wanted to point out that in this defensive scheme the safety position is very important. It’s a scheme predicated on blitzes and having a single safety play center field. I’m happy with the safety tandem we have. I do find King’s rants very entertaining though Joe. Thanks for this article and the audio Joe.

  91. thegregwitul Says:

    You don’t get an F-grade when you sign a talent like Goldson who filled a huge need. I don’t care if this was Brad Johnson, so far the only starting QB who led the Bucs to a Super Bowl victory, who said that; a stupid comment is still a stupid comment.

    Dominik has been very good about structuring contracts to allow for free agent mobility. I don’t see Goldson crippling the Bucs salary cap. I also feel that Mark Barron is a superior prospect compared to any safety in this coming draft. It’s not like Barron was going to fall to the 2nd round if the Bucs hadn’t selected him. I have it on good word that Buffalo was planning on taking Barron if he were available to pair with Jarius Byrd.

    In any event, it’s difficult to take anything King says seriously when he spends half his time making exaggerated statements.

  92. ctord Says:

    King is 100% correct.

  93. Camby Says:

    King is pretty much dead on, so all you people can do is call him fat. Facts are- he overpaid for a position that generally isn’t that much in demand (he seems to have a fetish for guards and safeties and punters) and he’s about to trade a boatload of draft picks (which he’s botch anyway and take someone because of a letter “C” on their chest in college) and WILDLY overpay a corner who’s never regaining his former success. You could have signed a couple of those guys King was talking about, namely Smith and Moore, saved about 40-50 million over the life of the deal and kept your draft picks to draft more guys because they were captains.

    The coaching staff the entire Morris era was a joke- thats on Dominik
    Our coaching search last year was an absolute mess, resulting in hiring a guy who was the 3rd-4th best coach in a mid-major college conference- again- this is on Captain Lover Mark
    This offseason has been a mess, and now we’re all or nothing on a guy because he once had a cool nickname and was good 3 years ago. Thats on Dominik

    We’re comparing him to Bruce Allen when assessing his GM acumen, which is like comparing your new glue sniffing boyfriend to your ex that beat you every night. This guy is not a “rock star” hes an underqualified guy that backdoored Gruden out of here and was willing to work for cheap. He’s in over his head, and may make an OK scout, or player personel guy (or not) but he’s not a GM. Why this site has such a fetish over the guy I’ll never know. And why the commenters take time away from posting on PFT to come over here and back up this man-love is even more baffling.

  94. T in Orlando Says:

    Why do we care what Shawn “I love to eat at Burger” King has to say? His playing career is less than Trent Dilfer’s (who I don’t care for his opinion’s either), and post-playing career is pot-marked with poor analysis, terrible insight, and horrible predictions.

    I rooted for this guy when he played for us, but now he just sounds like another jaded player (and looks like a stunt double for Sapp), upset that he went from Rookie to starter, to back-up to clip-board in a span of 3 years.

    His commentary is just like his career progression, backwards.

  95. Piratic Says:


    It’s shocking to believe that one axe-grinding Bucs basher (Capt. Tim) would agree with another axe-grinding Bucs basher. (“Gut” King)

  96. Matthew Says:

    Still waiting for those who think King is right to show me King’s talent evaluator credentials? Without any track record his opinion is as informed as a Hobo on Dale Mabry. It’s just wild predictions and hot air. Please show me his qualifications…Anyone?… Crickets Crickets

  97. Sneedy16 Says:


    Those are not facts those are call opinions. Dom didn’t hire Morris the Glazers did.

  98. Perry Says:

    Shaun King perhaps was sacked to many times. He seems pretty bitter about everything Bucs.

  99. Joc Says:

    Shaun u are spot on!!!

  100. ctord Says:

    King is a former NFL players with credentials. I tend to trust guys who have done it as opposed to guys who watch it.

  101. Matthew Says:

    Ctord; great cliche analysis. I respond in kind…a guy in the navy who sailed on an Air Craft carrier is no more qualified to build the ship then the Hobo on Dale Mabry. Playing in the NFL gives you “ZERO” credentials with regards to player evaluations, contract neogtiations, salary cap management, and the running of a football team. Shaun King is qualified to critique QB throwing motions, and the complexity of blitz pick up; and even that is a stretch.

  102. Andrew 1 Says:

    that “Gut” King nickname has a real chance sticking. lol I like it.

  103. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Matthew

    If King was qualified to critique throwing motions and blitz pick-ups, then the Bucs would have won 2 or 3 Super Bowls, with Dungy at the helm.

  104. Karl Says:

    There is NO WAY King would have let himself play QB for the Bucs if he analyzed himself the way he has Dom or the Bucs.If King was even a half way desent QB he would have been a starting QB for years on some team in the NFL.

    No matter what the Bucs or Dom does half the fans hate it anyway.Typical Fans….never friggin happy no matter what the Bucs do. half the Fans didnt like Dungy,Gruden, Morris,Schiano,Dom McKay or the Glazers. screw all haters! GO BUCS!!!

  105. Karl Says:

    If King was even a half way decent QB he would have been a starting QB for years on some OTHER team in the NFL.But he wasnt!

  106. steve goseland Says:

    I have as much respect Shaun Kings opinion as I did for his play. He was a one hit wonder with little else of note.

  107. Matthew Says:

    @T In Orlando
    Agreed; that’s why I said “even that was a stretch”.

  108. Camby Says:

    Oh dear God Karl, what homerism. Maybe people didnt like Morris, later years Gruden or Schiano because they were terrible? But your well though out retort of “GO BUCS” really won me over.

    And Sneedy- if you dont think Dom had a hand in hiring Morris… then why on earth is he the GM? I find it hard to believe that hire was done independent of his opinion- just like I cant absolve him of the clown car of hires that staff made, to the point where they couldnt fire Morris mid season because nobody else on that staff was capable enough to coach my NES in Tecmo Bowl, much less an NFL team. Then we hired some 3rd rate college coach after everyone ahead of him likely laughed at coaching a team with cheap owners and an overwhelmed GM.

    And again, all anyone can do on here is call King fat. Well done. I’m sure someone will hold up the 1-2 decent FA signings Capt Lover Mark has made as opposed to the several misfires (as well as this abortion of an offseason) and parade McCoy finally living up to his draft status instead of again mentioning all the whiffs Marky has made because he gets hot and bothered by the fact that some college kid was elected to go out and call head or freaking tails on the coin toss.

  109. BirdDoggers Says:

    King seems to always have a strong opinion and he’s not afraid to voice it. After all, that’s what he’s paid to do. I can’t completely agree or disagree with him. Dominik has been on the job long enough to have a body of work to judge against. He’s made several bad draft picks but he may have quieted the critics with the trifecta of Barron, Martin and David from last year. These weren’t players that necessarily fell to him, he jockeyed for position to get them. McCoy was a solid pick and Freeman might prove to be a good pick as well.

    Free agency has been another story. Dominik overpaid for Ward, Winslow (2nd rd. pick and big contract), Clayton, Nugent, Black and Wright. Dominik was lucky enough to not land Haynesworth or else his goose might have been cooked already. On the other hand, V Jackson was a solid signing and Nicks should prove to be a good signing if he stays on the field. He may have overpaid for Goldson, but it’s not overpaying if he improves the team and the contract doesn’t hamper future signings/re-signings.

    The one common element to all this, Dominik appears to have gotten much better at drafting and free agent signings with Schiano as head coach. Does this mean something? Who knows. Maybe Dominik has relinquished some control and Schiano and the scouting department have a bigger voice in the meeting room.

  110. RA78 Says:


    The issue that everyone has is that you keep saying King “led” the team to the NFC championship. This IS a false statement. First, he did not even play in half the games during the 1999 season. How can you logically say he “led” the team anywhere when he wasn’t even on the filed for most of the games? It is the result of the work put in during the ENTIRE season that led the Bucs to the NFC Championship game.
    Second, when King did play he averaged about 146 yds a game, not exactly the reason the Bucs were winning games. The Defense clearly “led” that team to the NFC Championship game.
    Also, to suggest King “played the game at near it’s highest level (NFC Championship)” simply because he was in the game is ridiculous. Rabih Abdullah played in that game as well, do you believe he has played the game near it’s highest level? Playing in a game near it’s highest level is a more accurate statement.

  111. Matthew Says:

    @Camby; I’ve never personally insulted King once or referred to him as fat. I commented on his absolute lack of player evaluator credentials, salary cap management experience, scouting experience, finance background, or Player management experience…still awaiting you & the other obvious King fanboys here to counter those indisputable “FACTS”. Why does anyone value what King has to say; why should anyone care? Still waiting for a non-cliched fact based answer…still waiting

  112. Mike M Says:

    King says he’s a Bucs fan, but I heard the interview this morning and he sure doesn’t sound like one. In fact I don’t think I have ever heard him agree with Dom. Everything is gloom and doom. Yes he has a microphone and a big audience and he did take the Bucs to the play-offs, but I have always sensed a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his analysis of the Bucs. Ron and Ian won’t rain on his parade, but I hear a lot of contempt in his voice. Dom has done some fantastic things for this team. He’s not perfect but certainly deserves more recognition from MR KING.

  113. Capt. Tim Says:

    Quick, everybody run to Dim’s defense!! We must protect our 36% winning percentage GM from that meany Shaun King!!

    All praise Dim! Lord of the cellar!

    Where could we find another GM with those kinda skills??

    Any park bench folks. Losing is easy .
    As Bill Parcells often said” you are who your record says you are”
    ‘Nuff said!

  114. D-Rome Says:

    If you have a personal distaste for King, then don’t read/listen to him. If Joe replaced King’s name with, say, Anthony Becht, would you think different of the information?

    I appreciate you saying this Joe, and I agree. I don’t agree with King’s opinion here but people bashing a guy for putting on a little weight post career is poor form.

  115. lightningbuc Says:

    Shaun King was to the QB position what Mark Dominik is to the GM position – i.e. NOT VERY GOOD!

  116. ctord Says:

    @Matttew All I am saying is calling King A fat turd and other things does not successfully counter his argument. I feel that King has some very sound points in regards to the bucs and being a former NFL player gives him some insight as to the inner workings of a franchise I.E. Salary caps, player evals processes, and daily runnings of a football team. In this case, he makes some very strong and interesting points and I happen to agree. It is not sound management to overpay players in a year when players are signing for less money. It is not sound management to pay a corner who’s best years may or may not be behind them 1 mill a GAME. It is not sound management to let a weakness of your team linger with very limited alternatives. The management needs to start looking to being a strong football team for the next five years not next year and in these points I find him to be right on.

  117. Capt. Tim Says:

    MikeM- “Dom has done some fantastic things for this team”

    That’s an unbelievable statement

    We are in last place this year. And last year.

    Hell, we’ve been in last place every year he’s been the GM- except for Raheem’s miracle 3rd place.

    Yeah, fantastic!! If losing is fantastic- he’s the man.

    You do know that Football teams are supposed to win- right, Mr. Fantastic?

  118. ctord Says:

    @ matthew, please send your credentials to the rest of us on why you are an expert on shaun king and how good he was or wasn’t. lol

  119. lurker Says:

    capttim over-exaggerating again.

  120. Sneedy16 Says:


    When they did the purge in 2009 Morris was one of the hottest coach out there, because everyone assumed that since he played under Kiffin’s defense he was the next best thing. That season everything was last minute so Morris and Dom was practically hired before gruden and Allen was fired.

    I can admit Dom was bad when he first started, but he has improve with drafting and free agency. Schiano is now way a 3rd rate coach as you “think” With the improvements the team has made there is no reason for you to belittle a coach in his first year. That years coaching pool was weak and most of the coaches that year has done less with more talent.

  121. C. Alaka Says:

    I’m TIRED of hearing “Fat Boy King” say something bout our Bucs. This guy could hardly score any points for us in games; if he did we would’ve had 1 or 2 more Super Bowls instead of B. Johnson giving us 1. Mark Barron is WAY better then any of these safties in this draft. Not even gonna waste words on why! I saw a earlier comment bout Goldston being a pro bowler, mmm let’s forget about the pro bowler b/c he’s a ALL PRO. Which is more respected then pro bowler. Unless your Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu you will not be a huge impact safety in the league. Early Thomas came close but not even him was in the class of those 2 so why take a chance w/ a rookie safety “Fat Boy King”????

    This guy is such a Buc-Hater & it’s even worst that he wore our jersey at one time. So we are just gonna forget as recent as LAST YR that MD picked Barron, Martin, David which by far was the best rookie class last yr by any team!!!! “Fat Boy King” is one Honey Bun away from triple bypass surgery! Shut up & go run your mouth about another team!!!!

  122. Sneedy16 Says:

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I’m done coming back to this article. Go Bucs!!

  123. Camby Says:

    Yeah GO BUCS! That wins out over all in here, short of calling King fat.

    You can say what you want about Capt. Tim, but his numbers dont lie. Also, because he has captain in his name, Marques Dominique would likely draft him in the 3rd round sight unseen.

    And as ctord is saying, guys are signing for such small contracts that the NFLPA is investigating collusion, and you want to pay a guy who hasnt been anywhere near ‘Revis Island’ in 3 years a million dollars a game?

    It’s almost like Dominik is admitting that he is a horrible talent evaluator (which he is) and so the only way he can try to cover that up is by going out and overpaying for free agents, so long as they play positions that are usually easy to address in the draft or much cheaper in FA.

    But hey remember that one time he signed LGB? Joe sure does!

  124. 20b50u54c59s93 Says:

    King is evaluating our offseason before it’s over. Joe, King’s comments sure are conversation starters.

  125. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Here is an interesting article from November ranking all of the GMs in the NFL. You might be interested to see who Dominik is ranked directly above…


    By the way, Mickey Loomis, the number six rated GM in the NFL was an amazing 28-36 in his first four seasons. Dominik is 24-40 in the same amount of time. (Huge difference, I know)

    STOP bringing up the win/loss like it is the end all description of a GM. It is NOT the DETERMINING FACTOR. There are several factors that go into it. Win/loss definitely matters but that will not get a GM fired alone. He survived the Raheem fire because that wasn’t “his guy”. Schiano is his guy and so he will rise or fall with him.

  126. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Oh yeah and that fourth season for Mickey Loomis? It was a THREE WIN season. Why do think he is still employed with the Saints? (Hint: Win/loss is not the only thing taken into account otherwise he would have been fired.)

  127. MTM Says:


    You are correct in your assessment of Dominick. King gets hammered for being fat because he tells it like it is. It is always easy to criticize moves after the fact. Dominick has overpaid for every player the Bucs have picked up in the last 2 years. With all of the holes that need to be filled on the defensive side. Then with available cap room. They decide to go after the guy who is the biggest locker room distraction coming off an ACL. King is just disgusted watching this debacle like so many fans.

  128. Buc Wilder Says:


    Hind sight is 20/20- jackass. We aggressively targeted Goldson day 1 of FA as he was the most coveted safety available. They had no idea how the CB market was going to play out- unless you’re suggesting collusion. You say this draft is rich with safeties- well it’s pretty deep at CB too. And would you want a second year starter and a rookie backing up the leagues worst pass D when this scheme relies heavily on safety play!

    We are headed into the second stage of offseason acquisitions. We still have UFA, 2nd tier FA, and roster cuts to look at strengthening our team.

    Go eat another cheeseburger and shut the f*ck up.

  129. whoopstar1982 Says:

    it is shaun king is still mad because his buddy raheem morris got fired

  130. Camby Says:

    Oh my, that article has JEFF IRELAND as the #17 GM. I couldn’t read any further. Who’s #18? Does some team employ a dead Prairie Dog as their GM?

    That list is also from last season, so the stench of an offseason where the team has addresses nothing other than signing some camp fodder and continues pursuit of a past-his prime player that they are desperate to trade for and then overpay.

    Also Bleacher Report is awful. It’s like the JBF commenting section of sports sites. I’m fairly certain every day they put #32 names in a hat, have a capuchin monkey pick all the names out and then make a list “The 32 best punters in the NFL” (also ours wouldnt be first, even though he’s somehow the highest paid)- another Domenik steal! The man is a genius!

  131. buccanay Says:


  132. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Hey Camby, this here is just for you… (Bucs are mentioned at the bottom)


    I also did a little more research for you…

    First four seasons win-loss:

    Green Bay Packers – Ted Thompson 31-33
    Baltimore Ravens – Ozzie Newsome 32-32
    Houston Texans – Rick Smith 24-40
    Pittsburgh Steelers – Kevin Colbert 38-26
    New England Patriots – Bill Belichick 39-25

    The bottom line is win/loss does not determine how good the GM is on its own. Houston is one of the best teams in the NFL (with a mediocre QB I might add) but Rick Smith, their GM, started with the EXACT same win-loss record in his first four years.

    Please, stop acting like you know what you’re talking about.

    You clearly don’t.

  133. Jbeachbuc Says:

    I just can’t get past the way this guy has let himself turn into a complete slob to ever respect anything that comes out of his fat mouth.
    Maybe he does know if someone sucks at his job ‘cuz he sure sucked at being gifted the stArting QB job back in his day, and judging by most of the 130ish comments posted on this thread… He seems to suck at his present job also

  134. RastaMon Says:

    # Hen….can only run his mouth so long…that was not a typo…

  135. Camby Says:

    Oh wow- you got me! Oh wait, he names the top 12 front offices and the Bucs aren’t on the list!
    If I don’t know what I’m talking about, then I guess I could be GM of the bucs. At least I’d draft the most talented guys instead of just who was elected team captain on their college team- something that should have about as much value placed on it as whether that player has a left handed cousin, a pet snake, or used to be in drama club. None of those things have anything to do with how well a person can play football at the pro level

  136. RastaMon Says:

    Why is Shaun King relevant….yeah he is constantly put before us…but why…

  137. Tim Says:

    I swear he even SOUNDS like he’s a fat ass. I think he may have an eating disorder.

    Joe – Com’n man. I think as an early Christmas gift to your loyal readers you should vow to all of us that you will drop Shaun King. He’s a tool. You know it, we know it, hell he probably knows it. So please, make it Christmas in April and end the madness that is Shaun King!

  138. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Even if Shaun King is 100% right (which he’s not), I am numb to anything he says because he NEVER says anything positive about the Bucs. Everything is hate (like so many “fans” on this board). Dominik is far from perfect and has made many mistakes, but he has also done many good things. Anybody not happy we got Vincent Jackson? Doug Martin? Gerald McCoy? Lavonte David? Anybody besides Capt. Tiny upset we don’t have the (not so) all-pro Claiborne? Anybody care that we “overpaid” for Goldson? The talent is there to be a playoff team, even as presently constructed, assuming Freeman can put together a full season without forgetting which team to throw the ball to. No matter what we do on defense, we aren’t going anywhere without Freeman playing well. Ultimately, that’s how Dominik will be graded as a GM. Everyone likes to exaggerate about how great he is or how awful he is, but it really all boils down to #5.

  139. lightningbuc Says:

    Why does everybody that loves Dominik always bring up Martin, Jackson, Nicks, David, etc? Every GM in the league can point to good draft picks and good free agent signings. The mark of a real good GM is one who can build an entire team, depth, special teams, etc. Not a couple of Pro Bowl players. Every team has those. Last year the Bucs lost 5 of their last 6. That is when many players on all teams have been hurt, and your depth becomes important. No coincidence that Dom failed there and our record showed it.

  140. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    For this reason alone is why I would draft Austin if we have the pick (assuming Milliner or another top prospect doesn’t slip). It doesn’t matter how good our defense is or isn’t, if they get the ball on our 20 after a Freeman pick, we are going to get scored on. By no means does that mean we should ignore the defense, but the offense is just as much of a priority. We have always seemed to be lacking that slot guy that can take it to the house, and Austin is definitely that. Williams and Jackson are great, but we have nothing behind them (yes I know Doug Martin, but I’m talking about WR’s and TE’s). If either of them go down, we are royally screwed. In today’s NFL, you have to score points. Like it or not, that’s reality. We really don’t have many playmakers on offense (I wouldn’t consider Williams a playmaker, but more of a possession receiver). If Freeman ends up bombing this year and we go in a different direction, at least the new QB will have plenty of weapons, which should make the transition smoother.

  141. Gus Says:

    @Hawaii I agree with you but I would rather have Eifert. He has a higher chance of making us unpredictable and explosive

  142. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    First of all, I’m not saying he’s great. Second, the injuries we were hit with lasts year would derail any team. If Flacco had 4 of his 5 O-Linemen go down (2 of which are pro-bowlers), you think they would have won the SB? They couldn’t win until they got their aged MLB back! Do you know of any teams that would have been great if they lost their top 2 CB’s? There’s only so much depth any team can have, and no team would have had enough depth to deal with all of our injuries. Again, I’m not saying we are deep and he’s the best GM known to man, but he’s far from the worst. If you know of any GM’s walking the streets that could do better, why don’t you drop it in the suggestion box at One Buc.

    And make no mistake why we lost 5 of 6 – Joshua Freeman. 4 picks in consecutive weeks! Awful second half against Denver. Missed a bunch of throws in the clutch against Atlanta that any starting NFL QB has to make. He plays halfway decent, we are probably having a different conversation right now.

  143. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m okay with him, but I would just prefer to have someone with better YAC, more of a Percy Harvin type. Plus, Austin has added value because he can return punts, which we desperately need.

  144. lightningbuc Says:


    “Do you know of any teams that would have been great if they lost their top 2 CB’s? ”

    Seriously? Dominik traded Talib! Dom was directly responsible for the loss of our BEST CB.

  145. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Do you seriously blame him for trading him? By no means do I hate Talib, but come on, how many chances can one player get????? Plus, it was his final year of his contract. Good chance he was gone anyway It was time for him to go. That pick we got for him will probably end up helping us get someone else, versus losing him and getting nothing.

  146. AmbushBuc Says:

    “The bottom line is win/loss does not determine how good the GM is on its own. Houston is one of the best teams in the NFL (with a mediocre QB I might add) but Rick Smith, their GM, started with the EXACT same win-loss record in his first four years.”

    Dood, not cool to make stuff up. Rick Smith’s record in his first 4 years as GM was 31-33, not 24-40.

  147. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Camby,blaming the Morris era on Dom don’t think he hired him. That was the Glazers. Dom was in the hospital when the promoted him and appointed Morris from DC to head coach. Has he made mistakes on drafting yep but how many Gm’s in their early years made some bad draft choices.? He nailed last years draft and did a great job in free agency. Mccoys went to pro bowl. Jury still out on Freeman but damn poor guys been through four offensive cordinators. Sean Smith is not the good thats why the Dolphins let him go. Lewis was hurt a lot. Let us see the complete off season and draft before we judge Dom.

  148. lightningbuc Says:


    Maybe it was good, maybe not. Time will tell. But you were making a point that the losing was due to things out of the control of the GM. Not the case with Talib.

  149. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    No, I was actually making a point about depth, that good depth only gets you so far. Point is, even a great GM like Ozzie Newsome can’t build enough quality depth should he lose enough starters. I see where you are coming from, but that was my overall point. A GM has to make tough decisions, but this one was pretty much the only one he could have made at the time.

  150. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    I apologize, I was do some quick research and math on my phone. You are correct, Rick Smith was 31-33.

    Still though, look at how many of, what are considered the best GMs in the NFL, had sub .500 records after their fourth season.

  151. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Rick Smith – hired 2006

    6-10 2006
    8-8 2007
    8-8 2008
    9-7 2009

    That’s 31-33. That’s 48.4%. Just under .500. Same as Thompson.
    Newsome helped build the Browns out of thin air in 1996 (great Grantland article on him), and his first 4 years as GM were in 2003.


    That’s 38-64 or 59.3%

    The other guys are even better than that. All in all, you just compared guys with a cumulative 6 Super Bowl rings, even more Super Bowl appearance, I couldn’t count how many playoff appearances and winning seasons with a guy with one winning season and how many playoff wins? appearances?

    Dominik is at 37.5% after four year. After another losing seaon? (which is what I alluded to, he is running out of time) Let’s say 7-9, that would be 31-56 or 38.7%.

    At a certain point, yes, I hate to break it to you, but win loss record does rule for a GM.

    Scott Pioli got 4 years and went 23-41 or 35.9% (one winning season AND a playoff appearance, and they both attached themselves to franchise quarterbacks with large salaries.

    Need I go on??

  152. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Typed that wrong, Newsome was 38-26. The % is right.

  153. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Crap, make that 7 Super Bowls. It gets funnier.

  154. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Dominik is targeting captains because we have an incredibly YOUNG team. Comparing a players captain status in college to a left-handed cousin is idiotic and childish. Captain status IS relevant.

    Let me ask you this, how many players remain on this team from five years ago? Davin Joseph, Jeremy Zuttah, and Donald Penn. THREE PLAYERS. Dominik has had to gather another FIFTY players to fill out this team in four years.

    Lets do a little math hear (which apparently I am not great at today). Four seasons times seven draft picks per season (give or take). I will save you the trouble, that is 28.

    SO, if Dominik had hit on EVERY SINGLE ONE of his draft picks he would have still had to get another 22 players to fill out the team. When I say Dominik started with nothing I mean he started with absolutely NOTHING!

    As far as you being GM…Why not? Why aren’t you the GM? Why are you sitting at home pouting about the team and not running things? Its because you lack the ability. The amount of people that think GMs just kind of fall into their position is HILARIOUS. Like he just woke up one day and said, “Hmm, I think I will go be a general manager of an NFL team…”.

    Im sorry Camby but you would be flat out embarrassed if you even managed to hold the position of water boy.

    Also, real classy guys. Like the mans weight has ANYTHING to do with his opinion. Childish.

  155. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    “On November 22, 2002, Newsome was named general manager of the Baltimore Ravens”


    Im sorry Oil Derrick Brooks, I saw 2002 and did the math from that year. Most GMs are hired in the offseason so I didn’t bother to look at the month.

    My point was that most of those GMs were sub .500 in their first four seasons.

  156. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    We’ll have to disagree. If I wanted to spend the time, I’m sure I could find plenty of 4-5 year tenure GM’s who were fired with 1 winning season and no playoff appearance and that winning %. Winning matters. To compare those great GMs with Dominik is a reach.

    Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens?

    Let’s all be honest here. Come on.

  157. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Oil Derrick Brooks

    I compared Dominik to the greatest, what did you expect? Should I make my point by comparing him some crap team GM? What would that prove? I didn’t say he was better than any of those guys. I just said most of the greatest GMs had sub .500 records after their first four seasons. I would also like to point out that this Dominik’s FIRST four seasons in ANY sort of head capacity. Guys like Newsome and Belicheck had TONS of experience before they took over their respective teams.

    How many of the top ten GMs in the league are on their first team ever in that capacity?

    Winning matters… BUT… not more than progress. Dominik has continued to improve every season in his player evaluation, both in the draft and free agency. This is undeniable.

  158. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Read that wrong. That is Newsome’s first team. Thompson had plenty of prior experience though.

  159. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    How many of the top ten GMs in the league are on their first team ever in that capacity?

    I believe you, unwittingly, wrote a rhetorical question.

    I would agree with you, and say, yes, exactly.

    Hovering around .500 versus sub .400 is difference between playoff appearances and wins. As I said initially, and still, if he struggles again this year, via team record, he will be in trouble. One winning season in 5 is not acceptable. Same with playoffs.

    I never said he didn’t have bright spots for his level experience. Good for him. But, he’s still sub .400. That’s what he will be remembered for in the long run. If Freeman succeeds or doesn’t will also be his legacy. This is nothing new.

  160. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    And winning does matter more than progress. See: Tony Duny or Mike Singletary, Jerry Angelo/Lovie, etc. All showed vast progress after taking over teams.

  161. bucs55 Says:

    For everyone that is hatin on dominik you guys don’t remember that when he and morris got the team the salary cap was complety mest up and he has completely changed it around for we could make moves like we did last year and like we have this year before we were only permitted to make mediocur moves when Allen n gruden were here so you really can’t base you’re opinion on his record I think financial he’s a very good gm maybe its the scouts that need to be changed and.on thetopic of king I think everything that comes out of his mouth.is negative seems like he has a grudge against the organization plus he has no write to talk because he was defenetly not the reason the made it to that championship game it was the defense everyone knows that u could of put any qb back there and with the defense we had they would of had success

  162. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I agree, and have said previously, that the playoffs are the minimum expectation this year. Not reaching the playoffs this season will be a massive failure and Dominik should be put on serious notice and/or fired. (That is unless it is due to a slew of injuries to key players, again).

    I do not think Dominik’s job is tied to Freeman’s. Freeman was, for all intents and purposes, Raheem’s pick. Raheem spent time with Freeman at Kansas and said that he was the man. Dom could still be fired if Freeman has a bad season, but, it will be because the team played poorly, not just Freeman. What I mean is, if Freeman gets benched in favor of a backup that comes in and miraculously takes us to the playoffs, Dom would not be fired.

    “And winning does matter more than progress. See: Tony Duny or Mike Singletary, Jerry Angelo/Lovie, etc. All showed vast progress after taking over teams.”

    They all showed vast progress but they all eventually peaked. Lovie and Dungy got their respective teams really good but just couldn’t get over the hump. Same thing with Schottenheimer for the bolts. Oh, and Singeltary was just nuts.

    You are also starting to compare coaches with GMs who have VERY different responsibilities. (Aside from Belichick).

  163. Mike Says:

    I’m sorry but I totally agree w King!…. Every game that I have watched of the Bucs over the past couple years, we have never been consistently dominant. And looking forward I can’t believe that we will be. The crop of draft picks has not panned out during MD’s tenure – w the exception of last year’s. Anytime we play a GOOD team outside of our division, we are clearly outclassed. Why does everyone believe that it will just come together one of these years?! MD is not doing his job and I have believed that for years. Anytime we get a free agent we’re always overpaying. We have drifted from our team’s many different beliefs such as sticking with the guys we develop (look at all the deficiencies we have now on the D line) and the way this whole Revis situation has shaken out is bogus! We’re not one corner from the SB and we sure as hell cannot pay a guy $15 mil a yr – that’s QB money, of which I can’t believe we have a QB to take us to the next level! Dominik needs not be the one that dictates the future of this team. Even if we get through our division and make it to the playoffs, we will not beat the Pack, Giants, Texans, Seahawks, Steelers, 49ers, etc… all the teams we must look ahead to and compare ourselves with. We can’t even compete against the Cowboys when we play em… Anyone that believes our team is a solid winning franchise is hopelessly optimistic. Tell me now if Dominik has ever made a move that has proved to out-smart a single one of these readers… If you can’t tell me he has made SEVERAL moves on the contrary then he does not know football to the level he needs to run an NFL franchise, and at some point as a fan base we must take off the red-and-pewter glasses, and not be satisfied w MEDIOCRITY!

  164. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I believe you even said this before (in re: to Winslow), you can’t pick and choose what happened under a GM’s reign. He gets the credit and he gets the criticiusm for personnel, that is HIS job.

    Most of his drafts were mediocre at best until last year, Schiano’s first year. Unless you want to give credit to Schiano for last years successes with Martin, etc. (like you are pinning Raheem for Freeman), then, YES, Dominik is tied to Freeman. You can’t cherry pick it.

    And what is required to make it to the playoffs? W-I-N-N-I-N-G. It really is the most important thing. Winning is progress. Progress is winning.

  165. MTM Says:


    Your not a real fan because your critical of Dominick. Now put your red & pewter glasses on.

  166. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Mickey Loomis had one losing season in his first 4 years. His fifth year has a playoff appearance.

    Dominik had one winning season in his first 4 years and no playoff appearances. Win and losses matter most.

    Loomis, Thompson, Belichick, Newsome, Colbert all had playoffs appearance (some had multiple playoff wins and appearances, in their first 5 years, most in their first 4).

    Dominik had none of that. Let’s stop trying to compare proven great GM’s with ones who have not yet succeeded in wins or playoffs yet. It’s embarrassing.

  167. J 2.0 Says:

    Why does Joe keep featuring King’s opinions weekly? 170 comments.

    Why does Joe keep referring to King as “1 of 3 QB’s to ever lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship?” 170 comments.

    If you are tired of seeing King articles, don’t type a comment. Just ignore them and you will see them go away. Its pretty simple. As for now Joe knows that if he posts a King story and announces it on twitter it will drive up patronage to this site.

  168. Camby Says:

    Dont ask Westcoast to stand behind his stats, he’s only cherry picking ones that suit his argument. Drafting a QB in the 6th round does not make him Tom Brady, and comparing Maurke Duhmonic to real GM’s (still unfavorably) doesnt make what he’s done any better.

    It’s not that some of you (JBF included) are trying to tell me he’s a mediocre GM, or a ‘not that bad’ one- it’s that you people honestly seem to believe he’s a GENIUS- and 1 of the best GM’s in football. Quite simply, that is incorrect. He is nowhere near the top executives, and based on what I’ve seen, he’s 1 of the lesser ones. And defending his fetish for players that were team captains in college is ludicrous. WHO CARES- it’s a meaningless monikor teams usually give their scrappy little Rudy’s who have to play a little bit harder because they arent as talented as the guy next to him- you know what I want the fake wunderkind to draft? TALENT. And because he’s busy salivating over boy scouts, his mid to late round picks NEVER pan because by then, the guys who are left are either talented yet slightly unproven talents, or scrappy Rudy types that simply cant play in the NFL. Guess who Captain Lover picks?

    If you tried to tell me he was ‘not that bad’ or ‘possibly an average’ GM, i might take you seriously. But some of you act like Billy Beane and Bill Parcells conceived a child immaculately, and out popped Marcy Domineek, ready at birth to guide a team to glory through the prudent strategy of drafting only people with a letter C on their jersey and overspending on positions nobody else wants, like punter, TE, and safety, while neglecting every other position, in some grand scheme that’s going to doom this team.

  169. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    That’s what I have said all along. As of now, he’s average. He has successes and screw ups. But, nothing yet to warrant him being a great GM. Winning makes you great. Potential means you haven’t done anything yet.

    He’s like the Jason Garrett of GMs.

  170. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    That is a lot of creative ways to spell Dominik, congratulations.

    When, have I EVER said that Dominik was an amazing GM? Or even a good one? (Or a “genius”?) Seriously, when I have I said Dominik is better than most (or even half) of the GMs in the league? Camby and Oil Derrick Brooks both missed my point entirely with the comparisons to other GMs. I was not saying he is anywhere close to their level. My point was that there situations were similar at this point in their respective careers, nothing more and nothing less. I do not think Dominik, at this point in his career, is any better or even on par with the likes of Reese, Smith, or any of the other GMs I listed. I was merely pointing out that they were in a similar position after four years, THAT IS IT. If we give up on him now he may flame out and never work again or he may pull a Belichick when he went from the Browns to the Patriots. He had such little to work with and a coach that he inherited that he hasn’t had a chance to really prove himself. He is also being blamed for guys like Brian Price, Arrelious Benn, Gerald McCoy, etc. All of these guys had ZERO injury history prior to being drafted. How is he supposed to know that they would become injury prone upon entering the NFL. Don’t confuse bad luck with poor judgement.

    Look, Dominik has went from a rookie, green GM that made a LOT of mistakes to a fairly savvy GM that moves around in the draft picking up players at ideal spots and signing great free agents. Am I missing something? Is any of this debatable? Has he shown NO improvement? We were MUCH better this past season in a year that saw a first year NFL head coach FAR exceed expectations. Did EITHER of you HONESTLY expect the playoffs before the start of this past season? Be honest here because you KNOW it was not a reasonable expectation if you did.

    Erik Lorig, Cody Grimm, E.J. Biggers, Dakota Watson, Sammy Stroughter<<<< I would like to think all of these guys contributed fairly well considering they were seventh round picks.

    All GMs hit and miss, but they are in control of PLAYER PERSONNEL. If a talented team under-performs that is on the coach, not the GM. (Not that there is any real way to determine if a team sucked because of a lack of talent or coaching.) When a lot of your key players get injured it is just bad luck. It happens to teams every year. I would like to think our team performed fairly admirably considering the rash of injuries to key players and having a first year coach.

    The corner situation is on Dominik this past season. This is factual. He didn't have a contingency plan or essentially gambled with Wright and Talib and a bunch of young guys to tough it out. He lost that gamble and I am sure he will be better because of it.

    My point is there is more to evaluation than win/loss. It is only a PIECE of the evaluation process, NOT the determining factor. All of this arguing doesn't matter anyway because Dominik is here for this upcoming season regardless. Dominik IS an average GM WITH a lot of potential. That is where I stand. Please stop saying I think he is amazing or great. That is just wrong.

  171. Camby Says:

    I meant that part more as the commenters as a whole, and the author of this site especially (the Rock Star thing is a JOKE that makes me unable to take anything else on this site serious) but it does seem that people tend to lump Mork Dominatrix in with the other younger braintrust in this area (Friedman & the Rays) when he hasn’t given us reason 1 to trust his moves like we would the guys in St. Pete. IF he ever really gives us reason to trust him, maybe I’ll be patient. But his archaic drafting strategies and his spotty FA history are what stands out to me now. How on earth they let Roy Miller walk because they are too busy playing cat & mouse with the Jets is beyond me.

    People on here (not just you WC) can’t just blame the Glazers, Morris, or the previous regime when it’s not convienient to how badly Domaneek has performed in his duties. I get that he started green, but the training wheels should have been off a long time ago. He’s been in the organization over 15 years, so if he isnt capable of handling the job now, I dont even think as King does they should ‘bump him up’ but perhaps either here or elsewhere he goes back to being a lesser voice as director of scouting or player personnel. (Or becomes this water boy I’m apparently not qualified to be)

  172. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    How is Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, Doug Martin, Lavonte David, Gerald McCoy, Mike Williams, Josh Freeman, Adrian Clayborn, Mark Barron, Dashon Goldson, Mason Foster, etc. not enough to afford him a second season with a coach that he at least was involved in selecting? I understand the “patience” thing is cliche but it really does apply here. The team showed massive improvement last season and there is no reason to think they won’t continue to improve.

    Maybe the captain status thing is overdone but at least it is for a reason. We have (and had) a very young team. A little higher priority was placed on captain status because we needed leaders. I don’t think Dom removed non-captains off the board entirely. I am pretty sure Mike Williams was not a team captain in college. I am sure there were others as well. It wasn’t the end-all evaluation of a player, just an extra aspect they looked for. You don’t think Derrick Brooks was a captain in college? Warren Sapp? I don’t know for sure but they probably were.

    I am not removing Dominik from blame, I even said the corner situation was his fault. GMs make mistakes and Dom has definitely made his fair share(possibly more than his fair share). The point is we are going into the second season with the coach he had a hand in bringing in. I don’t think Dom is great(yet). I just believe that this upcoming season will show how good (or bad) Dom really is. I honestly believe he deserves that. We hold the 13th pick in this draft. That means twelve teams had to do worse than us to get higher picks. We are not “the worst” as timmy likes to put it. We were in a three way tie for second (or last, depending on how you look at it) place in our division and we lost out on tie breakers.

    Also, I know the “Rockstar” moniker is annoying. I don’t really care for it myself but Joe has said previously that Dom was dubbed “Rockstar” because during the ten win season he appeared on tons of radio shows and received lots of publicity. Its not a nickname he received for his GM prowess.

    I hate to get lumped in with the blind homers that guarantee a Super Bowl every year. I am not one of them. I am also not “happy” about our previous four seasons of non-playoffs. I simply understand that there were multiple factors involved. Dom was one of them and deserves blame but not to lose his job. He has earned the right to keep his job this season, nothing more.

    I promise, I will not be one these people screaming “patience” next off-season if we lose again. I remain cautiously optimistic while also trying to be realistic. I understand the Bucs need to produce a playoff berth this season for Dom to remain in charge. I just firmly believe this team will deliver based on all the factors involved.

  173. BrianDorry55 Says:

    For once, I agree with this moron.