Revis Mania And The Run Defense

April 21st, 2013

The staff of 37 at the JoeBucsFanTV network studios were very busy this evening.

In this latest segment, draft guru Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski takes a break from his usual draft genius and dives into the Darrelle Revis trade and what it means on the field for Tampa Bay.

9 Responses to “Revis Mania And The Run Defense”

  1. Red86 Says:

    Someone sound excited. lol. This team can be deadly on the defense… Finally!!! (not been a big threat since 2002)

    All that is left is grab the best DT to help McCoy and company in both the pass and run, that know how to use spin or rip move(s) on passing plays or bull rush. If we want McCoy to be a Sapp, then we need a McFarland badly.

    Hopefully we pick up a Tyron Mathieu in the 3rd round to get deeper in the cbs depth. I feel he would stride under Greg Schiano and the whole Bucs locker room. With the help of legendary Bucs still in the community to reach out to.

    Dominic… say what you like… the guy know how to make deals. I thought we would look bad in the draft with 4 to 5 picks left this year. I feel like Dominic stole Revis. He so good I doubt this would work out in Madden. lol. That let you know how dysfunctional the Jets are/were.

  2. Keith Says:

    No Honey Badger please. Sheesh. … Revis deal is fun but really not smart by any stretch of

  3. leatherballs Says:

    38 with the dog.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Now, we need a real pass rush, or even Revis will get exposed, sooner or later.
    Another good draft this year, with the Revis trade, and a playoff berth could be ours!

  5. Red86 Says:

    When does an oblivious top talent goes for just one pick from two years? That’s crazy in itself. Revis health issue will pass assuming he don’t get it reinjured. Whether he play well this year or not, he’s a threat for the future.

    As for Mathieu, if we can get Barber back, then he can develop and learn with the like of Johnson and Gaitor. Both Gaitor and Johnson has potential and pretty decent right now. They will be learning from Barber, Revis, V Jax, GMC, Joseph, Free and other hardworking vets about working hard and staying out of trouble. I haven’t even mention the coaches yet and their influence. Plus, opportunities to be active in the community. While Mathieu develop he can return punts and be the gunner on special teams.

  6. Red86 Says:

    Agree with you Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa

  7. Tim Says:

    Mark Dominik is a geniuses. Just look at the pictures they took and released during his signing. I can’t recall another signing the Bucs made where there were pictures being snapped and twittered simultaneously.

    It’s marketing genius.

    Revis enjoys the ‘diva’ lifestyle (off the field) and they have done what is necessary to, at the very least, give that impression. Between the very fashionable way they announced his signing, to the impression he landed an extraordinary deal, I have no doubt they intended to stroke his ego while creating an attention drawing media frenzy.

    Well played Dominik, well played indeed.

  8. Yusef Says:

    Can we keep Shawn King posts off your site for the next oh lets just say year or, because lets face it we all know he prob hates this trade and everytime he talks about the bucs, he has nothing, and i mean nothing postive to say about the bucs…just sayin,

    Then again, I guess I wouldn’t blame you if you did post about Shawn King again, because I respect your reporting and bringing in all opinions from your resources Joe…Been following your site for a year and a half now, and I have been on this site everyday ever since it was rumored Revis might come to Tampa

    Keep doing what you do man..Great Job!

    Go Bucs!


  9. Joe Says:


    Thank for the kind words. Much appreciated.