Mike Glennon Has Five-Year History With Schiano

April 26th, 2013

North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon seemed a bit stunned when talking with the Bucs’ pen and mic club after he was selected by the Bucs in the third round tonight. He had little communication with the Bucs since talking with Bucs quarterback coach John McNulty at the NFL Combine.

Next thing Glennon knows, he’s getting a call from the Bucs welcoming him to Tampa Bay.

“I heard whispers, but I didn’t know what to think,” Glennon said.

It’s not as if Glennon doesn’t know Schiano. As a kid growing up in Virginia, he was named the state’s Player of the Year as a senior and Schiano, then the Rutgers coach, recruited him hard.

“I wanted to play in the ACC,” Glennon said.

At first, he mostly just backed up Russell Wilson, now the star quarterback with the Seahawks.

“I’m excited to go down there and meet Josh [Freeman],” Glennon said.

Joe has a hunch that the feeling is not mutual with Freeman.

30 Responses to “Mike Glennon Has Five-Year History With Schiano”

  1. Paul Says:

    Sounds like Schiano is calling the picks, ha!

  2. zam Says:

    That’s Mr. Freeman, rook

  3. Jacko101 Says:

    Congrats Joe I know you’re happy about this pick, especially since you’re anti freeman.

  4. mo Says:

    Insurance / leverage — nothing more.

    shame they didn’t use this pick on someone likely to contribute now.

  5. snook Says:

    Love this pick. Looks like matt Ryan too. Same qb coach in college. Ryan came out of college ready for pro football and didn’t need 5 years of playing time to be “maybe” good like sorry azz Freeman. Tune into game changers on NFL network. Finally some light at the end of the Freeman nightmare tunnel.

  6. Couch Fan Says:

    LMAO! @ Anti Freeman

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:

    There isn’t a DT, TE, LB or OT….that will make Josh Freeman a better QB…..but a 3rd Rd pick of a QB will!!!
    Freeman needs to know that he must perform and the Bucs just sent him that message.
    I think we may have been able to get Glennon in the 4th but apparently Dom & Schiano didn’t want to take that chance. They must have really wanted this guy over all others. Hopefully, their instincts are right.

  8. Raphael Says:

    First of all , I don’t think Freeman is worried… I am a Freeman fan and I don’t mind the pick ,it’s just we had other players available….I think Khaseem Green is still there…

    Btw didn’t the Patriots spend a 3rd rd pick on Mallett ?

  9. Stranger Says:


    Coaching would help more than the immobile mirror image of his college self would. Meanwhile we could have continued to improve on areas we lacked in. Weaknesses that will continue to haunt us in our “playoff chases” until we do.

  10. SteveBucsFan Says:

    From Buccaneers.com:

    The 6-6, 220-pound Glennon started all 26 games for the Wolfpack over the last two seasons, throwing for 7,075 yards and 62 touchdowns against just 29 interceptions. His 7,411 career passing yards rank third in school history and he completed more than 60% of his passes during his collegiate tenure. Considered a highly-intelligent athlete, Glennon earned two degrees while at NC State and carried a 3.8 GPA in his Master’s program.

  11. jglazer Says:

    We certainly had other needs. This pick at #3 says our biggest need went from LB, DT, TE any depth to QB. Which really says something.

    Freeman, you, your pistol, and your snakes are on watch. Better shape up or your pay day is over.

    By the way that pay day is looking like a pay day with another team. Too bad Alaska doesn’t have a team.

  12. Adam L Says:

    Every year, FSU is responsible for some player getting over-drafted.

  13. Andrew H. Says:

    Let me tell you, I watched Mike in college A LOT and the kid can ball. I didn’t think I would be happy with us picking a QB but Glennon is the 2nd best on the board IMO.

    Ding-Ding-Ding: MR. Freeman this is your wakeup call.

    Glennon: Thank you for either your starts or your trade bait next year.

  14. Cbell96825 Says:

    Yea weapons for free would have been better but I like the pick depth and competition are what we’re after I hope kaseem green lasts till us in the fourth also I like how we were all talking about DBS des and dts we draft one and all we want to talk about is a qb in the 3rd. Classic….

  15. 1976Buc Says:

    Scouting on this young man is mixed. Seems he has some of the same inconsistencies that Josh Freeman has. Maybe we can coach him out of his. He made some awesome throws during the year and missed some very remedial throws.

  16. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    Freeman signs with Jaguars next season. U heard it here first

  17. Raphael Says:

    @cbell …..agreed .

  18. jglazer Says:

    This team is so weak on depth it’s amazing. Tossing away a draft choice for a CB with a bad knee and a backup QB in the 3rd round will stretch our capabilities.

    Much like ever year we rest with the health of the team. We’ve gone several years with numerous big injuries to key players. If this team is healthy ok we could be ok. Big injuries and it is over because we have no depth.

    We don’t appear to be picking up much in Free Agency and we don’t appear to be getting depth at key areas.

  19. Vic66 Says:

    This is agood pick, I will not argue the round pick because I don’t have the information the Schiano and Dominik had. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s rounds. I bet they will be working hard between now and then.

  20. mo Says:

    Am i the only one who sees sense?? Freeman doesn’t need competition to motivate him in a CONTRACT YEAR!! his career is already on the line!

    why not just get him some help and make the team better?

  21. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    No better weapon for Free than someone other than Dan Orvlosky or josh Johnson breathing down his neck.

  22. BuccFanInHawkeyeCountry Says:

    If we don’t resign freeman at least we’ll have a qb that will have a year under his belt of our system not just start completely over with a brand new qb.

  23. jglazer Says:

    Sitting here and contemplating the future …Bucs future. Unfortunately this pick really sets me back.

    Ugh we are re-building again. No this isn’t Brett Favre and we are not just getting a backup. This is a #3 pick. We have needs. QB is one but #3 pick???

    Can’t wait to hear the spin from management. I’m sure it will be more about how great the players are like Talib, Clayton, etc. Here comes the PR to sell more tickets.

    Hope they continue to open the check book because we will continue to lack players when they keep tossing away key draft picks.

  24. Macabee Says:

    This may be a good move on its face, but if you take the names away and read the pluses and minuses of Freeman and Glennon, they sound like the same guy. I know the definition for competition and more importantly, I know it when I see it.

    This pick assures us that if we don’t like this inconsistent QB with a big arm , don’t worry because we can put in another one that is inconsistent with a big arm. For a coach that does not like controversy, he’s got one now whether intended or not. Schiano may have just made the smartest move in Buc history or walked out on the proverbial pirate ship plank.

    This will be interesting. One thing you can count on, the conversation about Revis will now be page 2. Just saw the press conference on Buccaneer.com and both Dominik and Schiano looked a bit uncomfortable. I hopes this has a good ending!

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol some of you need to pass me some of the stuff your smoking. Rebuild? Really? C’mon man. This is a move that adds depth to our team. This doesnt mean Freeman is gone. Freeman is and will be the starter. The job is his to lose. If he has a great year he will be resigned.

  26. jglazer Says:

    Great is this like the relationship Raheem had with Freeman????

  27. jglazer Says:

    @Coach Fan …You want depth on the team. You want QB depth for the Bucs management coined ‘FRANCHISE’ QB, then don’t use a #3 draft choice.

  28. Couch Fan Says:


    are you an expert? are a professional anything that has to do with Football?
    Your a nobody. Your in no position to judge who and when we should make picks. We can all agree we need depth. I trust Dom and Schiano know what they are doing. Put the pipe down and open your eyes. If Josh went down… what would we do?

  29. TrueBlue Says:

    I like Freeman, but he hasn’t put it together so far. He’s a bit immature in the way he blames players out on the field and makes some bonehead decisions. Maybe this pick will get him focused. Maybe it exposes him. Glennon seems like the best QB available and has some good upside and pro skills. It’s smart on Dom and/or Shiano’s part to bring him in so he can sit and learn for a year while Freeman shows whether he’s going to be worth a new contract. If the new kid stands up and shows he can play, they may let Freeman walk. I like the pick.

  30. Bb Says:

    We needed someone to come when free gets hurt this guy has big arm and is smart,3 rd pick is high but we screw up these picks a lot so , I am good with this