Long Visit At One Buc Palace For Dee Milliner

April 4th, 2013

Intrigue is developing at One Buc Palace and it’s about Bucs fans favorite subject the past few weeks: cornerbacks.

Largely considered the top cornerback in the draft, Alabama’s Dee Milliner, had an extended long visit at One Buc Palace, notes Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune by way of Ian Rappoport of NFL.com.

Milliner was scheduled to arrive at One Buc Palace on Wednesday evening and extended his visit through today, which is in an interesting development.

The Bucs are obviously in need of cornerback help, especially after passing on them so far in free agency, and this could be an indication they are willing to move up to get one – namely Milliner.

Of course, moving into range to get Milliner could require quite a leap. It may even require getting into the top five, because Cleveland, which picks sixth overall, is believed to be after cornerback help as well.

Now this could be viewed in several ways. It is highly unlikely, barring some unforeseen red flag only NFL teams know about that would allow Milliner to slip past Detroit, among other cornerback-needy teams. So on face value this sure smells like a smokescreen.

With the draft loaded through the first three rounds at cornerback, why would Bucs rock star general manager trade up for a corner when he likely could get just as good of a corner, such as Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes?

More likely, as Dominik likes to say, it may just be the Bucs doing their due diligence just in case something crazy happens and Milliner falls.

20 Responses to “Long Visit At One Buc Palace For Dee Milliner”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is all posturing for the Revis deal, nothing more.

  2. netto Says:

    This would be in addition to the Revis deal. Revis will be a Buc in 2013.

  3. Drew Says:

    Go Get Them Dom!!!

  4. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    no way Milliner falls to 13, he would have to roll up a joint in front of all the GM’s and then we might have a chance. as far as trading up for him i dont see that happening especially when this draft class is so CB deep. do your “due diligence” and get a solid CB in round 1 or 2. cant wait for the draft! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!

  5. Buc Wilder Says:

    Due Dilligence is right- have to check out all options!

  6. Joe D. Says:

    If you’re willing to pony up a supposed 1st and 2nd of a 28 year old with u bum knee, and have to pay him $16 mill, why not pony up the 1st and 2nd for a not yet 22 year old that as far as I know didn’t have injury concern, and will have a reasonable salary.

  7. MadMax Says:

    Package our 1st and our 4th’s and 6th’s to trade up into the top 5 for him. DT Kawaan Short in the 2nd (if there) and Mathieu in the 3rd (if there). Land Revis next year and we’re set in the backfield AND kick returns for 5 years or more. Spend the 5th on DE, 7th on a tackle.

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    Should be willing to exchange 1’s to move up and give up a #4 & #6 for Miliner. Give up this years #2 and next years #1 for Revis. Defensive backfield set for 5 years or more barring injury. Use 3rd round pick and other 4th round on best available…with the O playing solid based on Freeman and D being young enough to grow, only need a good special teams return man for a solid team

  9. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Milliner, Rhodes, Trufant, and Banks are as good, if not better than last years Mo. Claiborne. He was picked 6th with a wonderlic score of 4. Miliner at #7 and Rhodes at #13. If one of the 2 top DT is not there at #13 then take a CB.

    After the top 8 – 10 CB’s …..the rest are just develop mentally average.

  10. Darrion King Says:

    Joe D because he’s not Darrelle Revis

  11. James Buc Says:

    I like the last point in your piece Joe something crazy could happen that is unforeseen.

  12. stevek Says:

    Joe D,

    Revis is the best CB in football. He plays for the NY Circus, and I hope we can trade and sign his ass to big$$$..

    He would have a HUGE impact on our porous D.

  13. Tampa2 Says:

    EXACTLY DARRION – At what point did first round picks become a magical golden ticket? Like they are somehow a sure thing? People talk about needing to build for the future. Well – Revis is only 28. He has roughly 5 years of peak play left. Maybe more. How much in to the GD future do people need? Getting Revis addresses the present AND the future. This of course is providing that he is healthy. Well I am a little more optimistic about that. The way these things are treated now-a-days is infinitely more advanced. Not career ending anymore. I remember this time last yr everyone questioning Mannings Neck and Adrian Peterson and they both proceeded to make some of you look like clowns. Revis is in the same athletic class as AD. He’ll be fine.

  14. Architek Says:

    Milliner will not fall – we should only go get him if Revis issues are unresolvable.

    Remember, we do have multiple mid-round picks so there is some resources available if we are sold that this guy has the “goods” to be elite.

    Thats the question – what holes does he have in his game. I heard he has ok hands but hey that can be improved but he can run, great instincts, speed, allows little separation, and he is physical. If he is that guy then lets go up and get him because he will NOT get pass Cleveland.

  15. RIs_Buc Says:

    Hey Jets, if you dont speak up we’ll give up next yrs 1 & 2 to get millener and still keep our 1st this yrs…


  16. Mike J Says:

    Tampa2, you make a valid point. By all accounts, the rookie corner who played the best in 2012 was Casey Heyward, & he went #62. Then there was Janoris Jenkins, who, due to ”character concerns” (remember a guy named Sapp??), went in the 3rd IIRC.Jenkins had a fine year.

  17. Joe D. Says:

    There is zero guarantee that Revis is going to be Revis of the past, the difference between Revis and Peterson is a power RB (yes he has speed, but he’s a strait line runner, not a shifty guy). Let’s say the Bucs draw Atlanta kick-off weekend, if I’m Mike Smith, I have Julio Jones run double move routes on Revis to test that knee out and see if it holds up better than RG3’s did. Cadillac Williams was never the same after he tore up his knee. Unless your Darrel Green, 28 is closer to being done than getting started, especially with a f**ked knee on your resume.

  18. Stevek Says:

    Joe D.,

    Adrian Peterson, Wes Welker, Tom Brady, RG3 (won heisman and NFC East with repaired knee), Willis McGahee, Jamaal Charles, and Jerry Rice (came back in the same season) have all come back successfully after an ACL tear.

    The only thing “f***ed” is your excuses not to get Revis.

  19. Tom Says:

    It benefits player and team to play this smokey game. The team gets linked to a player “they might be targeting” which takes the heat off the real person they are targeting (Milliner isn’t falling to 13) so they are not swiped one spot ahead of them on a trade up and it benefits the player by putting pressure on other teams that there is additional interest in him making him more of a priority to draft.

  20. Joe D. Says:

    Stevek, let me put it this way, anything more than a conditional draft pick(s), based on snaps played, in the 2014 or 2015 draft is a waste, Revis will be a free agent next year, because no one is offering the Jets anything substantial.

    My speculation on the hold up of the Revis deal is that the Jets have an asking price for Revis, and nobody (the Bucs included) are willing to meet that asking price. Why? Because he’s a 28 year old CB (sounds young but in NFL years he’s got 4 years left), he’s coming off of major knee surgery, and he wants paid a more per year then some small counties GDP.

    Best case scenario, he’s the next Rod Woodson and worth every dime, and draft pick, worst case scenario, we’re out picks, he’s ours, he’s the next Cadillac Williams, and Dee Milliner is the next Revis. In reality it’s somewhere in between.

    I think the Bucs should keep their picks, not move up for Milliner, and take DE Ansah, or Trufant and maybe 1 or 2 other CBs in the draft, and find some way to talk Ronde in to being the full time nickle/dime back (oxymoron?)