Just Say “No” To Nnamdi Asomugha

April 2nd, 2013

Two years ago, Joe’s corner of the interwebs nearly melted his server because Bucs fans almost tore down the gates of One Buc Palace to demand Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik sign corner Nnamdi Asomugha. That same year, nearly as many Bucs fans slammed their fists on their laptops wanting Dominink to draft Mark Ingram. Last season, some Bucs fans nearly gave themselves a stroke screaming for Trent Richardson.

Interestingly, all three have underwhelmed, though Richardson not so much for his running. He’s become a posterchild for the NFL taking yet another giant leap to powder puff football.

Joe finds it intriguing that, damn the facts, some Bucs fans are still determined to see Dominik land Asomugha, despite the Eagles cutting him loose after Asomugha stole money from them for the past two seasons.

Even Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is getting tormented about Asomugha in a TBO Bucs Q&A.

Q: I am not that thrilled with the thought of giving up a first-rounder for Revis (or worse two of them). Too many unknowns with his injury. My question is why has there been no interest in Nnamdi Asomugha? Did Philly break his spirit?
– Richard Brown, Venice

A: The problem with Asomugha is that he’s 31 years old and he’s coming off what scouts say were two really crummy seasons. There’s a reason the Eagles let him go and why everyone else is laying off, too, and those issues are a big part of it. Price is the other concern.
— Woody Cummings

It’s pretty ballsy of Asomugha to be asking for the sun and moon from teams after he went John Dillinger on the Eagles. Joe’s just about convinced Asomugha is more interested in his acting and dancing career than he is playing in the NFL.

The only reason Joe would sign Asomugha is if he played for the NFL minimum with a contract loaded with incentives. If Asomugha doesn’t like it, he can go perform on Broadway —  or in one of those two-bit starving actor houses in St. Petersburg.

13 Responses to “Just Say “No” To Nnamdi Asomugha”

  1. jarrett Says:

    how much does he want?

    he’s getting 4 mill from the eagels already… but I’ll ask this question… who’d u rather have..

    Eric Wright or Nnamdi ?

  2. tcaviar Says:

    Probably Wright

  3. Lovethepewter Says:

    Who the hell wanted Mark Ingram???!!!

  4. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    I think Nnamdi would fit in perfect with our scheme. Let him run press man and do what he does best like he did in oakland. In Philly they had him playing way too often 10 yards deep off the line, eliminating what he does best and making him react. He is best when he is attacking the opponents WR. Him as a number 2 corner with Revis as the #1 wouldnt be too shabby of an upgrade.

  5. Joe Says:

    Peter King talking up Ingram to the Bucs got a lot of people on the bandwagon. Here’s the King link. https://www.joebucsfan.com/?p=44568

  6. pcolabuc Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is flipping out about us signing every CB available. There is a reason they are still available. And if they where so great I’m quite sure Dom would bring him in. Stop bashing Dom and put a little trust in who we have. Dom will find the best in the draft and undrafted free agents and find buccaneer men.

  7. Joe D. Says:

    Instead of wanting Asomugh, bucs fans should see that he changed, the fortunes of a franchise for the worse (Vick had his hand in it too), and be demanding, that Dominick, not touch Revis with a 10 foot pole let alone give up picks for aging, damaged goods, and a dude that wants to hold out for more money every year. The writing is on thee wall, if the bucs trade anything more than a 6th Rd pick for Revis, Dominick should be escorted out of The Palace, and Idzik should be executive of, the year for plundering the bucs.

  8. Marques Says:

    My point exactly !!!


  9. James BucBoi Says:

    Ingram never gets the ball for the aints and would be really good in a running offense. Richardson is a beast, but you wouldn’t know it because he plays for the Browns! With that said, I’ll admit I’m a fanboy sometimes.. But I am what I am.. This year it’s Tavon Austin! Just shoot me now because he’s my favorite player in the draft..

  10. Joe D. Says:

    @marques, that’s first I read that article, obviously I agree, everything I’ve heard from the media, there “undisclosed sources” seems to be NY media saying “no one’s met the Jets asking price” at this point, and just as a football fan, i’d be shocked if Revis is traded for anything other than a conditional draft pick.

  11. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    I am going to side with stevek on this one… signing Nnamdi Asomugha would definitely “not hurt” the Bucs CB situation.

  12. Capt. Tim Says:

    Nnamdi is a great Press corner- long arms, tremendous hand punch- knocks Wr of there routes. It is not his fault, that a offensive line coach- turned first time( at any level) defensive co-ordinator had no idea how to play to his strengths.

    He has amazing talent, and wants to prove he is still one of the great CBs. He wants to leave the game as a great one. I love signing players with Pride- and who are on a mission

    Wright’s legacy is already secure. He was terrible in Detriot. He is terrible here. Only Dim seems oblivious to this fact.

  13. That Guy Says:

    The tone of this post is especially rich in light of the temper tantrum the tards who run this site threw after the Bucs didn’t take Morris Claibourne last year.