How Mark Dominik Won The Day

April 22nd, 2013

Just from reaction yesterday afternoon and into the night, Bucs fans haven’t been this giddy since the Bucs traded for Chucky. Most love the news that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik nabbed Darrelle Revis for two draft picks and a non-guaranteed salary.

Joe talked to a few people yesterday with knowledge of how the trade went down and Joe will try to give a Cliff’s Notes version .

Revis has been on the Bucs’ radar for some time; the Bucs were keenly aware of when his contract would expire. Clearly, the horrific play of the Bucs corners last year, a near-NFL worst mark in league history for passing yards allowed, motivated the Bucs’ pursuit.

(As Joe suspected and wrote about many times, the Bucs were simply not enamored with the free agent crop of corners and thought they could do just as well if not better with corners drafted in the early rounds.)

The Bucs did their research on Revis, both watching every snap he took the past two years, and studying the person. Their research revealed that Revis, despite a potentially misleading money-grubbing image, was as good of a teammate and a person as he is a player.

When John Idzik became the Jets general manager this year, trade talks began percolating, but Idzik was trying to shake down the Bucs for two first round draft picks. Idzik would not budge and, for a while, the Bucs were wondering if they were being played. This information reinforces what Dominik said publicly on SiriusXM NFL Radio about a month ago when he stated he wasn’t sure if the Jets wanted to trade Revis.

(Joe also heard of rumors, uncorroborated, that the 49ers were desperately trying to get in the mix to acquire Revis, but simply could not afford him under their salary cap.)

Still, Idzik held firm. He still wanted two first-round picks and this ransom was too rich for the Bucs. At one point, the Bucs seriously thought about turning the page and making a play for Revis on the free agent market next winter. What spooked the suits at One Buc Palace with that scenario was the Bucs were fearful that some owner, for example, Daniel Snyder, could gut his roster and make a play for Revis for some obscene price.

Eventually, Idzik, sensing he could not get Dominik to budge, relented on his demands of two first round picks and asked for three draft picks, with one being a first round pick. Dominik balked.

Finally last week, Joe learned that roughly four days ago, the Bucs, in so many words, told Idzik the deal was off the table if it couldn’t be completed by Tuesday (tomorrow), and they would then focus all energies on this week’s draft and the coming season.

This poker move apparently worked as Idzik began loosening his demands until the two sides finally consummated the deal Sunday.

31 Responses to “How Mark Dominik Won The Day”

  1. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Why not wash your hands until after the draft? I know I am one of the loan wolfs in terms of thinking a first rounder is too much given the fact the Jets had little leverage, and the Jets HAD to get something for him. Revis/Johnson werent going to agree to another long-term deal, and teams were willing to wait until free agency for him due to cap space, injury, and the fact he only had one year left on his contract.

    I do like the fact of no guaranteed money. Good job on that end by Dom.

  2. Sunny Says:

    Because another team could of sign him like the redskins maybe they offer more guaranteed money maybe revis just liked playing with the skins better fat Albert comes to mind

  3. Deminion Says:

    I will b in tap this Friday I’m super stoked!!!! Go bucs

  4. rhenry Says:

    I was not a fan of this trade from the beginning, because of all the picks the Jets wanted.With that being said, GO BUCS. A first round pick this year, 3rd next is a fair price to acquire a player of Revis’s caliber. Throw in the “no guaranteed money” and I think Dom hit a home run. Excited to see what Dom does with the rest of our picks.

  5. Jacko101 Says:

    We are paying lots of money to him and Gholdson, on paper out weakness is now our strength

  6. Capt. Tim Says:

    Revis may well be the best defensive player in Pro football. I believe he is.
    There is nothing to critize about this trade. It was steal of legendary per portions. Not only the robbery of the poor jets( hehe), but the Tes of the contract. It says volumes about Revis. He is not a money grubbed. Heis the best. And this contract shows that he is willing to prove it- every year. Can’t ask for more than that.

    Incredible job, Mr. Dominick!

    But Revis puts the pressure on us to win Now! We still have many gaping holes.

    A lot still to do

    But love the Revis trade well done indeed

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Dom always had the leverage and I think he knew it….so I’m not surprised by the two draft picks part…but the no guarantee was a surprise….wow, that’s spectacular because Revis has some leverage himself.
    The addition of Goldson & Revis to that defense will work wonders. They are both young enough to play for years and have high character. Imagine their effect on players like Baron and Leonard Johnson.
    Where are Goode & Tandy?….Joe, check into this…

  8. J 2.0 Says:

    I love the trade, but I am aggravated I went out and soent all that money on an authentic Barron jersey last year that is now obsolete. Eh, oh well I’ll get over it very quickly. GO BUCS!!!

    In other news hell is freezing over, pigs are flying, and Capt Tim is posting compliments to Mark Dominik.

  9. Vern4499 Says:

    @Capt Tim,

    Can u tell me where our gaping holes are?

  10. Neil Says:

    This is fantastic! Last year was one of the more frustrating Bucs seasons in recent memory and most of that was because of that secondary. Who would have thought we’d have the best cornerback and one of the best safeties in the league on the squad ?? And we still have the draft! Eli Manning…nearly 600 yards…Drew Brees putting up 300 yards and 4 TDs in the first half, Nick Foles looking like John Elway…. Not anymore!! Revis, Goldston, McCoy, David are impact players. The young, budding Mark Barron, and I think A-Clay and Bowers are about to explode, If healthy. Imagine Barber coming back too?? The signing of Revis shines a whole different light on this defense….if everyone remains healthy…lookout. Ron Cooper is probably pissed haha then again I wasn’t worried about the secondary before last year with Talib, Wright and Biggers. Lets turn this potential and talent into wins!

  11. Big Rob Says:

    Well done Mr. Dominik. Well done.

    I wasn’t a fan of acquiring Revis, but Dominik did it in the most Buc friendly way possible. I’m a happy camper.

  12. st augustine Says:

    Thank you Mark Dominick. Even if Revis does hurt himself again (God forbid) Mark Dominick did his part! I can only imagine the difficulty of this trade. Well done! Go Bucs!

  13. Killian Fischer Says:

    I’m getting pissed at all the people who say the Bucs have gaping holes. This defense had the best rush defense last year. Sure, we need a DT, one will easily be had later in the draft. Besides that, the Bucs have completely revamped the secondary. This defense should be top 5 no doubt. There are plenty of players available to sign for depth…Barber should resign as nickel. The only thing the Bucs need now is depth. Boy I’d like to see Selvie perform well under Schiano, that would be awesome. This Revis trade will go down as one of the best moves ever as it makes our entire secondary better. This is a season changer. Now if the coaches could get Free’s accuracey up to 60+%…

  14. Capt. Tim Says:

    Vern- who is our starting nose tackle? His back up? McCoys backup? Clayborne backup? Bowers backup?

    Who is our starting strong side Linebacker?
    Who is our starting TE?
    Who is our slot WR?
    Who is our other starting CB? Who is our Nickelback? Dime back?

    The saints and falcons play 3 WRs as their standard offense. They frequently play 4 WRs. We have the best CB in football.
    Every other CB on our roster is not good enough to be an NFL starter.
    As they said a few moments ago, on NFL AM, you have to have 3 starting CBs in today’s NFL. The Bucs have one. Don’t even think about singing the praises of last years CBs! They were horrible, and only one might have the talent to be a 5th stringer( L Johnson).

    So, we don’t have a a starting Nose tackle. No depth on D-line( most injured area in football)
    No starting strongside LB. no starting TE. No slot Wr. And need 3 CBs.

    That isn’t insurmountable. Most experts say we must find a starting RT. I personally don’t agree with that- but we have no backups for either tackle.

    We can fill these areas with the draft and Vet free agents. But we need to do so soon.

    With the age of our O-linemen, V-Jackson , Revis and others- we have a 4-5 year window to drive for the SuperBowl.

    No more time for building patiently. Management has built this team to win now.

  15. Jason Says:

    I don’t really see the “gaping” holes. Sure, every team is going to see positions they can upgrade to get better. However, even perennial playoff teams have weaknesses at certain positions. Paper thin on the D line is worrisome, but you have to think they will address this in the draft. You also can’t expect to have 5 pro bowl o linemen. Definitely one if the top five units. Last year, people would have loved to have seen Quincy Black gone and now all of a sudden his loss creates a major hole. I also expect to see Rhonde back as the nickel. I believe he was waiting on this deal to go through to make a desicion. Yes, there is always room for improvement but DT, TE, LB, and #3 CB (barber replacement) are all out there in the draft.

  16. BirdDoggers Says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of a potential trade for Revis from the beginning, but I’ll give Dominik credit for not giving up too much and working out a contract that can work for both sides. The 13th pick could be regarded as big compensation in most any draft, but this years draft is a bit different. The first round talent is regarded as good, not great. Revis is a proven player when healthy, the 13th pick is an unknown risk. The conditional pick in next years draft will most likely be a 3rd rounder. Domink might make a move in this draft or next years draft to replace that pick. The only real downside of the trade is Revis’s knee and the year to year $16 mill contract. Even though the contract has no guarantees, the first two years are essentially guaranteed. The Bucs didn’t give up a first round pick to have Revis for one year and if he doesn’t play up to the contract the first year, it’s unlikely they try to re-structure and upset the apple cart. Big money spent on the secondary this offseason. It should be much improved.

  17. Capt. Tim Says:

    J 2.0- lol. I said all along, I want to be on the bandwagon! Most of my time posting on JoeBuc, I’ve been labeled a homer- not a hater.

    But this secondary has been unacceptably horrible for four damn years. I was gonna complain this year, until it got fixed- or everybody knew it was an unaddressed problem.

    But, believe me. I always wanted it addressed. This team would never have a winning season, until we got some decent Cbs. Dom did good- but needs 3 more. Wright proved last tear( and his entire career) that he can’t be counted on. We need more Cbs.

    But at last, we are starting to fix the problem. But it ain’t fixed yet!

  18. Capt. Tim Says:

    Jason- I agree, but not all are gonna get answered in the draft.we have added 1 starter per year in the draft, until last year- when we added 3.

    Before you respond, I hope you will go thru and answer the questions I asked. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But if you actually look at the roster, and try to answer my questions- you’ll see my point. Several have tried to argue the point- but no one has actually listed the players I asked about( starting DT, NT, backups, etc)

    If you are the one to list those players here- you’ll understand the concern

  19. Capt. Tim Says:

    I don’t want to talk bad about injured players- but I’ve listed Sam backer as a gaping hole for 3 years on this site.

  20. Piratic Says:

    If you “loan wolfs” “could of” learned how to properly use the written word, you’d be less likely to be called embarrassments of “legendary per portions”.

    Your drivel makes my head hurt.

    Mostly good takes, but damn, your (mis) use of the language sure makes you look DUMB.

  21. Charlie B Says:

    Who is our starting nose tackle? Gary Gibson who played well against the rush. His back up? Derek Landri. I agree this is a weak spot, but it’s not crippling. I’m guessing we use our 2nd or 3rd rounder at this spot.
    McCoys backup? Derek Landri is my guess.
    Clayborne backup? Te’o Nesheim did well for a rotation guy.
    Bowers backup? Te’o Nesheim did well for a rotation guy.
    I’m not sure we’ll have more than 7 DLineman on the 53 man roster. Right now we have 3 solid starters and 3 solid back ups. We need to add someone here that can start.

    Who is our starting strong side Linebacker? Adam Hayward or Dekoda Watson. Hayward played well last year when Black went down. I’m not sure why this is considered such a huge hole. Our linebacking corp was excellent last year against the rush and in the passing game we won’t be using the Sam.

    Who is our starting TE? Tom Crabtree or Luke Stocker, whoever looks better in camp. Some of our best offensive games last year saw almost no production out of Dallas Clark. By all accounts, Crabtree is a better blocker and a solid receiver that never got a chance to fill that role in GB. He’s not the vertical passing threat popular right now, but our offense doesn’t need that. We’re run first – play action.

    Who is our slot WR? Whoever plays better between Ogletree and Underwood. Our base defense is 1TE, 2WR, 2RB. A possession guy could be added here, but it’s not like possession guys are hard to find later in the draft or in UFA. Preston Parker was a 7th? Jurevicious wasn’t a big signing.

    Who is our other starting CB? Eric Wright. Not fantastic but plays OK. If we stop putting him on an island by sending 8 on a blitz like Ronde said they were going to stop doing, he should be fine.

    Who is our Nickelback? Ronde Barber/Friday night draft pick
    Dime back? Ronde Barber, Leonard Johnson, Friday Night draft pick.

    We can’t have above average players at every position. It’s just not going to happen. Good teams get to the playoffs and even win superbowls with holes.

  22. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    Doesn’t Eric Wright play CB too?

  23. Celly Says:

    @Capt. Tim,

    I feel as though when you have a HC that specializes in a certain area, he can coach guys up at that position. While we could use an upgrade, i’m sure we will be OK going into the season w/ our options as they currently sit (at least at LB).

  24. Sneedy16 Says:

    Eric played well when he was healthy. Take last year as last year, he played most of last year on a bad achilles and was effective. Most of the big plays that were given up were mainly on talib.

  25. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    There isn’t a team out there that has a good Sam LB unless they run a 3-4 defense. The main reason being that since most teams run a predominate 3-4 receiver set it would be a miss match all the time. That’s like putting Patrick Willis on Wes Welker, he will get beat all the time.

  26. RustyRhino Says:

    Thank goodness this is over, looking at all of our posters who think they are a better GM than Dominik and his staff. Where is all that smack talk now? Welcome aboard Mr. Revis. Time to focus on Friday’s draft.

  27. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Piratic Says:

    If you “loan wolfs” “could of” learned how to properly use the written word, you’d be less likely to be called embarrassments of “legendary per portions”.

    Your (sic) drivel makes me sick.

    Mostly good takes, but damn, your (mis) use of the language sure makes you look DUMB.

    I was the “LONE WOLF” who made the incorrect “loan phrase” statement at roughly 6:00 am this morning; uh, grammar Nazi, I was barely awake at that hour.

    How about adding sustenance instead of nitpicking message board grammar for a change? LOL!!! Your (sic) trolling makes me sick. 🙂

  28. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Charlie B

    Well said but don’t forget Steve Smith in the slot competition as well!

    A lot of people seem to forget that we only had a SAM on the field for 30% of the defensive snaps last season. Hayward or Watson will be enough to man that role.

    We need a guy to take up two blockers at NT. Those guys are a dime a dozen. (As are their backups). Teo’Neshiem started for a large part of last season and did fairly well on the league’s number one rush defense.


    I think all of your questions were pretty much answered. We have guys to cover these “holes”. Superstars they are not but most of the positions you speak of have little effect on our team or do not require significant talent.

    I think its time Tim…

    …Just jump on board now before its going too fast to grab on! Next stop is the playoffs!

  29. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Drives me nuts as well but I try not to be a dick about it if I can understand what they meant. With that said, I do think everybody should look their post over once before hitting “submit”. Just common courtesy for the people who you want to read it.

  30. Piratic Says:


    First of all, WTF does “Why not wash your hands until after the draft?” mean?
    Did you leave some key words out of that question?
    I’m thinking that you did.

    Second: Your premise is categorically wrong. A first round pick (ESPECIALLY in a weak draft) is not too much to give up for the best CB in the NFL. Period.
    Even when you factor in the (very likely) third round pick in 2014, the Bucs, by any definition, negotiated a deal that will be hugely beneficial for years to come. Additionally, to declare that the Jets HAD to get something for him is simply ignorant. Players have indeed left via free agency with no compensation to their former team. It HAS happened before, and it will most assuredly happen again.
    -Hell, it happened just last season, did it not?
    As I recall, the Chargers received nothing when Vincent Jackson left; they didn’t even receive any compensatory picks from the League.

    Third: Your use of “sic” is unwarranted. You used the word “your” correctly, as did I.

    Fourth: If you were in the wrong state of mind while authoring your post, then why even bother?

    –Why is it that I should have to decipher your posts?–

    Fifth: “6am this morning” is redundant. Again, your ignorance of the proper use of the English language is readily apparent.

    I’ve lived all over the US, and have worn my Buccaneers colors proudly wherever I’ve been, and during that time I’ve met MANY immigrants whose use of English far exceeds that of the typical JBF poster. We have the best nation on the planet, and yet our citizens can’t seem to be bothered to educate themselves with regard to the ONLY language that they are able to use.
    Remember: South Americans, Europeans, Chinese, et al., are typically fluent in two or more languages.
    So, while other countries are rapidly learning languages that are completely foreign to them, the average American, with only one language to master, has a tough time differentiating “your” from “you’re”, “to” from “too” from “two”, and “their” from “they’re” from “there”, among other fundamentals.

  31. RustyRhino Says:

    Wow, it must be awesome to have the time to spell check/grammar check every post on joebucsfan. And as for most other countries populations learning more than one languages, you do know that China and Russia require that english be taught from the beginning of school for children. In China alone there are 3 different languages spoken. Russia speaks several different languages across their entire country, plus learning to speaking Russian. South american countries mostly speak a version of Spanish or Portuguese and some of the native south american indian mixed in. With that said who are you to be the grammar/spelling police of this or any other website blog posts? Who cares.