With Revis, Bucs To Go Defensive Line On Day 1

April 4th, 2013
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Will Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik target Utah DT Star Lotulelei at No. 13 if the Bucs land Darrelle Revis?

Yes, cornerbacks, or a lack of them, is all the rage with Bucs fans. Joe gets this because he reads the angry comments each day.

If Bucs fans are not pining for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, they are up in arms because troubled Eric Wright remains on the Bucs roster, or they’re cursing at their favorite bartender because the Bucs haven’t signed a corner yet, any corner, even a mummy, just so they can rest easier at night.

Well, when Revis comes, says “The Professor,” John Clayton of BSPN, the Bucs will get more help than just an All-Pro corner.

Clayton is convinced the Bucs will draft a defensive lineman at No. 13.

Q: I have a Tampa Bay question. I’ve been a fan ever since the late John McKay era. What is your gut feeling about Darrelle Revis to the Bucs? Do you think if Tampa doesn’t get Revis it would drop down to get DE Margus Hunt from SMU in the lower part of Round 1? The Bucs spent a long time interviewing him, and if they pick up another second-rounder do you think they would pick two CBs in Round 2 and another DL in Round 3?

George in Alba, Texas

A: I think they will end up getting Revis before the draft. They are the most logical team. They could trade a No. 1 pick and a mid-round pick to get him. They have the cap room to handle a new contract for Revis. It’s a great fit. The Bucs also need help along the defensive line. By keeping the first-round pick this year, the Bucs can get some help at either tackle or defensive end. I’m not sold a trade-down is the answer. Draft the best player possible.

This is interesting, but Joe doesn’t totally agree.

Even with Revis, Joe sees Dominik drafting a corner in the first round, though a defensive lineman at No. 13 wouldn’t knock Joe backwards.

The Bucs’ defensive line is razor thin thanks to the departure of Michael Bennett and Roy Miller, and banking of Da’Quan Bowers to be fully healthy this season and Adrian Clayborn recovering 100 percent from knee surgery is a gamble.

61 Responses to “With Revis, Bucs To Go Defensive Line On Day 1”

  1. SirustheVirus Says:

    I like Sheldon Richardson over Star.

  2. Keith Says:

    This is so stupid from ESPN. The Bucs need multiple corners. That’s what they’re going to draft. You’d have to be an idiot not to see it.

  3. princespanky Says:

    Yes please. Star pushes the pocket wherever he wants and has a tremendous motor for a guy his size.

    I really like Sheldon Richardson too but Star is the better prospect and will have a huge impact on the rest of the line.

  4. flmike Says:

    If we get Revis (big if) and we have Wright on the roster on the cheap, there is no reason to draft a CB at #13, speculation is Milliner and Rhodes will both be gone before we pick at 13, we are in desperate need of DL depth either a DT or a DE, take the best avail at that position, there is no need to reach for a 2nd or 3rd round graded CB in the first, this is a draft where there are value pick CBs deep into rounds 2 & 3.

  5. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    ZERO chance Star is there @ #13 (he’s been cleared medically 100%). Sheldon Richardson or trade down

  6. berserker Says:

    Get the best available cb in in the first to complete a very intimidating backfield. That is if we land Revis. DT in the second that is skilled against the run. We need to land The Honey Badger as soon as we can. I really hope another team doesn’t get him.

  7. princespanky Says:


    I am confident you are right and I would take Richardson also and have no issue with that. After watching his tape he is super quick for a DT and the fact Mizzou played a fast swarming defense should make the adjustment easy. Having McCoy and Richardson in on obvious passing downs should make QB’s seriously nervous.

    I just really covet a guy with the size and athleticism of Star.

  8. Architek Says:

    Trade down.

  9. Rickster Says:

    Yeah I’m with that. I think anything other than Milner would be a reach at CB. Dt in the first CB in the second and third.

  10. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    @PrinceSpanky…would take Star or Sharrif Floyd all day but they are gone….Sheldon Richardson will completely change the D-Line with his quickness. Teams CANNOT block McCoy, Bowers, Clayborn, Richardson for more than 2 seconds

  11. Dan Says:

    I would love that. Revis, a restructured Wright, and Star as our 1st pick. Bring barber back to play Nickel.

    Maybe we can steal Minter in Round 2.

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    As much as I would love Trufant, personally, we can address CB in round 2 and 3. I expect a DL at 13 to push the pocket.

    In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there is a scenario where we trade up a few spots if Star or Floyd are within striking distance.

  13. Snook Says:

    Why does this guy feel the need to mention how long he’s been a fan? Who cares? Its not like anyone is going to accuse you of being a bandwagon fan these days. What a tool.

  14. Sneedy16 Says:

    Would it be possible for the Bucs to draft Richardson in the 1st and trade back in the 1st to get Trufant? Dom has pulled off some good trades in the draft.

  15. Biff Barker Says:

    Sneedy…. I have thought all along that he 4th rounder from NE for Talib will somehow factor into the Bucs first round moves. It sure worked out last year.

  16. Macabee Says:

    Anything could happen in the 1st round and the Bucs seem to be preparing for all cases. Dee Milliner was at One Buc last night.

    We can all have fun speculating what they will do, but my contention is whatever they do will be a big improvement.

    I would think outside of the box on this one. Would Detroit take Wright after restructure and Blount to trade down? I’m not suggesting this is likely to happen. I’m saying expect the unexpected!

  17. Ian P. Says:

    Even if they get Revis, his health is still a question and also his long term durability. Wright would be fine if we can keep him on the field, but he’s a question mark as well. This team desperately needs young CBs for the future and there are three good ones deserving of the 13th pick.

  18. Cannuckbuc Says:

    I think he’s just letting you know how long he has suffered with the team.Why do you have to take a negative spin on this guy?

  19. BrianDorry55 Says:

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if we get Revis, if they’re comfortable with Leonard Johnson and a rookie corner from Rounds 2-4 competing for the other starting spot. They seem to really like Leonard (I think he played well despite some lapses that gave up huge plays). If Revis lands here, I think they will go defensive line…either Loutulelei or Richardson and if both of them are gone (and Sharrif Floyd) they might look at Ansah or Werner if they’re still there or trade back for someone like Margus Hunt or Datone Jones or a falling Trufant or Rhodes. Only other possibility I could see is trading back for Eifert.

  20. Tim Says:

    The CB talent in this year draft is very deep, but none of them are elite. Not one of these guys would go before Kirkpatrick from last year. After D.M. there is a large drop off and anyone who wants to reach for Rhodes or Trufant in the first round let them.

    Take the best DT, OT, or OLB on the board at 13 and take the best corner in the second (if we have our second round pick). Banks should fall there if not there are multiple other corners worthy of the pick.

    If we get Revis, have Wright, and Ronde Returns. We can wait until next year to address corner. Lets not forget we have some decent guys in L.J. and Gorer. Neither are ready to start but with another year under their belts they may be ready for that next step and with Revis on one side the other CB doesnt need to be all that good because we can roll coverage toward them to help.

  21. TB!!allday Says:

    I would love if Star was there at 13. If not I like Richardson but feel he might not fit next to McCoy. However, I am not a coach. So maybe he would fit. I believe another top DT is necessary to take that next step. So that our DL could get to the next level and have a 10+ sack guy. Second and Third round Amerson and Logan!

  22. Biff Barker Says:

    Tim, Good post. Could’nt agree more. BPA CB or DT with the first 3. Wherever we pick. Nothing more than a second this year if we move on Bevis.

  23. Sunny Says:

    IF we can get revis, we can use wright on the other side get star in the first in the 3rd get honey and 2nd I am not sure yet but a DE or TE or Ot would be ideal . . . Btw falcons released clabo would be nice signing to complete our line also add another pro bowl player to our line he he can be had for around 4 million he we can sign clabo than it open s the way to DE in 2nd or trade up back in first and get a player we like

  24. Tampa 2 Says:

    If we get revis and wright comes back barber plays nickel and johnson at dime we dont need a corner at 13. Thats 4 decent corners and 2 stud safeties i can live with that we dont have that kind of depth or talent on the D line.

  25. Sunny Says:

    In the perfect world we trade up in 2nd for Werner . . . Wow that would be sick think about it revis,star, Werner, honey would be a sick draft not happening but would be sick

  26. 4everBucsFan Says:

    If we get Revis, I’m not opposed to selecting one of the three top offensive tackles. Preferably Lane Johnson.

  27. Celly Says:

    To everyone talking about how if we got Revis, “I” would do this is the 1st and that in the 2nd.

    reality check:
    chances are, if we have Revis, most likely we WON’T have a 2nd round pick unless we found a way to trade back up there (most likely involving one of our 4th round picks)

    April 28th can’t come quick enough. All this crazy talk is starting to get to me.

  28. Nate Says:

    I would definitely be cool with them taking Star with their first pick. We HAVE TO get pressure up the middle. If Star is as advertised, pairing him with McCoy would make the middle of our line so strong, I could rush the edge as a DE (and by the way Bowers and Clayborn are no slouches)…They can pick up a corner or two in the 2nd round. I love the Taylor kid out of Boise St. He would be there in the 2nd. If I were dominick, I would try to move up and get 2 2nd round picks and draft 2 CB’s.

    I honestly wouldn’t even mess with Revis… He is going to want top money coming off of an ACL tear. If he signs for less than top money and does well, he will hold out for more money like he’s done before. Revis is a HUGE gamble both monetarily and draft wise. Draft young corners and develop them.

    They do not need to give away this year or next year’s first round pick for Revis. They MAY need next year’s 1st round pick to draft a QB.

  29. Sunny Says:

    Celly the holdup in the revis deal is Dom doesn’t want I give this years pick and I do not see the changing this far in the negotiations second the deal being rumored everywhere has next years first and next years 3(maximum) I highly doubt Dom will give up a first and second this far in to negotiations plus there is no other team that’s wants revis 12-15 million dollar cap number if Dom was going to bend he would have already its up to the jets to bend now and I think it will happen jets much rather get something now then to let him walk away
    Next year with nothing in hand

  30. Bobby Says:

    Star won’t be there so it would have to be Richardson. I don’t think we’ll be doing a lot of trading if we get Revis because it will cost us some picks this year and next. We are going to address DT, bank on that. I look for that in the first round.

  31. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Are we not concerned about Star’s health scare. It would be a shame we draft him and he has a medical relapse and is forced to retire. Everyone of you who keeps saying Star will blame it on Dominik because he should have known because he had pre-draft knowledge of Star’s condition.

  32. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Why do so many Buc fans gravitate toward college players who have some sort of baggage? Star (medical) for awhile it was Jarvis Jones (medical), then it was Manti (too slow, off field issues), then it was Honey badger (too small, drugs, off field issues) Amerson (borderline criminal). What? Do we actually feel sorry for all of them? Is the Statue of Liberty sitting in the front lawn of One Buc Palace? We take your wretched, your criminals. Let’s draft players who are squeaky clean.

  33. Glen Sturdevant Says:

    This is what I’ve been saying for mos. With or without revis unless Milner is there itakes no sense to take a cb at 13. Joe you gotta know that, Rhodes is as far from a Sciano cb as you can be, and trufant who I believe they want isn’t that much better than the guys that will be there at #43. So if star is there I think they ate ecstatic and grab him but if not watch for a trade down with st Louis if tavon Austin is available because they want him and need to get ahead of Carolina. Then it would be a dt or de at 16 basically BPA . Depending on how much they want Trufant they move back in to lower first and get him or they wait on banks and go with him at 43 and then Mathieu in the 3rd. So we go into camp with either revis, wright and 2 nice rookie cbs or just revis and the rookies. I do think that wright is a buc next year unless one the rookies beats him out for a starting spot.

  34. Tony Says:

    I’m shocked so many of you are positive the Bucs will go CB in Rd 1. Rarely is it so obvious what the Bucs are going to do. They will not draft a corner in Rd 1. They will nab Revis and pair him with Wright, with Barber returning as the nickel and Leonard Johnson becoming a VERY solid 4th corner. Once that happens – they are sure to go DL with their 1st round pick to supplement McOy, Bowers, and Clayburn. Clayton is ABSOLUTELY right. .

  35. BirdDoggers Says:

    If Dominik swings a trade for Revis and assuming the 13th overall pick is not part of the trade, the pick will more than likely be a defensive lineman. The draft is deep with corners projected to go in the 2nd and 3rd round. There isn’t much separating all of the corner prospects this year so drafting one 13th overall is a reach. The top of the draft is weak, I would think Dominik would prefer to trade down, add picks and still get a player they covet. If Dominik is successful in trading down, which is purely speculative, I wouldn’t rule out a TE or OT.

  36. Rrsrq Says:

    Marky D. Is not afraid to wheel and deal, here come Dee Miliner to the Bucs

  37. stevek Says:


    Good post, look at the Bengals. They have similar amount of cap room, take chances on character guys, and have been to the playoffs out of the much tougher AFC North for 2 straight years.

    We need to bend a little on player requirements. We need to get better. The Bucs are not in a position to not draft BPA at 13, period.

  38. stevek Says:

    If Tavon Austin is there at #13, he is our guy.

    He will add the speed element to ur offense. Austin would also make Mike Williams, Doug Martin, Vincnent Jackson, and (most importantly) Josh Freeman.

    Austin could be a return man too. He has great hands, good intangibles, and can down right RUN. We would be fortunate to have a chance to land him at the 13th pick.

    With all of that being said, I just hope we take BPA. If for some stupid reason Ezeikel Ansah is there at #13, then we BETTER MAKE THAT DAMN PICK!

    Xavier Rhodes, Desmond Trufant may not be BPA at 13. The Bucs NEED talent, 26 sacks last year as a team will not get it done, especially when 1/3 of that production left in FA (M. Bennett).

    We need SACKS, not just “hurries” or “pressures”. We need to be able to get to the QB consistently and limit the amount of time given back there. We can preach about CBs covering receivers all day, and yes we need upgrades at CB, but it won’t make a difference without being able to consiustently get to the QB and get him on the ground.

  39. stevek Says:

    4everbucs fan,

    We will blame Dominick if another 1st round pick flarres out, it is job to manage the salary cap, and continue to churn out good draft picks (especially in the 1st round).

    So, if Dom chooses to draft Star, and Star is forced to retire, it will be 100% on Dominick.

    Love him, hate him, or neuteral towards Dominick’s tenure as GM, HE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR DRAFT PICKS.

  40. Glen Sturdevant Says:

    Yes they are you don’t reach because then you.just have to.look for another player again. Especially of we get revis then we are sitting with revis and wright as our starters not to shabby, add dline and we are solid.

  41. stevek Says:


    Why are you upset with the Buc fan disclosing how long they have been a fan of the Bucs? That is silly, good for the fan being around since the McKay times, and I am happy for his question and concern.

    Why do people attack another Buc fan’s question only because they disclose how long they have been a fan? What does it matter to you?

    It shows a narrow line of sight from your perspective, and as Mr. T would say: “I pity da fool!”.

  42. Pewter_Power Says:

    The only way the Bucs take a corner at 13 is if Milliner falls to them.

  43. Jacko101 Says:

    @celly you mean April 25 that’s the exciting day.

  44. Mike M Says:

    So, what happened in the meeting between Dom, Schiano, and Wright?

  45. McBuc Says:

    SteveK, just asking, but which first round pick of Dom’s have “flarred out”?

  46. McBuc Says:

    SteveK, here os the list…

    Josh Freeman
    Jerald McCoy
    Adrian Clayborn
    Mark Barron
    Doug Martin

    I do not see the ones you are refering to…

  47. stevek Says:


    Clayborn- one “ok” year

    GMC- One probowl year, and two bad injuries (Stoked he is a Buc, dude can play!)

    Mark Barron- “ok” last year, expect more from him with improved secondary mates and 2nd year.

    Doug Martin- Jackpot!

    Josh Freeman- 50/50 with that guy. He does a lot of good things, but it is impossible to pay him his due when it is inconsistent and sporatic. Which Josh will we get?

    What about:

    Myron Lewis (3rd round could have drafted TE Jimmy Graham)

    Brian Price (#35 pick overall in “deepest draft ever”), Reejus Benn (We failed to draft a good player with the 39th pick in the “deepest draft ever”)

    resigning Trueblood- “because Davin made us” LOL brutal!

    resigning Quincy Black- terribad, hope he recovers ok outside of football

    Nike Nugent, Derrick Ward, Albert Haynesworth….

    Nobody is perfect, last year’s draft was great, but we need some playoffs in 2013!!!!

  48. CC Says:

    Not only is the defensive line razor thin the entire Defense is razor thin.

  49. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe

    “Even with Revis, Joe sees Dominik drafting a corner in the first round”

    I dont get it. I mean you said it yourself ” the bucs are razor thin along the dline.” so if we do get Revis and fill at least one CB position, why would getting a d linemen with the 13th pick not be a logical conclusion? I think it makes perfect sense and agree with the professor on this one. then if we want to further bolster our cornerback position we can draft one in the 2nd and even 3rd rounds.

  50. McBuc Says:

    SteveK…Nice response. I agree on most of it, but I was just talking about the first round. I too hiope we hit it as good this year. Oh, I also agree with you on the fan thing…Look for Clayborn to come into his own this year, and Freeman to figure it out. I beleive the Bucs are on the right track, and all will be fine even in the corner position. I will say thogh, right or wrong the GM takes the heat for draft picks. Even injuries that were not foreseen.

  51. RustyRhino Says:

    So joe its a maybe acl injury will be fine with clayborn but it is assumed that Revis’ s acl injury will be great. Which is it? I read about how acl injures are no big deal with Revis a CB who needs his knees to run and turn and stop. Is it not the same for a DE…

  52. peter king Says:

    wright revis goldson barron…draft 1st star second trufaunt, 3rd hoenybadger….sign clabo right tackle best team in NFL on paper before they all get hurt like usual! nice to see longo’s made it through 2 games unscaved

  53. Andrew 1 Says:

    is Trufant or Rhodes better at their CB position than Star or Richardson at their DT position? No. therefore since we need both a CB and DT we should go with the DT since they are better players at there respective position. assuming of course they fall to us.

  54. Celly Says:

    Jacko101 Says:
    April 4th, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    @celly you mean April 25 that’s the exciting day.

    I know what I said. While its true that the 25th will be the exciting day, the 28th is when all the foolish people can stop talking about what they think will happen (when we all truely have NO IDEA as to what is going on in the war room) and start complaining about how much the person that was piked was the wrong choice…

    …or claiming that was the person they wanted all along…

    …or complaining that this person was a reach…

    et cetera.

  55. Snook Says:


    Because how long he’s been a fan is not relevant to anything.

    I don’t care how long you’ve been a fan. And I’m sure you don’t care how long I’ve been a fan. Right?


  56. tha truth is... Says:

    if we decide not 2 get Revis then I see a scenario where we trade up 4 Milliner. It’s more cost efficient 2 trade draft picks than 2 pay a hefty price 4 uncertainty with Revis´s ACL

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think the top 2, maybe even 3 corners will be off the board before the Bucs pic. We aren’t the only sucky team that needs corners. It doesn’t make sense to reach on another CB at 13. I agree its best player available…. that fits a need. I say D line all the way at 13, mostly DT, whether they get Revis or not. I wouldn’t mind an OT at 13 if the best ones are still on the board, but doubtful. It just makes sense to draft a D lineman in the first. CB’s in the next 2 rounds maybe giving up the Pats’ 4’th to move up at some point. I can also see an OLB pick in the 3’rd in lieu of another CB. I do think the Revis deal will go down but if Dom was going to mortgage the farm, he would have already done it by now.

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    I also don’t believe any of the top 5 CB’s are worthy of top 15 picks, but it will happen. I just hope it isn’t the Bucs picking a CB in the first round.

  59. Ruggyup Says:

    Noted Joe says Bucs have plenty of cap room to buy and pay Revis. Bt itself, having enough scratch to overpay for anything is a stupid reason. Oh! But Revis is worth it? Is he really fully recovered? Is too much the new definition of worth it? Improve the D line, draft any one or two of the best corners available plus a tight end with great hands. Please, spending because you can is the one way road to despair.

  60. stevek Says:


    Ok, but who cares to care about someone disclosing their fanship. I am proud for that fan’s question, comment, and his elevator speech describing his fanship.

    It is your choice to read the comments, and you even put the effort forth to call that guy a “tool” for being a fan since McKay. Why? Who are you to say that.

    Is this site “Snooky’sbucfan.com”? Nope! So, enjoy your freedom of speech, I will enjoy mine, and I question you throwing another fan under the bus because he mentioned how long he was a fan.

    I am sorry you took the fan’s words that way.

  61. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Miliner, Rhodes, Trufant, and Banks are as good, if not better than last years Mo. Claiborne. He was picked 6th with a wonderlic score of 4. Miliner at #7 and Rhodes at #13. If one of the 2 top DT is not there at #13 then take a CB.

    After the top 10 CB …..the rest are just average.