Asking Price Too Steep For Darrelle Revis

April 17th, 2013

Joe knows a large segment of Bucs fans can’t race to a computer quickly enough in the morning, or turn on their smartphone fast enough, to see if the Bucs have landed Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

In a revealing piece typed by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Stroud suggests the asking price for Revis is forcing Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik to balk at a Revis trade.

But the Bucs front office and coach Greg Schiano are in agreement that the Jets’ price is currently too high for Revis, especially due to the lack of suitors and the fact he is coming off surgery to repair a torn ACL. While Revis was cleared to begin running without restriction following an examination of his knee in New York Monday, it is not a trade that can be made on the clock. The Bucs would want several days to have Revis’ injury evaluated. In addition to the draft picks, the Bucs must be prepared to pay Revis about $15-million per year.

Eight days before the NFL dtaft, the Bucs and Jets are in a virtual stare down when it comes to Revis.

Schiano has said he is not afraid to start a rookie cornerback and they could be in position to draft one in the first round. Last year, safety Mark Barron, linebacker Lavonte David and running back Doug Martin combined to start 48 games as rookies.

Joe’s reaction to this? Well, of course!

Look, if Dominik thought Idzik’s asking price for Revis was fair, the trade would already have been consummated. Second, how many weeks has Joe been typing the very same scenario? That Dominik has all the leverage in the world and he is more than willing to enter the 2013 season with Eric Wright and two rookie corners taking most of the snaps.

The Jets need to trade Revis far more than the Bucs need to trade for him. It’s that simple. Therefore, Dominik gets to set the market value for Revis, not Idzik.

26 Responses to “Asking Price Too Steep For Darrelle Revis”

  1. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Agreed 100%. The price for Revis is WAY too high. It would always be nice to have a player of his caliber, but not at an overblown price that will hinder your ability to improve other positions on your team. As I have been saying all along, Please Mr. Dominick, just walk away from this. Because as usual the Jets will find a way to screw it up. So don’t get caught in the backwash.

  2. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I think at this point, if I were in the Bucs front office, I would look at trying to trade up into the top 5 (I’ve read several stories about the Chiefs wanting to trade out of the #1 pick ) and then get Milliner. If the Jets come crawling back before the draft then offer them Blount and the #1 pick this year for Revis and the Jets #2 this year. If they don’t go far that, then walk away and be content with landing the best young CB in the draft this year! The Jets need us more than we need Revis!

  3. NJBucsFan Says:

    Wait….smart phones turn off?

  4. J 2.0 Says:

    I just hope Dominik doesn’t get desperate and succumb to Idzik’s demands.

  5. Rob Says:

    As much as I want a healthy Revis to be the cornerstone of our atrocious secondary, I do not want to give up multiple picks for him. We have to prepare for the worst case scenario like Revis signs, gets a boatload of guaranteed money from the Bucs, and blows out his knee or something else and cannot play. Then, the Bucs are left without whatever other players we could have drafted with the picks we were forced to cough up for Revis and we are really screwed. I say give up one pick, our first rounder in 2013, and nothing else period. Make the J E T S blink. We can bid for Revis next year with everyone else on our terms. Draft the best player available at cornerback or DE/DT with our number one this year, then grab a couple of the cornerbacks available when we pick later or move up to grab someone who falls a bit and is worth giving up picks to move up and snatch like last year with Martin. Screw the Jets and their new GM. Let them pound sand or accept our offer. Go Bucs!

  6. JK Says:

    need to set ultimateum and make it public take it or leave it!

  7. Joe Says:


    Wait….smart phones turn off?

    Indeed. 🙁

  8. Mike Says:

    Lets hope Dominick sticks to his guns and gets Revis in a reasonable deal or not at all.. I’d love it if the Bucs were able to somehow hang on to their #1 pick in 2013 AND get Revis.

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    c’mon bucs, just move on already. this sh!t is getting ridiculous.

    your trade partner doesn’t even know if they want to do a trade, and the player your trying to trade for is not going to agree to your price. theres a reason why no other team is touching this Revis drama with a 10ft pole.

    do the smart thing and look for other options.

  10. Andrew 1 Says:

    Revis is not the be all, end all.

  11. bucfanjeff Says:

    Agree with all of you ^^^^

  12. bucfanjeff Says:

    Check that…don’t agree with Jeagan1999
    I would not trade up for anyone.

  13. Biff Barker Says:

    My oh my! The spin machine is now at redline. Hope this thing goes boom soon!

  14. T in Orlando Says:

    I would love nothing more than the Bucs coming out in the next couple days and say something along the lines of “Our focus for the next week is completely on the draft. Once the draft is complete and we sign the College FAs we’d like to sign, we’ll then assess our roster, and determine if any further additions, either through Free Agency or trade, are needed.”

    We need to walk away and slam the door (with Idzik’s nutz in the door jam) behind us.

  15. JonBuc Says:

    If Milliner is still there at 6 with Cleveland on the clock….a big if with Detroit at 5, I dont think surrendering #13 and our 2nd rounder ( Cleveland is without a 2nd rounder and may be motivated )is unreasonable.

  16. Mike M Says:

    T in Orlando I agree with you 100 percent. This Revis fiasco has been a draftnik’s nightmare. I just can’t see giving up several picks for an obvious distraction with a questionable knee. The draft is about college players and team building, not about one veteran and a shi…..load of money. Revisit after they name “Mr Irrelevant.”

  17. passthebuc Says:

    @Andrew 1
    Thank you. This guy is not the 2nd coming of the Almighty.

  18. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Draft Desmond Trufant and another corner and sign Revis as a free agent next year.

  19. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Unless I am mistaken, the Ravens and the 49ers made it to the big game without Mr. Revis on their roster.

  20. RastaMon Says:

    Joe must be talking about the “Mock Asking Price”… I can tell…there is not even a Jets asking price to talk about….

  21. Mike J Says:

    Wisconsin Bucs fan , the Bucs may wind up with Trufant, & I am no scout, but I am not sure he is a good fit for T.B.. I like Rhodes better but am beginning to think he will be gone. A trade up w/ Cleveland for Milliner is a distinct possibilty.

  22. ryan Says:

    Umm trade back with the 49ers and get there 31st,34th,nd there third round pick for the 13 since they need a nose takle, stat loutellei , and then draft the best cb on the board at 31st , margus hunt with the 34th and with our second round pick try to get dj Hayden or david amerson

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I just love these suggested trades…like the other team will just agree. While I think Dominick may work a trade, it won’t be more than two spots in either direction.

  24. ladyz Says:

    @Jonbuc. You are a salesman’s dream. I bet your wife doesn’t let you shop for cars or other big ticket items. From your value or lack there of, of the 1st & 2nd draft choices, I certainly would not hire you in a leadership position.

  25. JonBuc Says:


    You are correct. Just as you insist on your husband wearing jean shorts to match your denim mumu, I insist on paying ” sticker price”. And just as you reference your Jenny Craig points chart, I use the NFL draft pick value chart which shows that the trade I called reasonable is damn near exact equal value according to the aforementioned chart.

  26. ladyz Says:

    Old saying. “Hit dog always hollers” !