All Eyes Turn To Josh Freeman

April 22nd, 2013

So the Bucs filled a major hole in their roster, cornerback, with one of the game’s best, Darrelle Revis.

Bucs fans have been crying for Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, pleading, begging, for him to do something about one of the worst secondaries mankind ever laid eyes on.

So how did Dominik respond? He acquired arguably the best safety in the NFL in Dashon Goldson and followed that up with Revis. Not a bad one-two punch, eh?

So now, Bucs fans will understandably begin redirected their attention to inconsistent Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman. At times, Freeman makes one’s jaw drop with sick, sick throws, threading needles for six points. Other times, Freeman’s play results in facepalms across the Tampa Bay area.

Defensive holes have been filled, with more help to come via the draft. The offense, well, it will be healthy up front and Freeman has plenty of toys to play with, including two Pro Bowl skill position players and a third on the cusp.

The Bucs are on the verge of maybe playing a game or two in January. For the Bucs to take that next step, so too must Freeman.

31 Responses to “All Eyes Turn To Josh Freeman”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Man, my day was going so well. Great weekend events, and now Josh Freeman. Reality just bit me in the butt. Is it too early to start drinking?

  2. BirdDoggers Says:

    Freeman will be fine if he can limit the interceptions. He doesn’t have to carry the whole team. The defense should be improved enough to give him some breathing room. He should be more comfortable in his second year with the same offense as well.

  3. dannymac Says:

    Sean King is right he should see a sports psychologist. I think sometimes the game gets ahead of Josh. I cant think of how seeing a doctor could possibly hurt. If he could slow things down in his mind and not make mental errors hes a fantastic qb.

  4. stevek Says:

    This season will be the “true” Josh Freeman.

    Can’t wait!

  5. Jacko101 Says:

    Contract year he will be fine, stop hating on Josh.

  6. Macabee Says:

    Come on guys, we’ve got to start looking at the brighter side of things. We’re going to get the same Freeman that we’ve all come to know and some of us love.

    Freeman just has to play as good as he did last year. With Revis and Goldson in the secondary, it’s not a stretch to say we would have won the Giants, first Saints, Eagles, and Redskins games. Any 3 of those would have put us squarely in the playoffs.

    There will be no miracles and we don’t need any. A good secondary will do!

  7. Couch Fan Says:


    I disagree, Free will have to play much better than last year. Im not sure why everybody looks at 4000 yards and thinks he’s played so well when thats the farthest from the truth. He’s non existant during first half of games until the defense softens up during the 2nd half… He’s done it all his career. If he continues this, we wont be a playoff team. You cant win with a QB that only shows up for half a game.

  8. Macabee Says:

    Couch Fan,

    That’s fair, but you didn’t tell me what you disagreed with. Do you disagree with my contention about the making the playoffs last year?

  9. Celly Says:

    couch fan…

    thats how Freeman was when he was being coached by Morris & Co. Last year when he got some real coaching, so many of us fans (assumption) were amazing at how we were able to come out and score on our opening drive…something we seemed inept at doing at all under the previous coaching regime.

    when you’re forced to try to win EVERY game, you’re going to make mistakes. remember, most of Freemans HORRIBLE games came towards the end of the season when he was apparently trying to do too much. now, he will be much more comfortable in the offense AND have confidence that he defense can at least get a stop here or there.


    I’m as big (if not bigger) Bucs fan as there is, but even I (<-capitalized for emphasis, lol) don't believe that we would've won the Giants game. Eli was just ON that day and Nicks was having a field day. some games you just have to give credit to the other offense, and i think that is one of them.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    Glass half full – Freeman stats were 4065 yds 27 TD’s 17 int even WITH bad games. Yes he needs to level out the consistency, but to suggest he got stats when “defense softens up” is crazy talk and untrue.

    I’m very excited to see what he can do in year 2 of the same offense with coaches who, you know…coach.

  11. the_buc_realist Says:

    well i hope that they work on Freeman being able to see both sides of the field.

  12. Free's a Boob Says:

    How much would it cost to buy him a brain?

  13. Free's a Boob Says:

    How much would it cost to buy him a brain?

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I believe in Josh Freeman, and after this year I think more fans will too. There will always be naysayers…those people who will root against him rather than admit they are wrong…but Freeman is the real deal.

    Ironically, the very quarterback mentioned in these comments above, Eli…did not become consistent until his 5th year. In fact, there are several similarities.

    My main concern right now on offense is RT and depth. But the draft is around the corner, along with more free agency.

    I’m patient enough to know there is a lot of time left in this off season.

  15. Patrick Says:

    @bucfanjeff…… forgot the “54% completion percentage” stat

  16. Bobby Says:

    We scored 24.3 pts a game last year. Baltimore won the SB and scored 24.9 pts a game last year. It was about our defense more than our offense. Our defense just got a whole lot better. We are getting Joseph and Nicks back and our offense should only be better. Quit worrying about Freeman. He puts enough points on the board for us to win a lot of games.

  17. Macabee Says:


    That’s why I said just 3 of those 4 would have gotten us into the playoffs!

  18. Couch Fan Says:


    “Freeman just has to play as good as he did last year.”

    Thats the part I disagree with. He will have to play much better than last year.


    So you mean to tell me you think Josh played just as good in the first half of games last year as the 2nd half of games? We must of been watching 2 different teams.

    I will agree that he did better during the first half of games LAST year than in previous years but he is still non existant for the most part and needs to improve right out of the gate. But I see nothing “crazy” or “untrue” about his stats mostly coming from the 2nd half of games. I’ve done the research. Do some for yourself and youll see. But you really dont even need to look at research if you watched the games you can easily see he’s a 2nd half QB mainly when were behind against bad teams.

  19. Bobby C Says:

    Josh is overrated, look at this numbers
    If i told you that your qb threw for 4300 yards, 32tds, 12ints, and had a qb rating of 92.3, would you say thats one of the great qbs of all time. You would be very wrong. Who’s numbers are those, why its the great Scott Mitchell from his great days with the Detroit Lions, 1995. So please dont tell me that we are on the crasp of greatness with Josh, its put up or shut up time. Josh folded at key times last year when the team needed him the most, there is no reason to say he will change. I’m looking for the bucs to win to go 10-6, just like the mighty 1995 detroit lions, but it wont be because of Josh leading this team, it will be because he will be part of this team, we just have to figure out if that is enough to resign him to a big deal at the end of the year.
    By the way Josh’s numbers this past year, 4,065 yards, 27tds, 17ints, and a qb rating of 81.6.

  20. Macabee Says:

    This is a repost of a fan named Miracle that I thought made several good points.

    Everyone keeps harping about consistent. Who are these consistent Qbs out there? Alex Smith?

    Here is a list of names that threw 4 interception games last year
    Josh Freeman
    Tom Brady
    Drew Brees
    Matt Ryan

    Here are some who threw at least 3 ints a game
    Peyton Manning
    Eli Manning

    Joe Flacco, Super Bowl MVP, was known for multiple INT/fumble games. He was never known as the model of consistency

    Who are some recent NFL Hall of Famer QBs that are models of consistency?
    If you look at 2012 stats, Josh Freeman has almost identical numbers to Eli Manning.

    To each his own, but I’d rather have a QB who takes chances and that may make bonehead plays from time to time over a game manager who does just enough to make you want more.
    In my completely worthless opinion, consistency is overrated.

  21. Bobby C Says:

    Hey Mcabee, i would rather have a team who can lead his team, then make bone head decisions when the fire is hot, its nice to put up numbers, im looking for wins, bonehead, IM ONLY LOOKING FOR WINS.

  22. Macabee Says:

    Bobby C,

    My comment is the first sentence, the remainder is a reprint of a fan’s comments from the Article “Davin Joseph is biased for Freeman” Nice try bonehead!

  23. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Free’s a Boob

    It would cost about as much as it would to get you one. (Probably less considering the size difference).


    That is some good company. Definitely some valid points there. A second season in the same system can ONLY help him. That combined with a defense that has the potential to hold on to late leads should produce more wins.

    I am ecstatic about the developments over the weekend! I am really looking forward to the season!

  24. Tye Says:

    Watching JF making the same mental mistakes his last game as many do in their rooky seasons and still being so inconsistent after 55+ games says to me that he will be the Bucs achilles heel…. With the back end of the defense being upgraded, that should improve the defense as a whole so now QB is likely the Bucs “weakest link”!

  25. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    The kid is 24 years old. Regardless of the experience he has he is still VERY young for a starting QB in the NFL.

  26. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Bucs trade back into the bottom of the first round and grab Barkley from USC. He’s pocket passer who can get Mike Sullivan’s offense with no problem.

  27. Capt. Tim Says:

    Freeman had two outside WRs last year. That’s half of a passing game.

    Today’s game requires a TE can able of attacking the ceter of the field. It also requires a RB in the flats/ behind the D-line. Also requires a slot Wr, who attacks the middle of the field on Crossing routes and middle post.

    Freeman had NONE of those. NONE. Clarke is worn out. Stocker can’t get open- and couldn’t catch the ball if he did.

    Underwood has the moves- doesn’t have the hands

    D J ware didn’t impress anyone

    Plus he was missing Nicks and Joseph all season. Zuttah is a good center- but an Ok left guard. Meridith wasn’t horrible- but not good either.

    Get Josh the other half of the passing game he needs, hope the line stays healthy- and he will take us to the playoffs.

    If he doesn’t have the tools he needs. It won’t happen.

    It’s that simple. And it’s sad that some of you don’t understand that we had no players who could attack the middle of the field.

    If you have no basic understanding of the games simplest concepts- then refrain from critiquing our QB


  28. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Buc Fan South Tampa

    That isn’t going to happen.

  29. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    @Capt. Tim

    For the amount that we use a slot WR Steve Smith, Tiquan Underwood, or Kevin Ogletree will be fine. I wouldn’t mind a decent blocking TE that can go over the middle once in awhile. With our offense from last year we were number one for 4-6 weeks. (Can’t remember the exact number.)

    I am not saying our offense wouldn’t be better with a game-changing TE or slot WR. Simply that it is not necessary for this offense to reach it’s expected potential.

    With guys like Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams lining up on the outside it should be fairly easy for anyone on the roster to get open over the middle. We also have the Dougernaut to keep them honest.

    Every part of the team could be better. There has to be weak points somewhere on our team. If that’s only the slot WR and a TE on offense then I think we are doing pretty damn good.

  30. Bobby Says:

    Anyone stop to think that just MAYBE having Joseph and Nicks go down last year may have hurt Freeman a little?? Think getting them back might help him some… and Doug Martin too? We’re adding 4 pro bowlers to the team in Nicks, Joseph, Goldson and Revis. Along with McCoy, Jackson, and Martin that’s 7 pro bowlers on the Bucs! In my opinion Lavonte David had a pro bowl year last year also. If Mark Barron steps his game up we could easily have 8-10 pro bowlers on this team. How great would that be! I think we are ready to make some noise this year. The Bucs are back and ready to play into January.

  31. jarrett Says:

    Couchfan is the artist formerly known as prbucsfan, Tim is right about not having someone to attack the middle. I really wouldnt mind using vjax more in the slot, We used this with alot of success last year the few times we did it. I also think tiquan would be better off a deep threat guy. He looks like a fish out of water in the slot, but he has a knack for getting deep on people.