Stephen A. Smith Angry Over Revis Issue

March 15th, 2013

Screamin’ Stephen A. Smith can be found hollering about the Jets bungling trading cornerback Darrelle Revis to the Bucs in this BSPN video.

10 Responses to “Stephen A. Smith Angry Over Revis Issue”

  1. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Personally, I don’t care for Stephen A Smith and his backward rants.

  2. Terraj Says:

    Joe, ur better than this. You publish a basketball analyst’s opinion of a football topic, really? Who cares what an NBA guy thinks of something related to the NFL. ESPECIALLY a New Yorker who just likes to hear himself talk….Im waiting for you to let us know Berry Melrose’s opinion on this too.

  3. BullDog Says:

    Such a mouth on a wee little man. He can kiss this Buc fans arse. Makes me happy the Jests are such a sound franchise..lmfao

  4. Pablo Escobar Says:

    I’m angry that those two have a program on television.

  5. pick6 Says:

    haven’t paid attention to a word spoken by Stephen A Smith ever, until today. now i know why

  6. pick6 Says:

    i don’t know why the jets wouldn’t PREFER the 2014 1st round pick. you’re going nowhere this year, the QBs are all sub-par, and you’ve got a coach who will almost certainly be fired when you look at the roster he has been stuck with. why not stockpile next year so you can maneuver for the best QB available for the head coach you are committed to long term? what better recruiting tool than a boatload of cap space and some premier draft picks?

  7. Pete 422 Says:

    steven A smith takes himself WAY too seriously. I don’t care what he thinks.

  8. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I don’t understand all this hate for Stephen A. Smith. What he siad is EXACTLY ON POINT. Our sencondary is putrid. Other than Mark Barron and now Goldson, our secondary blows dog! Yes including old man Barber, he’s not the player he once was at all and imo should retire. The rest of our corners COULDN’T and WOULDN’T start on any other team in the NFL. You’re all just pissed because you don’t like the fact that spoke the truth. The fact of the matter is that Darrelle Revis is the BEST corner back in the NFL right now, yes better then that Whoopi Goldberg look alike Richard Sherman. So the Jets demanding a 1st round pick for him isn’t so far fetched. Now if Dummynik and the moron twins ( the Glazer boys ) don’t want to give that up for him, thats on them. I look at it this way, what player could the Bucs draft with that 13th overall pick that would come in start immediately and be an impact player on our defense more so than Revis ?? Anyone ?
    Look our achilles heel last year was our secondary, for crying out loud they set a record for the most yards allowed through the air! So whats wrong with going out there and getting the best shot down corner in the league. He’s worth the first round pick. Of course this is ONLY after he’s been given a physical with the Bucs doctors and has been cleared that he’s going to be 100% and also after Darrelle agrees to a long term contract with the Bucs.
    I’m sick and tired of this rebuilding CRAP! It’s been going on now for 3-4 years and I’m over it. They’ve gone out there and “built through the draft” for 3-4 years straight. Last year was beautiful when they went out there and got V.Jack, and C.Nicks. Now it’s time for them to make a big splash on defense in free agency, and signing just Deshon Goldson isn’t a big enough spalsh. That’s more like a ripple.

  9. Mike J Says:

    pewterpirate99, that’s all dependent on whether the ACL is 100%, which we do not know.& don’t forget, the Jets REALLY need to get out from beneath that contract. This affects their bargaining position.

  10. Lovethepewter Says:

    Get out of here. Who else do we have in our secondary? Go draft Desmond Trufant and Johnthan Banks in the first two rounds, problem solved. I’d rather do that than go give the first round pick this year to the jets for Revis. Stick to your guns mark!!! Don’t buy this crap that they have leverage…go let Revis hit the market and get nothing in return for him haha…NY is such a joke.