Mark Dominik Isn’t Going Anywhere

March 18th, 2013


Based on how much Joe has been bombarded with e-mails and Twitter messages, Joe knows Bucs fans are in an uproar over what has transpired last week with their beloved team.

While Bucs fans universally stood and applauded Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik’s prowess landing free agent safety Dashon Goldson, there are still so many holes in the Bucs defense, Norv Turner’s acne springs to mind.

Gone is starting left defensive end Michael Bennett.

Gone is starting nose tackle Roy Miller.

Gone is starting strongside linebacker Quincy Black.

And don’t get Joe started on the cornerbacks. It’s a frightening thought.

Now one main reason Bucs fans are up in arms with their team is, in their perception, the lack of movement in acquiring Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. So unnerved are Bucs fans, one actually asked Joe if Team Glazer would sack Dominik if he cannot get Revis.

Joe’s answer? Not just no, but hell no!

Look, this is the NFL we are discussing here, not fantasy football where you can just click on a button to accept a trade. Joe was mocked when he (correctly) surmised that when Jets general manager John Idzik was in Tuscaloosa for Alabama’s Pro Day, that there would be no trade movement. There is just no way Idzik was going to move his best player and Jets owner Woody Johnson’s pet player while Idzik was up to his elbows in barbecue at Dreamland sitting in some backroom booth.

For the Bucs to make a deal on Revis, a contract extension will have to be worked out. Not even Vinny Cerrato is stupid enough to trade potentially a first round pick to have a guy for five months and watch him bolt for free agency.

To date, the Jets have stonewalled Dominik. They have not granted Dominik permission to talk to Revis’ agents. You can’t negotiate a contract if you can’t talk to the agent(s).

Then, there is this little nugget from Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. If the Jets trade Revis before June 1, the team gets hammered with an ugly salary cap hit.

If the Jets trade Revis before June 1, they’ll be hit with a $13 million cap charge, but he’ll be off the books next season.

Right there is why you see the Jets strong-arming Dominik. That’s a major penalty on a team that is looking for cap room as it is.

For that reason alone, Joe doesn’t expect any transaction on Revis being completed for a couple of months.

Now Dominik, who is at the NFL owners meetings this week in Arizona, as is Idzik, may work out the parameters of a trade this week, which would enable both teams to pull the trigger after June 1. That could very well happen.

But for Bucs fans who are cursing at their bartenders and kicking their dogs because Dominik hasn’t landed Revis yet, brace yourselves. If it happens, it may not be for a while.

And no, Dominik will not lose his job over where Revis plays this fall.

UPDATE: Per @NFLosophy, who is a former NFL front office type, “If [Revis is] traded before June 1, Jets eat $12 million in dead money for 2013. If after [June 1], it’s a $3 million charge for 2014.

41 Responses to “Mark Dominik Isn’t Going Anywhere”

  1. the_buc_realist Says:

    He will lose his job if he finishes 4th in the division for a fourth time. Fans need to be more outraged about his whole tenure, not just of whether he cant sign a corner or not.

  2. mark2001 Says:

    True Joe. It is silly to say this is all about Revis. But it is about improving the team. We have signed one substantial player. The others weren’t starters, or were marginal starters on their own teams. The Glazers have a right to do whatever they want with the organization. They own the team, and can sell it and move on if they wish. It is an investment to them. It is about their wallets. Players can stay or play here…where ever they get paid. It is about their wallets.

    Fans have the right as to whether they want to spend their money on game attendance or NFL viewing packages. And when they believe the product on the field, or the ability of the organization is of sufficient talent to invest their time, resources, and emotions in, they will. Obviously many felt that wasn’t the case last year. And unless fans see something beyond what they have seen so far in free agency, and a normal draft, that won’t change.

  3. astrobuc Says:

    Mark Dominik is a rockstar. I hope we can sign jim to an extension.

  4. Capt. Tim Says:

    As the two previous posters have stated- Revis isn’t the core of the desention.
    We have lost 3 starters(so far) and signed two bench Warmers. We signed a great player- but in an area where we weren’t desperate for upgrade. We had Barron and Barber, with Black and Tandy in the wings. Much better than CB, where Wright, Biggers, Lewis, Gorrer, Gaitor, etc, should all be replaced- and are far below NFL standards( before any clueless poster runs to there defense- look at how badly they have ranked).

    After 5 years of “the Plan”, we still have holes on O-line. Still no TE. Still must rebuild D-line. Still need Sam LB. and have a historical bad secondary.

    The Glazers may retain Mark Dominick until the crack of Dawn. My guess? If he fields another team, that has absolutely patheticly glaring weaknesses- he’ll be calling Bruce Allen for a job next January

  5. mark2001 Says:

    One and a half or two out of three big money FA signings (the later assuming Nicks can stay healthy), and having seemed to have had one superior draft in 5 years does not a good team make. Nor does it make an excellent GM. It is especially true when we had a high complement of high draft picks over those years. Now maybe it was a slow learning process with a young GM. The past aside, if this team makes real progress and makes the playoffs this year, I think he is safe. If we finish behind an improved looking Falcons and Saints (they got the band back together), and we don’t look competitive against them in the process, I think he is in trouble.

  6. CC Says:

    After 5 years of “the Plan”, we still have holes on O-line. Still no TE. Still must rebuild D-line. Still need Sam LB. and have a historical bad secondary.

    Perefectly stated. these are facts that can not be disputed. If they are going to rely on the draft to fill these needs we are looking at another season without making the playoffs.

  7. FlBoy84 Says:

    Not going to get into a bit*#ing and moaning contest with everyone else, and I’m not concerned at all by the loss of Bennett and Miller as they’re both replaceable. For a little change of pace from all the negativity, and it’s actually a very interesting article, check out the article on the change in front-office policy over at the blog. Hope you don’t mind me propping a fellow blog Joe, it’s just an interesting read that I thought a lot of people might enjoy. I’m sure some will come back and start bit*#ing and moaning about it as well though. 🙂


    I would have fired him after he resigned Michael Clayton. Not only was that loser a huge bust, but he blamed Gruden for his poor performance as soon as Gruden was fired. Then he tricks Dumbinick into making him 10 mil richer, and makes comments like “the check is already in the bank.” Thanks for paying a POS a-hole Mark.

  9. FlBoy84 Says:

    Clayton’s such a POS (which would be hard to argue) that you make him your user name (which makes no sense). OK then.

  10. Tbuc Says:

    Dom should be fired for not putting together a winning roster. If the Bucs don’t finish with a winning record in 2013.

  11. Tbuc Says:

    Fans seem to forget this is Dom’s 5th year as GM with one winning season. The rebuilding needs to stop and we need to see some results.

  12. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    The Rock Star happily admits that he doesn’t go on the road to watch prospects. THAT needs to CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. the_buc_realist Says:

    how about the offensive coordinator that could not call plays and had a 3 page playbook. what did they talk about during the interview. I could list the Pop-stars mistakes But i think Joe’s website would crash from the size of the list.

  14. Macabee Says:

    GMs that lose their jobs are those that spend all the money and still lose. Dominik has not performed well on the field, but he has been magnificent at managing the Glazers wallet. He is not going anywhere soon!

  15. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    The problem is not the lack of Revis. I would not pursue the guy unless it made sense (either less money or lesser picks). The problem is the lack of movement. This team has many holes to fill, both for starters and for reserves. The players have been out there, and are getting scooped up by teams with supposedly lesser talented front offices.

    Joe, would you say there would ever be a point when you change your opinion of Dominik? It seems like you stick with him like he sticks with his draft picks. Is there a move (or lack of one) that would change your opinion, or are you down with him regardless? Just curious

  16. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    I am really beginning to think that our current CBs aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be. Keep in mind that it did not sound as if our DBs were being “coached up” at all last season by the now jettisoned coach Ron Cooper.

    Am I totally off my rocker here?

  17. Dave Says:

    He has been one o the brightst upandcoming GMs. The Bucs woud be stupid to let him go… even if a bunch of igorant fans who rade in fantasy wrld want it to happen.

    He would, and SHOUD, quell some of he uproar by signinga CB SOON. If they plan on Revis and rookie, fine, but they still need more CB depth

  18. Joshmarr Says:

    “there are still so many holes in the Bucs defense, Norv Turner’s acne springs to mind”


  19. Illuminati Says:

    I don’t think the June 1 salary cap thing would prevent a Revis deal from happening sooner rather than later. Sure, if they trade him before June 1 they take his full $13 mil cap charge, but then they’re done. If they trade him after that, they still take a $5 mil charge this year, and then another $9 mil hit the next season. It just depends how they want to spread the cap hit around – $13 mil this year, or $14 mil between this and next year.

  20. Adam Says:

    There is no PLAN.

    Only a bad GM builds a D-line that goes from worst-to-first against the run and then dismantles 3/7ths of it in free agency… and NONE of the guys were bank-breakers.

  21. bucs911 Says:

    Mr Dominick, Why aren’t you pursuing Asomugha? Or are you? I don’t like this waiting game, seems like the longer we wait greater the chance other teams can work deals.

  22. BullDog Says:

    So on top of the all the eggs in one basket drive , there’s a great chance it won’t get done. And if it does , the Bucs can’t get that broken basket to evaluate and repair until AFTER June 1st. Awesome news. At least for Wright who gets to hang around and watch his opportunities dry up at CB like the Bucs. Seems fair to me.

  23. MadMax Says:

    What a tasty little morsel…..Damn good find Joe!!

  24. FlBoy84 Says:


    Agree that our current CB’s are tough to gauge, because as bad as they looked during the season, they showed signs of improvement in the last game of the season. Have read that Schiano took over coaching the DB’s for that last week, but not sure if that was true or not. If it was, then it could stand to reason that they should improve with better coaching, having another off-season under their belt and maybe a tweak to the defensively philosophy as well.

  25. Fatmosh Says:

    “Still have holes on the O-Line”

    Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you people? Seriously, THE O-LINE HAS HOLES?!?? We have arguably the best O-Line we have EVER HAD. The only position you could aruge has a ‘hole’ is RT.

    The guy just had one of the best drafts in Bucs history last year. He drafted McCoy, the Pro Bowler. Sure, he’s had some misses, but so has every other GM in the league.

    I mean, seriously, compare our last four drafts against every other team and I think you’ll see we’re doing alright. Dominik is NOT the problem.

    The ONLY reason this team isn’t a playoff team is because of the QB. If Freeman plays like he did in 2010 in 2013, this is a playoff team. 90% of playoff teams have very good QBs, that’s just the way it is. If Freeman plays better, we’ll make the playoffs and then everyone will think both Schiano and Dominik are geniuses.

  26. Capt. Tim Says:

    Thanks CC. We are 5 years in, and due to weak drafting- still have entire units that are below NFL standards.

    We are forced to be very active in Free agency, due to weak drafting.

    We could have had leverage in the Revis negociations, if we had signed one ( badly needed) CB. We needed two. Having one “in the fold”, would have given us an advantage. Now, we are desperate to secure Revis’s services. NOT the way to go to negotiating table.

    Name one unit on this team, that has all starters in place, and has quality depth. Just one

    That is unacceptable , after 5 years of “The Plan”

  27. thegregwitul Says:

    I think the Jets would actually prefer to trade Revis before June 1st if they end up trading him at all. Take the full cap charge this season, it’s not as if they are signing any major free agents. I have to think New York is expecting to rebuild and wants as many draft picks as possible, especially to use as ammo to trade up for a QB in the next draft (assuming they don’t land the #1 overall pick, which is possible). Sanchez will be allowed to compete with the other four or five backup QB’s on the roster and will be given one last audition come the start of this season, and then he’s also likely out the door after 2013.

    I hope something gets done this week during the meetings. I just want this story to come to an end so we can get a more clear idea as to what the Bucs will do with their corner situation.

  28. Fatmosh Says:

    P.S. Joe: The 13M hit on June 1st could be a good thing or a bad thing. Remember, the Jets are going to take this 13M hit regardless. The question is, when? If May rolls around and the Jets have 13M+ in cap space available, it might be in their best interest to eat the hit now instead of having it affect the 2014 cap as well. It all depends on how much they have available.

    According to this report from yesterday, the Jets currently have 13.1M in cap space available…without signing their draft picks:

  29. Joc Says:

    He. Should just lose his job as a talent evaluator. He is an administrator

  30. Capt. Tim Says:

    Fat mosh-

    Yup best line ever, except. . .

    Everything is wonderful. Dom’s done a fabulous job. That’s why we are fixtures at the bottom of the NFC south

    You do understand that the object of football is to win- right?

    The Falcons, Saints,Patriots, 49ers, Ravens, Steelers, and a few others have done a “good job”. Always competitive, always in the playoff hunt. Always field competitive teams.

    We have fielded an inferior team, that hasn’t seen the playoffs in years

    Why should guys like you and I have to make excuses for why this team isn’t winning. I do it too. This team trains us to excuse mediocrity.

    I’m done. If Dom can’t built a “lasting contender”, no more free passes. Lets hire some one who can. Enough is enough

  31. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    CC Says
    “After 5 years of “the Plan”, we still have holes on O-line. Still no TE. Still must rebuild D-line. Still need Sam LB. and have a historical bad secondary.”

    Actually, I view things differently. We have two TEs…Stocker is a keeper. He improved dramatically last season. I think this season he will improve even more. Mind you…I’m not saying he is a fantastic player…yet…but he is improving. And we also signed the newer guy. Tight End doesn’t have to be superstar caliber.

    I don’t understand why you think we need to rebuild the Defensive Line. We have Clayborn on one side, Bowers on the other (and he is healthy) and GMC in the middle. I never felt Miller was great…just barely acceptable. All we need is one player and depth on the D-Line. That’s not rebuilding.

    I agree we need Sam LB and CBs…but they are coming. Draft hasn’t even happened yet. I could see us Resigning Biggers, maybe Wright (to a lower deal; or cutting him later), and drafting DT, CB & LB in the first three rounds. Positions addressed.

    Biggers had his issues early on…but Schiano actually is pulling more effort from him. Even Ronde wasn’t great in the beginning. He’s worth another year of development. And although the fans are down on Wright…let’s think about what he’s actually done to deserve it. He failed his first drug test and he cost too much. The suspension is behind him and the contract can be redone. With another out for next year if needed.

    ALL issues addressed.

    Not saying it will go down that way, but it is one possibility.

  32. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Capt. Tim, I agree Dominick should be on the hotseat…but I don’t think he should fired just yet. We ARE rebuilding to last. Even though it has been 5 years, the key players the rebuild are based on are Freeman and GMC. GMC was injured 2 seasons…that’s a delay. Freeman came in so young he is only now around the age of most QB rookies.

    And then, of course…the Raheem years. I believe the Glazers forced that hire on Mark Dominick…which is why he’s been given more time. I think they promised Raheem a HC position if he came back to coach the secondary years ago…and making him HC was the fulfillment of their word.

    If you think about it like that, it explains why they are so patient with Mark.

    So the question is…is 2-3 years enough time to rebuild? I many cases…yes. So he does deserve the hot seat…maybe another year or so.

    Personally, I like Mark Dominick and the job he’s been doing. The first couple years were rough…but he also had orders not to spend.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I wonder…what are the chances the Jets end up releasing Revis before June 1st if no deal happens?

  34. Dan Says:

    Rock Star? It really puzzles me how someone with such a terrible history of managing our team has such a nickname. Cmon Bucs fans demand more out of your teams leaders. Its not ok to run our beloved franchise in the ground. We are BUCS fans and we deserve better.

  35. Patrick Says:

    Here’s how you guys should look at this.

    Dominick has been here for 4 seasons already.

    Every offseason, why is it that we always have numerous holes ALL over the roster? Why is it that we always are deprived of depth?

    Oh yeah, because he’s a piss poor GM that’s led us to three 4th place finishes and zero playoff appearances. That’s a failure of a tenure right there.

  36. Capt. Tim Says:

    Dan- that’s what I’m saying!

    Buccaneer bonzi- you like sticker, and think he’s a keeper. Why. Even Dom has said TE is a big priority. Sticker is a bust. He can’t catch. If he could, they wouldn’t have scrambled to find a starter, Stocker should have been the starter. Instead, Clarke is forced to start- and he is so old and used up, he doesn’t block at all at this point. Just like sticker.

    We at set at D-line? Clayborn played eel his rookie season, then suffered a terrible knee injury. Will he be the same? Bowers? I’m a bowers Dan- dying to see him play! But just potential right now. He hasn’t even come close to playing a full NFL season! Much less as a Starter! Why do think he suddenly can now? That’s a big bunch of wishful thinking. Not to mention that he may well be in prison.

    Who’s Bowers Backup? Clayborn’s? McCoy’s? Who is our starting Nosetackle? Who is his backup?

    Now , who’s the starting Sam backer?

    And before you say the draft will fix it all- we need 4 CBs, A RT, A slot Wr, 2 Des, 3Dts, a Sam Lb. plus a backup Qb, and depth everywhere.

    No wonder you like Dom, and feel so good about everything.

    How could it be better?

  37. Capt. Tim Says:

    Damn phone!! “Stocker”, not sticker. “We’ll”, not eel

  38. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Give Dominik a contract extension. He’s the best damn GM this organization has ever had. Period.

  39. Joe Says:


    Adding an update shortly.

  40. lightningbuc Says:


    Are you serious? Ever hear of Rich McKay?

  41. Dave Says:

    The problem in my opinion is the fans. Not of the Bucs, every team. There used to be a process of building a team that took 5 years to do CORRECTLY. Now, fans want instant fixes. That means sign a bunch of free agents get good quickly and then when they are too old and over payed within 2-3 years, the fan base screams and biotches again.
    It is all part of the ADHD generation and the way the whole nation has become.
    DOM has done superb according to everybody out there. Every draft the last 3 years and the free agent signings have all gotten great grades and have been great “value”. Of course it does not matter until after 3-4 years to se how it pans out and when it does not and it shows how wrong almost all the “experts” are, it just shows you how much of a crap shoot it all is.

    Personally, I think Dom is doing fantastic. Many of you fans think they should have a pro-bowler at every position. Some of you are talking about “holes” on the O-LINE? Really? They need a RT. A blue chip 2-4 million per type player or even a 4th round or higher rookie. That is it.

    What they really need is a DE and some CBs and depth.
    Other than that, stay healthy and watch Freeman blossom with his first full back to back seasons with the same OC and offense.

    Got news for you though, if Freeman fails, DOM will get another couple years to develop a new QB with Schiano