Dominik Ruled By “Disciplined” Approach

March 19th, 2013

Obviously, the Bucs’ offseason is hardly a finished product (thank goodness). It’s satisfying to freak out about the moves/non-moves, but an ultimate assessment wouldn’t be fair at this point. Though Joe understands those who say, ‘What the hell is rockstar general manager Mark Dominik doing?’

Heck, Joe’s asked that question when it comes to the exits of Michael Bennett and Roy Miller.

Yesterday, Dominik offered an explanation to Rick Stroud, of the Tampa Bay Times. It seems the loss of Bennett and Miller came down to sticking to a financial plan.

Going, going: Dominik lamented the loss of DT Roy Miller to Jacksonville and DE Michael Bennett to Seattle, but said they exceeded the value the Bucs had on them in an allocation system.

“Roy is a good defensive tackle,” Dominik said. “He played well for us. The market is what it is. The same with Michael Bennett. We have limits with what we can do. We have a value on every player. When you get more disciplined in doing that, you don’t get to sign a player back because someone values him more.”

Now Stroud’s use of the word “lamented” seems over the top. Here’s the definition. Joe finds it difficult to believe Dominik is saddened by the loss of players he let walk away. Both Bennett and Miller were clear in their desires to remain Buccaneers for many weeks following the 2012 regular season.

As for this player-value/discipline thing, Joe gets the concept, but there’s a load of gray area there. Even the average fan knew Dominik overpaid for Eric Wright and Quincy Black immediately upon their signings.

Some players are worth overpaying because of their specific value to a team and a scheme. A “custom-built” for the Bucs nose tackle for $2 million and change a season comes to mind.

25 Responses to “Dominik Ruled By “Disciplined” Approach”

  1. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    Hey Mark!!!!!!! Yeah….because we don’t need depth either!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Stay disciplined and keep your #13 pick.

    Of course if we do get Revis, and keep\restructure Wright..can Joe call them – Revis and Butthead?

  3. @MikeInTampa2 Says:

    …..and keep drafting injured players!!!!!!!!!

  4. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Dom is learning from his mistakes….Wright…..but there is a grey area…..being 20% off on 10 mil is one thing & being 20% off on 2 mil is another.
    I think we should have kept Roy Miller. I’m ok with letting Bennett walk.
    You can overpay (Goldson) for a great player and still be right to sign them. But, overpaying for mediocre will kill you every time.

  5. KMAC1322 Says:

    Sometimes you have to go outside the gameplan and take a risk on players especially when there is no one else to pick up….What is a players worth if there is no one better or equal to sign and you are about to lose them? This is a lame excuse in my opinion.

  6. flmike Says:

    About Roy Miller, we can get pretty much any fat guy to occupy two blockers, look at Terrance Cody in Baltimore, what we need form that spot is production as well, and Miller just didn’t have the talent to take it to the next level. Sometimes the best signings are the ones that don’t get done.

  7. Macabee Says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about the word “lamented”. Sounds like they thought the market was going to be higher and it wasn’t. So, in effect, they missed on two players that could have helped.

    I wish he would have said because we have better options (a plan) and you will be happy with the end product.

    I will remain loyal because I am a diehard Buc fan, but at this point I only hope that all’s well that ends well.

  8. Macabee Says:

    This is probably an unfair statement at this point, but “disciplined approach” sounds eerily like “toes on the line”!

    Macabee should learn to be quiet when he’s upset! (self flagellation)!

  9. Tbuc Says:

    This may be the longest rebuilding project in the NFL since the Browns re entered the league. Dom is a joke.

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    When Dominik over-spends he’s a dumbass, when he chooses not to over-spend he’s a dumbass. Which is it going to be tomorrow?

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    i am surprised all the fans are killing Dominik yet Schiano gets a free pass. The same fans say Schiano is in charge not Dominik. Which is it???

    Revis and butthead works for me.

    I think they end up with Revis and Grimes and draft DL and hopefully snag Trufant in draft. I hope Wright is gone but at least Dominick/Schiano have leverage

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, I guess Michael Clayton was signed using a “Disciplined Approach” ?
    Dom can sugar coat it all he wants, but the fact is we just lost our best pass rusher, for peanuts!

  13. the_buc_realist Says:

    Don’t worry sheep, we can lose without these players!

  14. Que589 Says:

    I’m good with the player-value concept, being disciplined and sticking to it when making decisions on role players. You don’t overpay for sake of roster depth

  15. Que589 Says:


    Will Dominik get an opportunity to grow as a GM and learn from past mistakes or are posters going to continue to crush him for poor decisions he made his first couple of yrs as a GM? The man has made mistakes like all GMs but to me it looks like he’s learning from them

  16. Thibs5599 Says:

    I agree with you, Dom has had made plenty of mistakes throughout his young career. Has he made some bone headed signings in the past sure, could the Bucs spared 7 million to retain Bennett and Miller, most definitely. Overall he has done a good job. Loosing Miller won’t be that big of a deal, he offered Zero against the pass and was a solid starter against the run. Bennett is a big loss but if Bowers/Clayborn/Teo stay healthy we should be fine. Dom’s successful draft picks, free agent signings, and trades outweigh his bad decisions. I think him and Schiano clearly have plan, lets wait a few more weeks until we call this free agency a fail. We already got Goldson and I am pretty sure Ronde is going to come back, sort of be a jack of all trades player and play some buckle back and safety.

  17. Capt. Tim Says:

    So, in Dom’s schedule of Values- a safety is worth 6 mil a year( Goldson), but our starting nose tackle isn’t worth 2 mil?

    Aren’t D-line the high dollar expensive items? Not friggin safeties?

    It’s amazing how often this “plan” changes. First- no free agents. We build thru the draft, a keep our guys! Period.

    Then, it’s ” we build a core thru the draft, and add just a few free agents- at key spots, to get us in the playoffs. But no matter what- we will resign our guys that perform well!!! Period!!

    So what is it now? We will overpay for position that aren’t really areas of need. But we will not pay market value toour our guys that perform well( top run defense/leader in sacks), because there is a grocery store if cheaper free agent out there!! We don’t our guys. Period!!

    I think that Schiano and Dom are gonna unleash a new defense on the league.
    Since Dom can’t draft( or keep) D-linemen or cornerbacks( Myron Lewis? Eric Wright?), I believe they are going to play with only Linebackers and safeties. Don’t put anyone on the line. Stay back 10 yards, and whoever crosses the line with the ball- everybody knock the heck out of them!

    Can’t be anymore embarrassing that last years secondary.

  18. Eric Says:

    Dominik has had some successes in the draft, with Williams, Martin, David, and I suppose McCoy. Others may prove to be good too.

    Of course he swung and missed on Price, Benn, Miller, etc, and jury still out on Free. Winslow was a fiasco. Ward, Clayton, etc.

    But as far as understanding how to build an overall team…………horrific failure. He gets all keyed up on one area and saturates it. He may do that with corners this year.

    Schiano in control cant be any worse, but I dont see his resume as having any experience building an NFL roster……… couldnt build a roster to win Big East.

  19. teacherman777 Says:

    Picking McCoy and Price couldve been great!

    Price just got a freak injury.

    Clayborne and Bowers are gonna have their year to shine. nice combo picks. Risky, but worth the risk.

    Barron, Martin, and David were 3 great picks.

    Yes, he has made some bad moves and picks.

    But overall, compared to other GM’s.

    I think Dom is in the top 10 at this point.

    EJ Biggers- nice 7th round pick
    Blount-nice UDFA
    Mike Bennet-great UDFA
    Donald Penn-nice UDFA
    Mike Williams – great 4th round pick
    Zuttah-nice pick

    Benn and Myron Lewis are two diva biotches. Too bad Schiano wasnt around then. He wouldve seen through them.

    Nowadays? Only hars workers will come to Tampa! I guarantee that!
    We have to keep a balanced perspective. He has been hot and cold. But I like the approach. This next draft will be make or break.

  20. Capt. Tim Says:

    Eric- he won the pinstripe bowl! How much more qualified can you get?

  21. Patrick Says:

    Dominick has a real knack for rewarding losers with huge paydays, but when it comes to the productive players he lets them leave!

    I have a bad gut feeling that Dominick is saving cap room to give Freeman a huge contract this offseason. I mean, would you be surprised at all if he did??!! I wouldn’t!

  22. Insider knows Says:

    I can tell you all that Dom is a bold faced liar he tried to lowball Roy Miller and then backed out of the original lowball bid after two days into free agency
    You will not be able to find anywhere a guy who is willing to sacrifice his own stats, body, and career as Roy Miller did in Tampa. This guy had all the defensive pieces in place to be a contender, and for 3 mill a year you dont sign him back. that makes absolutely no sense.
    who played when GMC was hurt, how about when Price could follow directions, or how about when Albert gave half effort. who fought thru injury to stay when Price was hurt and clearly killing the team with his 60% effort and everyone looked the other way
    3 Mill a year was peanuts

  23. Insider knows Says:

    @ Capt. Tim….. Not only could he not drop 2 mill to keep Miller, He offered Miller 2mill and then backed out on that deal……offered 1.75. A guy has to have m,ore restect than that in his locker room. the average salary for a starting NT is 4-6 mill a year Miller only asked for 3 and they couldnt meet anywhere bewteen 2-3 Bucs ur GM is a loser. u tell a guy how ya love him and what a great job is has done for you and look at how you have kept the heat GMC we are greatful for that but we want you to feel like lesss than appreciated with you salary .

  24. lurker Says:

    they sign our own guys who are worth it…

    he has made mistakes in the past, and realizes it. it is nice that he gets some return on some misses, though the sour pusses here will nag about missing in the first place. no one gets all their picks right.

    there are plenty of teams worse off than the bucs. they are improving. sorry most of you don’t agree with their method, but you are not privy to their plan…unless you know 1976buc’s “tailor”.

  25. Capt. Tim Says:


    I don’t need to “know” anyone. I know this team is going the wrong way, because we are still rebuilding after 5 years. Because we haven’t been to the playoffs in years. Because we have the worst pass defense in recent history. Because we have let starters leave, from the number one run defense- and have absolutely no one to replace them. Because we still don’t know if or QB is a franchise QB or not. Because no unit on this team has depth.

    Because after 5 seasons, we are still NFC south cellar dwellers. Last place. No progress

    Why do you have such joyful optimism, for a last place team?

    After 5 years if Rebuilding- shouldn’t we have built something?