Can’t Blame Dominik For Osi Signing With Atlanta

March 28th, 2013

Joe was having a nice, calm, peaceful, quiet, relaxing Wednesday evening, the calm before the NCAA hoops Sweet 16 and Elite Eight rounds, watching DVR reruns of 24 when Joe learned free agent defensive end Osi Umenyiora was signed by the Dixie Chicks.

Joe knew what would happen next. The haters were awakened began bombarding Joe about how Bucs rock star general manager let yet another one get away and how Dominik is taking a two-month siesta, not to be disturbed until the first night of the draft.

Frankly, only the misinformed or the uneducated or the plain old haters would rag on Dominik for this non-move.

Short of Bucs coach Greg Schiano firing defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, there is simply no way Osi was going to sign with the Bucs, even if Dominik pursued him like Joe would Rachel Watson on Clearwater Beach.

For those unaware, once upon a time, Sheridan was the defensive coordinator of the Giants, whence Osi came from. Few if any would suggest Sheridan did a good job with the Giants. He didn’t and his tenure was very short.

From Sheridan’s time with the Giants, he and Osi clashed, much of it came about when Sheridan benched Osi, relegating him to a part-time role. There was bad blood between the two. At one point, nerves between Osi and Sheridan were so frayed, the two got into a shouting match and Osi bolted from a team meeting in a fit of rage as a result.

It’s likely there is enough lingering animosity that Osi would never willingly put himself in the position of being an underling to Sheridan again.

And to be fair, Osi, who wasn’t exactly an angel with the Giants, may not have worked with the Bucs, Sheridan or not. There is a very real possibility that Sheridan has good intel on Osi and perhaps persuaded Schiano and Dominik to steer clear of him.

At any rate, those planning to march on One Buc Palace with lit torches and pitchforks wanting to storm Dominik’s office, put the liquor down and take a deep breath. This idea of Osi and the Bucs was dead on arrival.

53 Responses to “Can’t Blame Dominik For Osi Signing With Atlanta”

  1. jb Says:

    I’m sure all you said about Osi & Sheriden is true. BUT, that doesn’t change the fact that it looks like Dom is sitting around with his thumb up his keister while the Dixie Chicks continue to re-load. If we fail to make the playoffs….AGAIN, while Atlanta gets 10 to 13 reg season wins and takes the division, Dominick more than deserves to be shown the door!

  2. DCBUCSFAN Says:

    Osi’s game is also dead on arrival!

  3. lurker Says:

    no amount of common sense or logic will dissuade the joebucshater club!

  4. flmike Says:

    Again, when you own team makes no attempt to keep you, there are underlying issues…other than the fact his skills have been fading for the past 3 years. The Falcons in terms of a SB ready franchise are more evolved than we are, they are looking for detail pieces to finish their run, we’re looking to add bigger pieces to build a sustainable winning team.

  5. Nick2 Says:

    Regardless of Osi having issues with Sheridan the Bucs now are among the top 5 teams with cap money to spend at $28 million. I realize we have Williams etc to sign of our own players but Dwight Freeney was out there as well as some other pass rushers. I get us not signing Osi but it gives us no excuse not to sign a speed rusher. We are not going to be able to get a top cover corner AND an elite rusher in this draft. One of them has to come from free agency and if the Revis deal is dead we may be looking at a very long season unless Dominick acts quickly.

  6. Tbuc Says:

    Yet Joe’s Rockstar does nothing to improve the roster. Bucs still need 2 CB’s a TE, a RT and defensive line depth. The Pop Star is crossing his fingers that his draft picks pan out on the defensive line, he just forgot that this is football where you need depth and your starters don’t play every snap for 16 games.

    Going into year 5 of the Pop Star’s rebuilding plan. Be nice to see some wins on the field or this rebuilding project may take longer than the Browns rebuilding project.

  7. jb Says:

    @flmike, A sustainable winning team? How long should we give them? 10 seasons?
    20? 30? When was the last time this team fielded a playoff worthy team?

  8. Adam Says:

    It seems like every team in the NFCS is trying to get better. The Bucs are HOPING they get better.

  9. flmike Says:

    You’re really not seeing the big picture, you have to look at ’09-’11 as dead money years, this is the part most fans really don’t understand about the business of sports, like a company that goes thru restructuring, sports franchises sometimes have to do the same, we were in cap hell because of the Chucky/Allen era, they spent entirely to much money on really bad free agents, threw good money after bad on contracts and basically sent this franchise into sports purgatory. From a business stand point the Bucs had to go cheap, they had to cut the dead weight, cut the excess salaries and just try and horde as much cash as possible for a period of time, now luckily the owners decided to back out of the CBA because that actually helped the Bucs with that no cap year where they didn’t have to spend any cash, but that three year period was necessary for the future financial health of the organization. Look what they have done since, they hired a REAL head coach who took immediate control of his team, toes on the m-f’n line or you’re gone, easy as that, next they spent big ($100 mil in FA’s in one season) and added the drastically needed talent to the talent that was here already (and yes there was talent here from those 3 drafts, it was just never coached up at a professional level). What you call “sitting on his keester” I call “smart GMing” just because you have the cash doesn’t mean you just spend it to spend it, thats what got us to 2009. I go back again to, why are there still so many free agents on the market this late into the FA period? It’s because this years crop of FA’s is 90% guy coming off their second or third contracts, which in terms of NFL years make them aging veterans, and looking deeper many are coming off major injuries, and again, even for the healthy ones, when your own team makes no effort to resign you [even for one season] that makes the 31 other GMs take notice and ask the same questions. What we have now it a really solid foundation, our offensive line with Nicks and Joseph coming back and even starting Dotson at RT, is rated as one of th ebest in the league, our WR’s corps are comparable to any in the NFCS (which has the best 7 WRs in the league in my opinion, Carolina only has one real WR), our RB was a Pro Bowler in his rookie season, you can’t ask for anything more than that from him, our QB play is inconsistant, but again I point back to multiple OCs and QB coaches, that has been address and I believe his play will improve drastically this season, our glaring needs are DL and CB, we have 7 picks in this draft. Here’s my guess, at #13 we take the best avail that fills our need if it’s Latui, Rhodes or Werner or whoever, that will be best avail that fits a need, then I’m guessing we trade back into the first (like last year) and grab another best available for a specific need, then the same in round 2. I’m looking for a DT and two CBs in the first 2 to 3 rounds. These people are not stupid, they didn’t get to where they are in the NFL by being idiots, they understand the league, the financials and the players.

  10. Meh Says:

    I didn’t know about all the Osi/Sheridan stuff. Interesting.

  11. Bucs4life Says:

    @ Joe

    Your biases are increasingly laughable. You’re becoming a total joke, but I hope it continues to drive site traffic for ya.

  12. Warrenfb12 Says:

    He is damaged goods. We should thank Dominik

  13. mpmalloy Says:

    So let me get this straight:
    We hired as NY reject D-coordinator…..a 2nd-shelf guy
    and now his past is catching up with him…but it’s not
    Dominick’s fault………’s just more crap that we’re supposed
    to eat with a smile?

  14. Vern4499 Says:

    I love how people come on This sight to talk bad about the content of the site. Then you see them on every other post throughout the day. If you don’t like it why do you visit? Great site Joe!


    There have been multiple coaches that didn’t succeed one place and them did another. (See Bill Belicheck) as for his past catching up to him, Osi is a cry baby and I believe his skills on the field have definitely diminished the last couple of years. He had a few dominant years but those days are over.

  15. steveK Says:


    This Dominick realist isn’t “hating” over Osi.

    My beef: Myron Lewis STILL on this roster.

    We couldn’t get one FA CB to come in and fill the void of EJ Biggers.

    Bruce Allen, Raheem Morris, Tanard Jackson (almost), and EJ Biggers. All of them are going to be laughing at the Bucs if they go back to the playoffs and we finish 4th in the NFC South, again. 🙁

  16. jb Says:

    @flmike….You still didn’t answer the question. If we’re to believe you, Dom & Schiano know exactly what they’re doing, but in looking at REALITY, I’m not seeing. More & more it looks….once again, like Dom’s been told by the Glazers not to spend a dime, except for the occasional big signing (Goldson) to keep the peasants from storming the castle. You like to believe you know exactly what the plan is, so PLEASE…tell us, how long are we going to have to wait to make the playoffs with a team that is bordering on the CHEAPNESS of the Cincinnati Bengals? 10 more seasons? 20? You obviously aren’t one of those, like myself that have been shelling out $$ and showing up week after week, season after season…only to be disappointed.

  17. dannymac Says:

    Joe first off I have enjoyed your site for many years. As far as the Osi thing it frustrates us fans because MARK has had an obsession with quote bulding thru the draft. This apprach is fine if your scouting team and GM can draft well. However if you have poor sucess drafting like we have then it wont work. Im afraid we are going to have to let this regime run its course. Funny how the Bears fired Lovie for having one 9-7 season. 9-7 sounds pretty good to us these days. I hope schiano works out but with MARK its hard to see how.

  18. steveK Says:

    Here is what wikipedia has to say about Manchester United, a Glazer owned sport’s franchise:

    “Manchester United is one of the wealthiest and most widely supported football teams in the world.[6][7][8][9] In January 2013, Manchester United became the first sports team in the world to be valued at $3 billion.”

    If Manchester United is valued at over 3 billion, than what the hell is the hold up on spending 35 million on a football that is sorely lacking talent?

    Mark Dominick must secretly be the GM of Manchester United, slashing talent and funding from the Bucs roster, only to over endulge in Soccer.

  19. flmike Says:


    I’ve been following this team from all over the world for 20 years now, I’ve shelled out plenty to be able to watch my Bucs from literally 5 continents.

    Cheap teams don’t drop $150 million on 5 free agents over two seasons.

    The biggest issue is fans are emotional, but the business of the NFL cannot be, because it’s just that, a business, a huge billion dollar business. I can stand here all day and spend someone else’s money, stock brokers do it all day, but only the good ones who make prudent investments survive, the ones who spend willy-nilly and send good money after bad don’t.

    As far as the play-offs, if Nicks & Joseph didn’t go down last season and if our DBs played anywhere near marginal and we would have been damn close. So I fully expect to make the play-offs this season. The Saints are stymied, feeding Brees-sus’ ego has finally sounded their deathnel, they are so desperate on defense that they hired Rob Ryan, who couldn’t succeed with the talent on Dallas’ D, how in the hell is he gong to succeed in NO with the complete lack of talent they have on D. The Panthers issues are deep, Rivera is Raheem, and he’s gone in Jan ’14. The Falcons are facing a truth, their window is closing, they have maybe 2-3 more seasons in this run, and thats not taking into account bad luck or injuries [see ’12 Packers], they are relying on a 30 year old veteran RB with over 10k yards on the odometer and over 3000 carries in his career, can he still play, yeah, but historically those numbers don’t point to him playing very much longer. SO yeah, I see the Bucs as an emerging power in the South.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Why would Dom move so much cap space to future years..Nicks and VJ, to open more this year, if he didn’t have big plans for this year. There are only three possibilities….1. He still plans to spend the money THIS year, and I don’t mean on Josh…after all, the Packers have to extend Aaron, and he is worth at least twice what Josh is worth at this point, and they have far less cap space . 2. He planned to spend big money…if he doesn’t he just screwed up. or 3. The Glazers rather have half full stands this year, taking the TV contract money and saving the salary money, and not incumbering future owners that might have different personnel plans for the team. The only owners I trust are the owners of the GB Packers.

    BTW…the Falcons do look very formidable. We may improve this year and still end up third or forth in the division. And the last game of the year meant next to nothing last year. If that game had been important to the Falcons, other than Momentum, it would have been different. And “hanging our hats” on it as meaning something to ATL and a measure of our “improvement” is foolish.

  21. Meh Says:

    I strongly agree with this:

    My beef: Myron Lewis STILL on this roster.

  22. thegregwitul Says:

    Isn’t Osi from Atlanta? I thought I read about him wanting to go back home a couple weeks ago, but I could be wrong.

    Remember, the Bucs could have all the money in the world to spend, but every free agent isn’t restricted to signing with Tampa Bay. Some players will pass on more money or more playing time or whatever to sign with the team of their choice. We can’t force players to sign with the Bucs, plain and simple.

    I’m still hoping Dom signs a veteran pass rusher to be part of the rotation, maybe Abraham perhaps?

  23. Kaput Says:

    At this point, I think Joe is in the bag for the Glazers. This site is partly dependent on having team sources, and if he’s critical that access could be denied. Just a thought considering how defensive he seems to be when people question the spending habits over at One Buc.

    Plus, he likely reads the comments and knows that what seems like most of the people that comment here are over-the-top homers who think the front office is a combination of Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys and the New England Patriots, despite the fact the the Bucs are awful on the field and have been for a long, long time now.

    35 million dollars is not an accident. It’s a sustained pattern.

    Allow Joe to interject, Joe is not dependent on “critical access” nor is Joe in the bag for the Glazers. Joe grew without access and Joe doesn’t believe his current access is a critical cog in what makes things tick around here. Frankly, without the access you’re talking about, Joe’s life would be a lot simpler. But even without the “access,” Joe’s popularity has players, agents, other media and team insiders reaching out to him all the time. So Joe would still have plenty of sources. –Joe

  24. Mr Lucky Says:

    The mantra for the ’13 Bucs is this:


    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  25. Bucnjim Says:


    The voice of reason! Makes it easier to read the emotional BS that some fans are talking. The NFL is a roller coaster for teams trying to maintain success. The only team who has been able to master it has been the Patriots mostly because of Tom Brady. As teams make the playoffs and the Super Bowl; other teams steal players through free agency plus the poor draft position eventually leads to rebuilding years. It was Bruce Allen who originally left the cupboard bare and the Glazers have admitted that. They’ve also admitted to making mistakes themselves which you never hear from other owners. Some of Dominicks drafts have been rough, but mostly because of injury. He’s still a young guy and you have to admit; has pulled of some great moves in the draft as well as last years free agent signings. Picking up other teams garbage is not the way to do it. Redskins have been doing it for a decade. Look for them to be in last in 2013! The Raheem experiment was a nightmare, but let’s give Schiano & Dominick a chance this year and watch them make the playoffs.

  26. Andrew 2 Says:

    You got an excuse thought up for why we wont sign Dwight Freeney for 5 mil…that is a great rotational player and insurance policy with 2 DEs with health concerns

  27. Andrew 2 Says:

    The Saints went out and got Keenan Lewis and may be getting Nnamdi

    The Falcons got Jackson and Osi

    The Panthers got some decent corners

    We had more cap than all these guys combined and then doubled and we got one starter Goldson.

    Color me super impressed

  28. stevek Says:

    EJ Biggers was our best CB last year.

    We let him walk in FA for 1 yr 1.5 million.

    We kept the often suspended and knuckle headed Eric Wright for 7.75m per year.

    Talib got a 1 yr 5m deal from the Patriots.

    I ask again, everyone, WHY IS MYRON LEWIS ON THE ROSTER?

    Would we be better served, keeping Biggers (1.5m) and Talib (5m) for a total of 6.5m this year, rather than JUST have Eric Wright for 7.75?

    Yeah it is ok, we can suck and do nothing about it Free Agency.

    Hat’s off Rock Star, it is now Revis or bust. It didn’t have to be, but you have played yourself into this corner. Get this deal done, no more sitting on your hand and deafening the fan base with excuses. Dom, you are the man in charge of getting the talent back on the roster, time to execute.

    35m “saved” is more like 35m wasted on “what should/could/would have been”. Patience… yeah… Myron Lewis used all my patience, he is sorry.

  29. Snook Says:

    Haven’t you guys ever thought of the possibility that Myron Lewis is still on the roster because Dom is trying to trade him?


    Sorry. I need a laugh these days.

  30. stevek Says:

    Why are we doing nothing to get off of the bottom of the NFC South.

    We are a door mat.

    When will the Buccaneers step it up?

    It is tough to compete when your GM hits on abou 35% of team additions, and banks 35m, or 28% of the salary cap.

    Saving Cap money should be a privilege to those teams that can draft well, win regularly, and resign their own talent.

    We don’t draft well enough to have this mantra, therefore we should CORRECT THE SITUATION in FA.

    It is absoulutely rediculuos to sit around and watch this go on. We are deficient in CB talent, yet we do nothing in FA and let our best CB walk, after we traded our best CB in the regular season.

    Revis? Where is he? If he doesn’t come here, and you all draft Xavier Rhodes, I will be beyond TICKED OFF! Expecting a rookie CB to turn this ship around is ludicrous. Revis can turn this Defense around, so trade that pick and get a difference maker.

    Newsflash Dominick and Bucs “Brain”trust: We suck, and you all need to PAY a FA CB, now! We don’t have the luxary of a quality roster, and to sit around pretending we are perfectly servicable is a friggin joke.

    Watch us draft Manti Teo’ with the 13th pick, I will still be a fan, but I will laugh at us all the way to last place (much better than actually trying to put hope and faith into this cruel joke of a team if this happens).

  31. Bucnjim Says:

    Why do you think their own teams don’t resign them? Why replace a Sh!tty Corner with another one. Makes no sense! Just like the Bucs have let FA’s walk so do other teams. Who have the Bucs let go that has actually gone on and been successful with another team? The Bucs have shown they’ll gamble on guys like Jackson and Nicks; two of the best at their position. They don’t want to make the same Wright mistake and over pay for average players. Other teams trash is exactly what it is…..Trash! Only teams with salary cap problems are forced to let some players go.

  32. Bucnjim Says:


    Your rant makes no sense at all

  33. Nick2 Says:

    flmike you must have a box seat the Glazers are subsidizing. What you have failed to mention is that leading up to last year the Bucs for almost 4 or 5 years consecutively had the lowest payroll in the league. The signing of Jackson and Nicks was great and I like Gholston this year but if we are now one of 5 teams with the most cap room and we have huge needs at corner and on the d line you cannot tell me we should not have been more active in free agency IF the Glazers are truly trying to make the playoffs at all cost. You can’t forget history and the last 6 years says the Glazers have been pocketing profits while the team sucks on the field.

  34. J 2.0 Says:


    I’m going to try and fit in with the other “fans”/posters today. Here I go ….


    Wah wah wah wah wah Dominik. Wah wah wah wah wah Joe wah wah Dominik wah wah wah pass rusher. Wah wah wah wah $35 million wah wah wah cornerback. Wah wah wah wah wah Glazers.

    If we land Revis, draft well w/ CB, and have Barber and Johnson at nickel and dime, along with Goldson and Barron, the Bucs might have the best secondary in the league. For years.

  35. flmike Says:

    Did you read my first post in this thread? Your question is answered in there.

  36. Vern4499 Says:


    Man stop trying to make sense.

  37. flmike Says:

    @Nick2 – Sorry I meant my second post in the thread

  38. Westcoastbucsfans Says:

    FL mike has got it! All the complainers pick one aspect of the team and cry about it while the so-called “homers” actually have the ability to see the team as a whole. Or ability to see a season as a whole. Nobody anywhere expected to win last season but we almost did have a winning season. That was in an entire coaching staff’s first season. We have fans ready to jump off a building before we even get to the draft. It’s ridiculous. All of these people calling for Dom’s head are going to look silly this time next year. But you know what they will say? Schiano’s amazing coaching was able to overcome this team that is so devoid of talent. I can hear it now.

  39. Nick2 Says:

    flmike I agree with you that the Falcons are a closer to finished product than the Bucs. To that end the Glazers have fans that want a competitive team. If Mark Dominick was nailing all of his draft picks we wouldn’t be talking about free agency but unfortunately for every good draft pick Dominick has had he lays an egg on others. Bottom line is even if you sign one of these free agents to a one year deal and see how it works out it makes you more competitive than waiting until next year as the draft can only help you so much. But waiting until next year gives the Glazers a huge advantage so they can line their pockets some more.

  40. flmike Says:


    Historically the NFL average of “HITTING” on 1st draft picks is around 60%, 4 of the top 10 picks this year will be busts, 8 of the top 20 and 11-13 out of the first 32 picks will by historical figures be busts, and that number quickly escalates with each successive round.

  41. Joe Says:


    You got an excuse thought up for why we wont sign Dwight Freeney for 5 mil…that is a great rotational player and insurance policy with 2 DEs with health concerns

    LOL, no excuse built in other than Dominik’s pattern that he generally — not an absolute — doesn’t like signing older free agents, Dallas Clark and Adam Haynesworth being a couple of exceptions.

  42. Joe Says:


    Very valid point.

  43. Joe Says:


    Your biases are increasingly laughable. You’re becoming a total joke, but I hope it continues to drive site traffic for ya.

    Feel free to detail Joe’s “biases,” his yearning for Rachel Watson notwithstanding.

  44. lurker Says:

    wow, sorry joe. when i said “joebucshater” i meant opposite of fan of the bucs, not a hater of joe(s)! lmao

    where do the people come from? the idiotic pewterpower boards?

  45. Capt. Tim Says:

    The NFC south teams- that all finished ahead of us- are very actively working to address weaknesses in their roster. We are not

    Meybe that’s why they finish ahead of us every year.

    As Bill Parcels said” you are who you your record says you are”

    This team is a loser. Has been 4 of 5 years. Last place.

    All the blind optimism, or slap happy homerism doesn’t change that. It’s a team that is in desperate need of talent. A team that has drafted very poorly( last year being the only decent draft in 8 years). And it is a team that squanders money, and has been near the bottom in spending the majority of its exsistence.

    The only time we had cap problems, was during our playoff/SuperBowl years.
    Does that tell you anything

    Last year was Dom’s best draft. He landed 3 starters. He averages one per draft. That ain’t gonna fix us.

    All of the homers are here most offseasons. They either leave, or turn hater once the losing starts. I wish Dom would sign some decent players, and we could all be homers. Just not going to happen for a team content with losing

  46. stevek Says:

    “This is a team game.” Because our QB is not taking care of business.

    “Misscommunications” prevent our QB from throwing an accurate ball to his receivers.

    “Patience” is to sit on 35 m of cap space and keep Myron Lewis on the roster.

    Eric Wright is due to make 7.75 million this year. Sean Smith is making 6 million+ EJ Biggers is making 1.5 million.

    Would we not be better served to get two RELIABLE and SERVICABLE CBs in FA? No, we like to let our “best” defensive performers walk, because they are: hurt, undersized, or just not talented.

    I don’t get why we let what little talent we have walk, for cheap?

  47. Joe Says:


    LOL No problem man. 🙂

  48. stevek Says:

    So when we finish 5-11 at the end of the year, we will look like financial geniuses, as we look to extend our young players with frontloaded contracts, only to remain at the BOTTOM of the NFC South.

    Are we there yet? Is it time to TRY our BEST to win?

    Nope, patience.. patience… patience….. We aint talking playoffs, we are talking about patience… Not a playoff appearance, we are talking bout patience.. (Allen Iverson’s “practice rant shares my same sentiment).

  49. Vern4499 Says:


    Is anyone talking about having patience pass the start of the season? Free agency is an ongoing thing not only two weeks. Hell the draft is still a month away. We will get injured starters back and possibly make trades. We act like all the teams needs and problems can be solved in a couple weeks.

    I don’t understand how people who call themselves FANS can just bash the team they say they love. Wait and see how the Roster looks in week 1. So yes FANS be PATIENT!!!!

  50. Adam Says:

    I pay for season tickets. That’s my license to bash.

  51. stevek Says:


    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I will TRY to be patient, but I just care too damn much. We (the fans and the Bucs) are better than this. It is saddening to see a lack of monetary effort to improve our roster.

    I am just frustrated with watching our division continue to wheel, deal, and get better.

    We are just sitting around, waiting for “getting better” to happen.

    Maybe Schiano really likes to keep everything tight fisted and secretive, but us fans deserve an explanation and a hint as to what the “grand plan” is.

    Right now, it looks like the plan is to stand pat, take our lumps, and try our best to squeak out 6 wins.

    A lot of our losses last year were one possession games. I firmly believe 100% that will slightly better talent, we could have won enough to be a playoff team.

    In 2010, we won 10 games, only to sing a FA punter. I am a proud Buc Fan, but when will the GM and ownership make some adjustments to their logic, so we can be a better team?

    When will the Bucs step it up? We were too good in the late 90’s and early 00’s to be this bad for this long. We need to bounce back in a big way, it is time.

  52. Oahubuc Says:

    So we deplete the D-line AND keep the failure Sheridan. Cool plan, bro.

  53. Machiavellii Says:

    Hey everyone here is a great link to keep an eye out on any new players signed and cap hits.. Hope you like it..