Bucs Reel In Another Body At DE

March 31st, 2013


It’s not John Abraham or Dwight Freeney, but the Bucs will have a new defensive end familiar to Tampa Bay area football fans.

George Selvie is your newest Buccaneer, per Tampa Bay Times USF beat writer Greg Auman.

Selvie has bounced around from the Rams to the Panthers and Jaguars in his first three seasons after being a seventh-round pick of St. Louis in 2010.

Selvie was a monster during his sophomore and junior seasons at USF, earning first-team, All-American honors, but he had a major letdown his senior year and plummeted on draft boards.

Joe suspects Greg Schiano, who got plenty of looks at Selvie in college, was a driving force behind the signing. Yeah, there’s a good chance Selvie is a just a quality training camp body, but given how thin the Bucs are at defensive end, the New Schiano Order might have higher hopes.

39 Responses to “Bucs Reel In Another Body At DE”

  1. Thibs5599 Says:

    I remember Selvie as a speed rusher in college, correct me if I am wrong. This is a good thing to have the rest of our defensive ends are more power guys.

  2. RCS Says:

    its worth a shot, he was on his way to being a first Round pick until be injured his knee. could be a good rotational player with the right scheme.

  3. john Says:

    that seals it we are super bowl boound

  4. Kalind Says:

    This is a giant ‘who cares?’.

  5. Rob Says:

    Always liked Selvue and wished the Bucs had drafted him years ago. This move gas no downside and could prove to be a brilliant addition to the Bucs. Go Bucs!

  6. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Crabtree, Casillas, Ogletree, Landri, Selvie.. wow. All this cap room, so many holes to fill, NO CORNERBACKS, and we sign all these guys. I dont even know what to say.. If all 5 of those players make the roster, I see Crabtree and Ogletree having a combined 20-30 receptions, 250-350 yards, with 2-3 TD’s, with Casillas landri and selvie, I say a combined 35-45 total tackles, 0 ff, 0 int, 1.5-2 sacks. LETS GET SOME PLAYERS WHO CAN ACTUALLY MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. I cant believe these offseason pickups when Dominik or joe likes to call him “Rockstar” ( btw how does his overall record as a manager get him the name rockstar ) knows his f-ing job is on the line. FRUSTRATING

  7. DjoshFreeman Says:

    Haha great sign.kid plays amazing in this city and now returns to his home stadium.well done bucs.

    @canadianbuc…read the site.no cbs left that we want.draft or revis and that’s it

  8. BUC-N-A Says:

    Whatever happened to his confidence/swagger,I’m sure Schiano thinks he can revitalize it. For our sakes, I hope he does. Selvie was a stud his soph & junior years at USF.

  9. raphael Says:

    my god … the whining just doesn’t stop ….lol@ the crybabies.

    new blood is good .

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    CanadianBucsFan, the Bucs have acknowledged that CB is a major need. So if they have not acted on it…they probably have something planned that we don’t know about.

    Personally, I’m for draft three CBs and letting them fight it out for a starting spot. With the offense being improved because it will be in its second year, I’m guessing the offense will win us 1-2 more games in year 2. Maybe even 3 if we’re lucky.

    With the new safety signed, the second year for offense and defense, the second year for least years primo rookies and players back healthy, I think we can afford to draft the QBs instead of trading/signing FAs.

    People talk about having a vet CB back there…that won’t be an issue if Ronde resigns.

  11. bucobruce Says:

    Calm down haters,Dom will make a few great moves and then all you haters can say I told you so.Dont get me wrong I know we need corners but its like Djoshfreeman said there is nothing out theer worth spending money on.We still have the Revis deal that might or might not work plus a hole draft.I tell you what if we do get a 100% healthy Revis we will win the super bowl not just because we got him but because the team in all is great, on offence maybe one of the best in the league and when you put Revis on the number 1 rush defence wow we will win it all.

  12. CanadianBucsFan Says:


    I’m not a hater, I’m a buc fan that is frustrated. Dominik has done a bunch of really solid things as a gm, but then he’s done a bunch of head scratching things. I believe in this team and I think we have a good future, just a bunch of questionable moves this offseason. Loved the Goldson pickup, but all the other players I dont even know what to say about them. We need to bring in competition for Freeman, Orlovsky can’t do that, we better not be using a decent draft pick on a QB when there many other important holes to fill. I like the idea of a QB getting drafted in the 5-7 rounds. We need a solid #3 WR. Underwood and Ogletree are not going to provide that for us. WHO IS OUR TE? Clark is too old and one dimensional, Stocker is a really solid blocker but I question his recieving ability. I’m hoping Crabtree can develop into a solid pass catcher. Who is going to be our RB behind Martin? I don’t see Blount as that player, a good player but he needs to hit the holes harder. Gibson our Landri as our new starting DT? Don’t like it. Whos going to replace Black? I understand that Dominik and Schiano might not like any of the CB’s on the market or any of the CB’s that were on the market before, but ANYONE can realize that they were better then pretty much all of our CB’s last year. IM NOT A HATER, JUST FRUSTRATED. positives coming into next year: Freeman in his contract year and his second year in this offense, should be poised to have a great year. Martin going into his second year, he is simply a beast. I think a top 5 WR tandem in V-JACK + M.WILLAMS. A very talented O-line, Penn Nicks Zuttah Joseph and Dotson has a chance to develop into a solid starter. Clayborn getting back from an injury, Bowers poised to have a break out season. Lavonte David.. IMO the most talented player on our team ( btw my favorite player on the roster ) the development of L.Johnson and Barron.. We have a bunch of good things to look forward to, but we have also had a very questionable offseason. GO BUCS, GET US SOME CB’S DOMINIK!

  13. Chris Murtha Says:

    USF! Nothing wrong with this signing. He has upside and provides depth where we need it.

  14. Rich Says:

    I’m not gonna lie, just as everyone else is, I am nervous about the CB position. Who wouldn’t be, but nothing irritates me more than when “fans” whine and moan when they don’t recognize the name of a player the Bucs sign. Just because this guy, Ogletree, and Crabtree aren’t flashy doesn’t mean they can’t help. Building in the draft is their goal, but adding good depth is just as important. I’m a fan of what they’re doing. Pair these moves with a successful revis trade and or a CB heavy draft and I consider this a successful offseason. Stop comparing it to last years spending frenzy. Being flashy doesn’t always work. Ask the eagles.

  15. Joc Says:

    Dom is a administrator he isn’t a player or vision guy

  16. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    So this is what NFL fans have devolved to? Twitter-esque rants and immediate expectations with player movement?

    I’m telling you guys… its the off-seaso… you GOT TO GET A 2nd HOBBY.

  17. stevek Says:

    Rich and Djoshfreeman,

    You’re right, let’s be all about sunshine and unicorns. We need to get back in the playoffs.

    Sitting on 35m in cap space, and looking at our CB situation, it begs for one to wonder, what the phuck is going on in the Buc War Room?

    Seriously, it is cool to have 32m in cap space, but PLEASE replace Biggers with a FA CB, also add a FA CB in case Ronde decides to hangem up. What gives?

    So, if our CBs suck next year, and we don’t go to the playoffs, are we still supposed to sit back and be happy with how the Bucs are performing.

    It isn’t the players fault, it is on the GM, Ownership and Coaching.

    We have changed the Coach, and that is a solution.

    We have a GM under the helm with a 24-40 record, when is he expected to win?

    Why be positive when this kind of writing is on the wall. I am not a NFL owner, but if I had the kind of dough to have a team, you can bet your asses I would 100% committed to winning championships, not sending home games to England, sitting on 28% funds.

    Spend wisely is the key, we had a chance to spend very wisely at the start of FA for a CB, but we became complacent with Goldson.

    JOE, do you EXPECT playoffs for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2013?

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Sorry, CanadianBucsFan, but Underwood is a solid slot reciever. He may not be a future hall of famer, but he gets the job done. Few teams have great players at all positions.

  19. CanadianBucsFan Says:


    underwood is NOT a solid slot reciever. Bad hands, and hes scared to get hit. we can do much better.

  20. stevek Says:


    What is your take? Do you expect the 2013 Bucs to go to the playoffs?

    Will you be upset if we can’t make the playoffs next year? I will be.

  21. FanOfBucs Says:

    Love Selvie. He carried USF on his back before injury. If he could get healthy, we might have something

  22. MTM Says:

    Selvie used to be takes highly of years ago. It’s hard to believe he is projected to start. This is a classic ” Pop Star” signing. This must have been another piece of the “plan”. I hope the rest of GM’s in the league are taking notes.

  23. lurker Says:

    the offseason is not over yet. it is not even april.

    some of you guys like to complain just to hear your own voice. nothing like panicking over nothing. just because they don’t do what you want/think they should do does not make you right !

  24. bucobruce Says:

    Lurker, give god a chance!

  25. Dave Says:

    Selvie had speed But that was in college before the injury. Besides, other than that he was stiff and had no instincts.
    He is training camp fodder

  26. Saskbuco Says:

    @CanadianBucsFan I agree in part with some of the frustration, but right or wrong Dom is sticking to the plan. The market has dictated the bucs are correct in the assessment of the CB market. It will begin to play out around the draft. Also Landri and Gibson will replace Roy, space eater takes up blocks, great against pass and non existent in QB pressure. I see the bucs taking D.Trufant in 1st unless Star or Ansah fall, 2nd Gavin Escobar, 3rd Christine Michael, that takes care of TE and RB behind Martin, Christine is electric. I could also see a double up in 1st 2 rounds on CBs as Dom has done before GMC and price, Clayborn and Bowers. At this point I don’t really care about Revis one way or the other, I’ve never thought we will get him. If price is right sure, but Dom not gonna mortgage everything due to his injury and very high cap number he will demand. Like it or not and I wish they would add at least one vet CB, like Winfield the bucs are prepared to draft rookie CB or CBs and let them play. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out, I’m thinking positive and staying positive let the people who get paid to make football decisions, make them. It’s fun to speculate and great to see a lot of passion, from all bucs fans. Lets hold off the frustration, and it’s hard to do based on what we’ve seen so far and trust the front office. If Dom swings and misses badly, this maybe his last shot at getting right, based on record and playoff appearances (0). I think any less than 8-8 may cost him his job, hope not but at some point average or below doesn’t cut it.

  27. 4everBucsFan Says:

    If he makes it through camp, good for him. At this point, to a lot of bubble players, just getting an invite to camp means more than everything. I’m afraid the next time we hear his name will be on the cut list, but maybe he will impress. Who knows, he definitely didn’t break the bank.

  28. lurker Says:

    why, buco? it never gave me a chance. 😉

  29. Cannuckbuc Says:

    I find it funny that a guy says he’s frustrated with the boss and everybody calls him a whiner etc.It was less than a week ago many of you felt the same way, me included.Stop picking guys apart when we all are frustrated.

  30. ben Says:

    This team is massively upgraded from the 2010 season team that won 10 games. They have a plan and a system in place , they have this planned out, stop panicking people.

  31. kh Says:


  32. nicknosbucs Says:

    i think the george selvie sogning is a great one. heres the thing though. dom was handed a train wreck when he got the job. he had to clean up bruce allens mess. (only god knows why washington picked him up). i would say dominic is doing a great job SAVING cap roomad find some diamonds in the rough, getting decent picks for players and working the draft, some fails, but not as bad as bruce allen. hes putting a winning team on the field the record doesnt show for his work. now all of the “role player” signings i think our great for our team. all. will have great contributions. but can we at least get one “role player” signing at conerback? amen?

  33. lurker Says:

    great morning to yall! finally some news to excite even the most grumpiest on jbf!
    BUCS TRADE FOR REVIS! 2nd this year and 1st and 2nd next year. 5 year deal avg $13 million per
    signed already. WOW 🙂 :-O

  34. rrsrq Says:

    Cool to get Selvie, he continues to be invested in the community, with the George selvie classic, raise scholarship money for students

  35. Havingfitz Says:

    I guess anything is possible today.

  36. dannymac Says:

    Ok at least we fnally got a USF guy. I mean a non move yes but I cant deny I wont mind seing Selvie sporting the Bucs uniform if he makes the cut. A little fan favorate kinda thing I guess. And who knows maybee a few flashes of the guy we used to see making plays on our home field. Go Bucs. Go Bulls.

  37. Kevin Says:

    I’ll start complaining about the CB situation if we head into training camp with our current stable of CB’s. Until then, all this whining and hand-wringing is a waste of time. The Bucs leadership has a plan. It’s clearly not what many fans wanted, but last time I checked, the fans don’t have their career riding on these decisions. Let the professionals handle this. Yes, I know we’ll all big fans, but seriously, how many of you have watched 500 hours of tape since January 1 2013? I am certain the front office has done that amount several times over.

  38. Cannon Says:

    Being an USF alumni, I’m kinda happy with this signing.

    It may not lead to anything, but its nice to see a kid from USF getting a shot.

  39. Saskbuco Says:

    @CannuckBuc and @CanadianBucsFan we need to find more Canadian Bucs fans and get them on here, you both make great posts and don’t know any bucs fans at all, need to get a Canadian Bucs fans group going. The red and white need to rock the pewter!!!!!!