“You Gotta Get The Hair Right”

February 5th, 2013

17 Responses to ““You Gotta Get The Hair Right””

  1. Andrew 1 Says:


  2. Chucky Says:

    I’m glad they fired me.

  3. Hunter Says:

    No Comment.

  4. stevek Says:


    Thanks for this, Joe. This is great.

    Hopefully Freeman…..

    No words for this. I think it is hilarious, but I guess I take Freeman’s stretches of piss poor play personally. He seems like a good dude, but damn son let your nuts hang out all 4 Quarters every Sunday.

    I hope Freeman comes out next year BIG BOY HUNGRY for that contract. He will be an excellent buy low- sell high QB. I will take him the in the 10/11th round easy. Hopefully I can grab Kaepernick, RG3, Luck, Russell Wilson, Andy Dalton first, you know the playoff QB’s…..

    Even Freeman destroys my fantasy roster. He is either a lock for: 24.

    Watching Freeman is like Busch Gardens, drink beer and ride roller coasters. You will either come off feeling like a million bucks, or ready to yack. I would be happy if Josh could even become a CONSISTENT in-between of those two guys.

  5. stevek Says:

    *Freeman is a lock for either: greather than 24 points, or less than 8.

  6. stevek Says:

    LOL, just went back to the home page, and saw Booger’s quote.

    Mighty interesting, I must say.

    It has some validity: He who wears high heels and make up must win games.

    To quote the 49 CB who was sabotaged by Artie in the interview, Freeman needs to know the “sweet stuff” off.

  7. Mr Lucky Says:

    Did anyone actually watch that video of Josh Freeman doing the moonwalk and MJ’s footwork? Freeman displayed better footwork there then when he was in the pocket last year.

    Hey Josh since your favorite MJ song is black & white maybe you should watch the MJ video and actually get angry like Michael did with the sledge hammer and start beating up on the other NFL teams.

  8. RIs_Buc Says:

    Lmao – are u kidding me? That was hilarious!
    Wow – I’m speechless. That was a gag right? ….hilarious

  9. bucobruce Says:

    We will all be moonwalking when we win the Super Bowl next year!!!!

  10. Max Says:

    Freeman needs to be taking some speech classes or something to help him while he’s in front of a camera. Franchise quarterback has to be able to handle the media aspect of the job.

  11. jLM Says:

    That’s about as gay as it gets. Geez

  12. Nate Says:

    Funny stuff. I actually think this clip showed Freeman as a “normal” dude that likes to have fun and kid around a bit. It’s refreshing to see that instead of his monotone, lifeless post game press conferences, where he comes off looking like the most boring and uninteresting guy ever. Everyone should lighten up. I highly doubt this photo shoot was the demise of the buccaneer playoff hopes.

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol that indeed was funny

    I was a little embarrassed for him when whatever that was that came out of his mouth though lol.

  14. 911bucs Says:

    This is awesome wheres raphael now? Hi my name is Josh I’m a virgo, I like rainbows, unicorns, and dressing like Mike Jackson.

  15. dcbucsfan Says:

    Josh Freeman is a Freak!

  16. Ben Says:

    I’m glad that we’re getting to see a bit of Freeman’s personality. He always looks very serious on the field, and that is good. But it’s nice to see him sharing something is/was fun for him and even something with personal meaning for him. Nice job with the pictures, Josh! It looked fun.

    And even during a football season, having fun is part of what helps you prepare for gameday. He could be out taking pills, punching cabbies, getting drunk…

    And he doesn’t spend as much time in front of cameras as any number of other players out there.

    I think Freeman needs to prove it with his play. But let’s not jump on him for something like this.

  17. Patrick Says:

    Well no, actually to REALLY BE LIKE Michael Jackson, he needs to turn white! LOL.