Will The Bucs Court Cary Williams?

February 4th, 2013

Joe’s previously speculated that the Bucs might target multiple second-tier, starter-caliber cornerbacks when the free agency dinner bell rings in March, rather than go after a big fish, such as Brent Grimes.

Watching the Super Bowl yesterday, Joe wondered whether Ravens starting cornerback Cary Williams might be one of those guys.

Williams, 28, has been a two-year starter in Baltimore, working his way up the ranks after getting drafted in the seventh round by the Titans in 2008.

He’ll be an unrestricted free agent, and clearly the guy can play. And, to use the overused expression, “he knows what it looks like” when it comes to winning, physical football and high standards.

The Baltimore Sun has written a lot about how the Ravens are in salary cap hell, worsened yesterday by Joe Flacco’s performance. Baltimore likely will have to use the “exclusive” franchise tag to get Flacco back for 2013, a move that would cost them more than $20 million, so reported ProFootballTalk.com last week.

Williams was suspended for two games in 2010 for a secretive family matter when he was with the Titans, and the football world saw his fighting temper against the Niners yesterday. But Joe wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs have a little more edge to them, assuming Bucs’ research on Williams doesn’t reveal a bad guy.

Regardless, Joe’s confident Eric Wright will be cut soon and the Bucs will be shopping for proven upgrades. Williams, a Florida native, definitely is a name to watch.

43 Responses to “Will The Bucs Court Cary Williams?”

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Tied for 4th in most reception TDs allowed, 4th for most total yards allowed, tied for 6th most PDs, 2nd highest tackling efficiency(percentage of tackles to missed tackles)…..
    Basically a tackling machine that gives up a lot of yards. Still better than Wright, Lewis, and Gorrer.

  2. Macabee Says:

    I like Cary Williams, he’s long, lengthy, and can play press. But I don’t think he fits the mold of Buccaneer Man. He’s had some off-field baggage, been in the league 4 years and made his 1st INT this season, although he’s had 4 this season.

    In the very picture shown above, Williams shoved a ref during a little on-field skirmish, although he was not penalized – probably hear from the league later.

    I’m on record stating that I don’t mind a manageable thug here and there. I would look at Chris Rainey and Rolando McClain if and when he is cut by the Raiders. But in my opinion, none of these guys including Williams will get the time of day from Schiano!

  3. Vic Says:

    Macabee, he’s got no more baggage than Wright did. … Williams won’t be expensive and he’s way better than what we got. Give him 3 years, $10 million.

  4. Kennedy Says:

    If he’s in the Ravens secondary, he’s battle tested and way better than our bunch of misfits. Sign him up.

  5. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I’m with Mac on this one. Keep him as a failsafe, but don’t commit to him to early. If someone else signs him first then so be it, there are way to many other options to explore first.

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    I think his postseason play definitely did set him up for a nice contract from some team.

    If Cary can play like that all the time, he’ll be making a pretty penny.

  7. Macabee Says:

    The Bucs need a slot receiver. The Lions just released Titus Young – supposedly for trying to sabotage the on-field plays (unhappy camper). Belichick will look at him, the Bucs will not!

  8. Bucsalltheway Says:

    He’s alright he would get tested more if he didnt have Ed reed as back up. If ronde doesn’t return could we nab Williams and reed in a package deal lol

  9. frank Says:

    Crabtree was killing williams in sb. would rather see bucs get kruger from balt or avril from det

  10. Gusjackson Says:

    I am going to make this crystal clear. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Living in Baltimore(and having gf thats a Ravens fan) I see ever single game. The dude is a hot head and makes plays every once in a while but most of the time he is getting beat like a drum. There are several other corners I would rather see us pick up than him. He would be a good number 3 at best!

  11. Gusjackson Says:

    @Frank Kruger is going no where bet on it.

  12. Greig Says:

    Signing him won’t really help, the Ravens D really wasn’t very good this season, for all the talk of them being a defensive team their offense was better ranked for both yards and points, they are living off their past.
    Also the guy is in line for what could be a big suspension depending on what side of the bed Goodell gets out of due to that pushing of an offical infrot of the largest NFL audience ever.

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    He had just gotten up after getting driven to the ground in the middle of a pile of players pushing each other which the ref ran into. Hence the refs nonchalant response.


  14. PRBucFan Says:

    And with our current crop signing most any available CB on the market would be an upgrade.

    Just Sayin

  15. buccin cane Says:

    What about Anquan Boldin????? The Ravens were 5 or so mil over the cap before the Flacco deal which will kill the rest of their cap. They have decisions on Kruger, Boldin, Williams,Ellerbee as well as Jacoby Jones to make after the season. It may be off the subject of Cary Williams but hey its something to think about. Boldin would be a threat wherever he lined up, plus Sullivan says our receivers can play any position on the field. If thats the case add Boldin to the combo of Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson and lookout…….SIGH just wishful thinking at this point i guess.

  16. 4everBucsFan Says:

    @buccin cane

    What you’re saying about Boldin is what I said about Welker if the Pats can’t sign him. Both are intriguing moves if they aren’t resigned. 🙂

  17. FlBoy84 Says:


    One of the reasons the Pats look at just about everyone is because they have a developed culture in place where the players police the newbies and it’s not just the coach’s responsibility. Feel Schaino may be a bit more open to a few more fringe “Buccaneer Men” once that culture develops here in Tampa. From a few comments posted from Jackson, Joseph & Penn recently, it seems that it’s already starting to take hold.

  18. Macabee Says:


    That makes perfectly good sense to me! I may sound a little off-putting sometimes, but I’m a believer. There are players that need more coaching from time to time and aren’t bad people, just need a little time to mature. Coaching is easy when you have all-stars, but the real test is when you help boys become men. Schiano has my support!

  19. Brandon Says:

    Paul Kruger is also an unrestricted free agent and at 26, he would do far more for the pass defense for longer than Williams. I like Williams, but Paul Kruger would immediately be our best pass rusher and be the edge speed we don’t currently have.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Gusjackson Says:

    February 4th, 2013 at 5:30 pm
    @Frank Kruger is going no where bet on it.


    I’ll gladly bet against you.

    The Ravens are at $106 towards next season’s salary cap. With Ray Lewis leaving you can take $7 mil immediately off to bring the number to $99…

    the cap next year should be $120 million… but with Joe Flacco $15 million+, Ed Reed $7 million+, Kruger $7-12 million+, Carey Williams $7-9 mil+, Dannelle Ellerbe $5 million+, and an entire draft class and excellent group of restricted free agents…

    The Ravens will be lucky to sign one of their free agents in addition to Flacco.

  21. Brandon Says:

    Macabee, Williams isn’t close to being in the league of malcontents and issues as McClain, Rainey… or Titus Young (I threw him in as well). Williams has played well… the other three have yet to really prove themselves. young and McClain basically quit on their teams… and Rainey is a problem child.

  22. Brandon Says:

    Vic Says:

    February 4th, 2013 at 4:11 pm
    Macabee, he’s got no more baggage than Wright did. … Williams won’t be expensive and he’s way better than what we got. Give him 3 years, $10 million.


    You realize that a CB that is considered above average gets at least $7 mil per season on the open market, right?

  23. Patrick Says:

    Really this guy is the best we can do?? Go for Brent Grimes! we’ve got plenty of money to spend. We already have a bunch of 2nd and 3rd tier cornerbacks on our roster. Breaking the bank on a cornerback is not a bad move……..if don’t upgrade in that area we’re going to suck again!

  24. Macabee Says:


    I’m not here to argue against Williams. But the truth of the matter is Williams has played well this year, out of 4 years. And this year he has been burned as much as he has made good plays -see the Patriots game. Google him – he has had the same domestic violence issues as Rainey and has been suspended 2 games for it. And someone mentioned Wright. Wright prior to his Adderall has never had any record with the nfl what so ever. He was alleged to have drugs/co-ed issue in college but never charged. Same with the traffic issue- no charges. I stated that I thought Williams could play, but he’s a hot head and has NFL fines to prove it. Go to PFT and search Cary Williams. You will be surprised. Anyway, my point is that I don’t think Schiano will go near him and I stand by that!

  25. SombreoBro Says:

    Sign no thugs.
    Really, who needs it? The mindset that you have to tolerate the B.S. behavior only cultivates that culture.

    Where is the next John Lynch?

  26. Dave Says:

    Don’t know him much other than what I have seen this postseason. He is tough, a good tackler, and is an upgrade in coverage from what the Bucs had at CB.
    He had a temper yesterday but that is because a 49er tried to remove his head in the pile. He came up pushing and accidentally pushed the ref by mistake. I was glad to see the ref did not eject him for that.
    Those refs understood they had very physical teams and emotions were high. They let them play.
    ( a side note, to all the whining 49er fans…. You are wrong, that was a fantastic job reffing a SB. They held most flags and let the players decide it)

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Schiano has faith in his ability to mold men. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future we see him do similar to what Belichick does with once questionable guys, out of the confidence that he can have an impact on them.

    And once he does get that locker room culture established especially.

  28. SombreoBro Says:

    That may be, but why take the chance? I would rather see young players with good character and skills be molded into Buccaneer Men then to try to re-train and overpay thugs.

  29. Piratic Says:

    This POS not only shoved a ref, he was elbowing a 49’ers lineman in the groin just prior to that!! It was #74, I think. Maybe #76. He’s a punk. There is NO WAY Coach Schiano or Mark Dominik or the Glazers hire this guy.

  30. Kryq Says:

    What about Titus Young as a Slot receiver ?

  31. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    Why not revis and sean smith? Sean smith is 6’3 and physical in the run game

  32. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    NO TITUS YOUNG that guy reminds me of those thugs you see in prison shows and hes not that talented if.you consider all his baggage

  33. Macabee Says:


    I can’t be sure, but you guys would have never drafted Warren Sapp! I’m just sayin’!

  34. Max Says:

    looks like smeagol

  35. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    @mac. Well there is a line that has to be drawn where talent far exceeds the baggage. Then you can draft a guy like sapp but titus young is NOWHERE near that line. He is a decent player but his mouth far exceeds his talent. In the early years of changing a culture you have to be strick and stick to your guns. Then when it flows to where players already know how to carry themselves and what is expected you can take a chance on a guy. Similar to New England taking Randy Moss. Titus Young is not that guy

  36. PRBucFan Says:

    Realistically not everyone is going to start off being an angel when they get here.

    People can change.

    I was not speaking about CW specifically either. Yes of course you want to have a core of men ideally speaking with no real issues but there will be times when the opportunity will be there with a “not so ideal” guy and they will take it.

    I’ll trust the coaching staff on who they decide to take a shot on in the future, it’s been done before in the league and again Schiano can mold men.

    Like Mac said, I’m sure glad we took a shot on Sapp whom i’m sure was also considered a “thug” aswell.

    Obviously each case is unique.
    Also I highly doubt we would bring anyone here with baggage if they didnt believe that particular player would make an impact on the field. Otherwise it would be illogical I would think.

  37. Buc'It Says:

    This guy was clocked at 4.71 in 40 when drafted. He’s slow as hell and barely makes plays. Our fastest corners are Wright and Biggers and that’s not saying much. We need a speed upgrade on the back end.

  38. Macabee Says:

    My final comment on the subject of talented players with some baggage: I’m not saying no to CW or yes to Titus Young. I am saying that the philosophy at the Bucs regarding them should be balanced.

    Perhaps FLBoy84 said it best that when the locker room culture is mature, then we can consider taking on some risks. Whether the voting was fair or not, it’s a fact that pot-smoking, baby-making, Janoris Jenkins had one more vote for Def ROY than did Lavonte David.

    As I stated, I have faith in Schiano and Dominik that they will make the best decisions between team culture and team contribution. My fault may be that I am so eager for us to get real talent at each position that I wouldn’t want any stone unturned!

  39. Reezy Says:

    Ed Reed although elite is questioning whether he was to continue playing, Darrelle Revis will hold out every year to get the biggest contract available. Thats why I would definitely go after Boldin. As a side deal I would see if Baltimore would take Blount for Pierce as he has less mileage.

  40. Eric Says:

    I begged for us to get Boldin back when the ravens got him for a song from Arizona. But we were in “free agency is fools gold” mode.

    I hope Jackson cured that and Dom doesn’t go all “stand pat” like after 2010 when he thought we were way better than we were.

  41. BrianDorry55 Says:

    Grimes will actually probably be a bargain coming off the injury.

  42. Saskbuco Says:

    In light of this recent “genius” output from Wanny, It’s easy to see where the Bills Defense failed this season. Also my feelings on drafting a CB at 13 is also changing, sign a decent starting CB and concentrate on best pass rusher availble or penetrating DT. Of the playoff teams Denver was #1 in sacks, Bengals #3, Packers #4, Texans and Vikings tied #5, 49ers #11, Pats and Ravens #15. Other than Seahawks, Redskins, Colts being in the bottom half and the one anomaly Falcons #28 its easy to tell what wins games, makes defenses better= PASS RUSH. Our CBs were not great but without pass rush, not many secondaries can succeed. Drafting a CB will not help if the pass rush doesnt’ improve, a decent QB with a lot of time will pick apart a Defense, never mind pro bowl QBs. So pash rush and more pass rush is where Bucs should focus on, by the way bottom 4 teams in sacks in the NFL……..#29 KC (drafting 1st overall) and TBAY (drafting 13), #31 OAK (drafting #3) and #32 Jax (drafting #2), the only way to compete in pass happy NFL is get to the QB….

  43. Legarrettes blunt Says:

    Joe Kyle Vanden Bosch was just released. I would love to sign him as depth for if anyone gets injured. He is a “buccaneer man” and would make drafting a young end not even an option.