Vic Carucci Talks To Joe

February 6th, 2013

One of the biggest movers and shakers in the NFL media business, Vic Carucci, gave Joe a few moments at Media Day lasts week to talk Bucs. You know Carucci from his days as the senior editor and columnist at and his weekend (and sometimes weeknights) shows on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Currently, Carucci is senior editor for, writing columns, features and hosting a daily podcast/webcast show during the season from the site.

JoeBucsFan: Your impressions of Greg Schiano’s first year with the Bucs?

Vic Carucci: I think he had, really, an impressive first year for a guy coming from the collegiate ranks where, you know, in regard to the transition to the NFL it is really more of a challenge because you are operating – and even though he had some previous NFL exposure – you operate at a whole different level for dealing with players and the day to day challenges an NFL coach faces. I think after than initial sense of, “OK, what is this college guy going to do?” he found his comfort level, and once the players got to know him better, and he got to know them, I think the whole thing turned into a positive direction. He looks like after one year, you have that sense he can build upon that.

Joe: You think Mark Dominik was a trendsetter in a sense? It seems now, the floodgates to hiring college coaches is wide open.

Carucci: That was interesting, wasn’t it? Mark is such a bright and brilliant general manager and I think he has always seen the big picture pretty well in the league. Yeah, there might be a bit of a sense that he is ahead of the curve. But I think you are judging — there is no magic in saying, “former college coach is going to be a great NFL coach.” What it is, is identifying the right man for the job, the qualities and I think that is what Mark focused on. What was Greg made of as a person and as a leader, as a guy who commands respect? What is his vision for the football team, understanding the things he is bringing to the table applies to the talent he has or to what they need to build going forward?

Joe: Tim Brown came out with some very provocative statements about how Bill Callahan sabotaged the Super Bowl 10 years ago to help out his friend Jon Gruden. Are you surprised that given it (was) Sup9er Bowl week, with the time off just after the championship games, that the image-conscious NFL didn’t stomp this out and come out with a statement saying it was BS? If Brown is accurate – which sure appears to be preposterous from all angles – this is a terrible scandal.

Carucci: First off, I truly have no sense of [Brown’s statements’] merits. I don’t put anything into it. These guys are competitors and you lose a game, sometimes it can linger a long time. As another NFL player told me in regards to Brown’s comments, he said, that is what happens. Guys get very bitter about these losses and carry it with them in their gut for a long time. I don’t presume to know what prompted [Brown] to make those comments and accusations. I don’t put any credence it in and as far as the timing, I have no idea.

Joe: The craziest thing about the statements is that Brown got a lot of play with them over a year after Al Davis passes. As hands on as Davis was, changing a gameplan two days before the Super Bowl would have to pass his desk first.

Carucci: Yeah, that just doesn’t wash.

One Response to “Vic Carucci Talks To Joe”

  1. Dan Says:

    I Love my city and My Bucs. I must question anyone who makes the remark that Mark D. is bright and brilliant. Can we just look at his teams record over last three years. And let’s look at his drafts and ask how many of those players are still even employed. I love my Bucs and he has not done them justice. This is a results driven business and by no stretch has his tenure been successful.