The Value of Tyler Eifert

February 18th, 2013

tyler eifert

Yes, the Bucs need a cornerback desperately. So much so that Joe wouldn’t be shocked if Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik selected two corners in the first two days of the draft.

Some believe the Bucs also have a hole at tight end, a pressing need. So how could the Bucs take care of both corner and tight end in the draft? This question was posed to Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune in a recent TBO Bucs Q&A.

Q. So lets say the bucs draft either Xavier Rhodes or Dee Milliner at DB. Do you see us trading back into the first round with one of our 4th round picks and our only second round pick, and take Tyler Eifert at TE?

Tee Ware, Plantation

A. I can definitely see a scenario like that playing out. It fits the pattern that GM Mark Dominik has followed in the past in terms of adding more premium picks and your selections fill what I see as the two biggest areas of need right now. The only thing I see differently than you is the order in which the Bucs might pull off such a deal. Based on the way the draft is shaping up right now, I don’t see them getting Milliner at No. 13, but I do believe they will have a shot at Eifert there. Then they can possibly work a deal to get a cornerback, possible Rhodes, either in the second or late in the first round.

Woody Cummings

Here is where it gets interesting: Today, in his must-read “Monday Morning Quarterback” on, Peter King spoke with Mike Mayock who doesn’t believe many — if any — teams will trading up in the draft because of the void of top-shelf talent. While the draft is deep at many positions, such as corner, there are few players that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

If teams are having a difficult time trying to trade down, as King believes because few teams will want to trade up, Dominik just might be able to trade back up in the latter stages of the first round (much like he did last year when he procured Doug Martin).

That is, after he drafts Xavier Rhodes.

27 Responses to “The Value of Tyler Eifert”

  1. KD Says:

    *Tyler Eifert

  2. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    As long as Xavier Rhodes runs under a 4.55…I’ll take him (he ran press coverage more than..ANY CB in college football by 200%….<——- and don't think Derrick Brooks knows him too…….

  3. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    What about Manti Te’o in the 2nd round?

  4. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    There are a lot of guys I would not mind to seeing wearing pewter and red next year. But this guy Eifert excites me more than the rest. Would love to see this happen. I dont think the Bucs will trade back into the first though this year. We’ll see.

  5. 4everBucsFan Says:

    The big draft board is all over the place, fluctuating like Joe’s blood pressure when Rachel walks in the room. There is a chance that Milliner could fall to #13. After the combines the rankings should start leveling out and will give us a better perspective and strategy to move forward

  6. BadNewsBucs Says:

    We can easily address TE(Martellus Bennett), FS(Kenny Phillips), & CB(Kennan Lewis), maybe even RT in free agency to perhaps free us up to make deals for additional picks in the 2nd or 3rd, which should be considered just as valuable as a extra 1st minus the risk of giving up too much to acquire it.

    Trufant should be out gut if we move back, as Rhodes may be big & athletic, but Trufant is the much more polished of the two prospects.

  7. Kryq Says:

    What about David Amerson, kids a ball hawk .

  8. Kryq Says:

    Also Dion Jordan, kids a freak athele can play dline, linebacker, can cover tightends. Also can be a blocking tightens from what said.

  9. SirustheVirus Says:

    Last year we moved back in to the 1st rd for our 2nd rd and a we switch 4th rd picks with denver. Lets see if Mark can do it again.

  10. Mike J Says:

    I was just reading that Mike Mayock is hearing Xavier Rhodes is generally getting 2nd rd. grades around the league.

    If he clocks a 4.42 at the Combine, this is subject to change, I imagine.

  11. Mike J Says:

    Kryq ,I like the guy but he will be strictly a 3rd. down guy for a year or 2 in a 43.

  12. Dave Says:

    I see that as well. I believe Dee will be an elite CB and if he is there, they need to get him.
    After that though, the next 8 CBs or so, over the next 2 rounds, are not much different. Does not mean one does not become great, but right now, as for the value, they’d be better off getting a CB in round2-3.
    So, if Dee is gone, I can see them taking a TE (or DE) then getting a CB in round 2-3 to go with whichever CB they sign in free agency.

  13. Dave Says:

    Buc Fan #238
    I don’t think he will be there, plus I think the Bucs like David and Foster where they are. If anything, they need another OLB

  14. Dave Says:

    Love this time of year… so much hope for every team. We get a few months of optimism and we don’t hear from the pessimists that much… you know who they are.

  15. Nate Says:

    Hey Joe we keep talking about DB, TE, QB, RT, DT, What about LB? I notice the bucs started to lose alot of game when quincy black went down.. We have a huge void there… What about LIne backer 1st round?

  16. Tee Ware Says:

    Lol that was the question I sent to q&a the other day..good to see it around

  17. jarrett Says:

    star loutelei could fall to us if a team likes floyd from uf. Only team ahead of us with a dt need is the raiders. If he falls to us he needs to be the pick. If not we could go anywhere from banks, to vacarro ,minter, or eifert. I cant wait

  18. Joe Says:


    Think it comes down to what happens with Quincy Black’s recovery. If the Bucs do pick a linebacker in the first round (not a shock) it would be an outside linebacker.

    Not sure who is talking about the Bucs drafting a defensive tackle in the first round. Unless Roy Miller isn’t coming back, Joe would fall over backwards if Dominik drafted a defensive tackle in the first round.

    Trust Joe, Dominik and Greg Schiano LOVE Roy Miller. Fans don’t like him and Joe has his suspicions but unless Joe is being totally conned by too many coaches and suits, if Miller is staying with the Bucs, just forget Dominik drafting a defensive tackle with the first round pick.

  19. raphael Says:

    If Hankins or Loutelei fall to us we will jump on them then we will get Ertz or Eifert… it.. there or CB’s in the 2nd and 3rd rds and we could get Jarious Bird as a FA…. and it would be awesome !

  20. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    Bowers just got arrested for guns

  21. Adam Says:

    What’s the “pattern?” Trading draft picks for ineffective and detrimental TEs?

  22. chris Says:

    I like Eifert but think the value for him at 13 overall isnt quite there. Enzekial Ansuh, if he’s there, will be a beast in the NFL. I hope we take him.

  23. SirustheVirus Says:

    Hate to say it you carry a loaded gun into an airport you need to be cut because you are wasy too F#cking stupid to be playing footall. In the words of Red Forman” Dumb Ass”

  24. Joe Says:

    Hate to say it you carry a loaded gun into an airport you need to be cut because you are wasy too F#cking stupid to be playing footall.

    That is like cutting your head off to stop a head cold.

    A lot of people have done this. Not saying it is smart. Wasn’t like he was waving the pistol in the terminal.

  25. Macabee Says:

    Sad to say, but there is no way to make a bad draft pick in the 1st round. Anybody they pick is going to help —- a lot!

  26. Que589 Says:

    Dom will add 2 starting caliber CB’s, a saftey and TE in free agency. First round we going DT Floyd, Richardson or Star, trade back into first to get Brown (LB K-State) or wait til round 2 and draft Green (LB Rutgers); then trade back into to round 2 for WR (either Austin, or one of the kids from Clemson or Baylor)

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Hmm don’t know about that theory lol