Sapp Talks Trash About Strahan

February 6th, 2013

First ballot Hall of Famer Warren Sapp was humble during many interviews immediately after earning the necessary votes for the 2013 Pro Football Hall of Fame class on Saturday. But it seems that Sapp is now back to his true, trash-talking self.

This morning on WDAE-AM 620, Sapp responded to a question about whether it was ever a doubt he would be a first-ballot selection.

Sapp answered, “Absolutely.” But he went on to explain that it was never a question between him and another first-time finalist, Giants DE Michael Strahan, who didn’t get elected.

“Say if I rewind this to Saturday at 12 o’clock me and you are sitting and I say, ‘It breaks down whatever and whatever and then you have Michael Strahan and me. C’mon, the menace and the media darling,'” Sapp said. “C’mon. Madness, or Good Morning America? I mean, c’mon.”

Joe really enjoyed Sapp beating out Strahan. Stories out of New York leading up to Saturday’s vote were calling Strahan a “shoo-in.” Not quite.

Sapp also went on to say Simeon Rice deserves to be enshrined in Canton, and Sapp got choked up sharing the irony of his “momma’s house” in Florida being 999 miles from George Halas Drive in Canton.

19 Responses to “Sapp Talks Trash About Strahan”

  1. IheartTheBucs Says:

    I was thinking Simeon Rice but i never hear him come up…

  2. T in Orlando Says:

    I think Sapp lost respect for Strahan when he got he set the record for sacks in a single season by simply placing a hand on Brett Favre, who laid down for him.

    Sapp was a monster in the middle, and probably the most deceptively quick player to play the game (how many people honestly looked at Sapp in his prime and would think, what makes this guy special is how quick he is). Even when he was at his most svelte, he still looked like a living Buddha statue.

    Congrats to him on making it (although it would have been cool if he and DB made it in the same year).

  3. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I don’t know. In reading Sapp’s quote, to me, it seems that he is actually saying he thought if it came down to him and Strahan, they would pick Strahan over him due to Strahan’s friendliness towards the media.

    May have sounded differently live, however.

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Still, either way, that doesn’t seem to me like trash talk. Especially out of Sapp who generally straight forward in his remarks when bashing another person lol

  5. SacBucs Says:

    Joe off Topic: Pull some strings and get a word to Dommie! We need LARON LANDRY! Mark Barron can be the free safety! Mark is a ball Ed Reed so let Rhonde play corner.Thats HOW Mark played in college! Landry is a FA so cut Eric Wrong give his money to Laron. C’mon you talking about a scary combination at safety. We get 2 BIG BUMP & RUN corners from free agency or the draft instant top 10 Defense.

    I want a Elite team NOW!


    Micheal Gayhann has never liked the bucs..Im glad Sapp beat him out. Mike always pick against the bucs!

  6. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Way off topic here, but here it goes, wouldn’t it be awesome if the Saints hire coach Rah as their new DC. The Slob Ryan deal might not go down. The league might be wanting the Saints to interview more African Americans for the position. With the Panthers in a mess, the only division team to be concerned about would be the Falcons.

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  8. Sneedy16 Says:


    Mark is not a good a Free Safety, he was getting beat on double moves all year. He is better fit in the box. He isn’t a ball hawk he is more of a thumper. Jairus Byrd is a better fit with Mark since he is a one of the top cover safety out there, and he has great ball skills.

  9. Tbuc Says:

    Where is the trash talk? Joe, must be slow news day or no stories to make Dominik look like a rock star. I’ll visit again once the draft rolls around.

    “So Sapp calling Strahan “media darling” and “Good Morning America” isn’t trash talk? You might want to sharpen your reading skills. And Joe doesn’t fabricate. Therefore your reference to such was deleted. Please don’t fabricate about Joe –Joe.

  10. Bucky23 Says:


    Absolutely. Jarius Bryd.

  11. Seth B Says:

    Jarius Byrd… Thats the guy. I live in DC Landry is always hurt at least with the skins… Not worth the risk. Achillies never got surgery, he just rehabbed it which makes him prone to injury again. Definitely would be an imposing Duo though…

    As for Sapp, I’d bet he ask Rod Marinelli to introduce him at the HOF…I’ll be there. Go Bucs!


    And that cat Landry looks like he’s on the roid raceway.

  13. Dave Says:

    Glad a Buccaneer is going in, and he deserves it, but he s such an A$$$$$OLE

  14. espo Says:

    Strahan is a great end and deserves to get in. The problem is, there’s a few defensive ends of that caliber every few years. There is only one Warren Sapp. As far as I’m concerned he is the greatest to ever play his position.

  15. What??? Says:

    This isnt trash talk at all. He’s stating a fact. Strahan IS a media darling and he IS on Good Morning America. He said worse things about himself: menace, madness. C’mon man. Tbuc is right.

  16. SacBucs Says:

    Seth b Warren’s Daughter has that honor..That’s what I heard..idk

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  19. PRBucFan Says:

    Essentially all he was stating is that he was worried that the view the media has of him as opposed to the view the media has of Strahan was going to hold him back.

    His was a negative view
    Strahans was a positive view

    Fact not trash