Results Over Age

February 13th, 2013

The solid play of Mason Foster and the Bucs’ front seven, No. 1 in rush defense, apparently isn’t good enough for some Bucs fans. Joe cannot disagree with this twisted theory more.

Yes, Joe is a sports radio addict. Good sports radio. If a host has to talk about the lovelife of a producer, favorite flavor of ice cream — or worse, socialist kickball! — Joe will change the station as quickly as one can snap their fingers and may never return.

This is why Joe is addicted to SiriusXM NFL Radio, football chatter from people who built champions, helped run drafts, played in Super Bowls, all who do research and — shockingly — watch games.

Can you imagine, sports radio types who actually what games?

But still, when a sports radio show takes calls, it is impossible not to let some dunderhead on the radio. This happened to Joe yesterday when this “Hollywood” character called to discuss the Bucs with Pat Kirwan, co-hosting “Movin’ the Chains,” along with Jason Horowitz.

Joe has heard from readers that this “Hollywood” is a chronic caller, but it has never sunk in on Joe. Monday he had a long-winded yet passionate rant about Josh Freeman. Tuesday, he lost all credibility with Joe.

This “Hollywood,” after, yes, getting in more swipes at Freeman, all but demanded Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik get rid of Roy Miller and Mason Foster because, in this clown’s words, he wanted veterans at linebacker and on the defensive line and not young players. He also cited Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers by name as being too young for his liking.

Now let Joe get this straight: The Bucs had just completed the season with the best NFL rush defense (going from worst to first) and the Bucs would be better off dismantling the front seven to collect a bunch of other teams’ castoffs? “Hollywood” actually wanted Dominik to sign Kyle Vanden Bosch over Michael Bennett because Bennett is young.

(Vanden Bosch’s career is toast by the way).

If Joe was producing that show on SiriusXM NFL Radio, he would have banned this “Hollywood” knob for sheer stupidity (a tactic that producers of locally sports radio shows should use far more often).

That had to be one of the worst, most ill-informed calls Joe ever heard.

Foster played at a Pro Bowl level early in 2012 but slipped at the end of the year (not coincidentally when Quincy Black got hurt) but no, the Bucs should go all George Allen and get rid of Foster for some guys on arthritis medication who daily chug Geritol and are in need of Viagra.

Joe was and is stunned that a Bucs fan would actually say this with a sober (?) mind, that the front seven, perhaps the Bucs’ best unit on the team last year, should be broken up because they aren’t old enough.

Good, grief!

Oh, and in case any of Joe’s readers wondered, Kirwan said of Vanden Bosch — these are Kirwan’s words, not Joe’s — that “he’s done.”

21 Responses to “Results Over Age”

  1. Justin P's Dwindling Radio "career" Says:

    “Hollywood” is a chronic caller sadly….but they let him on b/c he is NUTS

  2. canadianbuc Says:

    Hey Joe it looks like the steelers are going to cut Harrison because he wont take a pay cut. Hes worth a look if they cut him, instant pass rush help. What do you think?

  3. HFXBUC Says:

    ummm…didn’t the Bucs already do that under Gruden? BTW, Chucky by any other name is still Chucky its sad he’s calling radio shows talking up his love of mature older men. Sheesh, he needs an off season gig.

  4. Brandon Says:

    canadianbuc Says:
    February 13th, 2013 at 11:46 am
    Hey Joe it looks like the steelers are going to cut Harrison because he wont take a pay cut. Hes worth a look if they cut him, instant pass rush help. What do you think


    Hollywood? Is that you?

    You realize that Harrison will be 35 this year AND he’s played OLB his whole career, right? I’m sure ALL 4-3 defensive teams will be falling over themselves to sign a 35 year old, 5’11 250 lbs OLB that’s lost a couple steps to come play DE for them.

  5. Terraj Says:

    @ canadianbuc

    Harrison has faded as an impact player. Last year his numbers dimenished and he’s constantly injured (personally I think hes finally off the juice). Other reasons he wouldn’t come to the Bucs are price, his attitude (not schiano’s kind of guy) and most importantly, he played in a 3-4

  6. 4everBucsFan Says:

    Maybe callers need to answer a few wonderlic questions before they’re allowed on.

    I think what is real scary about “Hollywood” and his rants is that there are people out their who actually agree with him. It’s classic, you see it all the time. A guy will write a ridiculous over the wall comment where many will reply with how stupid, dumb, or retarded he is, and then miraculously someone will write a comment defending and agreeing with them. There exist a culture of hate out there.

  7. Paul Says:

    I see these types meltdown all the time. Some regular sports fan gets drunk, acts like an idiot and gets a min of fame. When pressed to keep bringing it, they usually start throwing random s..t at the wall to see what sticks and make a total ass out of themselves in the process. It really goes full circle.

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Man, you can tell it’s the offseason. Joe’s two articles today are about a fan twittering and a fan making a phone call. ZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  9. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Hey, I give Joe credit for keeping the posts going. I’m sure its hard to find creative things to report/talk about this time of year. Joe….feed me more!

    Joe, check out this link, its a Wonderlic type tests for QB’s. I wonder how well Free and the others in Bucs nation would do on this test.

  10. Meh Says:

    I feel the same way about the baseball garbage here that Joe feels about soccer coverage. Talk about a pair of sucky sports.

  11. Brad Says:

    ‘That had to be one of the worst, most ill-informed calls Joe ever heard.’ Brad, Joe deleted the rest of your comment. It was worthless. –Joe

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol How can this guy be taken seriously in the slightest?

  13. Saskbuco Says:

    Joe- I listen to Sirius/Xm NFL RADIO everyday as well, “Hollywood” used to a decent to good caller, but latley he’s gone off the deep end, his rants are borderline idiotic at best. I used to really enjoy when he called him because he’s passionate about the BUCS and bucsnation doesn’t get many callers into Sirius, so I used to onboard with some of his calls. But I couldn’t agree with more that his calls makes no sense now, I see a lot of unrest with BUCS fans this days on all media fronts. This is both disturbing and upsetting for me, I wish BUCS fan were open minded and positive and supported through the good and bad times, but its been a long playoff drought and I understand the furstration. So I ask you JOE what do you feel is the overall BUCS fans morale and attitudes going forward? Thanks for your time.

  14. Joe Says:


    Seems Bucs fans are tired of the playoff win drought (understandable) and as Joe has written a few times, are quickly running out of patience with Josh Freeman. They expect him to play like a first-round draft pick rather than a fourth-round pick.

    If doesn’t help that so many young quarterbacks, some drafted later than Freeman, who have come into the league since 2009 and have surpassed Freeman’s play with lesser “toys.”

  15. Greig Says:

    While he does sound like a nutjob giving the reason that they are too young he’s not completely wrong in that some of the front 7 needs replacing.
    Who really cares if youy are #1 in rush D when it’s a passing league and you rank dead last defending that?
    We need pass rush in a serious way and if that means replacing a young guy wit an older vet thst can get the job done and dropping to middle of the pack in run d then so be it. McCoy and David are the only untouchables in that front 7 IMO, age or draft position be damned.

  16. PRBucFan Says:


    NO ONE is going to get to the QB when they only have 3 seconds to rush the passer before our horrible CB’s allow a completion.

    Better CB’s = More time for pass rusher’s = More sacks

  17. Greig Says:

    And the CBs can’t cover wideouts forever.
    The problem isn’t just in the backfield, it’s up front too.
    In terms of 3 seconds, if they have that long to get there and don’t it proves the point that we need upgrades

  18. Sneedy16 Says:


    They didn’t even cover for the 3 seconds much less cover forever.

  19. Greig Says:

    Again somebody acting like 3 seconds is nothing instead of a lifetime for a QB. It’s actually funny that people think 3 seconds is a realistic time for a backfield to hold, have you not seen QBs like Rodgers just stand up and sling in in a faction of a second, wideouts run a 40 in 4.3 seconds, 3 seconds is like 25 yards down field.
    Nobody is saying that the backfield doesn’t need improvements but the fact remains we’ve not had a pass rush since Rice left since 2004 we’ve been in the top half of the league for sacks just 1 time and that was as the 16th racked team (in other words the last of the top ranked).
    Know what recent Super Bowl winners have in common? Pass rushes ranked in the top half of the league, usually very high.
    In todays league it’s about having a QB and getting after the other teams QB, they are going to get their yards no matter what but you have to hit them hard & often, causing them to make mistakes.
    There is a reason that an undrafted guy we gave up on like Kyle Arrington started 40 games the past 3 seasons for a New England team that has been in the playoffs 3 years, made 2 conference championships and a Super Bowl, they actually generate some kind of a pass rush which limits the DB issues.

  20. SacBucs Says:

    Way to go Greig!

    These post attackers are all clonez, find a opinion of your own!

    Always calling somebody a idiot, moron and stupid! We do have some grown a$$ immature fans. Who probably couldnt play sports to save there life.

    Recognition: Schiano has saved the team yeah! He got us to a 7-9 record! #1 run D! He restored order! yes.

    He also destroyed the fricking depth on OUR BUCS! A few examples.

    We make Ronde play safety, when they released 3 f-ing safeties..Holland who has exceptional speed. Asante and Sean Jones are young players with no huge contracts.

  21. SacBucs Says:

    We had one of the best cover linebacker in the game..Mcken from the Pats..Never touched the field!

    Buc fans make me sick with this slot reciever talk. Its showing me we have some intruders..Walk the plank! Rrrrrrrrr!

    Tough PRESTON PARKER wasnt a good returner i admit he had butterfingers.He was forced into that role with our depth at reciever. Buuut real buc fans shood remember Freeway hooking up with the lil homie on 3rd down numerous times in 2010. I think we set a team record! I think the Josh to Parker beat The Garcia to Ike.

    My point: You cant get rid of good players who have particpated in the league hoping to replace the with young unexperienced unproven talent.

    Secondly Josh hit Preston on the run and they tore intermediate route tree in half!

    Joe Im ashamed of you..Rollerskate Roy has got to go! Along with Grimm Myron Lewis Biggers Black Hayward Larsen TrueBlood Cutera Stroghter and many more!

    Untalented talent evaluators!

    Richard Sherman went 5TH ROUND CLOWNS!