Buyers’ Market At Right Tackle

February 19th, 2013

Phil Loadholt would be a massive addition

Here’s what we know about the Bucs’ right tackle position:

1) Overpaid free agent Jeremy Trueblood is sure to have a new address
2) Demar Dotson is barely starting caliber
3) Greg Schiano wants to run the football
4) Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik has only drafted one offensive lineman in four years (he was cut) and prefers to not draft them

So given how much Schiano wants competition, and right tackle is the weakest link on the offensive line, you can safely bet the position will be addressed this offseason.

That’s a good thing, writes 98.7 FM host and draft guru Justin “The Commish” Pawlowski. The Commish explains it’s a buyers’ market at right tackle.

Bottom Line: Mark Dominik and the Bucs have invested a lot of money into their offensive line with the resigning of Donald Penn and Davin Joseph, and the addition of Carl Nicks in free agency. With that investment, the Bucs have not settled on a true right tackle. With the amount of offensive tackles available, it should be a buyers’ market and teams looking for a tackle could get a good deal. I think the Bucs should inquire about Andre Smith and Branden Albert, but I’d be fine if the Bucs ended up with Sebastian Vollmer or Phil Loadholt. With the physical style the Bucs like to use on offense, Loadholt might be the best target. He’d also give the Bucs the biggest offensive line in the NFL. #FGU

Top Free Agents: Jake Long (MIA), Branden Albert (KC), Ryan Clady (DEN), Andre Smith (CIN), Sebastian Vollmer (NE), Phil Loadholt (MIN), Gosder Cherilus (DET)

Loadholt is an interesting cat. He’s gargantuan, listed at 6-8, 343 pounds. And in a breakdown yesterday of Vikings free agents, Vikings beat writers at the Star-Tribune called Loadholt “a mauler” in the running game.

Joe would love to have another true mauler on the line. One great way to close out games is to run the football, rather than what Schiano did against the Eagles, set up a punt and rely on your league-worst secondary.

44 Responses to “Buyers’ Market At Right Tackle”

  1. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Phil Loadholt would be a solid pick up.

  2. Weber7 Says:

    I don’t think signing a RT should be a priority. Defense Defense Defense!

  3. Kennedy Says:

    Sign this beast, turn Blount and Smith loose to get some carries, and pound Martin.

  4. Meh Says:

    Didn’t we switch from Trueblood to Dotson because Trueblood was a ‘mauler who couldn’t pass protect’. Loadholt is almost the same guy, just a better mauler with the same pass protection problems.

  5. Vic Says:

    There was no evidence of Trueblood mauling during this decade

  6. Curmudgeon Says:

    Can we really afford to dump more big $$$ into the offensive line, or even the offense in general? We’re so unbalanced in spending on offense vs. defense. I would love to add a mauler at RT, but how does this impact their ability to spend on defense… I think they have to focus on defense. That has to be the theme this offseason…. Maybe draft a new RT, which is a more economical approach.

  7. TrueBlue Says:

    Every defense is at its best when it’s standing on the sidelines sipping gator aid – especially in the second half of games. Eating up clock and wearing down the other team’s defense is a winning strategy. Another true mauler at RT can only be a good thing, for the offense and the defense.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Keep in mind that Sebastian Vollmer is someone we had our eye on in the 2009 draft, if I’m not mistaken.

  9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Loadholt isn’t the answer. What the Bucs need is a guy who can come in immediately and play RT while having the skill set to back up Penn at LT.

    Remember Penn will be 30 in April and he’s entering the downside of his prime years now. He won’t be a high caliber LT for more than a couple more years and since that position is so vital, especially for #5, the Bucs need to start actively planning for his replacement soon. If Penn goes down who’s the next guy up? There’s no one currently on the roster who can adequately cover Freeman’s blind side after Penn. The depth isn’t just inadequate, it’s downright non-existent.

    This might be the year you see Dominik draft an OT in the first round who has the physical ability to play both RT and LT. If Lane Johnson or Eric Fisher are still there at #13 there’s a high probability they’re the pick.

    DJ Fluker isn’t capable of playing LT so he won’t be the pick, I can guarantee you that. He’s too slow and his feet are too heavy. Dominik likes versatile linemen so I’m looking at OT being the pick myself.

  10. Curmudgeon Says:

    defense defense defense

  11. bucky23 Says:

    I realize we have had enough trouble with problem corners, but if we don’t end up trading back up into the first round, is there any chance we use our extra 4th round pick on Tyrann Mathieu CB from LSU. He is very risky, but I big play maker when actually on the field. Anyone think it would be worth it? Also, Bring on LOADHOLT he is a monster.

  12. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    This would be a great pickup and I don’t think we need to spend our money on just Defense because it is a need and I think that is just dangerous spending. I would spend money on talent like Loadholt and then get someone Dashon Goldson or Jarius Bryd (doesn’t look like he will hit FA though) and then pick up a veteran #2 CB like Sheldon Brown but I wouldn’t spend money on defense just because we need defense.

    I think we could get better CB’s through the draft though like Desmond Trufant, Jonathan Banks, Logan Ryan, Robert Alford, Xavier Rhodes, Terry Hawthorne, etc. I would trade down and get Desmond or Jonathan in the first and get another 2nd rounder and use those picks on the offense like Tavon Austin and Tyler Eifert. Third get the OLB like Arthur Brown/Kasheem Greene. Fourth Brandon Williams (NT/DT), and Christine Michael RB and after that just start selecting BPA and maybe even a Punter to replace Koenen because that contract is just ridiculous for a punter and he is just average too, also a Punt and Kick Returner like Ace Sanders in the 5th or 6th round.

  13. stevek Says:

    We have more holes than swiss cheese.

    It will be interesting to see if Dominick can lead us to the playoffs in his 6th year, or if Freeman can materialize going into his 5th year as starter?

    Interesting that we can stink since 2008, and for the exception of 2010, we still stink.

    I am green with envy when I can see all of the other teams across the league make it to the postseason with an inexperienced/rookie QB.

    It just raises the question, why do we still suck/ can’t find a win?

    Andrew Luck lost his HC for most of the year, was a rookie, and still led his team to the playoffs, even with Houston in the division. IMPRESSIVE.

    Freeman needs to impress, if he implodes this year, then he and Dom are outta mind outta sight.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    no way bucs can justify taking a chance on Mathieu with the history of Jackson and Talib, and soon to be ex buc Wright… reliability is key to discipline

  15. Bucfan4life7 Says:


    The Bucs can draft that future LT which I think is a direction they might go next year or the year following that. Someone like Cyrus Kouanjio or Jake Matthews would make sense next year.

  16. Bucky23 Says:

    I don’t disagree. Just thought I would throw it out there if we didn’t want to spend our earliest picks on corner.

  17. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    You guys amaze me though with all the blame on Freeman. I’m sorry but I don’t remember him giving up 500 plus passing yards vs the Giants, or him being on the field when RG3, Nick Foles, Matt Ryan (game 1), or Drew Brees (game 1) tore up our sorry excuse for a pass defense in the final moments of the game to win. This is a team game people and it is completely unfair to blame Josh for games he had us in position to win only to have the defense screw it up. I agree with all of you that Josh needs to be more consistant but I am confident he will have that consistency this year and prove all you haters wrong.

  18. stevek Says:


    The Bucs can certainly justify going after the Honey Badger…. Our CBs STINK to high hell.

  19. 4everBucsFan Says:

    If we’re going to get an OT, be it in FA or the draft, let’s think of signing or drafting a LT better than Penn. Let’s not just go for a small step-up and select a RT, let’s go for upgrade at LT and then slide Penn over to RT, where it would be a more natural fit and a little easier for him.

  20. c-span Says:

    well said @Bucfan4life7

  21. the_buc_realist Says:


    you don’t remember Freeman giving up 500 plus passing yards. That because he didn’t. But then again he was going 3 and out so fast in most of the games I don’t remember even seeing him on the field.

  22. Andrew 1 Says:

    I went back and watched the entire Alabama vs Mississippi state game because I wanted to see how good CB Jonathan Banks is for myself as he might be our pick in this upcoming draft. Suffice it to say he had a horrible game in which he was burned often and was responsible for giving up 14 of the 24 points in the first half. it got so bad for Banks that I quickly turned my attention to DJ Fluker along the Alabama O line. what I saw from him was a RT who was a great run blocker, but was absolutely horrible at pass blocking. he was routinely beat by an average Mississippi state d line and lb corp and even gave up an ugly sack. just imagine how he would fair against a talented NFL dl. at 330 lbs and by the way he plays he reminds me more of a RG not a RT. to give you a better understanding of what he looked like imagine Davin Joseph as a RT and you have Fluker. Therefore I can say with confidence that we will NOT draft him with the 13 overall pick, and if any team wants to draft him they better be prepared to move him to RG or else there going to get there QB killed. If your going to draft a RT with the 13 overall pick he had better be a well rounded football player, in which case Fluker is absolutely not. So with Fluker being out of the picture I think we should either buy a free agent RT or draft one in the later rounds. But believe me Fluker with be a bust at RT.

  23. stevek Says:


    “3 plays in, 3 plays out, you do the Hokey Pokey and that is what our QB is all about”.

    You are right, with Freeman, there are either Touchdowns, turnovers, or 3 and outs. We need less variation.

  24. 4everBucsFan Says:

    ^^^^ I’d take LT Eric Fisher or LT Lane Johnson before I would take undersized Fluker

  25. Bucfan4life7 Says:


    Yeah I know Josh didn’t give up those passing yards that was my point. Josh Freeman and the Bucs Offense put up 27 points vs the Giants and the one bright spot on defense that day was the pick 6. Bucs had 34 points and were up 27-13 at one point in the 3rd quarter. That should be a big enough lead to hold on to and to go to your argument the Bucs only needed to hang on to 2 of those 5 games I mentioned to get into the playoffs and an average defense would have been able to get two of those 5 wins. It really makes me think some of you guys are crazy when you are blaming Josh Freeman and want to replace Josh who lead the offense to it’s most successful offensive season in franchise history.

    There are tons of teams that wouldn’t be complaining if Josh was there QB like the Chiefs, Jags, Raiders, Jets, Bills, Rams, Eagles, Browns, Cardinals, Titans, Bengals, Vikings and there are some borderline teams that I could list too that I didn’t.

    Also I don’t get wasting a draft pick on QB. Ask yourself honestly do you really see any of these QB’s ending up better than Freeman? In my opinion no. If Josh was 21 or whatever he was when came out he would be the first QB taken in this draft. Also I don’t believe in developmental QB’s anymore because of all the 32 starting QB’s only 9 weren’t selected in the first round and I shouldn’t count the cardinals because none of those QB’s should start but I will count it until the draft is over and Matt Cassel will be replaced this season probably by Geno Smith.

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    CLADY!!! lol I can wish

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Why are we talking about Josh right now?

    He’s run out of excuses, it’s been settled that it’s now or never…


  28. 4everBucsFan Says:


    Freeman is our QB this year, so why the constant Freeman bashing? We all know about Freemans shortfalls without you beating our brains in over it. We also know, he will be our QB next year. So get on board with it. You don’t have to like it but you can’t also be rooting against him, can you? If you’re rooting against him then you’re rooting against the Bucs.

  29. Bucfan4life7 Says:

    @Andrew 1

    I’m not making an excuse for Banks but he was hurt while he was playing in that game and also he struggled against a couple more games because of that injury but at the same time if you are playing I don’t want to hear you using the injury card because if it is impairing you that much then you shouldn’t be playing but I have to give him credit by playing through the pain because some players wouldn’t do that.

    I also personally think Desmond Trufant fits better for this team because Desmond is more of a man to man cover corner which is what Greg wants while Banks is more of a zone cover corner. Xavier Rhodes I think would be a good fit too since he is very physical and jams up receivers very well and is great in man coverage but I got to see his 40 to justify his speed because that is one of his question marks.

  30. Mike J Says:

    Bucfan4life7, as to Rhodes–you are exactly right; how he runs at the Combine & his Pro Day will determine a lot about how high he goes.If he clocks poorly, some clubs might even view him as a FS conversion.

  31. stevek Says:

    I am a Buc fan 100%, and I support Freeman in pewter, but his inconsistency is maddening, and it would be INSANE to stand 100% behind him with his body of work thus far.

    I hope he develops into a good QB, but competition should be drafted..

    I will root for Freeman, as I root for the Bucs. 55 starts worth of mounting frustration.


    When will we go to the playoffs? This Josh’s 5th year as starter, and 6th in the league…. IMO, 6 years and no playofs: bye bye.

  32. TampaBayTaylor Says:

    Lane Johnson will be a stud LT. We could take him at 13 and he could start immediately at RT. In 2 years when Penn’s deal is up, he will make a hard task look easy and slide to LT where he will be dominate. 2 huge birds with one tiny stone.

  33. 4everBucsFan Says:

    ^^^^^^ I don’t know but beating our heads in over it ain’t helping. This year we hope, if not we will have a new QB in 2014. But he ain’t going nowhere till then.

  34. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Bucfan4life

    your right, even though he had a bad game against a really good team, I also am not going to crucify Banks over 1 game and am still open to drafting him at 13. I will probably go back and watch some more games from him to properly judge him. My comments where more towards not drafting Fluker because I thought it was appropriate to add it in to a post that talks about what to do with our RT situation. but seeing is how everyone is talking about freeman from a post that was supposed to talking about RT, I guess I can bring up anything and get away with it.

  35. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ TampaBayTaylor

    that’s a good idea, I like where your heads at. plus drafting Johnson at 13 to play RT would be cheaper than to sign a RT in free agency.

  36. Saskbuco Says:

    Hey Joe: What do you think of this random “nutty” thought?

    Please note I feel signing a CB and drafting one in the 2nd round is BUCS best option.

    Draft an OT in the 1st round and let them play RT and then in a year or 2 switch to LT and replace Penn or move Penn to RT, he’s probably better suited there due to his small arms. Lane Johnson (possibility) or Eric Fisher (doubtful to be there) would be great picks. Also if the best player in the draft (ALA Mike Mayock) Chance Warmack is available why not draft him? I know we have Nicks and Joesph (who is one of my all time favorite Bucs), and from a strictly business move it makes a lot of sense, Davin is coming off an injury and make a lot of money, why not draft his possible replacement in Warmack. If Nicks or Davin aren’t themselves due to injury with have their replacement, younger and a fraction of the cost. Davin is on of classiest people to ever wear a bucs uniform and I wouldn’t ever want to see him leave, but if Warmack is there the bucs have to draft him. Davin did play LT in college not sure he could move to RT or not, hes not as nimble as an OT is, both players are guards for sure, moving either to new position would be difficult at best. But purely from a “business” aspect of football its a no-brianer. What are your thoughts? BUCSNATION thoughts??

  37. MadMax Says:

    Im on board with Johnson at 13. I really think Bowers will beat this thing with minimal impact. But pass rush is a bigger need and I’d still rather us get Werner or Ansah than going OT if either one of them is still there. If they’re gone and Johnson or Fisher is still there, get em.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    Honestly I would rather us draft a player that’s going to make an immediate impact and not one that will be making his starts in 2 years but I get what y’all are saying.

    We have some needs right now that must be met

  39. grif4foozball Says:

    freeman is a beeeyyyyaaaaatttttttcccccccchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!…

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t think Dominick will pass up this golden FA opportunity to upgrade the Tackle position. I wouldn’t be surprised if he drafts Fluker (if there) in the first round too. Not 1 but 2 big tackles for the O line. Penn is doing great but he is going to be 30 soon.

  41. RustyRhino Says:

    Wow, 6’8″ 343 lbs and Joe you use this photo of him getting beat inside?

  42. Kevin Says:

    While it’s a possibility that an OT is drafted, I highly doubt that is who will be selected with the Bucs 1st round pick. As Joe alluded to in his post, Mark Dominik has stated that he prefers to see O-linemen perform at the NFL level before committing to them.

    Thus, I think that a OT will be signed in FA, hopefully Vollmer, Beatty, or Albert. My guess is that the first pick will be a DT, CB Millner, or S Vaccaro.

  43. MTM Says:

    Dominick may find the easiest thing to fix the defense is to create a better offense. If Freeman can start and finish drives. It would naturally make the defense better by virtue of not being on the field as much. The offense needs far less to becoming great vs the defense which needs work everywhere.

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    Which would make it totally illogical to address it last…