The First Of Many: 2013 Mock Draft

January 3rd, 2013

It’s a new year: 2013. The first season of the Greg Schiano Administration is over. Time to start working on a new season.

Thus, the first mock draft Joe is linking to in this new calendar year is here, from Joe’s good friend Jason McIntyre, the brainchild and mastermind of It has Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik selecting cornerback Jonathan Banks of Mississippi State with the No. 13 pick.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9 – Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State. The worst secondary in football needs help. Trading Talib created a hole. This isn’t a strong CB class, so options could be thin later. It is a deep pass-rushing draft (Tampa had just 27 sacks last season, tied for 3rd worst in the NFL), so that need to be filled later.

What is interesting in this mock draft is that it has the Baron of Berlin, defensive end Bjoern Werner, going 24th to the Colts.

Let Joe state this for the record right now and feel free to mock him come April. Unless Werner (who is expected to enter the draft) completely flops at the glorified indoor track practice NFL combine and blows all of his individual workouts, there is flat out no way Werner gets past the Bucs.

Look at Dominik’s draft history: He covets defensive linemen (remember sackless Kyle Moore?). There is not one starter on the Bucs defensive line that does not have a question mark hanging over his head. Michael Bennett and Roy Miller are free agents, Gerald McCoy has only had one injury-free season, Adrian Clayborn is coming back from major knee surgery, Da’Quan Bowers, though effective, cannot stay healthy, not to mention that degenerative knee issue of his.

If a stud pass rusher, like Werner, is still sipping water at Radio City Music Hall waiting for his name to be called, believe Joe, there will be a bratwurst and käse party at One Buc Palace highlighted by oompah music replete with scantily-clad cheerleaders bearing large, overflowing steins of Warsteiner bier.

54 Responses to “The First Of Many: 2013 Mock Draft”

  1. mike Says:


  2. Tyler Says:

    Him or damonte Moore I’m not excited bout either corners if all the good pass rushers r gone I wouldn’t mind millner if he is avaliable but I think we should go dline or if by some grace of god and Jarvis jones or manti teo come avaliable I’d snap them up lik notin with teo we can put foster to the outside in the rush linebacker spot which I think he could excel in or as the big run stuffer or with jones he becomes the rush linebacker with foster in the middle n I think he could excel their as well with more coaching win win in tht one we get the pass rusher n a stud run stuffing linebacker, but if we go end I repeat take Moore kid is absolutely nasty

  3. PRBucFan Says:

    It’s not a doubt he’ll be done by 13.
    Dion Jordan would maybe still be available.
    I have no doubt after the combine other prospects will climb the board and hopefully with that Milliner will fall to us.

    – Maybe a chance on Tyrann Matheiu on the third day would be worth a shot.

  4. PRBucFan Says:

    Demonte Moore is likely to be gone as well.

    Johnathan Hankins would most likely be available from Ohio State. Outside of Star he’s the best DT available. Pair him with Gerald and we have one beast of a pair for years to come increasing the sacks from the outside would be a certainty with the focus those two together would bring.

  5. SirustheVirus Says:

    I would like the Bucs to just trade out of the first round completely. I like David Amerson CB in the 2nd round and mabey move back into the 2nd round to get Margus Hunt DE and Chase Thomas OLB in the 3rd.

  6. Mavsmoney Says:

    There is no way MD is going to spend a 1st round draft pick on a CB. Mark my words.

  7. RustyRhino Says:

    Joe, Where can I get in the line for the bratwurst and käse party at One Buc Palace highlighted by oompah music replete with scantily-clad cheerleaders bearing large, overflowing steins of Warsteiner bier. Ja I’m down with this.

    Whould like us to look at Rambo and Ogeltree as well as Jones.

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    Better be he will if we can’t get any significant changes to the position in FA. Or it’s his job lol

  9. Jacko101 Says:

    I love The CB from Ohio State (Roby) Trading down wouldn’t be so bad to get more depth on our team. We need help in many Areas I just hope MD can pull off another A+ draft class.

  10. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Trade up to get Werner.

  11. PRBucFan Says:

    Maybe DM uses the extra fourth to trade back into the first again 🙂

  12. Pruritis Ani Says:

    Indeed, a stunning visualization of festive activities. I’m all in if can bring some Kilkenny Irish Beer to your Germanic Love Fest 😀

  13. the_buc_realist Says:

    Maybe DM uses draft picks for good players, Thank goodness he takes orders well from Coach Schiano

  14. SacBucs Says:

    Yea because Dom didnt have a good draft until Greg got to tampa. Thats who deserves the credit. All Dom did was spend our high draft picks on injury prone, underachieving, untalented players. Bowers Price Benn! Not to mention Dexter “scary” Jackson in the Allen Gruden days. Fire all the so called scouts for the bucs. YOU CAN’T EVALUATE TALENT!

  15. Amar Says:

    I believe a lot has to do with Michael Bennett’s status in determining whether we go Defensive End at 13th overall. If Bennett decides to walk for whatever reason, i.e. not enough money or Dominik decides to pass on making an offer then I am more confident we go for ‘The Baron of Berlin’. Also, I know Martellus Bennett’s plays a part in where Bennett’s plays next year….I am all for us going after Martellus only if we run dry in finding a quality/above average Tight End whether that be a thin draft class at the Tight End position and as long as the contract isn’t anywhere near half of Kellen Winslow’s contract we gave him. I am also very confident Luke Stocker could be our answer at Tight End if he and Freetard spent lots of time in the off-season developing each others role in our offense. With what what have on the outside and at RB not too forget our top 5 OL, it should only make Stocker’s job easier, however spending lots of time with Freetard, Sullivan (hopefully he stays with us), studying, COMMUNICATING, and film is CRITICAL not just at Tight End but at EVERY POSITION. Something I believe we were extremely under focused in doing and that is in EVERY position on our team. Now that we have a good nucleus in talent and can move forward including most importantly a system on O and D our players can and SHOULD be confident in there main focus should now be everything but play calls because that is just the basics and its EVERYTHING ELSE that makes a good (great) quality football team! (I.E. See Sapp, Rice, Brooks, Lynch, Barber, and Brad Johnson on O, they all ate together, most of the time were roommates during OTA’s/Workout’s, etc., as well as when there are no voluntary or mandatory work outs they got together as much as possible to progress and get as much as a head start as they possibly could! There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why our current CORE group of guys couldn’t do the same! ESPECIALLY if they want to be great and take this team OVER THE TOP!!! I hope to god Freetard/Vincent Jackson for offense and Gerald McCoy/Lavonte David/Mark Barron ALL DEMAND THIS DURING THE OFF-SEASON!!

    (Kind of got distraced in my Bucs hopes and dreams but as for the 13th overall situation and what I said about Michael Bennett):

    If Bennett resigns with us then I am more confident in us going cornerback at 13th overall.

  16. Amar Says:

    ^(In regards to my comment above)

    Ahh, shoot! Forgot to utilize the nice little enter/return button on the keyboard to split up/paragraphs! My bad, Buc Fam! lol =/

    SacBUCS, does that stand for SACRAMENTO?

  17. SacBucs Says:

    When Mike Shanahan can find a rb & a wr in the 6th round that are contributing to the team now, shows who can draft. Alfred Morris & Robinson…..Najee Goode, Tandy and Michael Smith has barely touch the field.

    Off topic: You homers are good for running people out off town off this site then you bigets start regreting it.

    Missing the people you helped exile! Maggotrons

    Learn to look in the mirror and shut the buc up!

  18. SacBucs Says:

    Why Amar? I dont f-wit none of these haters on this site. I’m waiting on pewter power 99 to pay me a visit so i can make it his last. With his ideal threats.. Nah it stands for Silly Ass Creatures.

  19. Dave Says:

    Every mock I have seen so far shows Banks or Millner going to the Bucs… the other CBs are 2-3 round material.
    As for Bjoern Werner, every draft I have seen has him in the top 10.

  20. FlBoy84 Says:

    Still early in the eval process, but wouldn’t mind seeing the team trading down a bit and grabbing Elam in the lower half of the first, grabbing a CB in Rd 2-4 and signing a couple of corners in FA to hold the fort for the next few years. If the team signed a couple of guys like Jammer(SD), Cox(Jax), Smith (Mia) or Grimes (if he’s healthy) the CB position would be much less of a liabilty. Jammer is getting up there in age but is still a reliable corner and could probably be signed to a reasonable deal. And pairing Elam with Barron and Black would set up the safety position for years to come and would definitely cause some gator-arms around the league from receivers going across the middle (no pun intended).

  21. princespanky Says:

    I am fine with us taking Banks but I can’t see it happening. Guy has great length, can run with anybody and is a huge playmaker.

    If Teo fell to us we would have to take him and move Foster to SAM. The abilities and leadership are too much to pass on. I dont think Warner or Moore will be available but any combination of Teo, Banks and even Jesse Williams I would be ok with. Williams can play any position on the defensive line and would make McCoy more effective as well as give him lessons in the weight room.

  22. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I just saw a Mock Draft on the BigLead that has Jarvis Jones dropping to #13. Good-bye Quincy Black. I thought the Jags were going to grab him.

    13. Tampa Bay Bucs
    Jarvis Jones, DE/OLB, Georgia (SCOUTING REPORT)
    Jones makes splash plays with regularity, but his injury history (spinal stenosis) might scare some teams off in the top ten. Tampa Bay has been willing to take that sort of risk before and could stand to add a dynamic edge rusher to their defense.

  23. Amar Says:


    By your choice of words, you seem a bit angry….You can obviously handle matters on your own but for me once is enough. Meaning, if I were to call someone out and they don’t reply or steer away from my request or simple comment, it’s done and over with. No need to beat a dead horse and/or drag on a simple matter like E-Fighting. We are all here for the same reason: To debate Buc Ball with our own opinions.

    Let’s try our best to keep it classy, like the MAJORITY of our fan base is known as.

    BTW, who do you feel are haters? That’s not a literal question I’m asking you because it really doesn’t matter. I don’t know why you feel that way but I wouldn’t stoop to someone else’s level, stay above there’s.

    I hope you don’t get yourself banned. Because I’ve seen it happen before. Joe is not afraid to do it whatsoever especially if it has to do with the jeopardy in how he likes to run his site in the comments section, it’s really just common sense TBH. (Saying things like “I don’t f-wit none of these haters on this site”, has you on that path.) No reason nor worth to stir things up other than a difference of opinion when it comes to BUC BALL. Let’s focus on BUC BALL, shall we? I know I will.

    Good luck to you.


    Werner will be top 5, especially after the combine. He’s a beast and can play run or pass.

  25. FearTheFlag Says:

    Last years 13th pick got $9.97mil for 4 years. So keep that in mind if the DE Werner is still there vs what Bennett will be asking for. Bennett is a proven talent as is Clayborne who’ll be back next year. I think if Millner or Banks is there at 13 we have to take them. The CB free agent market is WEAK. We’ll be lucky to get 1 reasonably serviceable CB in FA.

    Possibly even the tall and speedy CB David Amerson in the 2nd round. But I could certainly see the value of DE’s Alex Okafor or Ezekiel Ansah if they were available in the 2nd.

    It’s clear to everyone that the Buc’s HAVE to dramatically up the talent in the secondary if we’re to be competitive in the coming years!

  26. toneman850 Says:

    We are going to have so much money to play with in the offseason to go after Veteran secondary guys and Bennett and maybe his brother, Martellus is not commanding a lot of money, he just had a one year contract with the Giants.

    If Werner is there at 13 we better pick him up as I have watched this kid play and he is a beast. I always worry about taking secondary players in the first because they need time to adjust to NFL WR who are much better coached in their route designs.

  27. MadMax Says:

    Hey Joe,
    how did you enjoy watching Clowney live? I told you my boy dont clown around…HAHAHAHA. That was the most devastating get off and hit Ive ever seen…and with a side of poetic justice after being robbed by the refs. Too bad he’s not in the draft huh…I want him in a Buc uniform any which way possible!

  28. Deminion Says:

    Just me but I would want Star lotulelei sure he would be long gone

  29. Orlando bucs fan Says:

    Agreed I don’t recall ever seeing someone get hit that hard ever!!!

  30. MadMax Says:

    I havent had much opportunity to watch Milliner. Im not too sold now on Banks. He looked slow in the bowl game. Rhodes impressed me though, granted he was playing a mac team, but he was all over the place.

    I feel like some of the others here about using a 1st on a CB. Hopefully its addressed in FA. Id rather a stud DT, DE, or LB….or trade down. If things go south with Freeman next season, we may just end up picking high and might be able to trade up for that #1 pick Clowney. But Im not hoping we have a bad season just to get him….I was just saying, you know, since we’re still sticking with free.

    Some very good prospects at CB, DT, TE, even a slot/returner in rounds 2-4.

    You guys think Dom may go RT on the 1st if the stud defensive guys are gone?

  31. HRP Says:

    Let ME state for the record: Bjoern Werner will be a bust. That’s right. NO way the Bucs draft him.

  32. HRP Says:

    And as far as “completely flopping”, that’s EXACTLY what he did in the past bowl game. Looked absolutely horrible.

  33. Joe Says:


    Joe knew about Clowney when he was in high school, unlike 90 percent of people talking about him.

  34. MadMax Says:

    No doubt Joe 😉

  35. GiveBlountABLUNT Says:


    Banks was slowed by an injury in that bowl game, so he played through the pain and wasan’t at his best. Hes a talented kid, solid height and he is a play maker. I want our first pick of the draft to either be Banks or Dion Jordan.

  36. MadMax Says:

    Yep, I just read that they played most of the 2nd half w/o him due to injury. I didnt know Banks was playing injured when he was in there, my bad.

  37. Big Marlon B Says:

    First round is really tough to call. There are lots of variables, such as 12 teams picking before us, which can have an impact on who is targeted. If a CB like Banks is available and he’s considered a slight reach, I say pull the trigger. If it’s considered anything more than a slight reach, i say go best player availabe (for any position that makes sense), or trade back and stockpile picks.

    I really think they should take a shot at Tyrann Mathieu if he is available for one of the 4th round picks or in the 5th round. I know he’s unreliable right now, but so was Janoris Jenkins….look how that 2nd round pick is looking for the Rams right now. Yea, there is still plenty of time for him to screw it up, but so far so good. Mathieu is a legitimate playmaker, and would be worth the risk in the mid rounds.

    Aside from that, I’m hoping for Khaseem Greene in the 3rd, possibly Joseph Fauria in the 4th if he’s still on the board. I might be underestimating where these guys will end up, but there are always late risers with limited college production who fly up draft boards last minute….pushing some proven guys down a bit.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    GMC, Clowney, AC/Bennet/Bowers = UNFAIR bahahaha

    No doubt would be the most dominating line the league has seen in years

  39. Patrick Says:

    If we could have both Bennett and Werner, then it would be even better.

    Might be better to turn to free agency to address the cornerback position? Given that this isn’t the strongest class of cornerbacks.


    No way Werner will be a bust. If you think that, you have not watched him throughout his career.

  41. jarrett Says:

    mingo has got to be the pick, use him like seahawks use irvin on passing situations.put mingo with clayborn, bennett, bowers. we might have something.

  42. jarrett Says:

    id take werner too, either would be fine

  43. MadMax Says:

    If Mingo is there, def a must. He got sick in that game against clemson and missed the 4th qtr. Others were going down too. But if Mingo had stayed in, clemson would not have come back to win.

    I’ll tell you what though, if Tajh Boyd decides to come out, he would be a nice QB in the 3rd if he made it that far.

  44. Bucs55 Says:

    Dion Jordan should be the pick with the 13 pick this guy has the size speed to be a break out year from his rookie year he reminds me a lot of smith from the 49ers

  45. Red86 Says:

    Our main pass rush problem is the guy next to McCoy on 4 down set. Seem no one could get off single blocker to put pessure on QB. We should get another DT that demand a double block like McCoy. This can be very hard to gameplan for when two D Line getting the double block treatment. The Linebackers would have a feild day with tackles on run plays. The two DTs could cause team to leave an extra blocker on passing plays, which is less the DBs have to cover. Our blitzing can improve a lot. And the proper way to built a D Line is starting inside to the outside. DTs are suppose to crash the pocket causing the QB to go toward the outside where the DEs or try to scramble. Two good DTs make the DEs look better. Think Jared Allen like production when he broke the sack record. He had a very tough middle that year. Just saying DE in the first isn’t going to help much. We have a decent DEs depth. Plus, I would try to upgrade with Osi at DE vs. Bennett. Osi Has 33.5 sacks the past four years. Bennett in his 4 year career has just 15 sacks. If we get Osi and Bennett decide to walk, then I’m done to selling the whole franhise just to get Clowney.

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    Johnathan Hawkins #2 DT behind Star from OSU

    Beast of a DT that would demand and double along with GMC. There’s no doubt he’ll be available. Most mocks have the Panties taking him after our pick.

  47. PRBucFan Says:

    Whoever ends up with the first pick overall, I doubt they would take any offers at all for clowney.

  48. Fatmosh Says:

    Man, you guys are crazy if you don’t have corners and only corners on the mind. MAYBE if we don’t re-sign Bennett.

    But even then we have the decent-at-worst combo of Clayborn and Bowers.

    Who do we have at CB? Biggers will be our #1 CB. BIGGERS.

    And, a LB??? Pop quiz: who gets more snaps, the starting SLB or the slot corner? Look it up. We need three quality corners before we need to be worrying about any other position on defense.

    It’s a passing league, until we can defend that we’re toast.

  49. Red86 Says:

    If I was the GM, I would be willing to trade like Atlanta did for Jones. 1-3 that year and a 3 next. Maybe put a player or two in that trade. Clowney reminds of a young Simeon Rice. That would cover for Osi being older. The thought of Osi in Red is very beneficial. I’m sure he can teach other linemans what he learn from Strahan. But, not going to get my hope too high though.

    Pass rush and Secondary play goes hand and hand. Each one affect each other. I seen and heard many time that a good pass rush can make avg corners look good. Not once have I seen or heard that the Secondary makes the pass rush better. Beside my veiw about draft 2-4 is spend on the secondary that depend or FA that sign with the Bucs. Chris Gamble may be cut because the Panthers are over the cap. Grimes has an expire contract with the Falcons having little room as well. New Orleans is in Cap trouble as well. So, anything can happen.

    Biggers is ok. Though Gaitor and Johnson have high potential. Those two need more playing time. Gaitor seem more ready than Johnson IMO. Johnson need to work on footwork and turning his head.

  50. Red86 Says:

    Don’t believe me look up Morris Claiborne. LSU has a solid d line as of late. They put a lots of pressure on the qb. Many was hypes up about Claiborne, but I’ve been warning folks about how bad his tackling was and many of his big play happen with the d line or front 7 getting pressure on the QB. The guy appears afraid of being physical and you can see it in how he get block by wrs and not shed the block. He was an average or slightly above average CB in a good system at LSU.

  51. Fatmosh Says:

    @Red86 You’ve never heard of a coverage sack?

    My point is, I think we have C/B defensive line right now, which is young and has LOTS of potential. Any DE we get is going to mean some combination of Bennett/Bowers/Clayborn is riding the pine.

    We have D/F corners right now. Any new corner we get is just going to push the no-upside late-round draft picks and UFAs to the bench, where they should be.

    CBs should be our #1 priority, by a landslide.

  52. Red86 Says:

    Coverage sack happen less often than a sack from the front 7 around the league. Having the best Corners mean little if the qb have time to throw the ball. And have the best Cbs depth is going to improve the pass defense on it’s on. Philly can give me an “Amen” off this fact. Heck even Revis looked like a fool when he smack to Moss when Moss was a Patriot. Brady had time and Moss embrass those loud mouth Jets. Pressure make the whole defense better. Part of the reason we safety blitz so much is because of the MIller, Gibson, and other DT not name McCoy can’t shed one blocker on a consistent basis through the whole year. Doing thing like stunts on obivious passing down is evident of the lack of consistent pressure from d lineman with a single blocker. McCoy did the best through out the year with double team. Blitzing our secondary makes the whole secondary vulnerable to big pass plays. The Front 4 need to be fix so the secondary can do their job. I mean look at how the Tampa Two worked. We had a great front 4 that got pressure on QB with little to no blitzing at all. The result is more picks because the secondary had their spots and didn’t have to worry about the qb hold the ball for long.

    There is nothing wrong with depth. Osi and possible other DE in the FA not name Bennett has done more than him. Not saying not sign Bennett back but what wrong with upgrading? What wrong with having a rotatation to keep them fresh?

    There is going to be plenty of option to fix the cb and safety spot in the FA.. Like Grime or Chris Gamble. It’s just better to invest in proven talent at CBs then invest into our first round pick into a DT that have a greater impact on the defense. The 2-4 can be used on the secondary.

  53. princespanky Says:


    You make great points. I like the idea of beefing up either line to be honest with you and signing a proven CB or two. If you look at guys not named Jenkins from last years draft the secondary is very difficult to develop quickly.

    I am on the BPA train but would push for a stud DT to pair with GMC (no offense to Roy Miller but no QB is shaking when you put a hand in the dirt). That or one of the Tackles like Jake Matthews who are already very good all around players.

  54. PRBucFan Says:

    Johnathan Hankins= Stud