Ron Cooper Was Politely Pushed Out The Door

January 14th, 2013

Joe made no secret that changes to the Bucs coaching staff, specifically dealing with pass defense, had to be made. Again, Joe’s not a “fire him” kinda guy.

So when the Bucs secondary couldn’t stop East Lake High’s passing attack on a good day, and came within 14 yards of a grotesque 93-year NFL record for most yards allowed, that was simply unacceptable football and a change had to be made.

That’s why Joe singled out defensive backs coach Ron Cooper. The most damning element of the Bucs secondary was one couldn’t name a player who improved as the season transpired. That spoke volumes.

Now Joe knows many of his readers wanted defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan on the chopping block, too. Joe wasn’t going there. Sure, he oversaw a rotten pass defense, but Sheridan also was in charge of a worst-to-first rush defense so at least he was doing something right.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times is of the mind that Cooper, in so many words, was told by Bucs coach Greg Schiano it was in his best interests to leave voluntarily.

The Bucs essentially told Cooper to seek other opportunities but did not announce it. He’s a good coach and a better person. But let’s be honest: The lack of production in the secondary led to losses. Tampa Bay was last in the NFL in passing defense and nearly set a league record for passing yards allowed in a season.

Stroud also hints that there can be other changes to Schiano’s staff. Of course, the best move the Bucs could make is not a move at all. If Chicago elects to hire anyone but Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, who interviewed for their head coach vacancy, it’s a win-win for the Bucs.

15 Responses to “Ron Cooper Was Politely Pushed Out The Door”

  1. bucfanjeff Says:

    Whomever the ST coach is, he might want to “seek other opportunities” too.

  2. MTM Says:

    I would hate to see the vacancies filled at the last minute like last year.

  3. 911bucs Says:



  4. USN_BIT Says:

    With Mike Sullivan, Josh just had this “vibe” of confusion to him. Like he knew the offensive playbook, but was unsure in his ability to execute each play. Our wide receivers didn’t have proper communication too. The only benefit was probably our offensive line blasting open holes for Doug Martin. Changing the Buccaneer’s WHOLE offensive style is a ballsy move. I feel Mcnulty would make a better offensive coordinator. But we just have to sit back and watch the Buc’s signature style change. Which means less running and more passing. It’s a shame so few teams rely on running like we do. Now everybody wants to be a flashy big-play passing team. Well reality check: flashy won’t win games. It’s obvious that Josh Freeman is regressing because of the playbook.. It doesn’t fit his comfort zone, and changing a 25 year old Qb isn’t as easy as changing a rookie QB’s playbook style. Sullivan needs to rethink his play style to a hybrid that fit both Josh Freeman and the Wide receivers.

  5. USN_BIT Says:

    To be honest i’m just saying Mcnulty would be better, but i’ve honestly never seen his style in action. Hell, i don’t even know his style. I’m just basing that statement on the fact that anyone would be better for the Buc’s offense than a New York style offense. heheh

  6. Macabee Says:

    Cooper was a likely casualty because his unit so badly under-performed. But, I doubt that he is the only problem. If Florio got it right, the locker room response was ” Can we send these coaches (plural) back to college?”. If that statement is to be believed, other college hires were disappointing also.

  7. DSZ Says:

    I’m really trying to understand how running a scheme that leaves all your defensive backs in single coverage is the db coach’s fault. If they keep doing that, they should get ready to fire the coach every year.

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    The scheme was to sell out to stop the run which will always leave the CB’s valnerable. The problem is without pressure from the front four; it’s just pitch and catch for the QB & WR’s. The thought process I guess would be to make the other team one dimensional. Unfortunately; most of the teams we faced this year could can less if we stopped the run since their strength was passing anyway. The Bucs needed to start somewhere and patching up the run defense was a good start. The last year under Raheem they couldn’t stop a college team so at least it’s an improvement.

  9. blackmagic00 Says:

    For the style we run seems we should be in a 3-4. Though that would mean we need a whole new line.

  10. Ed Schwartz Says:

    What about bringing in Lovie Smith if he doesn’t get a HC job? Guy would be a great defensive coordinator here. Sullivan had bad defense with NY Giants, thats why they let him come to Tampa. They need an upgrade there. I thought the offense improved but Josh is still too tenative and slow. When I watched Russell Wilson yesterday I could only dream that Josh would use his speed like Wilson. Colin Kapernick is another guy that has a great arm like Josh, but he moves in such a faster gear.

  11. Stevek Says:

    Ron Cooper is Dom’s scapegoat.

    Talib is still playing.

    Eric Wright was “my guy”-Dom

    Draft picks: Myron Lewis, Keith Tandy, and EJ Biggers

    Cooper’s unit effing sucked bc Dom traded Talib and signed a FA to BIG$ that popped adderall with Talib.

    The DB’s at LSU are better to work with… LSU’s CB’s over past 3-4 years > Buc’s CB

    Can we get LSU’s recruiter to join our scouting staff?

  12. Bobby Says:

    @SteveK. Can’t get it all done at once. The run D is fixed. The linebackers are much improved. We have a great RB and WR’s. Now it’s time to fix the pass D.

  13. Stevek Says:



    My point, cooper was dealt a sh!t hand…..

    More a reflection of “league worst” personnel, and not so much on coaching.

  14. Stevek Says:

    ^CB ^specifically. ^

  15. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Moving Cooper on was the right move. If Freeman improves in 2013 then both he and the Rock Star should get fat contract extensions. These two guys, along with Schiano, are the keys. Dominik is proving he’s a top ten GM and his work will be cited when the Bucs make the playoffs next year and a Super Bowl at some point in the next five years. Bank it.