McCoy Has More To Prove

January 18th, 2013

Making a Pro Bowl and a playing a full season is just one hurdle for Gerald McCoy, says Derrick Brooks

It seems Bucs icon Derrick Brooks is taking a measured approach to the emergence of Gerald McCoy as a recognized superstar.

Speaking on WDAE-AM 620 this week, Brooks was told some fans still think McCoy is a bust and was asked for his take on the Bucs’ big-money, Pro Bowl defensive tackle. Brooks did not play cheerleader and was not horrified by the inference that McCoy could be a bust.

Brooks said McCoy earned the Pro Bowl berth, but it’s just a small part of the big picture.

“I was happy for him to finish a season,” Brooks said of McCoy. “I think that was the No. 1 goal, was to finish a season healthy and let’s see what happens.Now, you’ve set this [Pro Bowl year] as a standard that he has to build on. I mean, you could look at the other D-tackle up in Detroit [Ndamukong Suh], did he have the same impact this year that he did last year? No. And it could because of the defense as a whole. It could be because of him. Who knows.

“But I will say [McCoy] got through the first hurdle of finishing the season healthy. And now it’s something to build on. To determine if he’s, you know, a bust at this point, it’s something that we can’t determine and will continue to build on.”

Sure McCoy has more to achieve, but Joe’s a bit surprised there aren’t more warm and fuzzy feelings for McCoy. At 24 years old, he’s proven he’s not a bust and the prime of his career lies ahead.

Plus, his teammates voted him captain, he’s outspoken to media (which means he communicates with fans) and he’s been a pillar in the community. This morning, McCoy is speaking at a Tampa elementary school and helping distribute eyeglasses to needy kids. Yesterday, he did the same thing.

Yeah, a Hall of Fame career would be nice, but Bucs fans and observers should be able to appreciate McCoy’s impact.

32 Responses to “McCoy Has More To Prove”

  1. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    If Ian Schmeckle saw Gerald McCoy in person…he’d suck McCoy’s toes (Gerald makes Ian look like a baby chimpanzee)

  2. the_buc_realist Says:


    that might be the most racist thing i have ever read!

  3. kennedy Says:

    If IGL&RDP wasn’t so consistently stupid, then I’d agree that it was racist. But I don’t think that was the intent in any way

  4. Terraj Says:

    I think most bucs fans would like to see him be healthy for two consecutive years before getting warm and fuzzy. With that said, I like what I saw this year from McCoy. Can’t wait to get Clayborn back, see Bowers continue to progress and hopefully hold onto Bennett.

  5. Dan Says:

    the cognitive power necessary for racism is lacking, i’ll agree

  6. stevek Says:

    Congrats to GMC, he looks like a pretty good player.

    Brooks is spot on with his take on the situation.

    GMC had a good season, but the Bucs still had almost the worst D in NFL histroy, and we were 7-9 and out of the playoffs again…

    Brooks played with one of the best DT’s ever, Sapp. Maybe Brooks was spoiled by playing for an excellent Defense?

    Let’s hope GMC keeps up the production next year and it takes us to the playoffs.

  7. ladyz Says:

    I have a herd time understanding why some love to hate McCoy. Personally, I am glad he’s got his first pro bowl. Looking forward to another great season for him later this year.

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Being voted to the Pro Bowl by coaches and players is a great achievement, and it certainly won’t be his last taste of pineapple.

    If the Bucs want GMC to completely dominate they need to have the DE’s step up and also place a DT next to him that not only stops the run but who can collapse the pocket as well (which is not Roy Miller’s forte).

    Someone in the first round this year like Sheldon Richardson, Johnathan Hankins or Jessie Williams would accomplish that. Possibly even a second rounder like Kawann Short or Sharif Floyd (some have Short as a late first rounder though).

    Sapp always had someone next to him who could create problems in his own right (Culpepper, Booger, etc). While Miller is good against the run the Bucs really need to upgrade that DT spot in order for that line to dominate like it has the potential to do.

  9. Bucnjim Says:

    Goes hand in hand with the CB’s! CB’s count on D lineman to get pressure and D lineman expect the CB’s to cover WR’s for more than one second which was the biggest problem. When WR’s are open all over the field then QB’s don’t have to hang on to the ball.

  10. Mike J Says:

    I like Gerald a lot. However, I tend to think he gets a bit too much credit for the team’s excellent 2012 Run D.

  11. ctord Says:

    McCoy is turning into a very solid pro. His career arc is still very much ahead of him and we should know what type of player we have in the next couple years. But it was the initial comparasion to one of the all time great DT’s in the game that are fueling these types of thoughts. The man tore both biceps in two separate years and this year, made the pro bowl. I hope he can make this kind of impact for the next 5 to 7 years but for now let’s give him credit for a nice season, staying healthy, and going in a positive direction. unlike Suh by the way. What is his excuse? He has not been injured and his production is down plus he is gaining a rep for being if nothing else, a poor sport.

  12. Capt. Edward Teach Says:

    McCoy finally made it through an entire season, that’s a good start. I’m still a little perplexed how we were unable to generate more sacks. Bennett had a career year, Miller had a career year, McCoy had a career year, Bowers came on strong, Te’o-Nesheim was admirable, Gibson did well in spot duty, but the only one missing was Clayborn and he didn’t have any sacks before he went down. We blitzed the crap out of teams and still couldn’t generate the sacks. It’s almost as if we played against Houdini every week.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s hard to get a lot of sacks when your inexperienced corners are put on an island and are running wide open at the snap of the ball. Especially when we run an insane number of stunts, often time running GMC around the far DE.

  14. Have A Nice Day Says:

    McCoy has more to prove… what exactly is he trying to prove?

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    I find it less and less compelling to post with how ignorant some of these posts are that are being allowed on these threads nowadays Joe.

    Anywho, can’t wait for FA to start

  16. -PRBucFan Says:


    Have you actually read some of the crap you have written. You’re comment was purely ignorant and then you interject Joe into your comment as if you’re BFF.

  17. Brandon Says:

    McCoy still needs to turn it up another notch or three. He was a monster against the run, but invisible at times in pass rush.

    To compare his season against Suh’s and declare McCoy victorious because McCoy was the backup DT for the NFC would be wrong. the Pro Bowl is a pupularity contest and there are few players less popular than Suh. Suh, however, did manage to earn 2nd team All-Pro honors, something that is more of elite honor.

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    lol awww did i hurt your feelings 🙁

    How sad…

    God forbid I post to Joe on his site.

    Dumb Ass

  19. -PRBucFan Says:

    You didn’t hurt my feelings

    Just made you look like a sniveling snotty nosed kid crying to Daddy Joe

  20. PRBucFan Says:

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  21. PRBucFan Says:


    Do you think i give a damn what you think or how you interpret what I say…

    Some poster whose obviously had his feelings hurt, hiding behind a different username???

    I’m not gonna bother giving you any sort of recognition from here on out, your not worth the time of day.

    Anywho Joe, it’s kids like this that make my point.

  22. -PRBucFan Says:

    Seriously, Joe you should think about banning people like PRBucFan. It’s people like him who snipe rude comments, name calling, intimidation at others consistently. I wonder how many would be subscribers are turned off because of people like him. The ideal, I thought was to generate page hits and allow anonymous comments, but who would want to come back and participate if you have a troll like PRBucFan in your face.

  23. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh the irony,

    From a coward hypocrite

  24. PRBucFan Says:

    ‘Just made you look like a sniveling snotty nosed kid crying to Daddy Joe”

    And with that I take my leave lol.

    Bahahaha what a joke

  25. -PRBucFan Says:

    yes, you are a joke

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    booo hoo 🙁

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I have studied Gerald closely.

    He was more effective in making plays in the run game. He is still awful as a pass rusher despite good get-off and athleticism. He still totally disappears in WAY too many games (Totally stat-less in 3 games). But for his 2 sack game against the awfully depleted Eagles line, He had zero sacks after week 3.

    McCoy made the pro bowl as a protest pick against a league wide belief that Suh is dirty. Suh, despite his flaws, is still more impactful and more of a difference maker than Gerald. Suh had 8 sacks and 8 TFLs(stuffs), Gerald 5 and 5.

    Happy that Gerald played a full season, good for him with a charity pro bowl nod. I would like to see much more than 1 uninjured season as part of one of the league’s worst pass rushes destroying our shaky secondary before removing the bust label.

    Both Brooks and Ian are correct.

  28. Have A Nice Day Says:


  29. PRBucFan Says:


    I know right lolol

  30. Sneedy16 Says:

    That can’t be the real Thomas 2.2. It’s probably someone running with his screen name.

  31. Red86 Says:

    The real problem is the dt play next to McCoy. Miller haven’t had a sack since 2010, but only ae 3 total in four year. Price had the same amount in just 2 years. I still think it was mistake to let him go. He played well last year without having is hip at a 100%. I believe McCoy would’ve been better with Price right beside him, because last year GMC seem a little more a threat to reach the backfield. The second DT is a must upgrade, because everything start up front for the Offense and Defense. It’s no coincidence that is the case.

  32. JobBucsFan 1.5 slim Says:


    Roy Miller did what he was supposed to do and did a really good job at it. He’s the beef and taters, the wall of the D-line. It was his job to clog the running lanes up the middle. Roy played sideline to sideline and he’s one of the big reasons why we were #1 against the run. But you’re right, we certainly need depth at the tackle position to give them a blow once in awhile.