Late Greg Schiano Hire Still Being Felt

January 12th, 2013

P.J. Fleck is one college coach Joe believes the Bucs will miss.

When the Bucs jettisoned Raheem Morris just over a year ago, it took Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and Team Glazer nearly the entire month of January to find a new coach, who happened to be Greg Schiano, of course.

Because the Bucs were so late in replacing Morris, it sort of put Schiano in a bind in finding assistants. How many times did the Bucs get blocked from hiring NFL guys; their teams wouldn’t release them from their contracts?

Former Bucs defensive lineman and current co-host of “Booger and Rich,” heard locally on WHFS-FM 98.7, said that hurt the Bucs and led to the current exodus of coaches from the Bucs coaching staff — all who came from college and are going back to the college ranks — proves that.

McFarland delivered the take via his “Top Five at Five.”

“This brings up an issue of continuity on this Buccaneer staff. We know Greg Schiano was forced to hire his staff at the last minute. Who was available? A lot of college coaches. So many that an anonymous statement by a player (to Mike Florio that the college coaches should go back to college), we should have put a little more credence to it.”

The three college coaches who went back to college are wide receivers coach P.J. Fleck, who took the head gig at Western Michigan, quarterback coach Ron Turner grabbed the head job at Florida International and, just yesterday, defensive backs coach Ron Turner took a job at USF.

Now Joe knows for a fact that the Bucs wide receivers were crushed when they learned Fleck left. The Bucs receivers loved the guy. So much so that Mike Williams wants to make a special trip to Kalamazoo, Mich. to work out with the Broncos wide receivers.

Fleck, Joe believes, will be missed.

Then there is Turner, who will not be missed. A bad offensive coordinator with the Bears (twice!), and short of the immortal Kurt Kittner, a bad coach at Illinois, Turner is a good departure. The Bucs, and quarterback Josh Freeman, can do so much better.

Then there is Cooper, whose charges nearly pulled off an NFL record for futility in garbage pass defense. Now Joe had heard whispers that Schiano wouldn’t let Cooper do one thing to deviate from Schiano’s exactly measures, not one practice drill, not one scheme. Did Schiano trust him? Joe cannot answer that.

But McFarland’s point may make sense. Schiano was all but stuck reaching into the college ranks for coaches. Maybe that was part of the problem all along?

24 Responses to “Late Greg Schiano Hire Still Being Felt”

  1. raphael Says:

    its obvious that Barber was the one who made that comment to Florio….

    Hope we get a great secondary coach and hope Jarious Byrd replaces Ronde…no disrespect Ronde

  2. Macabee Says:

    It’s hard not to like a guy with a personality like Fleck and I’m sure enthusiam goes a long way in the locker room. But lets talk football on the field. I think everyone would agree that V-Jax didn’t need a coach and Mike Will looked like the Mike Will we’ve come to appreciate – a guy that struggles to get separation but has good hands and exceptional leaping ability to catch jump balls.

    As much as I like Fleck personally, I struggle to see his handprint on any WR. We had in camp a number of promising young receivers like Owusu and I never saw any appreciable production. I didn’t think that underwood could be called a success by any stretch.

    Even Benn or Preston who the Bucs gave a raise in the off-season because he looked like a promising slot receiver never materialized. Help me out Joe or anybody else who is going to miss Fleck – tell me what he accomplished with the Bucs other than just being a genuinely nice guy.

  3. Joe Says:

    @Macabee – Jackson, Williams and Underwood had their career best seasons. He was also charged with working the entire offense on ball security and nobody caught a pass and fumbled it. There’s only so much a receivers coach can do, and Fleck did his job very well.

  4. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    I’ve heard Mike Williams RAVE about Fleck and said he wants to help Fleck in anyway he can with his College Players (u can’t give more love than that) and I don’t believe Williams nor V Jax had any fumbles….with Fleck stressed

  5. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    *which Fleck stressed

  6. Fish Says:

    Western Michigan Broncos
    Central Michigan Chippewas

    Aside from that, I’m with you on all of the analysis, Joe. Excellent stuff.

  7. Joe Says:



    (FYI, I love those unis the Chippaewas have, too).

  8. Brandon Says:

    It seemed the WRs dropped a lot less passes this sesaon as well.

    Ron McNulty, formerly of the Cardinals, has pro experience both as a WRs and QBs coach. It seems it is only a matter of time before he is introduced.

    There are numerous quality NFL DB coaches available. Perhaps none better than San Diego DBs coach, Ron Meeks, who also is infinitely more qualified to lead and coordinate an NFL defense than Sheridan (5 top 10 finishes in Indianapolis in 8 seasons).

  9. Macabee Says:

    Joe, et al,

    I would have no problem if Fleck had stayed as WR coach. To say that he will be missed implies that we will not be able to get that level of performance from another NFL WR coach and when replaced, there is likely to be a step back therefore having us wish that he was still there.

    On that point I disagree. I never suggested that he didnt perform well, I am saying that I don’t think he is irreplacable. We will miss Bob Bostad if he leaves, because there is no doubt about his results with a 2nd string O-Line.

    I expected the results from Jackson and Williams and I do not believe were it not for Fleck we would have not gotten the same performance. I wish Fleck the best in his new job and thank him for his contribution at the Bucs. But we will get an NFL experienced coach to replace him and we will be just fine!

  10. Bobby Says:

    Other than Fleck I didn’t see Cooper or Turner returning next year regardless.
    Freeman needs better and the DB’s certainly need better. I doubt that Schiano was that restrictive with Cooper. If he was, it was probably late in the year when he knew they DB’s needed help.

  11. Andrew 1 Says:

    well, now he can get any coach any coach he wants. hopefully he has some really good ones in mind. I remember a time when we prided ourselves in finding good coaches that where obscure to the rest of the league during the Dungy days. Herm Edwards, Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith, and Rod Marinelli, all started out their careers as assistant coaches with the bucs and have gone on to have great success in the NFL as head coaches or coordinators. talk about a star studded coaching staff. that probably also contributed to our success during the glory day. we need to get back to doing that.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    We all have had great teachers and mentors in our travels. Unfortunately, they come and they go. You have to make the most of every minute you have with them and store the info in your brain. Mike and Vincent will always benefit from their time with PJ. The D backs with Ron Turner, probably not so much, but everyone brings something to the table. At least Fleck didn’t go to Dallas,

  13. vic941 Says:

    @ Joe what coaches do you think would be a good fit for the defensive system coach schiano wants run

  14. Back up kicker Says:

    I’m VERY interested to see what kind of quality coach can pull. I think it will tell us a lot about what kind of coach we have

  15. bUcNcrAzy Says:

    great job Joe! Fleck will be missed! He will be a name to watch climbing the college ranks. Whats the deal with McNulty sign him already! Good coach with Schiano familiarity.
    Hey Joe if Barber retires what are the chances he takes Coopers job?

  16. Chargedcbh Says:

    Totally off the subject,with all this “pitol” offense going on, bring back Pat White (West V). Don’t want Geno, I want Pat White.

  17. Joe Says:


    I want Pat White.

    Jack Daniels can be a dangerous thing.

  18. Joe Says:


    Joe what coaches do you think would be a good fit for the defensive system coach schiano wants run

    Joe isn’t totally sure exactly what defense Schiano wants to run (the intricate details that is) so Joe can’t make an educated comment about this.

  19. Brad Says:

    I look at totally different. Other than Cooper who should have been fired, the other two took head coaching jobs. If anything it proves Schiano knows how to hire good quality teachers even with a limited amount of time and resources to choose from. I do wish he would get on with hiring some improved replacements.

  20. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    You will be missed Fleck.. hope he does great things with his new HC opportunity

  21. George Says:

    He said the other day that he hasn’t finished his evaluations,and that any announcements would be made once all the staff changes were complete. I think this may mean it’s gonna be another weak or so before anything is announced.For all we know, McNulty may have been hired already.

  22. Piratic Says:

    “We all have had great teachers and mentors…they come and they go. You have to make the most of every minute you have with them…”

    Great advice. Well done.

  23. Ruggyup Says:

    Memo to Coach Schiano and RockStar: Please note the size, speed and athleticism of the Seahawks corners. Don’t tell me size doesn’t count.

  24. PRBucFan Says:


    Ever thought bout doing playoff game threads?