E. J. Biggers No. 12

January 8th, 2013

The Bucs need cornerbacks for 2013. Terribly so. But the free agent market isn’t bursting with a long line of cornerback depth.

How shallow is the free agent market for corners? Well, the cornerback Bucs fans love to hate, despite his occasional strong games, E.J. Biggers, nearly makes a top-10 list of free agent corners. Football thinktank ProFootballFocus ranks Biggers at No. 12.

Joe never understood the vile hatred Bucs fans have for Biggers. Joe certainly understands why fans throw a remote at their TV when they see Myron Lewis take the field, but not the screaming and hollering over Biggers.

ProFootballFocus even has Biggers rated far higher than Aqib Talib and even higher than Marcus Trufant, Elbert Mack, Brent Grimes and Tracy Porter. Interestingly, PFF has the immortal Stanford Routt, who was virtual Viagra for too many desperate Bucs fans this year, only one notch above Brandon MacDonald.

Given how bad the Bucs need corners and how few decent corners are available via free agency, Joe expects Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik to ink Biggers to a new deal. He can’t afford to let a serviceable corner walk away.

49 Responses to “E. J. Biggers No. 12”

  1. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    The Bucs should cut Wright loose, then take the salary savings and sign 3 or 4 of these CBs. Then let them fight it out in camp and trade whom ever doesn’t make it… or just keep em all.

    I think it is time for Biggers to move on. He has a lot of experience in such a young career, but man, he has been a part of the 2 worst defenses in Bucs history.

  2. Macabee Says:

    Classic mistake that a lot of teams make. They keep a marginal player too long and when by way of experience he finally starts to get it they let him go. Bucs should re-sign Biggers to a moderate contract with no guarantees. He is a solid back-up. 2012 should have made the point how critical depth is!

  3. Sneedy16 Says:

    Biggers is a good corner that was put in a bad situation with as a #1 corner when Aquib Talib was either hurt or suspended. He is showing improvement over the years, but has been a little inconsistent in coverage. I believe he would be a serviceable #2 corner. We just need a #1 which from what I see on the list isn’t going to happen.

  4. OB Says:

    JOe, I think everyone want instant sucess. The DBs played a good game against the Falcons and they are young kids with almost no role models except Rhonde. Yes Myron Lewis is bad and yes they could be better but just stop and think of what the DL will do next year when everyone returns to full speed. They will have a four man rush that will be something to behold. Two of the LBs are top notch and will only get better. I don’t know who the third one will be but we will be fine. Barron will be better and will only get even better. So we give some guys from the small school the oportunity to play as a DB.

    Then we have the offense, what will Doug do with the OL back? Josh will either clear his head of the indicision that has become lodged in it or we will have another QB.

    These troops never quit and that says something about character. To me Wright is gone because he didn’t care about the team and he is not worth the money.

    No team is perfect, but this one is coming on, yes it needs work but it always will.

  5. GenocideD Says:

    I absolutely don’t want Biggers starting at CB for us but we do need to resign him for filler in the backfield. He can step in when needed.

  6. PRBucFan Says:

    I can’t even take that list serious…

    Just my opinion though

    What on earth are they basing that ranking on?
    Clearly not by best to worst.

  7. Jrock Says:

    I don’t understand the Biggers hate. He was responsible for at least 2 INT’s by Ronde, he’s rarely out of position but he does sometimes get beat physically. He seems to be a smart player and he also plays the run well.

    He’s not a #1 CB, but you can’t hate a guy for that. He plays well, and is consistently in the right position, which means he will consistently make plays for the team as long as everyone else is in the right position as well.

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh and i think your right Biggers should get resigned.

    All of our corners struggled this year, but truth is with the defensive scheme we ran this year that consistently put the CB’s on islands with no help from a stunting DLine any CB would of been hard pressed to succeed.

    I think LJ and EjB will be resigned

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    EJ would be a solid #3 corner and backup.

    He was a solid 7th round pick, and he has improved every year he has been in Tampa.

    I hope we resign him. He deserves it.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’ve never disliked him. He’s a servicable DB. Fits well in nickel and dime packages. Can spot fill as a starter.

    I wouldn’t consider him full time starter material and we still need to add DB’s in the draft and FA.

  11. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I guess this is indicative of how putrid the Bucs secondary has become. We are sitting here actually debating Biggers level of ineptness. The guy just isn’t a good player. He’s picked on continually by opposing quarterbacks for a reason… I don’t think he is a better player than Talib.. perhaps a better person but Talib is a sociopath.

  12. SirustheVirus Says:

    JUST GET RID OF MYRON LEWIS!!! That is all!!

  13. PRBucFan Says:

    Nah, I’d have to disagree. No one saying he’s a starter but he has shown in the past especially that he can play. This season has really just created a hatred for ALL Bucs CB’s that’s just not deserved. Yes they played horrible this season but i’ll say it again no CB is going to do well in that horrible horrible defensive scheme where they are consistently left stranded with no support from failed blitzes and stunting DLineman.

    That’s not to say that some of the DB’s are just horrible but don’t let that spread to everyone.

    LJ has potential to be a great CB in this league with experience and coaching
    EJ has had success so we know he can do it.

  14. SacBucs Says:




    Joe can read my post you f-ing scary cats! You know who u r!

  15. Theodore Says:

    SacBucs – Please keep posting. As long as I know you are inside at your computer, I know it’s safe to go outside.

    Thank you

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    You really really really should stop coming into every thread rambling on about the same old things when most of the time in the threads that you decide to do it in no one has said anything to you in the first place.

    I understand some posters have said things to you. But save it for them in those threads. Stop coming into all these random threads spouting off at the mouth.

    Also, you should really understand what the concept of a “discussion” thread is. When you post on this board essentially your posting to all of us that post on here and it’s fair game for anyone to jump in to “discuss”. It’s not a personal chat between you and Joe. There are some people that are pretty immature on this board and you can address them when and/if those instances occur but really man, it’s getting old and kinda trollish when it’s not called for.

    We are all discussing these topics and most of have an understanding of that concept. Just a thought and a suggestion. You may have not been talking to me, but I am talking to you.

  17. Jacko101 Says:

    @sacbucs You are funny it’s not that serious I hope, but keep in mind everyone has an opinion that’s what this site is for updates and responses

  18. Jason A Says:

    I’m sorry but whoever made that list is crazy. Watching biggers this year and last made me want to turn the games off all together. He gets burnt on damn near every play that gets thrown his way. If he is in good position and had a chance at an INT he drops it. He is a decent tackler but it doesn’t help when it is 30-40 yards down field. Sorry but I hope he is gone ASAP

  19. buccanay Says:

    This list has Dominique Rod-Cro ranked 50th or so. i’d take DRC over the majority of those ranked ahead of him, but anyway, these people “hating” on Biggers are the same bright football fans that are ready to dump a 24 yo QB who just set franchise mark for most pass yards for a season. Cleveland just drafted a 29 yo “rookie” qb, for Gods sake.

  20. buccanay Says:

    in the 1st round, I might add.

  21. PRBucFan Says:

    Not so,

    I defended Biggers and said we should sign him and i’m not at all happy with Free Free lol

  22. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    lmao I guess The Free lovers of the world will have to wait til free is in his mid 30s to decide whether he is a franchise QB or not. Since age is all that matters.

  23. Bucnjim Says:

    I thought we were discussing CB’s?

  24. Tiny tim Says:

    I can’t believe this. There are fans that think biggers is good, but we need to get rid of Free? I don’t know what games you guys are watching but biggers is burnt on every play. I mean an undrafted rookie in Leonard Johnson had more picks and pass break ups this year than biggers has his whole career and he is been on the field an awful lot. Biggers suck plain and simple and I don’t need profootball focus to tell me that. Get him off my team PLEASE!!!

  25. PRBucFan Says:

    We were

    *Points @Buccanay

    He started it

  26. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Even Steve White in his video analyses says Biggers is a decent corner. So many respectable sources all agree on that. The Bucs will definitely re-sign him and you can take that to the bank. Fans who complain about him don’t know the game of football or how to watch a game with an eye for analysis. All they know is name recognition or lack thereof. Sad.

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes, he has shown that he can be.


    No, he should get the last year of his contract lol 😉

    What CB wasn’t getting burnt in that system? Honest Q

  28. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I think we need to keep EJ, LJ and Gaitor. Thats 3, 4 and 5 on the depth chart. Still need 2 starters though.

  29. Capt. Tim Says:

    Biggers is a serviceable backup. He’s showed moderate improvement every year. That’s great for a 7th rounder. Leonard Johnson might( might) have enough talent to someday be a starter. But that’s too many ifs. As it was last year, this team has to acquire some talented cornerbacks, or we will continue to have losing seasons. As I said in the preseason- when your Gm trots Talib and Wright out of the tunnel, as your starting CBs, it’s obvious he isn’t concerned about winning this year.

    Again, Talib made me look like a prophet

    SacBucs- if you are so intolerant to other people’s Opinions, I know the perfect spot for you! Go to TIA, and grab a ticket to North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or China. You’d be a perfect fit. People are frequently killed there, for having a different opinion.

    But you definitely need to leave. This country was built on Freedom of Speech, and freedom of expression. And those rights are defended by the worlds greatest Warriors.

    Don’t worry about prison. You’d never make it

  30. Tiny tim Says:

    Steve White??? And…………..I don’t care if Tony Dungy said he was good. I have eyes and I have seen biggers get picked on repeatedly by opposing QBs and the amount of plays he makes is very minimal. Tell me when have you ever walked away from a game and said biggers made many huge plays or was the man today? How many games has he played in? A lot and if you can only make a comment like that once in 4 seasons then he is garbage period.

  31. Tiny tim Says:

    Garbage as a player and not as a person.

  32. GiveBlountABLUNT Says:


    biggers a decent #2 corner? NEVER.. at the very most he should be our third cb, but I dont even think hes our best choice for that. Sign the best available healthy CB in free agency, draft either Milliner or Banks, and Leonard J can be our #3 CB, with Biggers being our 4th

  33. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    @Tiny Tim

    Backup CB’s aren’t supposed to make huge plays. That’s for the #1 CB. Backups are supposed to be solid. Biggers fits that description. Not sure if you understand that.

  34. PRBucFan Says:

    Just cause you say he’s garbage doesn’t make it so lol

  35. BigMacAttack Says:

    How does a team that ranked 32’nd in pass defense have a number 12 Corner Back? The math doesn’t work for me and I don’t hate Biggas

  36. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    I dont understand what some of these fans are watching? Do you know football at all if you are calling for Freemans head and think we should resign Biggers? Is that a sick joke? Biggers gets burnt every other play he gets thrown at. And even when he is in position to make a play he doesnt turn his head around to make it. I am sick of watching him get burnt all the time. He is at best a #4 corner, i wouldnt trust him in the slot against any physical receiver. His poor technique haunts him. He is a good depth player and special teamer, but cannot cover the good receivers of todays NFL

  37. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    Why did we not sign Jonathan Joseph when we could have? What was possibly wrong with him. We have watched good corners hit the market and havent pounced on any. And when we finally need to pounce there are no good ones to go get, so we will reach again just like we did for Eric Wright (horrible sign).

  38. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    How do you know we could have? How exactly do you know we didnt try? Just because we had the money? Lol, it takes 2 to make a deal. If he didn’t want to come here for whatever reason then he wasnt going to simple as that but dont try to act like you know exactly what the inner workings are.

    Comparing a corner back that has 2 starting positions possibly 3 to 4 to a QB is absolutely assinine.

    Do YOU know football at all? Lol.

  39. PRBucFan Says:


    Correction LB, we were the most aggressive team in the offseason for Finnegan’s services the best CB available last offseason and we all but had em till he decided to go with his old coach

  40. ChrisNJ Says:

    Hey Joe,

    I know fake trades are very unlikely and not worth taking about, but given the pressure for Rex Ryan to win, what would you think of this deal. I think it makes perfect sense for both teams.

    Tampa sends Eric Wright (who we’re likely cutting anyway), Lagarette Blount (who I still think has a load of talent, but is out of favor in Tampa), and the Bucs first rounder in 2013 to New York for Revis.

    This should free up cash for the Jets, give them a number 2 cb behind Cromartie, and give them an actual running back. Thoughts?

  41. Bucnjim Says:

    Tough to get FA’s especially when competing with potential Super Bowl teams. Very few care to be part of a rebuilding project and that’s exactly what the Bucs have been since 2008. I hope we are finally on the right path! It’s been a long road!

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    Except that the Rams weren’t a Super Bowl caliber team :/

    I’m excited about this offseason!

  43. BigMacAttack Says:

    SacBucs, hang in there man. I feel your pain. I have felt like slapping a few posters through the screen before myself. I hope everything works out for you. I often go to the indoor gun range in the evening to reduce stress.

  44. Patrick Says:

    Joe are you high?? BIGGERS IS HORRIBLE. He gets beat deep even if he’s right in FRONT of a receiver!! Our pass defense has been near the bottom of the league the whole time he’s been here!

  45. Adam Says:

    I know why fans hate EJ.

    Every pass that’s completed to the guy he is covering, he is RIGHT THERE. He doesn’t have the awareness or the internal clock to know to look for the ball. We hear the term “ball hawk” and he is not that at all and it’s a shame because he’s got the speed and the footwork to keep up with the guys he covers.

  46. Buccin Lovin It Says:



    Not as much of a difference as people thought, huh?

    Again people are being a little over Dramatic. I think Biggers is a solid back up and a few mental mistakes away from being a good starter. Now i am not saying he will ever be a star CB, but he does have talent. He has the speed and agility and covers very well in man. He is rarely out of position to make a play on the ball. But this is where his mental mistakes comes into play. If he makes a few of those INT he had his hands on we would be praising him right now. The only time he really ever gets burned is if he blows an assignment (which is rare) or the receiver just out muscled him to make the play.

    Go watch film and really watch it. EJ is good, LJ will grow be better (potential stardom and Gaitor is a perfect fit for Nickel (reminds me of Rhonde in the early years).

  47. Kevin Says:

    Joe you’ve gone too far… I would never harm my 70inch flat screen over Lewis. I love that TV!

  48. BigEl Says:

    I remember hearing, and saying the same things about Brian Kelly in his first 2or3 years in the league. Maybe EJ isn’t a # one corner, but he’s sure a lot better than some of you give him credit for. The man was a 7th round pick after all. Everyone we draft does not have to be a pro bowler, like some of you think.

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think it’s amazing that anyone can even remember our CB’s names.