Darrelle Revis And The Bucs

January 25th, 2013

OK, so we learned All-World cornerback Darrelle Revis of the Jets may be on the trading block. It makes all the sense in the world for the Jets. Revis is a free agent after the 2013 season and has a clause in his contract he cannot be franchised.

So if the Jets are going to get something for him they may as well trade him rather than watching him walk away Scot free.

Now that brings up the Bucs, who are desperate for a cornerback like a man stranded in a desert with scant water. Even if the Bucs drafted a corner in the first round, it takes a year or two for a drafted corner to reach his potential. Revis is one of the best. Now.

OK, so Revis is coming off a knee injury which is scary and actually gives Joe pause. But as former Raiders Super Bowl quarterback Rich Gannon, who co-hosts “The Blitz” on NFL Radio with popular sports radio personality Adam Schein, said Thursday morning that any team interested in Revis will certainly work him out and at that time it will be very clear if Revis’ knee is healthy or not.

Joe is all for getting Revis, provided the price is right. But Joe would pretty much demand the Bucs sign Revis to a long-term contract first. Renting him at this point is a joke. The Bucs are not one player away from a Super Bowl. This isn’t like trading for Chucky when a Super Bowl window is about closed. For a Super Bowl window to be open, a team first must at least take a snap in a playoff game. The Bucs right now have no Super Bowl window.

Trading, say, next year’s first round pick, a second pick (any year) and/or the fourth pick from the Patriots for cabbie-slugging, Adderall-popping, helmet-wielding Aqib Talib is OK with Joe, again, provided Revis signs a long-term pact. Keep this year’s first round pick. If the Bucs trade for Revis, the Bucs could also trade down in the first round and recoup one of the spent picks and still get another first-round corner to pair with Revis for the foreseeable future.

As Schein said Thursday, “Should be the Bucs be interested in Darrelle Revis? Of course. Should they make a play for Revis? You damned right.”

Joe agrees, only if the price is right and only if Revis agrees to a contract extension. No contract extension, no Revis, that simple.

Look, Joe knows Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik covets draft picks more than Joe covets the warm embrace of Rachel Watson. So Joe cannot believe Dominik would trade a first-round pick just to rent a player for one year where there are still so many areas that need an upgrade. Such a move would be reckless.

67 Responses to “Darrelle Revis And The Bucs”

  1. Warrenfb12 Says:

    No thanks. The Jets will be hard pressed to get a first for Revis, IMO. I know he is a great corner. There are just too many concerns with the knee. I think a Blount package would be more appropriate. The Jets seek quality backs. Send them Blount and a pick/two low round picks. Call it good. If they don’t bite, don’t spend.

  2. Raphael Says:

    Agreed ^^^

  3. MadMax Says:

    I agree Warren. Maybe even Blount and our two 4ths. If he’s healthy and balls out, then pay him for a longer contract. But I have to see how that injury is. Cutting into your man and keeping up is such a big deal. Need updates on that injury recovery.

  4. SirustheVirus Says:

    I like the idea of Revis in Tampa. I would give up too much and would definitly use Blount,Trueblood,Benn and M.Lewis on that trading block. I would do a 1st rd this year or next year and mabey Blount. He would definitly have to sign the extension and be cleared to play.Then get a Margus Hunt in the 2nd and let Bennett walk( cause for Revis’ contract we won’t be able to over pay Bennett for his one good year) If we don’t get Revis I want to see the Bucs move up in the draft. The way our trades went last year I can see Dominik working some magic to get one of the pass rushers or the OT. I really think we should let Bennett go and go after a Bjeorn Werner, Damontre, Moore. If we got Star Lotulelei then we can keep Bennett, but we need pass rush. 2 spots away from being last. That’s the bigger issue. CB in free agency and in the 2nd round will upgrade the CB position.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    No 1st rounders.
    If the price is right and the contract renegotiated, yes.

    I would offer players they need and we don’t want…Benn, Trueblood, Blount, and Michael Smith even. Throw in a 2nd and\or 3rd rounder and done.

  6. Joe Says:


    So you are offering Blount, Trueblood, Benn and Myron Lewis? What do you expect in return, Antonio Cromartie’s dirty jock? You’d have to pay the Jets to take those guys.

  7. SirustheVirus Says:

    Your going to have to give at least a 1st round pick. Teams like the Patriots,49ers,Falcons,Saints damn near anyone above us is going to do. There is no one at the 13 spot worth a 1st rd. This years draft is weak and a 75% Revis is proven and elite. Milliner is the top CB and I don’t like the idea taking him with the 13 pick overrall. I’d give that pick up easily in my opinion. Feel there is way better vaule at CB in the 2nd round. If push come to shove Dominik can move back in to the first rd. He did with denver by giving up there 2nd and switching eachothers 4th rd picks. Knowing that I’d trade. If not we will be seeing him cover V.Jax with the Saints or Falcons.

  8. Raphael Says:

    No 1st rd picks….. /

  9. SirustheVirus Says:

    Joe No not all of them saying I’d throw them out there. With the exception of Blount none of them will be on the team. We wouldn’t get a sweat towel from cromartie for all of them

  10. T in Orlando Says:

    I’m not too keen on the Bucs acquiring Revis, even if it was Blount, a 2nd and a 5th or lower. This guy, when healthy, is the best corner in the league, and the Bucs do know knees, so maybe everything checks out there.

    Obviously, a new deal would be in the works, should the Bucs get him, and I would imagine it would be larger than the Vincent Jackson deal from last year.
    This guy has a history with holding out, and feeling “undervalued” with more than 2 years left on a current contract, a headache I’m not sure the Bucs Front Office really will want to deal with.

    He’d be a great addition on the field, but could be opening the door to bad negotiating practices down the road.

  11. Jacko101 Says:

    Interesting post I like revis a lot. At most I would say Blount, 3rd round this year and 2nd next year. Personally I don’t see the jets trading him, I see it more as a way to determine how the other teams value his worth.

  12. Meh Says:

    If you are ok with the knee, and if he re-signs as part of the deal, then I’d be willing to do what it takes (within reason). Big ifs though…

  13. Jacko101 Says:

    The BUCS can really change the culture THIS year say we get The jets to trade revis for Blount, and a 1st rounder 2014. We can draft Alec Ogletree, after trading down.(ILB) trade back into the 1st and draft Vaccaro or Elam (Safey) and in the 2nd we can grab another CB. It can totally be done and there you have it a Solid Defense

  14. st. louis Bucs fan Says:

    what makes people think the Jets would want our castoffs? Blount would be a good peice to trade abut their gonna want picks as well, if Revis’s knee is good and he signs an extention then i would offer next years 1st, this years 4th (from the Pats) and Blount. if they dont take it then go with our original plan (what ever that may be). BUC IT IM OUT!!!!!!!!!

  15. thegregwitul Says:

    Let’s get one thing out of the way right now; the Bucs are not getting Revis for any combination of Blount, Trueblood, Dotson, Benn or Myron Lewis. I think Blount is up for free agency (restricted?) and is probably gone, while Trueblood and Lewis are likely to be released from the team. That leaves Dotson and Benn, and if the talented trouble maker Aqib Talib can fetch a 4th round pick, what is the value of Benn or Dotson? 6th round pick at best.

    Revis is an elite talent. If his knee isn’t right, there will likely be zero interest, but if he shows that his knee is healed, we are talking first round pick talent. His production hasn’t dropped off prior to injury, and as long as one of the Bucs rivals doesn’t find a way to acquire Stevie Johnson (the one wideout who consistently gets the better of Revis), I think it would be worth offering a first and maybe a later round pick to bring in Revis. Dominik has to make sure the knee works and that a contract will be signed. Years ago the Glazers signed off on a blockbuster trade for Keyshawn Johnson, and while the trade paid off with a Super Bowl win, and ultimately ended with Johnson being sent home and then traded to Dallas for Joey Galloway, I’d say it was worth it in the end (and if I remember correctly, that deal was for two 1st round picks).

    Check out that knee, Dom, and if the man is healthy, bring him down to Tampa. I bet Revis alone is worth at least two wins for this club.

  16. c-span Says:

    I would give up a 1st. Revis is a proven player in this league, i mean he is an elite shutdown corner! I think that is well worth a 1st! If not a 1st, maybe blount and benn and one of the 4th picks that we have. But i really dont have problem with a 1st straight-up

  17. mike Says:

    NO THANKS!! Even if we got him for a 2nd rounder… he tore his ACL 3 months ago, He wants to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL, after he got paid 2 yrs ago he started to talk about a new contract about 5 minutes later and he is 28. You have to give the guy a new contract if you want him. Ask the eagles how that works.

  18. mike Says:

    why does eveyone think blount has any value in a trade?

  19. flmike Says:

    There are younger healthier CB options in FA – I’d take Jammer or DRC over Revis who has proven to be injury prone.

  20. stevek Says:

    @ mike,

    Blount was a 1,000 yard back in 2010. He has talent, and if the Bucs were to part ways than he would find work.

  21. stevek Says:

    We should take a chance on Revis.

    We are mediocre, haven’t been to the playoffs since 2008…

    Revis is just what the doctor ordered.

    We should make a play for this guy. He would help our Pass D turn around from worst to 1st.

  22. SirustheVirus Says:

    He wants 16 million next year I herd. I don’t want him anymore!! I’ll pass on that!

  23. Fatmosh Says:

    Again Joe, a silly article: NO ONE is going to trade for Revis without getting a long-term deal. This isn’t the MLB or NBA.

    And, like I said before, this basically means Revis gets to pick which team he gets traded to.

    …Which probably isn’t good for the Bucs.

  24. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I agree with this article completely. If we can get him to sign an extension I would be pretty much all in for him. But thats a big if. Judging by his history of holding out and wanting new contracts continually, he’s probably been looking forward to free agency for awhile. The guy wants to get paid and somebody out there will give him a truck load of cash. I still feel the reward isnt worth the risk on a guy like him but I wont complain if the Bucs do pull the trigger.

  25. Curmudgeon Says:

    No 1st rounders. Absolutely not. 2nd rounder? Only if the knee is 100% and the guy is team-first and they can sign him to a long-term contract… I have read things that lead me to believe that Revis is more of a me-first type of guy. I’d be inclined to say no unless they could get him off the bargain rack (like a 4th rounder).

  26. J 2.0 Says:

    I love the “idea” of Revis being a Buc, but I can’t get on board with it. We would have to be closer to making a Super Bowl run. Even if Revis signs a long term deal, he holds out all the time. He wants Drew Brees money. I say go with a safer option.

  27. bucfanjeff Says:

    Fact is, Revis hasn’t been what he used to be for about 2 seasons now.

    2nd round pick with a palatable contract extension would be about the limit for me.

  28. RustyRhino Says:

    We’ve tried the use our 1st round picks for coach/players in the past. It only hurts our team in the future, not having the influx of a first round pick hurts the team long term. Sure it might help in the short term, but we are not on the verge of going to the super bowl. I would think about it if we where in the playoffs every year. Let’s keep building our team with young players. Let them grow in OUR system. If they are good great if not we move on.

  29. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    1) We own the 2nd worst pass defence in league history
    2) we showed we are willing to spend big money on cornerbacks ala eric wright and a serious push at cortland finnegan and charles woodson
    3) we have cap space and freed cap by restructuring carl nicks and vincent jackson by moving that money into the future which to me shows that we are going to be big players in free agency and resigning our core.
    4) we have a great core of talented pkayers and have shown commitment to build a winning program
    5) vincent jackson is lobbying for the bucs and telling how good it really is here
    6) we just traded our shutdown corner and are about to release another
    7) No state income tax which is actually a big thing
    8) the jets gm was with the bucs as an assistant gm for 11 years
    9) walk outside and tell me how beautiful the weather and area is with top beaches everywhere
    10) darrelle revis secretly hates the jets
    11) we will give him top money in a future contract

  30. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    Oh and he will sell tickets which is important

  31. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    Oh and he will sell tickets which is important and make our defence 100% better and we probably would have won 10 or 11 games with him playing as a buc last year

  32. J 2.0 Says:

    There is no such thing as a “reasonable” long-term deal for Revis. If he were to sign a contract less than what he wants for himself, as soon as he has a great season (let’s not kid ourselves he has several great seasons ahead of him) he is going to hold out until he gets the $$$ he wants. You cannot invest that much payroll in a DB.

  33. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    And please all of you fans out there… the.trade WILL NOT include and players. The jets are clearly in a rebuilding phase and need cheap young players via draft. Expect alot of picks like 2 2nds and 2 4ths and maybe some others. This is going to happen btw!

  34. SirustheVirus Says:

    Okay I slapped myself a couple of times to get me out this dream.

    1) Revis isn’t going to come here
    2) Dominik ins’t going to pay him 64 mil on a four year deal
    3) If we pay that much it better be for an Elite QB/ DE

    How teams get around Revis is 2 TE set Patriots with a Welker in the slot and Gronk and Hernedez , so what your paying him money to cover Stokely?

    So I go back to what I originally said
    I want to see the Bucs move up in the draft. The way our trades went last year I can see Dominik working some magic to get one of the pass rushers or the top OT. I really think we should let Bennett go and go after a Bjeorn Werner, Damontre, Moore. If we got Star Lotulelei then we can keep Bennett, but we need pass rush. 2 spots away from being last. That’s the bigger issue. CB in free agency and in the 2nd round will upgrade the CB position.

  35. Jose Says:

    NO REVIS!!!

    I would just keep it simple,keep Eric wright and go after Mike Jenkins he’s the one the Bucs should have drafted insted of Talib to begin with and im sure he would’nt mind coming back home.

  36. Fatmosh Says:

    @Jose Wow, just wow. Wright and Jenkins instead of Revis? Wow.

  37. JobBucsFan 1.5 slim Says:

    Joe, it appears you’re just beating a dead horse, apparently many Buc fans have a problem with handling future success. They complain about the cost as if they are the ones spending the money but they are the same ones that have been bitching about how the team doesn’t spend enough for quality players. We have a chance to bring in a premier cornerback that can literally shut down one half of the field in every game and all these fans can do are make excuses why we shouldn’t. If Revis’s knee passes the workouts, the Bucs should try to land him. If we don’t someone else will and it could be a team in our own division.

  38. Red86 Says:

    I would try to make that trade. No higher than a 2nd round pick. Then sign another corner in FA. Revis is better talent than any one the Bucs can draft in an average cb pool this draft. I think Mathieu is the true baller and that cb from Bama. If Mathieu didn’t miss this season, he would be the top 3 cb in this class maybe #1 rated. Charles Woodson had a knee injury a while back and shoulder. Woodson is still a force. Revis has the talent like Woodson and can comeback. Several players had overcome a knee injury, lookup AP. We can put em on the PUP if neccesary.

  39. Red86 Says:

    JBF 1.5@ doubt other in our division will sign him or trade for him. Most if not all are in cap misery right now. Grimes may be available too.

  40. JobBucsFan 1.5 slim Says:


    Just keep telling yourself that. Teams find ways to finagle salary cap issues. How many times in the past have you see a team acquire a player you thought they couldn’t afford. New Orleans has been notorious for that practically every year. Revis Island in New Orleans is not as far fetched as you think and they need corners worst than we do.

  41. Andrew 1 Says:

    Some of what you guys want to trade in order to get Revis is laughable. This is not madden where you can trade whatever you want and it works.They are not going to trade him unless its a kings ransom, like 2 first round picks, if they even trade him at all. Revis to Tampa will not happen.

  42. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    Andrew 1 Says:
    January 25th, 2013 at 2:19 pm
    Some of what you guys want to trade in order to get Revis is laughable. This is not madden where you can trade whatever you want and it works.They are not going to trade him unless its a kings ransom, like 2 first round picks, if they even trade him at all. Revis to Tampa will not happen

    It would not cost 2 first round picks. Lol everybody knows that the jets can resign him 2014 nor slap the franchise tag. Its similar to Dwight Howard last year with the magic. The magic tried to shop him but couldn’t get great value because everybody knew he would be a free agent the following year. There is no way the jets can resign him and all the teams know he would be a free agent next year so instead of giving a kings ransom, they can just wait…

  43. buccanay Says:

    I dont think Nicks and VJax restructured their contracts so we could acquire a greedy, “me-first” type of player. This team has many needs and Revis’ “pay me” attitude will not work here. Also, QB’s are the ONLY players worth spending 16 mil. per season on. Where has Revis got the Jets? Where did Nnamdi get the Raiders/Eagles. Can anyone name one CB who has really carried a team ANYWHERE? This could potentially be a team-wrecking move, that would cost Shiano and Dominik their jobs, and put us back in cap hell for years. Not happenin’!

  44. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    @Andrew 1

    It would not cost 2 first round picks. Lol everybody knows that the jets can resign him 2014 nor slap the franchise tag. Its similar to Dwight Howard last year with the magic. The magic tried to shop him but couldn’t get great value because everybody knew he would be a free agent the following year. There is no way the jets can resign him and all the teams know he would be a free agent next year so instead of giving a kings ransom, they can just wait… the jets need to fill holes with cheap contracts. That means rookies and lots of them. if you were the jets gm and your 26 million or so over the 2013 salary cap would you trade revis for 2 2nds and 2 4ths? Answer is yes! They need to take all the draft picks they can get instead of just 1st and another mid round pick. Or they will lose him next year and get nothing for their future. They are rebuilding and really have no choice but to trade him. The only way they would keep him is if a) the jets have a shot at a super bowl run or b) revis lowers his asking price. Both of which are not gonna happen.

  45. Bigmikebuc89 Says:


    Actually carl and vincent restructured there deals because the glazers wanted to free up cap space so we can add more pieces to the puzzle. Also in doing that dominik worked his numbers skills and saved them both around $540, 000 each and btw vincent is lobbing to potential free agents on how great this organization is from top (glazers) to bottom (kicker lol) we tried real hard to get charles woodson at top dollar and lost to the Packers (not because of money because we offer him a ton). We also are getting rid of eric wright which will free up 7.5 million next year but while he was a disappointment, it clearly shows that the tampa bay buccaneers are more then willing to pay a cornerback top $$$

  46. Red86 Says:

    @JBF 1.5: True, but in this situation they have some important FA of their own team that is on the verge of hitting the market. Some good to very good guy that are on the bubble to being gone. They are very close to the cap limit. Reducing salary of players isn’t as easy as asking. And the players has all the right to refuse a salary cut.

  47. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    Truth is the bucs will have around 40 million or so in cap room this offseason. With that being said we will use that money to extend contracts (mike williams, gerald mccoy, etc etc.) We also realize that we still need to add pieces via free agency. I still cant get over how sooo many bucs fans bash the glazers for not spending money but yet when an opportunity comes along with arguably the best defensive player in the league everyone says dont spend the money. Unreal. If anything we NEED an all pro corner because we had the 2nd worst pass defense in league history! Wake up people! Its not your money so stop being cheap! We should be thankful we have owners that care (yes they actually do) and an extremely innovative and smart gm! If you think we have it bad just look at all the other teams in the nfc south that are struggling to resign players (let alone be active in free agency) because they are already over 2013 salary cap. How about we all support ANY free agent pick up and stop saying excuses like the glazers are cheap. The answer to going to the playoffs and super bowl is getting the best possible players. Point blank period! The answer is not drafting 2 corners in the draft and waiting for them to develop. Grab a veteran and then draft a corner so the pressure doesnt squarely fall on the ROOKIES. Please tell me that charles woodson didnt work out in green bay… im waiting….

  48. stevek Says:


    Who says Revis is a “me first” guy?

    Fact: Revis is the BEST CB in the game, and one of the TOP 20 players in all of the game.

    Revis would MAKE our defense.

    FACT: I’d rather our salary cap be spent on the BEST possbile PROVEN talent.

    We need to seriously offer a trade for Revis, NOW.

  49. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    And that guy out in Denver named Champ Bailey… tho the trade was a little bit different, it worked didn’t it? He’s in the pro bowl.

  50. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Any millionaire who holds out because he wants more millions is a me first guy. There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. We all do. However, if your making that much to begin with and refuse to continue to work simply because you want more…. thats a “me first” attitude. Not a Buccaneers men.

    There is no excuse to hold out in my opinion period. I can somewhat understand someone making league minimum, I mean 300K is pocket change right? Lol. But yea if your making millions to begin its a whole nother story.

  51. SaskBuco Says:

    Great posts BucsNation, All of this is pipe dream as Revis will NOT COMING TO TAMPA, there’s no way that will ever happen, so I won’t entertain the idea too much but if there is any way to get the best CB in the NFL (when healthy) and its our teams biggest need you do whetever you can without totally crippling your future (see oakland raiders). A conditonal 3rd, which can move to a 2nd based on performance and signage and another 3rd in 2014 and if the Jets would like any roster player bucs are willing to part with and I know guys like Benn and other retreads won’t get it done, Blount maybe intriging to them but hes an RFA anyway.

  52. SaskBuco Says:

    Also Revis says what “most” players think or even we do you make as much money as possible as soon as posible, see torn ACL 2012. Ok so now if Revis didn’t do what he did where would he be and now he’s injured they trade hime anyway. I think sports salaries are crazy and out of hand but if thats what someone is willing to pay them, then that’s what someone is worth, right or wrong. I may not agree with his methods on what he did personally but professionally he did what was best for him in terms of dollars and cents, and he proved his point, get paid when you can cause your one injury away from…………………………………..

  53. stevek Says:

    If Revis ends up in the NFC South, other than Tampa, then the calls for Marky D.’s head will surely heat up.

    If the Saints, Panthers, or Falcons can pull this off, than shame on us.

    We have $31.6 million in cap room, why aren’t we trying to get the best CB in the game?

  54. J 2.0 Says:

    Listen Revis would be great, but this isn’t fantasy football people. Dominik has to do what is best for the team longterm. Trading early picks for a 1 year rental isn’t whats best for the team.

  55. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    The best player isnt always the right player.

  56. Architek Says:

    He would come here and be more flustered with another inconsistent and coddled QB that plays like he other team mate for the Jets.

    Freeman = Sanchez

  57. stevek Says:

    Revis > our pick at # 13 overall.

    Since last offseason, everyone is clamouring for a CB.

    We passed on that knuckle head Claibourne from LSU, when about 99% of the fanbase (message boarders) thought it would surely be Claibourne.

    So, you same folks that were bellowing from rooftops for Mo Claibourne at #5: What is wrong with trading the #13 pick for Revis?

    We should definitely kick the tires on this one.

    It’s not like Dom has success drafting CB’s: Myron Lewis (his pick could’ve been Jimmy Graham).

    Why not give up our 1st for Revis, and than pay the man the money he deserves.

    Revis is the best CB in football, and coming up on his prime years.

    This is the time to sign his Big $$ contract.

    We are divided about 50/50 on extending Freeman, and why? We should pay the BEST players the MOST money.

    Revis= the best.

  58. stevek Says:

    If Dom can trade for Revis, than he will have another probowler on his resume.


  59. rhenry Says:

    The Bucs should trade Davin Joseph to the Jets for Revis straight up or with a late round draft pick. Makes sense becaus the Jets are in dire need of an offensive line, both players are rehabbing knee injuries and are soon to be free agents. The Bucs could then draft Fluker.

  60. JobBucsFan 1.5 slim Says:


    Wow. No love for Davin Joseph?

  61. Bigmikebuc89 Says:

    The trade will involve multiple mid to low round choices and would only be executed if Darrelle agrees to a long term deal in Tampa. No one will give the jets a 1st round pick for a rental.

  62. RustyRhino Says:

    @ buccanay
    How about Deion Sanders in his prime? ATL SF Dallas years ager good.

  63. st augustine Says:

    rhenry , that actually makes a lot of sense. i don’t think it’ll happen but it does make sense

  64. BIG SIR Says:

    I’ve just read the most mind-boggling posts…maybe ever. People want to trade free agent players, trade cornerstone players, or trade a bunch of average players for an elite player.

    Here is a wake up call for those of you with pipe dreams. Idzik is not an idiot. He is highly thought of amongst the league and media. He wont trade Revis for a bunch of backup players. Also you can’t trade free agent players unless you tag them. Blount won’t be tagged. Trueblood won’t be tagged. Idzik will want a high draft pick this year and next year. He may even finagle a starting player in return as well. Basically every team in need of a corner will be in on this trade which will drive the price sky high.

    This isn’t Madden 13 or Fantasy Football. No one is going to trick anyone in the trade. So if you want Revis be prepared to lose draft picks. Like Joe, I’m ok with that.

  65. PRBucFan Says:

    We wont need to trade any first rounders IMO we would just have to make a higher offer than the other teams bidding for him.

    I don’t think anyone will bid that high for him

    The Jets take the best bid or get nothing for him when he hits FA

    I would love to see him here if he’s healthy.

  66. buccanay Says:

    The Jets are imploding because of financial moves like the one with Revis. They are %$&#ed for the foreseeble future for putting too much money on to few players. Why do you think they want to get rid of Revis?

  67. buccanay Says:

    @rustyrhino Yes, Deon would be about as close as you could get, but a few HUGE differences. Both Dallas and SF were Super Bowl teams and both won without Deon, but by far, the biggest difference…in 1993 Free Agency and the salary cap came into effect, teams had to work within a league-wide budget for the first time.