Will The “Win-Now Coach” Tolerate Freeman?

December 23rd, 2012

The freefall of Josh Freeman is out of control. No Bucs fan can deny it.

Yeah, fans can blame today’s slippery feet of Mike Williams all they want, but Freeman has turned into an inconsistent, turnover machine over the past five games. Speaking on 98.7 FM this morning, former Bucs quarterback Jeff Carlson talked about how Freeman has revived the “deer-in-the-headlights look” he sported early this season. And today’s debacle against the Rams brought much more of the same.

Fans have been debating for days about whether the Bucs should press on with Freeman as their starting quarterback. But Joe’s not interested fans’ take right now.

Joe wants to know what’s in Greg Schiano’s head.

Schiano is not married to Freeman. And if the head coach, who called himself a “win-now coach” last week, starts to doubt Freeman, then Joe would not be shocked if Schiano looks to make a bold move at the position.

In fact, Schiano said on his radio show this month that things would change significantly if he ever reached the point where he wasn’t confident in Freeman.

Considering what a stickler for ball security Schiano is, Joe can’t imagine that Schiano’s confidence in Freeman isn’t eroding quickly. What that will mean to a “win-now coach” is a mystery?

47 Responses to “Will The “Win-Now Coach” Tolerate Freeman?”

  1. Theodore Says:

    Freeman will be OK, he just needs to get on the same page as his WRs. One more week should do it.

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    It TEBOW Time!

  3. Kyle Says:

    hmmmm, wonder how all these rookie quarterbacks are on the same page. This is is 3rd season with MIke Williams.

  4. ladyz Says:

    It is time for Schinano to call Freeman to accountability. They should have had him(Freeman) to a sports shrink long before this. He doesn’t believe he will be held accountable. He’s a diva.

  5. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    watching Freeman gives me: Ricketts, Typhoid & the Bubble Guts

  6. greg slother Says:

    Take a look at all good QBs, even the rookies like Wilson, Luck, and RGIII they are all smart. Freeman’s a moron on a good day. You can’t fix stupid.

  7. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey coach Schiano don’t let Freeman cost you your job:

    Matt Flynn’s itching for a chance to get a starting position!

    Bring in TEBOW as well

    Heck we don’t NEED a LOSING FRANCHISE QB; the Vikings have demonstrated that you can make the playoffs with a DECENT QB who isn’t a turnover machine.

  8. Matt Says:

    Not sre what other QB optons there are, but they need to be explored.

  9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Freeman’s ceiling is lower than we thought. So is his floor.

    Time to re-think the QB position for the Bucs. That should be the primary question this offseason.

  10. Macabee Says:

    Mr. Lucky,

    Just when i was beginning to think you were on to something, you went all Tebow on me. Now I’m just another undecided voter! lol.

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I think it’s pretty simple, trade him while he still has value or sign him to that 7 year $150 million contract he wants.

    What will sell more tickets?

    If you think he’s a head case now, wait until next year if he’s unsigned, he’ll be pouting like a little girl.

    The odd thing is, if they trade him to KC, he’ll actually help sell tickets there and in TB.

  12. ladyz Says:

    I echo Mr Luck—Schiano, don’t let Freeman take you out with him. Bench his ass.

  13. Mr Lucky Says:

    Put Freeman in the same category as Chad Pennington, Henne, Colt McCoy, Matt Moore, Rex Grossman, etc., etc., etc.,

    I’ve been saying it all along and just NOW you’ll jumping on the bandwagon!


  14. PRBucFan Says:

    Was that sarcasm I can’t tell.
    1 more week???

    Schiano said this week he was sure Free would come out and play his best ball.
    Time to hold your team and your most important position accountable.

  15. tim Says:

    Lol yea lets bring in Flynn. He could be the next Matt Cassel. But seriously, Who should the Bucs bring in? There arent many Mannings sitting out there.

  16. Rob Says:

    Like I said weeks ago, Gosh will be traded to the Chiefs for a 1st rounder and hopefully more. Gosh is ruining his trade value by the interception, I mean by the minute. Schiano won’t go down in flames for Gosh. Coach is too smart for that. See ya Gosh. Go Bucs!

  17. Robbie_G Says:

    LadyZ well said. Others have been benched or released due to poor play. What happened to protect the ball. Freeman thinks he is above the law, the chosen one. He should have benched him the second half to send a message to his team that NO ONE’S job is safe, you play bad, you WILL ride the pine.

  18. greg slother Says:

    I keep hearing “Who’s better?” I ask “who’s worse?”

  19. PRBucFan Says:

    Dang Greg!!! That is the better question for sure.

  20. lj Says:

    Alex Smith would be a good upgrade.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    My goodness Miguel, the Chiefs aren’t trading for Josh Freeman. No matter how many times you say it, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not going to happen.

  22. killian Says:

    All we need is efficiency. Someone who can hit short and intermediate throws without turning over the ball. Alex Smith had one of the most efficient games in the history of football this year.

  23. Rajah Says:

    Twitter should give Gosh Freeman the old Sanchez treatment. Sounds good to me. What F-cking bum of a QB.

  24. RustyRhino Says:

    In 2 games count them, freeman went from 20tds & 6 INT two 21 TD & 16 int

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Like I said weeks ago, Gosh will be traded to the Chiefs for a 1st rounder and hopefully more.”


    So Rob, you really believe that the Chiefs are going to give up the number one pick in the draft to get Josh Freeman? Have you been smoking with Tanard Jackson lately? What, aside from him being from Kansas, would lead you to believe the Chiefs would have any interest whatsoever in acquiring Freeman, much less for the top pick in the draft? What would lead you to believe that Freeman is worthy of such a pick? We couldn’t their second round pick for Freeman, and you actually believe they would give up their first pick for him!!! I am shocked at how some people’s brains work. I’m outta here!

  26. RustyRhino Says:

    Wonder what he will have against ATL 2nd & 3 rd string maybe even at 21 & 21

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    So true Hawaiian

  28. Andrew Says:

    You are just trying to stir the pot….stop it

    no bucs fan can deny it? I’m denying it? 2 bad games makes a free fall not

  29. Joe Says:

    @Andrew – Freeman was under 50 percent against the Eagles and Broncos. The Bucs offense was thoroughly dreadful against the Saints and Rams. The Bucs offense has 16 points through the past four first halves. … Five games ago Freeman missed key open throws against Atlanta.

    Yes, there’s no denying Freeman is in a freefall

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You must be wrong Joe, we’ve got people that believe we can get the #1 pick in the draft, plus more for Freeman. And when that trade doesn’t happen, it’s going to be all Mark Dominik’s fault.

  31. Nate Says:

    WHERE ARE ALL THE FREEMAN LOVERS?!?!? Ive been saying for a while hes garbage!

  32. Nate Says:

    Make the trade bring in Ryan Mallet!

  33. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Gosh’s agent can say that he pulled a groin muscle and kept it secret because he’s such a warrior. He just couldn’t step into his throws. Dominick would confirm it.

    #1 pick will be Geno Smith. The second #1 pick can go to the defense.

    I would still try to pick up Mallett with the Patriot’s 4th rounder (Talib) and a signed, sealed and delivered LGB.

  34. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    No Miguel, if they did that we would get in trouble for not putting him on the injury report. You are such a fool, you are talking out of your arse, as usual. Not going to happen, and you are an idiot.

  35. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And FYI, the knocks on Mallet coming out of college was inconsistency and inaccuracy. That makes perfect sense to bring in someone who plays exactly like the guy we already have, with 77 less TD’s in his career. Boy, you guys sure are smart.

  36. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Not if Gosh kept his injury a secret because he’s such a warrior.

    I love you too, Hawaiian.

  37. Kevin Says:

    I’m telling you all to relax. What did you expect this year? This team has been cheap for how many years until this year? Starting Pro Bowlers Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks gone.

    You have to throw out last year, Freeman did not have any coaching last year to aid in his development. This year is his first year in a new system. Everyone acts as though this kid has been starting every game for four years in the same system, same coaches, and same receivers.

    How many of you piss and moan at your job every time there is a change in policy, change in supervisor or even a relocation of a piece of work equipment?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling my hair out and want to vomit at some of Freemans decisions! But you can’t make a logical decision on Freeman until the end of next year. A 6-10 season, that’s about what we should of expected. But they played so much better than we ever expected and that’s why we are so upset! Stay the course, take care of business, Don’t panic! Go Bucs!!!

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    You guys say “who is better”???
    My question as someone stated earlier today at this point
    Who is worse???

  39. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Mallett is a junior pocket passer with a very good arm. He can hum it. He has physical traits that are rare — almost 6-foot-7 with a big frame. He throws with touch, anticipation and accuracy. The strength of his game is throwing the football. He’s a good play-action quarterback and ball handler and he’s played in a pro-style offense under Bobby Petrino. You see Mallett under center and in the shotgun. He can even make audibles. He’s asked to do a lot, to execute a lot of football much like he will be asked in the NFL. But I know he’s going to be coachable because Petrino is hard on his quarterbacks and very demanding, rightfully so. I like the environment this guy is coming from”………Jon Gruden

    Now he’s 2 years older with very little wear and tear, and has learned behind one of the best QB’s in history. He wouldn’t cost much either.

    The Patriots might showcase him this week against the Jaguars. The Pat’s only have 5 draft picks next April.

  40. Rob Says:

    Yes “Hawaiin Buc”, I believe the Chiefs would give up their 1st rounder for Gosh and maybe we throw in Blount to seal the deal. Gosh has some good tape which KC may feel comfortable enough to deal for him. We cannot keep Gosh and we may have to settle for whatever pick or picks we can get to rid our team of his sorry ass. I would rather watch a rookie make rookie mistakes than watch Gosh lose game after game for us. He will never be good enough to win the division let alone a Super Bowl. Start the qb rebuilding process with a qb who us accurate, not Gosh. Go Bucs!

  41. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Did you just quote Jon Gruden? The guy who loves every single player in the NFL, until he actually coaches them. You are such a joke Miguel, and you make yourself look worse with every post. So you think a guy with a career 57% completion percentage is accurate? You think it’s going to go up in the pros? Every scout knows he has accuracy issues. That’s common knowledge. That is to everyone but you and Gruden.

    Read Gruden’s comment again. “The strength of his game is throwing the football.” Isn’t he a QB? Typically that is their strength. “He can even make audibles”. Amazing. He may just be the first QB to ever be able to make audibles. Exactly how many great pro QB’s has Petrino had? He’s had more mistresses than pro QB’s.

    As for learning behind Brady, how did that work out for Matt Cassell? Get off Mallett’s nuts, because he’s not coming to Tampa. You know nothing about football. Half of your comments are so asinine, they’re not even worth arguing about. Only out of trying to forget about that horrid display of football I watched today do I even bother.

  42. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Yes “Hawaiin Buc”, I believe the Chiefs would give up their 1st rounder for Gosh and maybe we throw in Blount to seal the deal.”


    Then you should be committed. Blount won’t be under contract, so you can’t include him. This is the problem with uneducated fans, they don’t understand what is possible and what is not. You have no concept of contracts, trade value, or talent. You will not find one credible analyst or scout that would even bring this possibility up. You know why? Because it’s about as likely as the Chiefs trading for me to be their next QB. At this point, I have no problem with us going in a different direction, but at least bring up a real scenario that has some chance of happening. KC is probably the last team in the league that would make that trade anyway. Think about what you type before you type it.

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    You can tell that the direction the team has taken has got you in a particularly bad mood Hawaiian lol.

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yes it has. I’m not a happy camper right now.

  45. PRBucFan Says:

    I guess if any fanbase is ready for the bumpy ride its ours. It can’t always be like this, eventually things will have to look up 🙂

  46. Eric Says:

    This all started when the Glazers decided they knew more about pro football than Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen.

    Been one bad decision after another since then. Look at the record.

    There isn’t anyone at one buc place that knows what they are doing.

  47. Joe Says:

    There isn’t anyone at one buc place that knows what they are doing.

    Joe would suggest Bob Bostad and Bryan Cox are doing yeoman’s work.