The One & Only Simeon Rice

December 8th, 2012

Rice ripped off sacks like few others in the history of the game, and definitely was among the unique NFL characters of all-time. “I was unblockable,” Rice said today recollecting the 2002 Super Bowl champs.

Who else starts an interview with “What’s up playboy? What’s good?” That’s how wild, wacky, intelligent and football-nasty former Bucs defensive end Simeon Rice opened an interview with J.P. Peterson on WDAE-AM 620 this afternoon.

Rice is always a fun and intelligent listen. Asked who tried to block him during the Super Bowl, Rice said, “It was a white guy.” … “I’m one of those people who compartmentalize. I move forward. So a lot of that, it’s a blur now. Like some guys remember everything. Me, I went out there. I wanted to make a point. I wanted to show I was the best defensive end in the game. I played that way. I trained that way.”

Rice went on to say he put away his Super Bowl ring when he got it and hasn’t touched it since.

Enjoy Rice and Peterson below.


6 Responses to “The One & Only Simeon Rice”

  1. MTM Says:

    Rice was a great pass rushing DE. I don’t think he would have been as great without the excellent tackling behind him. Not much of a run stopper and he has about as much humility as a WWE wrestler.

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I don’t suppose he has a son coming out in the draft next year?

  3. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Good to see and hear from my all time favorite Buc.

    I’ll bet he wouldn’t last a day working for the Little General.

  4. SacBucs Says:

    If you look at the league its filled with pass rushers that all have that prototype simeon rice build.. JPP, Aldon Smith, Super Mario etc.

  5. Brandon Says:

    Perhaps one of the most underrated and underappreciated DEs of all-time. A fantastic upfield speed pass rusher and an extremely underrated run defender, even by fans of his own team.

  6. scott Says:

    @joebucsfan why is this guy not even mentioned as one of the best defensive ends of all time. he has the sack #s