The Old Shoot-Yourself-In-The-Foot Trick

December 9th, 2012

A handful of minutes after the Bucs coughed up a win to the hapless Eagles on the last play of the game, all but cementing yet another season without a playoff win, much less a playoff appearance, Bucs offensive lineman Jeremy Zuttah seemed to sum everything up in one sentence after the game.

“We had a chance to close out the game and we shot ourselves in the foot,” Zuttah said.

Joe knows specifically what Zuttah was talking about. With 2nd-and-7 on the Bucs-24 with just over three minutes left, Ted Larsen was called for holding, essentially killing the drive.

Just because Kenyatta Walker was in the house for the Bucs 2002 Super Bowl reunion doesn’t mean the Bucs needed to get whistled for holding, especially at that moment.

But it wasn’t just that episode. When the Eagles got the ball back, the Bucs were busted for 12 men on the field when Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was spiking the ball. What in the world are you trying to change defenses for at that moment?

The Bucs were also nailed for defensive holding on that fateful drive.

For the Bucs to make the playoffs next year (or beyond), they will have to learn how to put away their toy guns in order to not make the silly mistakes that can easily turn a playoff team into an also-ran in close games in December.

“Get Smart” was a great TV show, but playing Maxwell Smart in football games is rather dumb.

21 Responses to “The Old Shoot-Yourself-In-The-Foot Trick”

  1. raphael Says:

    Joe – what about the 3rd and 8 running play…worst play call ever…and to purposely put the game in the defenses hands is horrible…

  2. Joe Says:


    Think there may have been a reason Sullivan called for a run and not a pass?

  3. raphael Says:

    yeah….stupidity and way too much faith in our vaunted defense…..

  4. Joe Says:

    yeah….stupidity and way too much faith in our vaunted defense…

    ooorrr… since your quarterback couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn all day and thereby killing the clock — or worst, throw a pick — go with your best player the Muscle Hamster.

    What a novel concept, huh?

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    When a rookie qb hangs 381 yards on you, the first thing to clean up is your pass defense. Penalties would be second.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Joe, did you get my e-mail?

  7. raphael Says:

    2 touch down passes say different….and if we had a RT and RG intead of a swinging gate maybe he could of…. VJ pass was perfect as were others when he had time and guys were open

  8. raphael Says:

    Patrick ….no emailing a picture of your self is allowed here. sry

  9. Patrick Says:

    Shut up Raphael, I wanted to discuss the game with Joe dumba*s.

  10. raphael Says:

    why you call joe that ?

  11. Reality Check Says:

    Victories over teams with a winning record (at the season’s end)

    2010 – 1
    2011 – 2
    2012 – 1* – Vikings currently sitting one game above .500

    Fourth Quarter Comebacks

    2010 – 5
    2011 – 1
    2012 – 1

    Tell me again how we are an improved football team? We have a better WR in Jackson and a better RB in Martin. Other than that, we’re the same team that beats absolutely awful teams (sometimes) and loses to everyone else. The only difference last year and this year is that our defense is even worse and Freeman can’t come up with the same 2010 magic against horrible teams to squeak out the close games (aka all of them).

  12. jGlazer Says:

    The penalties were definitely a problem. But I believe there were two other big problems. First, the defensive line was horrendous in containing Foles. How many times did he scramble away and have free visibility to make a pass. Second, how many run plays in a row 6 -7 to end the game. Shows a real lack of confidence in Freeman our ‘Franchise’ quarterback. May be the best under rated quarterback in the league. I mean he does throw a great jump ball. Very little accuracy short but throws a great jump ball to receivers who fortunately catch many but unfortunately the CB’s for the Eagles were too good for the jump ball. When is Freeman going to master more passes in the middle of the field? When will he get his completion rate up on short passes?

  13. Patrick Says:

    @Reality check

    We’re undoubtedly much better than 2011. We weren’t competitive in ANY of our games and made the Jaguars look like Super Bowl champions (i’ll never forget that game) and got blown out by the worst of teams. Last year was probably one of the worst teams we ever had.

    The 2012 team is nowhere near as bad as 2011. We’re basically 2010 again.

  14. Reality Check Says:

    @ Patrick – I agree that the 2011 squad was horrendous but I would argue that the main difference is that they simply gave up in 2011. They didn’t even try to compete. This year we are trying to compete and nobody can question their effort BUT they’re still not good.

    If we’re the 2010 team all over again, then we’re just an average team with an average QB who beats really horrible football teams and I think that’s a pretty fair and accurate assessment. We’ve been competitive against good teams BUT we have lost ALL of the games against good teams and suffered catastrophic collapses in many.

    Our games have come down to mental mistakes, which are very hard to correct IMO. You can’t fix stupid.

  15. You Go Joe Says:

    The defense is what dooms us.

    The offense can’t be to blame for this loss as they did thier jobish at the end of the game. Though they could of done better (Freeman mostly as our Hamster had 100 yards plus) But the defense can’t take the blame, our coaching needs to wise up and admit that we suck as secondary. Our offense just needs to win us as our defense WILL not be reliable at all.

    To add on this rant, why did Schiano call a time out of 12 players on the field AFTER the penalty and not before. None of our buccs are aware of these as i never seen a smart timeout call, the coach needs to step up in this.

  16. Big Marlon B Says:

    A few days ago, the Bucs Facebook page asked fans to make comparisons between this team and the championship team. People were making all kinds of illogical, forced comparisons. I said Demar Dotson is the 2nd coming of Kenyatta Walker. He is good for a minimum of 2-3 penalties a week….usually holding or hands to the face. It is becoming very clear to me that upgrading the right tackle position must be a priority in the offseason. This is getting ridiculous and frustrating, seeing this guy get flagged for the same stupid stuff EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

  17. BucFan20 Says:

    Freeman had receivers open all day. That dog don’t hunt anymore . Explain the throws he threw to open receivers so far off target and were almost picked all day?? Coach was not going to take a chance on that idiot throwing a pick for a score. He was given field position the whole first quarter and did nothing with it. In one game when FG’s would help, he could not even get that close. He made a few good passes, a good run and a good block for Martin. He did not get them in the first scoring position. A dozen near picks say different.

  18. raphael Says:


  19. Eric Says:

    Don’t worry we got another offseason championship to win. More beasts coming our way in spring.

    Should add to our immense talent.

  20. grif4foozball Says:


  21. lurker Says:

    ““Get Smart” was a great TV show, but playing Maxwell Smart in football games is rather dumb.”

    ummmm don’t quit your day job…